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An announcement concerning sensitive clan-wide plots has been released! You can view it HERE!
Check out Ivoria in Agrelos! They are an evil backboard group situated on the waterway. Successful completion of a trial is required in order to join. We have a great OOC community and would love to have you!

    i figured we were a bit over-due for some mass adopts so here we go! if we are short on litters, i might look back in the old mass-adopts and see if any are still available. i think that fresh litters would be very helpful though! i'll leave this going for probably a week, possibly shorter / longer depending on popularity.

    1. [b]parents:[/b]
    2. [b]species:[/b]
    3. [b]character age:[/b]
    4. [b]last names:[/b]
    5. [b]other:[/b]
    6. [b]slots:[/b]

    this is all over the place i'm sorry haha

    hey madster (and seina) !

    so i haven't been in the cartel for a really long time (i might not have ever really been there tbh) but that wasn't for any actual reason apart for nostalgia attachment to other groups. for that reason, i can't really provide much input on how the ooc or even ic community is. what i can say, is that i've happened to see some pretty unique/fun personality types within the cartel that i think are lacking in most other groups!

    i think that a business oriented clan is a bit difficult in agrelos but i have noticed within the past few months more efforts to exchange goods with other groups. i think this is a really fun little area that is pretty much exclusive to the cartel so it would be great if this could somehow be expanded even more. perhaps they could mass-source certain items (like crystals or berries) with corresponding groups that would impact their total supply? then if there is a conflict with that group or that month's exchange is skipped, they would be low on wine / daggers / whatever and would have to go to groups to explain their shortages and surpluses. idk, that's just kind of a poor example, but i definitely think that even more outer-group interactions could be fun and leave room for additional plots!

    the only thing i have left is the rank structure. i'm kind of weird when it comes to rank names and some of the cartel ones are a bit strange to me. that's very minor though and i doubt that's really turning many people away. i will edit if i think of anything else but right now, that's all i got! i hope you two get some more helpful tips from other members though, the cartel has always seemed fine to me! < 3

    hello, hello!

    welcome back to the site! i'm fallen and i've gone by that for pretty much forever, i don't know if we've ever interacted or not. i've been around since wcrpg days as well but i've only ever been in the extended side of the forum, unfortunately. that being said, i am also a bit socially awkward and use capitalization only sometimes (as you can see haha). if you have any questions about jumping back into the site or simply want to chat, my inbox is always open! quarantine means i'm online probably a lot more than i should be. o.o

    anyway, welcome back and happy writing! < 3



    ALLIES -

    • The Painted Brigade


    • the ruins does not do true neutrals
    • any group not otherwise listed


    • The Cartel

    rules & other


    • credit to yosemite for the badges.
    • a lot of this information came from the past guide(s).
    • be kind to your fellow roleplayers and remember to keep ooc and ic separate.
    • follow all of feralfront's rules both onsite and in the discord.


    • the king/queen has final say in all matters, their final word is non-negotiable.
    • remember all in-character actions can have in-character consequences.
    • children under the age of six months are allowed to be captured and harmed.


    RELIGION - The Ruins are firm believers in the Red God. Devotion is optional but open disrespect is frowned upon. Click here for more information regarding the religion.

    THE BLOOD OATH - The most loyal of Ruiners will undergo the Blood Oath by either their own request or the leader’s suggestion. The Oath occurs in an altar built from bones and skins that stands in the center of camp. Here, both the leader and the Ruiner will cut into their paws using a ram’s horn and place them within a ram’s skull. The leader will say a phrase for the Ruiner to echo; "I am now a part of Sanguine Ruins eternally, oathed in blood to our family. I am blood of your blood, bone of your bone. I give you my spirit, and with you, I will run- in life and in death."

    BODY PAINT - Ruiners paint their pelts for two main reasons :

    • WAR-PAINT : This is straight blood that is applied right before heading to battle to give a freshly-fought look to the Ruiners. It stains the muzzle and paws of the fighter, as well as various other parts. This is used to spook the enemy.
    • CEREMONIAL-PAINT : One of the most renown ways blood is celebrated is through traditional body painting. A chalky substance consisting of Moroccan red clay powder and small amounts of enemy blood is used as the paint. Some traditional reasons for body paint are to honor family, mourn loved ones, terrify enemies, and prepare for religious rituals.

