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    "Yep! And we got candy and knowledge about each other." Hana laughed with a smile. She took her candy and popped one into her mouth before putting the rest in her pocket. Sayuri was already half way through her candy and Inari just put her candy in her back pack to save for later. "See, socializing is easy! You just needed a little boost. And now you made two new friends and hopefully one more tomorrow, if Masumune shows up. You're a little weird but so is everyone in the world including me." Hana said with a supportive smile

    She noticed the energetic girls smile falter as she looked at Onyx before seeming to rethink that decision. She wondered why at first but didn't put too much thought into it as she quickly regained her childlike nature. For some reason it seemed way easier to talk to the pair than she thought it would, probably due to the girls welcoming attitude.

    "Really? She shocks you?" She asked with a curious look toward the snake before looking at her own familiar. "Onyx never tried anything like that..." She murmured looking back at the girl. "That's mainly because it'd probably just push you away from your powers even more." The fawn mumbled with a glare before looking away.

    "Nice to meet you, Coci- Um... I'll just call you Coco for now until I find a better nickname for you." She said with a sheepish smile. "My name is Ava Ermengarde, so just call me Ava. My familiars name is Onyx." She introduced with a smile. Ava looked up as she was asked about her element and she almost didn't want to answer. "No... I'm not the water element." She said with a small awkward glance away before putting her attention back on the girl as she introduced her element.

    "I.... I have the Ice and snow element... I... um... I don't really want anything to do with it.. I only practice on concealing it..." Ava admitted awkwardly, seeing a complete difference in how their element worked and how they trained. Meanwhile Onyx looked away, looking completely annoyed and disappointed as she revealed how she used her powers.

    She listened attentively as he answered her questions and was surprised to hear about the three demons. So there was a fight... However she gasped slightly when he talked about her being tempted by demon. "S-So.. doesn't that mean this is... this is my fault? I'd always wondered where my injuries came from, I didn't think it came from this..." She stammered looking at her bandaged injuries and then to his. "You tried to protect me but... but I caused all of this." She murmured sympathetically up at him and his wing. "I-I'm so sorry..." she murmured, unable to look at him.

    She looked up as he told her he was her guardian angel. She couldn't meet his eyes and couldn't find any words for him. Ava just focused his words and tried to process them. Was she the reason his wing snapped? Because she unknowingly made his job hard? "My conscience..? So you're forced to let me make decisions that might lead to you getting hurt if it involves giving into...?" She asked looking up at him with worry and concern. What kind of aweful stuff has she put him in? How long has he had to deal with her.

    She pulled her hand away at first as he offered to ease her pain. She hurt herself, she hurt him... she should deal with her pain, the pain that continued to sting as if reminding her about her fault in all of this. But she couldn't stop him as he gently grabbed her hand. Ava's eyes widened as she felt her pain ease itself, unknowing about where it was going. She continued to worry as he gave her a weak smile and she looked on with worried green eyes. "You really didn't have to do that... I should be responsible for what I did to myself and to you...." Ava murmured.

    Ava stared anxiously as the intruder of her home laid in front of her but jumped slightly when his eyes shot open. His brown eyes met her green orbs that were filled with concern and shock. She leaned back warily but she didn't know what to say. What should she say in this type of situation? She didn't even fully understand what happened or what he was for that matter. She knew he looked like an angel but how was that even possible? And if it was possible, why was he here?

    She watched him as he watched her before trying to warn him before he sat up. "B-Be careful.." she stammered though it was too late as she noticed him wince at the pain. "... Your hip and your... wing... is pretty bad, I think... your arm seems the least injured..." She narrated awkwardly as she watched him evaluate himself and the level of his injuries. It seemed surreal, watching the angel act pretty casual about this and was not as freaked out as she was. Tensing up as he looked back to her, she was surprised he asked about her. "I... uh... I-I'm a little injured but I can manage.. How do you know my name...?" She asked looking at him worriedly, worried for him but mainly for herself.

    She watched with wide eyes as he stood up, despite his abdomen and pulled the sword out of the wall with just his one good arm. ".... Guardian?... A-As in a Guardian angel?" Ava stammered, her mouth slightly agape and her eyes filled with curiosity as she watched him introduce himself. She got flustered slightly as he seemed to notice his wing completely wrapped up. "I-I never had to wrap a wing before so I may have went over bored..." She murmured glancing away awkwardly as if trying to not take the blame for how she wrapped his wing. She also didn't want to mention the fact she used up almost all her bandages on his wing.

    Though she looked back as he offered to answer her questions, which quickly caught her attention. Of course she couldn't help spilling out all her questions at once. "Are you an angel or something? What happened to you? What happened to me? Who are you to me?" She asked, all at once though she had to stop to pause for a quick breather.

    Ava watched as she was led toward the pair, looking back awkwardly toward Onyx as he continued on. "O-Onyx! Stop... what if we bother them. They're probably on vacation just like us!" She stammered glancing between him and the pair. Ava didn't feel comfortable talking about her powers or even showing them off. She worked so hard to be normal but all of that was about to go to waste if she further embraced it.

    "Stop trying to avoid this. You have to meet them eventually." He said looking back at her. "You need to embrace your power and fate. Your not like everyone else so stop suppressing it." Onyx said looking back at he jumped into her arms when they were close enough. "Besides you need more friends. Now try to look friendly and not shy away. I won't let you leave and I bet their eager to meet you as well." Onyx wasn't too surprised to find the lightning elemental here, not that he was going to tell Ava which elemental they were. If she was curious, she'd have to figure it out on her own.

