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    Hello everyone, sorry for my absence had family come in from out of town and work was eating up my time as well. But if everyone is on board still, we could get this thing rolling.

    @ champagne here’s pretty much all that’s going On if you Walt to plot my pms are open I think I did read something about a crush development👀👀

    Taru and yaora have similarities Taru being the son of a princess and general. Then their two homeland being at war is crazy good for plotting

    Alright everyone how would we like to bring the group together?

    And now that everyone is finished with forms and such I have an idea as for the Chief of the North discovering the lunar eclipse approaching and is going to attempt to use blood bending to overthrow the eastern and southern air temples. Only thing in the way of that is the assistance of the sister tribe in the south. Unable to do so in a diplomatic approach they intend to overtake the land bring troops and invade both temples at once.

    I feel like we should plot a way that we can’t stop the civil war maybe fail in the preparation of the northern chief, let the southern water tribe get taken over but luckily no executions, take everyone prisoner and put them to work building and what not.

    Team avatar regroups maybe lil spirit guidance and shows us his true plan to invade and take over the air temples, we recognize that we have enough time and pretty much wage war on the evil fellow.

    Kinz1999 You can play a big part gathering the kyoshi warriors

    butter_cup you could have a few of the tribesman that’s true to the tradition to overthrow the tyranny of your father help back us in a fly on the wall scenario.

    serenne you could try and help us get your people to go against tradition and fight but they are hard set on peace is the answer.

    marte and champagne . The secret weapons of a lifetime ( he definitely wouldn’t think any firebenders would help the Earthkingdom heir except for some very powerful revolting royals.

    toucant that sounds great maybe he can unlock his full power after some deep soul searching with the avatar.

    Anyone wanna create any plotting with Taru? I’m loving everyone’s characters already btw!!

    A water bender from the south could spice it up due to one of the villains being the chief of the northern water tribe and that will make 1 character from each of the groups

    then a non bender is always fun as well our very own Sokka


    Avatar Taru


    — name

    Taru Li Long

    — nicknames

    Taru, Heir of Ba sing Se

    — gender


    — age


    — sexuality



    — appearance

    Stands at about 5’11 with a slim muscular frame

    — body modifications


    — scars/deformities?

    He has a burn on his calf from trying to firebend without a master.


    — likes




    Getting away


    Metal bending


    Having fun

    — dislikes

    Arguing(Only when it goes too far)

    Abuse of power



    People who don’t know how to use their words.


    — parents

    Tia li Long(Mother) Daughter of the Earth king

    Jin Long (Father) General of the Earth Kong’s Army

    — siblings


    — children


    — romantic relationships

    Open for plotting

    — close friends/trusts

    Li Hua( gotta finish plotting this) Gana (his shirshu) Baki( his iguana parrot)

    — enemies/does not trust

    No one right now


    Head strong

    Too wise for his own good


    Minor flirt

    Hard worker



    He’s a bit of a emotion hoarder

    Always hungry

    Very diplomatic due to years of Royal etiquette training years before he knew he was the avatar

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    Hey marte that sounds good! Good morning everybody,since everyone is here we’re going to just post forms and character plotting on this thread since everyone is kinda already signed up.

    Kinz1999 that work’s perfectly fine, they could be good friends definitely I had planned for my character to be royalty before finding out he was the avatar so summers on kyoshi island would not be uncommon.

    butter_cup that adds a lot of leery vibes trying to figure out if she’s really with the team or loyal to her father

    marte yes there is a spot available still for the main group

    Kinz1999 looks like Kyoshi warrior all you

    serenne no problem

    hey everyone I’m gonna get a thread together where we can post forms and all that other good stuff

    anyone got ideas for an opposing force maybe and individual who benefits from world chaos.

    We can wait and see and if anyone else wants to be thevairbender if your muse is higher for a non bender but feel free to take a crack at either one.

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    Hello everyone I’m trying to get a avatar thread going and would like for it to be a group thread with about 5 character spots not including myself. There may be room for other characters later but they most likely won’t be involved as the main six due to the amount of traveling they’ll be doing. It would be around the same time period as the first team avatar(113 AA) but with a complete switch up of events the Northern Air Nomads are still alive the southern air Nomads however aren’t due to being too close to the fire nation homelands maybe a few could’ve escaped to the north and sought refuge). Fire nation has waged was on the Earth kingdom. The water tribes are in the beginning stages of their civil war.

    Let’s get into the plot. I have a plot twisted up inside my head starts off with what if aang didn’t make it out of that storm and fell to the tide and frozen waters. Causing the avatar to be reborn as someone else in a time where everything is all screwed up. The new avatar will be born an earth bender ( I got dibs lol). And due to all of the commotion and they don’t find out until around age 17/18 and begin training for a couple years to completely master earth bending before realizing that he has to learn all four elements to bring peace to the world.

    That’s where you guys, gals, and all kinds of pals come in. There’s 5 spots open theres definitely a need for a water bender, Airbender, and firebender. We wouldn’t be able to start without those positions being filled the other two positions could be non benders or benders but there has to be a non bender in the group. I would like to keep the age range between 17-21 and would like to keep the genders even but again that doesn’t take into consideration for characters involved in certain locations it won’t be a requirement but you can make side characters who doesn’t travel the world but have ties to the group (ex: suki’s and Sokka’s early part of their relationship.). Tis is all I have so far, I have a couple ideas for baddies but haven’t made any final decisions all questions, comments, concerns, and constructive criticism are welcome .

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