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    “I might have to, just to do it to see what happens.” He teased before turning back to the menu as he walked away. Though a small noise made him look up. A small box on the floor caught his attention and his eyes widened. “Jax? You smoke?!” He asked getting up and quickly picked up the box of cigarettes before he could grab it, confirming what he saw was indeed cigarettes. He glared at him and said, “Jax when did you start doing this sort of thing! These things can kill you! I can’t believe you’re actually smoking!” He started his lecture, despite being completely in the nude.

    He smiled as he was handed a menu and skimmed through it, not aware of the pack of cigarettes that was hidden before he could even see them. “I’ll get in after you but right now I’ll get you some food and me a sandwich so you don’t freak out. And if it was the most important meal of the day, why would I be able to choose 20 more minutes of sleep over it?” He joked teasingly before adding, “Now go get in the shower, I’ll get you something you like... or I might ‘forget’ and get you something you hate.”

    He grinned at the sleeping male, remembering him not being much of an enthusiastic person after just waking up. “Wakey, wakey sleepyhead.” He teased lovingly, shaking his shoulder. To his delight, Jax was soon up despite being still tired. “Hmmm... Room service, I don’t want to leave the bed... Cramps..” Yuki decided, though a bit embarrassed. “Jax I don’t want much. I normally skip breakfast- well lunch probably at this point anyway, but since you’re offering, I’ll just get whatever the hotel has.” He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed his phone to check the time. “1 o’clock. The kids should be at daycare... we have until 3-4 pm to figure out how to tell the kids you’re their father.”

    (It’s good I was about to do a time skip anyway.)

    “Go to sleep, weirdo.... I don’t have the energy to deal with you right now.” He said playfully, keeping his eyes closed before falling back to sleep on his shoulder.

    (Time skippy)

    A few hours later, Yuki started to wake up with a yawn, still wrapped up next to Jax. He was easily still groggy but he sat up, half closing his eyes at the blinding light coming through the window. He yawned, wiping the sleep away from his eyes and looked down at Jax with a soft smile. He couldn’t help himself, leaning down to kiss the sleeping males cheek.

    “You’re the lazy ass..... lazy ass.” He mumbled in an exhausted attempt at retaliation as he rolled over some to give him back some room he had stolen when he got up. He turned red as he felt his ear being licked and quickly turned his head away. “No... I’m cramping...” He murmured embarrassed looking away as he was kissed. Yuki cuddled up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek before getting comfortable. “Let’s just go back to sleep you perv.” He mumbled teasingly as he closed his eyes and rested his head back on his shoulder.

    Yuki stirred slightly when he got up, noticing his boyfriend had gotten up. He started to roll over in to his spot, taking in the warmth that came from his spot. Though this only kept him content for a short while and after a few minutes, he started to stir and peaked up at him tiredly with one eye open. “...Riot... get back to bed... I’m so tired...” He mumbled groggily, as he laid his head back down with a yawn. “Come cuddle...”

    After everything had happened, Yuki was curled up against Jax completely exhausted, panting and at the moment completely red. "J-Jax... it was great..." He mumbled, laying his head in the crook of his arm resting his head on his shoulder, fighting to keep his eyes open and stay awake at the moment. Yuki rested his arm over his chest, trace and circling his finger on his chest. "Jax... I love you so much..." he murmured lovingly, before starting to drift off to sleep in his arms.

    “Maybe... The muscles certainly help you.” He teased, smiling as their foreheads touched. “Bold? It’s been four years with out this, you think I’m not gonna at least try to do a few things on my own? Though.... Of course, I still do like when you start these things.” Yuki murmured before shuddering at his touches, letting out a small moan, squeezing him closer before loosening his grip and reaching over to grab something. He waved the small box of condoms in his face with a teasing grin. “Just one little thing before we start...”

    Wanna fade out?

    He blushed a bit more, shivering at his touches and mumbled embarrassedly, “They don’t put you under for a c section, heavily drugged so you don’t feel anything, but not unconscious. I was out as soon as I saw a lot of blood. I’m not a blood person.” He grinned as he laid back and wrapped his arms around him. “It’s real, baby. I missed you so much.... though I think you’ve somehow gotten a little better looking. I didn’t think you could do that?” Yuki laughed before pulling himself up to give him a kiss.

    He smiled a bit though turning bright red as he kissed along the scar. Yuki lightly caressed his face, pulling his face up to met his eyes. “Jax, you’re here now. All of my pain is gone and hopefully so is yours. Besides it brought two little angels into our world safely and that was good enough for me.” He leaned over to kiss the top of his head. “And.... If this makes you feel better, no one except the doctors saw the twins coming out. I didn’t even see them get taken out of the room. I passed out for the last bit.” Yuki admitted sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head. “We all missed the birth. And I regret it.”

    Yuki laughed as Jax plopped on the bed and started to curl up to the male. He listened as Jax spoke, taking his hand and rubbed it gently to comfort him after he heard about his father. “That makes sense.... but I think you should hold off until your father... you know...” he murmured awkwardly resting his head against him. “You’re just getting to know the kids so the last thing you need is something to stress you out and when Ryou gets older, I don’t want him to have feel like he has to live up to something that big...” He suggested looking up at him and kissed him. “I’m not against the idea but let’s wait until things blow over.”