    THE VERNAL GATHERING (WINTER TO SPRING) - A trade festival centered around meats, furs, and other non-perishable items such as jewellery and weapons. It is considered a chance for the Sanguine Ruins to show of its wealth and power, and it is expected the members put on a good show. Violence is not permitted at this festival.

    THE AUTUMNAL GATHERING (SUMMER TO AUTUMN) - A trade festival centered around the exchange of herbs and intelligence. Finer goods and exotic items such as alcohol, metalwork, tinder and supplies are more likely to be on display. The purpose of this festival is for the Ruiners to gather information and parry wits with members from other lands. Violence is not permitted at this festival.

    THE RED TRIALS - Unlike the Blood Oath, this tradition is to prove loyalty to the Red God. Trials are handed out by the Priests of the clan to willing members at their request or at monthly events. If the trial is completed successfully, the Ruiner gains their Devoted title and His trust in them.


    The Sanguine Ruins currently dwells in the desert. During the day it reaches hot temperatures when the sun is at its peak, but quickly cools off in the evening. During the night it is bitterly cold. Northern desert dwellers must take necessary precautions if they plan on successfully living in this harsh, unforgiving environment.


    ICE PYRAMIDS - These icy, unmelting structures can be seen for miles protruding from the yellow sands of the desert. They can be found just north of the Blood Nile and are where the clan resides. The pyramids come in all different sized, some as small as a shrub, others are the size of a house, and all used by members that don’t want to dwell in the main pyramid.

    The pyramids are magic, it would seem. The ice walls are solid and clear, yet you cannot see from the outside to the inside, and vice-versa. Inside, the smooth grey stone emits heat and a white light bright enough to see from. Despite this, shadows still linger in the halls, though they are faint. The main chamber of the largest pyramid is where rituals and meetings are held. The Ruins use another house-sized pyramid nearby to store their prisoners and omegas.


    BLOOD NILE - At the north of the desert a crimson-red river cuts through the sands, named for the color of its water. There is no oxygen in the water due to the algae that dwells within, so no life is found within the Nile. The waters are sluggish and think, but no one knows why. Water removed from the Nile remains thick but becomes clear and drinkable, though it does nothing to quench thirst.

    The Nile is host to an array of activities including rituals, sacrifices, and swimming. Some even believe the blood of the Red God once flowed through it.


    THE CORPSE BORDER - The perimeter of the desert is covered in bones and rotting corpses. Throughout the day, as captives are killed and other creatures die, their bodies are hauled to the border. This wall of skeletons reeks of death and serves as both a display of power and a warning to outsiders, which helps deter trespassers.

    THE CHURCH - The church is a pyramid built of stone and bone rather than the magical ice. It was constructed by members when the Red God visited Agrelos and he used this building for his housing. It is now a

    THE PIT - The pit is a little canyon with sandstone steps carved into one side. At the bottom of the pit is a large, open area with metal bars that surround it. These bars create small cells where prisoners are stored. From time to time, the captives are released from their confines to battle in the blood-splattered space in the middle.

    THE SUNDUNES - This is a place found by Billie Jean. On top of a dune, one can find rocks of all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough for a child, others large enough for a tiger. These stones retain heat from the sun and are used to bask in the daytime. This place is located near the camp and is free to be used by all.



    *because some of these badges have requirements difficult to keep track of by the king/queen, remember you can nominate yourself for the accolade (here) and it will be given the next meeting if you qualify. additionally, the king/queen may still hand out badges if they believed they are deserved.


    This title is awarded to members who are welcoming to newcomers and overall very active among the group.

    Requirements : Post in 5 joining threads + 5 open tasks


    This title is awarded to members who have taken the extra responsibility to host the weekly tasks!

    Requirements : Host the weekly tasks 3 times.


    This title is awarded to members who use stealth and creativity when planning / executing raids.

    Requirements : Participate in 3 different raids / ic raid planning threads where fighting is secondary.


    This title is awarded to members who have stepped in to protect or save a clanmate.

