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    before i get started, no, this is not some rant that i'm making purely just to insult dynamo or the rest of the staff, this is just my opinion as someone younger than what the new age requirement allows.

    like the title states, i hate the new age requirements. i'm fourteen, and just turned fourteen a little over a month ago. i've been around since 2012, when i was much, much younger than what the age limit required, but no one really cared and neither did the staff apparently. ff is the site that i've met many friends on, and still continue to be friends with. my writing and opinions have grown and changed because of this site, and i don't want to leave it unless i really have to. this new age requirement thing is complete bullshit, honestly. i've been told numerous times that i seem like i'm much older than 16 because i can handle these kinds of sensitive topics and i don't act like an obnoxious, immature, prepubescent child. i can handle these topics with ease, and so can many other children of my age. it makes little sense to me to up the age to 16. just because a teenager can now drive a car and get a job cause they're 16 doesn't mean that they're any more mature than they were before. i've met numerous 16 year olds both on and off this site that act like they're 4 years old that can quite clearly not handle sensitive topics. it doesn't make sense that they can be here, but i and many other mature 14 year olds can't.

    feralfront is really the only site i've ever really loved. i always look forward to being able to get on the bus every afternoon and check for replies to the threads my characters and i are in. feralfront is a great stress reliever for me, and it is one of the few things i could turn to in these past few years of my life when things became too stressful for me to handle. feralfront has helped me grow and mature into who i am today: a somewhat-advanced roleplayer and a maturing individual. ask anyone that has met me on this site, and they'll attest to me seeming a lot older than i truly am. when my computer broke a few years ago, i rushed to my wii so i could remain active on this site. when that broke, i turned to my wii u and eventually my phone and tablet because i loved this site enough to find a way to stay on it. i don't know what i would've done without this website.

    i don't care what happens at this point. ban me, delete my account, whatever. i just want to get my opinion out there.

    Though it was only moments before, Adrian could vividly remember every detail of the game. He could remember the first quarter, in which the guest team had scored a touchdown twice. Willowbrook's team had come close to scoring twice, but both attempts were ruined by a freshman teammate who fumbled the ball twice. Why the quarterback at the time had thrown the ball to the freshman, of all people, Adrian had no clue. This was the very same freshman who had done terribly at every practice and the summer training camp. Thinking about it made Adrian quite angry, so he pushed thoughts of the first quarter aside.

    The second quarter had gone much the same way: the quarterback had thrown the ball to a freshman, and they fumbled it. Once they realized that throwing to them wasn't getting anywhere, the quarterback threw the inflated pigskin to a senior, who scored. The other team, however, scored once more. After half time, the coach became fed up with freshman fumbling the ball, and decided to put Adrian - a senior - into the game as quarterback, and from then on Willowbrook scored time and time again, and eventually the guest team was up against a 24-point lead. It seemed that the term "golden boy" wasn't as far-fetched as some might believe. Thanks to the coach's decision, Willowbrook won.

    ]And now Adrian was sitting on a bench in the locker room which was rapidly emptying as his teammates left. Now there were only a few people left, who had just returned from the shower and were dressing. The blond-haired male couldn't hear running water anymore, and he took that as his opportunity to wash up and cleanse his body of the grime and sweat that had been generated during the game. Jump ahead a few minutes and Adrian was exiting the shower to find an empty locker room. Maybe he spent too much time thinking. Oh, well. With a shrug, the tattoo junkie made his way to his locker and dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, a Weeknd t-shirt and a black and red flannel.

    Pretty soon Adrian was exiting the locker too. There weren't too many people left, so he just decided to head for the gate rather than wait for a friend or friends to show themselves. His family had not come to this game either, so it was up to him to drive himself home. However, Adrian was rather tired and groggy from the game. He didn't exactly trust himself to drive home, so a chauffeur would not be unwelcome. That was an unlikely idea though, and he found himself heading for his own car, eyes slightly drooping.

