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    She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. "No... I'm not strong, just calm, collective, and simple. And who said I wasn't happy despite everything? I got into a good college, made friends, got more confidence in myself and being on my own." She said with a smile. "And I'm not super excited that my fiancé is in the mafia, but I also would never leave because of that and I would never give you an ultimatum to choose between that and me. You're the love of my life, I would never pass you by so easily."

    "Everyone has a bad times in their lives, I just have to push through it and I got you to help me. Speaking of which, You never told me about your bad times... Want to tell me about them?" She asked softly, caressing his cheek.

    "Of course I didn't want to tell you... No one wants to talk about a depressing home life." She smiled softly and hugged him back lovingly. "It's okay honey, wanna know why? I got a man who loves me more than I could ever ask for, I love his family and they love me back, and even a dog and a few cats that comfort me. I worked so hard to reach a livable life and ended up getting so much more than I could've dreamed of, and it's you I should thank for that." Hope said kissing him lovingly.

    She smiled as she followed him to their room. "Well... I was born while they were still in high school. We were a family but mom and dad were stuck raising me and couldn't go off to college after they graduated. Finally, Dad decided to take care of me and work while mom went to college and worked jobs. In college, mom met Ryder and left dad unexpectedly. I haven't seen her since I was nine because dad took full custody." She said with a small sigh.

    "Dad... Dad struggled for a long time trying to take care of us both and deal with the break up. In high school, I decided I would stop depending on him as soon as I graduated from high school and turned 18 so he didn't have take care of me and could use the money he made for himself. In college, the reason I kept raising my hand and doing the best I could was to compete for scholarships. Everything else was paid for through tutoring other students and jobs on campus." She explained with a small smile

    "Thanks, Etzo. Hope, this ones good. Don't go scaring him off." Rose teased and gave her a small hug and smiled at Etzo. "And you, take care of my Hope." She said with a smile before going in her room with Mason and Ryder in tow. "She's my only daughter and literally my only Hope. Take good care of her. Hope, that goes for you too. Take care of him." Nathan said with grin, ruffling her hair and patted Etzo on the back before heading to his own room .

    "Of course. Hope is my only daughter and I'd be failing her even more if I'm not there. Besides something tells me you two would try to sneak off before the wedding even starts and we can't let that happen." She said with a smile and Nathan smiled. "I'm coming too. I plan on embarrassing my daughter as much as possible." He teased

    She smiled and kissed his forehead and said, "I'll make this up to you later since I'm responsible for getting you riled up." She followed Etzo to everyone else and smiled a little at them. "Sorry... we got a little excited. It's exciting to know we get to plan a wedding together and I get to marry this gentleman right here." She said kissing his cheek

    Connor pouted and gently caressed his cheek to guide him to look him in the eyes. "That's not the promise I was hoping for... You can't protect me if you're injured or dead so please protect yourself more than anything. I can't protect you or anyone else in our current situation so please... don't do something stupid."

    She smiled a little and let out a small giggle. "Okay, Okay... how about this? We be good hosts for the rest of the night and after everyone goes to bed, I'll let you do whatever you want and more until we can't do anymore. Deal?" She said wrapping her arms around his neck lovingly.

    "Okay... Thanks Bella." He said with a small smile and turned to Robert and kissed his cheek. "As long as your here, I feel a bit safer. That being said, I don't want you to go out trying to find who did this with Bella's people. I don't want you to get hurt too... Can you promise me that?" He asked

    She laughed and kissed him. "I never tried to get off the hook. Especially when it involves hooking up with you. We just have to postpone the fun." She laughed with a wink and put a gentle hand on his cheek. "Not to mention that we're the hosts and we tried to sneak away from the guests to have our own fun."