    When she was close enough and it seemed both the familiar and the girl noticed her, she realized she couldn't turn back now. The girls hair was reminiscent of snow from her element and looked away slightly. The albino fawn looked up at the girl as she seemed to be ecstatic about him. This girl was the complete opposite of Ava... Good. It'd do her good to befriend someone so positive. It might even teach her some better social skills and help her embrace her power.

    "H-Hello." She said with a small smile, trying to give off a good impression. Though that didn't seem to matter, thank god, as her attention was solely on Onyx. "Sure... you can pet him. Just be gentle." She murmured softly as he leaned out his head for her to pet. "I... I like your snake too. It's cool." She added in, glancing at the snake around her neck.


    Ava Ermengarde


    Ava woke up to a shooting pain in one of her arms and eyes. She quickly sat up but nearly laid back down as she suddenly felt pain in her hips. Almost panicking at the random appearance of injuries, she quickly took a moment to assess her current situation. It was hard to see out of her left eye and her arm stung greatly as blood oozed from it and so did her hip. She'd woke up injured before but never like this. Was she attacked during her sleep? Did someone break into her house? Worried that she had been attacked or that someone broken in for a burglary, she turned her head and her eyes widened at the scene before her.

    As side from the golden sword stuck in her bedroom wall and a few other broken things, there was what looked to be an man.... no .... an angel? Unconscious and what looked to be badly injured. A mixture of shock, bewildered confusion, and wariness came over her all at once. Once again sitting up, quickly and mindful of her hip this time, she looked over the scene with her good eye. It was indeed an angel... but how? And why? Why was it covered in injuries? Was this even possible or was she dreaming still? Though the last question was answered by a sharp pain in her hip as she continued to sit and stare at the angel.

    Cautiously, she stood up, wincing at the stinging pain that urged her to tend to it. She limped of to the strange creature and inspected it further. He seemed to have a wound on his side, bleeding but not as bad as the gash left on his arm which was almost similar to her own but a bit longer. She looked over the males wingspan in slight awe before noticing something off at the right wing. It looked to be one of the worse injuries on him, possibly even fractured. She started to panic as she looked over him, starting to become more aware of her peculiar situation. She woke with some brutal injuries and an angel with even worse injuries that was lying unconscious in her bedroom. Just what happened during the night and how come it didn't wake her up?

    Ava quickly pushed all thoughts aside that worsened her panic. She had to treat her wound and try to help the angel, hoping and assuming he wasn't a hostile creature. Limping over to her bathroom, Ava grabbed her first aid kit and hurried back as quick as she could. First she treated her own injuries before attempting to help the angel. She wrapped up his side and his arm but struggled to figure out how to wrap the wing before she ended up wrapping the whole appendage up. She looked back to the unconscious male before attempting to wake him up. "H-Hello...?" She murmured hesitantly.


    Ava sat in the cool shade, staying on the edge of the beach with Onyx sitting on her lap watching some of her college buddies play on the beach. It was summer break for her and her college dorm mates invited her to go along on a vacation. She figured she needed to get away from the small town and took the chance despite her normally introverted personality. But she was starting to regret tagging along. She couldn't get in the water without accidentally freezing it, which is really hard to hide it from the others. Not to mention the heat of the place was really starting to bother her which made it harder to seem normal and not reveal her powers to cool off.

    "... Come on Onyx. Let's go back to the hotel room." Ava said, picking up the fawn. "Come on, you said you would go on a vacation. Hiding in a room, worried about you powers sounds like your usual self." The fawn scolded looking up at her. "At least try to explore." Onyx suggested. "Fine... but only for a while... it's hot." She sighed before getting up and walking along the beach. A beach was a sight she rarely saw in her small village. It was beautiful... until she noticed something flash by from a nearby boat. She looked over at the dock in curiosity as a girl with a snake around her neck appeared suddenly. She was surprised when the girl waved toward her.

    Though Onyx perked up at the sight. "Ava, you remember how I said earlier that there's others like you, with different powers? There's two here but ones closer." Onyx said guesturing to the girl on the dock. "E-Eh?!" Ava said in shock at her words. "Let's go meet them!" He said jumping out of Ava's arms. "B-But Onyx!" She protested as he walked toward the two, leaving her no choice but to follow.

    MUSE A and B were teenage sweethearts. It was love at first sight except that they avoided their feelings until they finally made it official in eleventh grade and continued up to senior year. MUSE A decided that this small town wasn’t enough for him and decided to move to a big city where he could make something of himself. He didn’t really consider MUSE B, who didn’t want to leave, and they had a devastating break-up. Fast forward to four years later and he actually did it! He became something (You choose) as a mini vacation he decides to come back home for a while. He finally comes home, and on the first day while he’s out getting coffee who does he run into? MUSE B, who still lives there and is just as handsome as ever except… he’s got two four year olds latched onto his leg. Of course he automatically assumes the children are Muse B's, and of course he’s right. And of course it goes right over his head that it’s actually his kids before asking; ‘who’s the father?’ and of course Muse B can’t tell him because it would ruin everything and he’s still heartbroken and in love so he lies and says their MUSE C's children (his roommate that I can play) and before you know it MUSE A actually finds out that the children are his and he’s gonna want to step up but Muse B doesn’t want him to. Now Muse A has to choose between trying to get back in Muse B's life and raising his children or to continue his job and abandon the three.

    Just a side note: This is in a world where men can give birth to kids just as well as women.

    I will be Muse B and I need someone to be Muse A

    My Forms:


    Name: Yuki Masamune

    Age: 22


    Names: Sayuri/ Ryou Masamune

    Ages: 4/4