    Requirements : Post in 3 injury threads where your character is healing or assisting with healing.

    SPARK :

    This title is awarded to members who are 12 months or younger and show extreme potential.

    Requirements : Meet the age qualifications and post in 12 different threads.


    This title is awarded to members who show extreme interest in the art of torture.

    Requirements : Torture 3 non-NPC characters.


    This title is awarded to members who are heavy warmongers who crave battle.

    Requirements : Lead 2 raids.


    This title is awarded to members who have proven their devotion to the Red God.

    Requirements : Complete 1 Red Trial.

    LION :

    This title is awarded to members who have proven themselves as true Ruiners.

    Requirements : Complete the Blood Oath.



    KING : The leader of the clan; their word is law. They hold meetings, finalize decisions, and oversee and control all politics. They have the power to command, promote/demote, and punish any position below them at will.

    Elian penned by Fallen

    REGENT : The deputy of the clan. They handle things when the king/queen is not able to, such as holding meetings, finalizing decisions, and overseeing and control all politics. Only the King/Queen outranks them.

    Petra penned by Yosemite *

    WARLORD : A council of highly respected Ruiners that make sure that the important functions of the Clan are running smoothly and act as advisors to the leader on various matters. They are authorized to perform any duty with the King/Queen's permission.

    Evangeline penned by Kerms

    Jace penned by Dreavyn

    Henri penned by Madster

    THIRD TIER : The first high position rank; they are authorized to lead/organize raids, accept invitations from allied clans, and provide valuable input on suggestions brought to the leader by clanmates.

    Naomi penned by Puddles

    Totaldarkness penned by Ylisse

    Johnny penned by Meghan

    Lola penned by Gumi

    Junko penned by Luna

    Claret penned by Canxer

    Constellationdreamer penned by Vaud

    SECOND TIER : Known as a stepping stone for those who seek to climb the ranks further. They are a welcoming committee of sorts and also a police force among the clan.

    Bloodpoppy penned by Nya

    Zacharias penned by Oshi

    Maho penned by Phantasmagoria

    Carnivorouscarnival penned by Echoeyes

    Mochi penned by Symmetry *

    Umbral penned by Revala

    Speedfreak penned by Moria

    Absalom penned by Kerms

    Royalpaw penned by Goddess

    Kimihiro penned by Canxer


    PRIEST/PRIESTESS : This is a high position that can be earned while holding another position. These members are fiercely devoted to the Red God and orchestrate the Red Trials and hold church services.

    Henri penned by Madster

    PHYSICIAN : This is a high position that can be earned while holding another position. These members are the skilled healers of the group who have already shown clear understanding of herbs and medical practices.

    Johnny penned by Meghan

    Petra penned by Yosemite *

    Naomi penned by Puddles

    Jace penned by Dreavyn

    NURSE : This is a semi-high position that can be earned while holding another position. These members have shown interest in either religion or healing but need more training to step up to their preferred field.

    Junko penned by Luna

    Elian penned by Fallen

    Alcadepaw penned by Yosemite *

    Carnivorouscarnival penned by Echoeyes

    Bloodpoppy penned by Nya


    FIRST TIERS : This is the bulk of the clan.

    OMEGAS : These are Ruiners who have been bumped to the role of slave for breaking rules, being disloyal, or abandoning their post. Captives that want to join the Ruins are placed in this role until proven worthy.

    reusing fp because i like this one oops


    IC INTRODUCTION — Greetings, weary traveler. It seems you’ve wandered onto the territory of the Sanguine Ruins. We don’t tolerate trespassing, so I certainly hope you intend on staying. Despite the rumble in your stomach and the dryness that coats the back of your throat, our climate is rather cold, and sharing with outsiders isn’t in our nature. Known as a large and fast-paced group, this anti-clan is ruthless and unpredictable. If you’re here to join, then fret no more, shake some sand from your paws, and take a seat so I can share with you the secrets of the Sanguine Ruins. Disregard the bones scattered along the land, as torture and murder are hobbies practiced here. Don’t let it linger in your thoughts. We are Ruiners - what did you expect?

    USEFUL LINKS : Discord | Religion Guide (WIP) | Mass-Adopts (WIP) | Plotting Thread