    // hope this was good enough !!

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    please help im desperate

    [center][fancypost=background-color=transparent; borderwidth=0px; bordercolor=; width: 375px;][align=justify][size=8][font=georgia]okay so i made a character based on tracer from overwatch and i have no idea where to put her. she's in extended thunderclan right now, but i'm looking to get her a dual alliance because thunderclan's pretty slow rn. her bio is here. thanks for the help!

    [font=timesnewroman]Perhaps ThunderClan should revert back to worshipping StarClan? I've always liked StarClan and I'm sad to see that out of all the religions we see in the clans today, I don't really see StarClan in any of them.

    As for cliques, it helps when you promote new, active, and friendly members - demote the inactive or cliquey high positions or don't promote the members who are contributing towards the feeling of exclusion in the first place.

    we have like 3 hps because we're that inactive and we changed the religion bc thunderclan had nothing else going for it

    well i mean we were told a while back that thunderclan needed something interesting and the best thing we could come up with was a religion and this is what happened. we thought it'd be cool and interesting but it turned out cluttered i suppose? idk man we need suggestions please help

    19 y/o - cis male - current outfit

    Izaac making his way around the counter to close the gap between them was a bit of a surprise, and even more so was Iz making his move. As far as the teasing went, Adrian was not against it. Maybe it was the alcohol in his belly. Adrian was a light drinker, and vodka was strong stuff. Or maybe he was just feeling frisky. Who knows? Certainly not the blond, who was growing more tipsy by the second. Shivers ran up his spine as Izaac's lips trailed the curve of his neck. He only slightly leaned into it, enjoying the feeling at least a little bit. At that point? Adrian would've been content if Izaac had stopped there entirely. But instead The taller male asked a question of the shorter.

    "You heard me. I'm fine with whatever," Adrian responded in the most normal-sounding tone he could manage in his situation. The nip at his earlobe was what he could assume to be only a taste of what was yet to come. A grin of sorts pulled at the corners of his lips, compelling the devillish grin onto his features.

    19 y/o - cis male - current outfit

    //it's completely fine! i forget that ff exists a lot,, idk how tho i think i might have short term memory loss or something

    While Izaac may have preferred to play his games and toy with the emotions and thoughts of his "prey", Adrian would much prefer to keep things more wholehearted and honest. He favored a more sunshine-and-rainbows approach to his relationships and conversations, but that didn't mean that Adrian wasn't capable of a serious conversation or - surprise - becoming angry, which is what the conversation about the circumstances of Adrian's own adoption was doing. He could stand a few questions, but being interrogated over it was not something that Adrian was interested in. An uncharacteristically irritated tone began to emerge in his speech. "I could care less if it was for the best. They still gave me up." He cut his icy blue eyes at Izaac when he spoke again, almost as if miming the predatory stare from only moments before. "If they loved me that much, they would have came for me when they were ready." And as quickly as it came, the irritation faded.

    He leaned back into the chair, his gaze slowly sweeping from Iz's face to the empty glass in front of him. Something about the way it bent the images that could be seen through it was always oddly calming for Adrian. A sigh escaped his lips as he gazed through the glass. "I shouldn't have gotten upset either. Sorry. I don't really like talking about adoption. Mine, specifically." Adrian looked back at Izaac, who was again asking another question.

    Thankfully, this question wasn't entirely personal. The blonde actually chuckled at the remark about drinking all of Izaac's alcohol. It was funny because all the shorter male has had was a glass of vodka, which was absolutely disgusting, while Izaac had downed a mimosa and had gotten himself something stronger in the meantime. "I'd rather not have anymore alcohol, thanks." Booze was the reason the shorter male had a splitting headache, and the vodka certainly wasn't helping. "I'm not opposed to doing something else, though." As for what the "something else" was could be left up for interpretation for Izaac to do. His nerves were numbing at this point, and he was becoming more comfortable around the so-called king of the popular group, albeit faster than he should.