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    Connor Allen Grant


    Connor felt his anxiety rise as the taxi pulled up to the apartment complex. His journey had come to long and overdue end, meaning it was time to tie up the loose ends that should have been dealt with years and years ago. Climbing out of the car, he pulled out his suitcase from the car. He paid off the taxi driver who looked just as exhausted to be working such a late night shift. As the cab pulled off, he stood there for a brief moment examining at a small scrap of paper in the dim street light with his old high school sweethearts apartment numbers scrawled on it.

    He felt uneasy as he started to search for the apartment numbers. His tired eyes scanned over each apartment number meticulously before finally coming to the one that matches the address he wrote down. The dark haired male hesitated. What if he didn’t want to see him? What if- He shook his head quickly at himself as doubts arose and quickly knocked on the door before he could get cold feet and leave. He took a deep breath and tried to come up with something to say before he answered the door.

    But moments of deafening silence began to haunt him as he waited for a response before he could hear heavy footsteps of someone who had obviously just woke up before one short moment of silence before a soft click of a lock and then the realization that door was being opened. He was suddenly at a loss of words as he saw him. The male that stood there looked a few years older than the boy he remembered leaving behind and more matured as well. He didn’t know what he’d look like after all these years but it did catch him off guard a little when he saw him. However Connor quickly recovered and lightly adjusted his glasses to try to appear calm.

    Connor was wearing a pair a baggy jeans, a button up black shirt with a few stains from god knows where on it, dusty tennis shoes, and a light worn out jean jacket he had since he was a teen which now smelled like cigarettes and smoke. His suitcase was tucked behind him and he looked up as a Valentine opened the door. He choked a bit at first, unsure of what to say before saying, “... Hey, Val... It’s me, Connor. Long time, no see.” He said, trying his best to not seem as aloof as he actually was.




    Connor Allen Grant


    • Can sleep literally any where, any time

    • He is a cat and dog person

    • He is the most prideful person ever and it hurts him more to admit he’s wrong than to just play it off

    • He used to be an energetic person, but now he just seems always tired and on edge

    • Secretly got a tattoo on the back of his shoulder

    • Recently picked up smoking

    • He refuses to see doctors, dentists, anything that involves medical help because it makes him feel uncomfortable

    • Has a sweet tooth

    • He doodles on all the papers he’s written on

    • He survives off soda and pizza

    • His normal style is worn out and baggy clothes

    “Both of us have a lot to lose. Either I run away with you and leave my family or You stay and we get separated by prison, which I still kind of think you deserve. Even if we run away, we’ll get in big trouble if anyone found out about my job which could kill us both.” He said softly and buried his head against his chest.

    Muse A is a tyrannical king with a tight reign on his kingdom and the people that reside in it. He has taken over many other kingdoms and the other kingdoms that are left are powerless to stop him. His reign is a force to be reckoned with and it seems his reign will continue for a long time. Until the storm happened. One day without any sign of warning, a mysterious storm appeared and devastated half the kingdom. Houses and buildings were destroyed, food and water supply were limited, and a small part of the population was left with out homes. Yet there was one amazing revelation that came from this. Humanity had gained superpowers. Everyone, including the king, had gained a power.

    However this new development sparked a group of rebels, ready and willing to take down the king with their newfound powers. However, no one knows what the kings is. So they send Muse B in to infiltrate the castle as personal servant to Muse A to try to get closer and figure out his power and how to stop him. However what happens when they both start to fall for each other? What happens when Muse A figures the plan out?


    - I’m Muse B

    - No one liners

    - make a small form

    My form:


    Name: Charlotte Wiltshire

    Age: 22

    Power: Transforms into a wolf (Looks like this)