    "Kisses last forever, you can't wipe it off." He said with small laugh as he glanced over to see him wiping away at his cheek. As he followed him in, he laughed a little as he explained how he got the presidential suite. "Of course, you're the only one from this town to become famous. That's a big thing." He walked beside him, lacing his fingers with Jax's with a content smile.

    He smiled as he was lead into the room, sitting on the bed and waited for him to join him. "Two months? Okay, that gives us plenty of time for you to get to know the kids. Just watch out for any missing gloves." He joked looking at him.

    “Yep it worked then and it worked now.” He laughed, watching his reaction with a devious grin that reached ear to ear. He snickered as he slammed the car door and got a front row seat to watch the male get flustered. ‘That’s for embarrassing me at the bar after bringing up that last night we spent together.’ He thought with a grin. He bursted out laughing as he came back and complained about the cashier. After a few moments of him laughing until he started to wheeze, he calmed himself down to a few snickers.

    He leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Good boy, I really appreciate it.” He praised as he started the car and headed to the hotel. He parked near the door and got out of the car. “We’re here!”

    Yuki grinned as he rested his hand on top of Jax’s. “I missed you too... though I have two mini versions of you so I was always busy and I had two pieces of you. There’s never a day I wasn’t worried about you.” He murmured before he laughed a little as he turned into the store parking lot and said, “The keyword is, ‘about to’. We need to buy something first.... and since you’re sober enough.. 1, 2, 3, Not it!” He shouted childishly with grin, using the same technique he would when they were together. “... I also missed being able to do that. Love you~”

    “Yeah, I don’t trust you one bit. No ones a good driver drunk.” He huffed as he followed him out to his car, noticing how he’s sobered up by him walking. He unlocked the car doors and climbed in the drivers seat. “Of course I gave her a talking to! She could have warned me about you knowing. Hell hath no fury like a drunk angry Jax that’s for sure. And at my job too. You’re killing me. Every one of you.” He blushed slightly as he was suddenly given a compliment and a wink. It really didn’t take much for him to fall back to Jax. Yuki mumbled, “Just get in the car, your drunk.... and you’re not terrible looking yourself.”

    Accepted! I'll start us up

    Charlotte was watching Eliza as she played at the playground at a park surrounded shops, restaurants, and cafes. Eliza was a few feet away playing in the sand box. "Mommy! Look at my Castle!" The little girl suddenly shouted from the sand box. Charlotte smiled coming over and examined her work... It looked like a giant lump in the sand with a few holes poked in the side. "Wow Sweetie! It looks like it just came out of a fairy tale!" She praised proudly as Eliza got immediately excited at her approval.

    "Okay, Do you want to go get a snack? I forgot to bring your snack today. You can choose whatever you want from the 'Cafe Bean'." She asked looking at her with a gentle smile. "We can take a picture of the sand castle too, how does that sound?" At the suggestion, Eliza nodded with a smile and even seemed a bit excited about the offer of snacks. Charlotte smiled and took a picture of the sand castle with her phone. Taking Eliza's hand, she headed across the street to the cozy little café at the corner. She opened the door and led the energetic little girl inside.

    “I’m personally glad you fell asleep, you were starting to get embarrassing.” He smiled softly as Jax started to sit up and helped him as well. He nodded listening along as he was given keys. “Ha, you thought I’d let you drive when you couldn’t even stand up on your own earlier.” He laughed before offering him a hand playfully. “Can you even stand or do you need help?” At the mention of it, Yuki nodded and said, “I called Akari while you were asleep and she said she would take care of it. I also gave her talking to.”

    (Another magical time skip)

    After a few hours, Yuki sighed as he finished his shift, wiping his hands on the towel. He grabbed a glass of water and took it over to the booth where Jax was sleeping. He smiled a little setting it down on the table before lightly starting to shake his shoulder. “Wakey, wakey Jax. It’s time to get up, I brought some water for you.” He murmured softly.

    “I asked because I didn’t know you were drunk enough to be stumbling like this.” He sighed, taking of his jacket and wrapping it around him. He blushed a bit more and complained, “Jax, I’m a man, but there are things I’m way too embarrassed to do. And I didn’t make you get hammered, you did that to yourself. Besides, you’ve got liquid courage, use it.” At his next words, he turned bright red but this time laughter came with it. He grinned and leaned forward, kissing his forehead. “You are lucky I’ve seen you drunk before or else I’d be super turned off by now.” He teased. “Go take a nap and sober up. I’ll wake you up when we need to go okay?”

    (I’ve personally given up on saying the right thing XD)

    He turned even redder as he was told he’d have to go get condoms, hesitant obviously never having to do that in his life. “F-First of all, I’m not leaving work early, you have to wait until I’m done. Second of all, I’ve never had to buy... c-condoms before... so after work, if I take you to a store, can you do it?” Yuki asked, keeping his red color as he started to support him and started walked out with his arm around him. Though his blush was nothing compared to his mortified look at the mention of their last night together. He was a bit relieved as Jax seemed to forget but blushed a bit more at the look the bartender gave them as he caught the tail end of the conversation.

    He guided him to a booth and said, “We were just talking about how you promised to sit here and wait until I’m done work. Aside from food and water, you’re cut off from alcohol, Mister.” He light pushed him so he’d sit down.