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    fawnheart - twenty-six moons - warrior

    "speech" - thoughts

    Fawnheart listened attentively, golden-honey gaze trained into Littlestar’s petite frame as he spoke. She was happy that he was their leader. He seemed to manage things well. Her ears had swiveled to their fowardmost position when her name was called, her heart doing a bit of a flip in the process. It was always odd to hear your name from the leader- especially during an announcement. She gave a firm nod when the tom announced she’d be leading the boarder patrol, taking on the job head first. Truly, the molly loved a good walk.

    Sand colored coat picking up the first prominent rays of morning sun, the elegant looking feline turned her gaze towards Hollypaw at his mentioning, an almost motherly smile being cast in the apprentice’s direction. Looking back up at Littlestar, Fawnheart realigned her focus, offering their leader her full attention once again.


    cloverpaw - eight moons - stormwatcher apprentice

    "speech" - thoughts

    Cloverpaw would groan at the sound of Kibble’s voice, faking a hiss as he blinked open lazy, sleepy eyes. "Do I have to?" he would whine in question, ears catching Littlestar’s voice. His eyes went wide then, head raising. Oh, mousedung... He was missing the morning’s announcements. He looked at Kibblepaw almost gratefully, letting out a tongue-curling yawn. He would stretch his forepaws and hind legs out as far as they could possibly go before hopping up onto all four paws again, nudging the she-cat to follow him out to listen for the rest of the announcements. Needless to say, he celebrated in his head when he didn’t hear his name called for patrols. Hopefully they could blend in, unnoticed.

    interaction: kibblepaw x Moondust  



    ( name ) juniperpaw

    -- juniperkit, juniperblotch

    ( gender ) masculine

    -- he/him/his

    ( age ) eight months

    ( rank ) apprentice

    -- warrior-to-be


    ( appearance ) juniperpaw is a tortoiseshell tom with an above-average build and dark coloration. his eyes are a pale emerald with flecks of yellow passing through to create a wonderfully jaded mix of color. his fur is mid length and smooth, proving to be well-taken care of for a tom his age.

    -- eye color pale green-yellow.

    -- pelt color brindle tortie with dark coloration

    -- scars nicked right ear and scar over nose from fighting a raccoon when he was younger


    ( personality ) answer here, more than three sentences.

    -- fears absolute darkness and raccoons

    -- dreams to be an excellent warrior and a help to crescentclan

    ( history ) not much can be said for juniper's history. he led a normal life- all besides an overly curious habit to wander the clan's borders- and at times outside of them. he once encountered a raccoon, having gotten a bit too close. upon fighting the raccoon he gained a tear in his right ear and a scar over the bridge of his nose. besides this, nothing eventful had really become of juniper's kithood.

    -- mother and father npc, unknown

    -- kin poistions open

    -- no offspring


    ( sexuality ) bisexual

    -- no gender preference

    -- crush to be sunpaw of shineclan

    -- no mate


    ( other ) raspberry and rockaholic!

    ( roleplay ideas ) i've got a plot with moon going on that i can't wait to play out <3

    ( character inspiration ) x

    ( roleplay example ) x

    fawnheart - twenty-six moons - warrior - "speech" - thoughts

    A certain motherly vibe always seeped from Fawnheart. she loved her clan as if they had been kits to her, wanting to protect them always and to keep them comfortable. She had not been asleep when their leader crowed out his call, a contented sigh leaving his maw. Her tail raised along with her mood, and she trotted out to meet with the other cats of Moonclan so that they could listen to Littlestar's morning announcements. The Abyssinian molly looked around as a crowd gathered, finding a place to sit. While she waited for everything to begin, a paw habitually found her tongue, swiping over her forehead after a few licks. Fawnheart often groomed herself when she had the time to do so, so this, of course, was not at all an abnormal act.

    Her mind wandered into the possibilities for the morning's announcements. Was a new deputy finally being assigned? She has to suppress an excited trill at the thought. There had been quite a few cats that could fit such a position, and Fawnheart was more than curious to figure out who might be filling the position. A deputy had not been assigned right away, and although Starclan might have frowned on that, the she-cat could see clearly why Littlestar might have had a hard time deciphering who would be the best fit for such a role along his side.

    cloverpaw - eight moons - stormwatcher apprentice - "speech" - thoughts

    All the while, our lucky little tom apprentice had been sleeping away, stretching mid-slumber. Like Infernopaw, the yowl did not wake him. It hardly shook the young boy from his sleep. He'd dismissed it with a small flick of his ear and a tucking of his head under a paw. The sleeping habits of this torbie were a bit unusual, but as long as he was comfortable, that didn't really matter, did it?

    //short and sweet

    morpheus - four years - head guard - "speech" - thoughts

    Given his morning without the pack like he always had, Morpheus was quite calm. His body language reflected it all- hung tail, attentive ears, relaxed stance. He flicked an ear as he felt his sister approach, turning his gaze to fall on her. A warrior. She’d been older than him by only a few minutes since they were the of the same litter, but Morpheus couldn’t help but feel like she was younger than him... by years, even. He wanted to offer her a pleasant expression, but he’d known she’d only came to pester him. So much for tender memories.

    nyx - four years - warrior - "speech" - speech

    Slumber still having her fur disheveled, Nyx would chortle before poking her nose into Morpheus’s flank. "Up early again, little brother?" she questioned, pulling back. She studied the male’s face- he’d seemed almost relieved that Nyx hadn’t planned to jest much. She cocked her head over to one side when she heard his bland answer- already knowing what it was going to be. He liked to be alone. What a living wolf stereotype. She laughed at this, standing up to instead go and play social hour elsewhere.

    aliferous that’s an error on my part!! my intention was to apply for head hunter, which i put in the spoiler, but not in the actual form... not sure what i was thinking there. it’s okay, i’ll take head guard. just ignore my first post ><

    morpheus - four years - head hunter - "speech" - thoughts

    Amongst the first to wake, Morpheus was an early riser just as his alpha. He liked picking his hunting routes early, so he would scout the hunting grounds each morning before heading back into the camp’s mainland. His build was large albeit agile- he was a powerful and skilled hunter and he believed he gained his position in the pack through the most fair means. Amber colored eyes scanned the area, gaze momentarily pausing on Kace, the alpha male. He didn’t know what this feeling was, but his ears grew hot if his thoughts lingered on the alpha for too long. No one was ever able to seat his thoughts so easily. He huffed, exhaling through his nose as he tore his eyes away, flicking an ear at the early morning stirring.

    nyx - four years - warrior - "speech" - thoughts

    Sleep? that was a sacred thing. Nyx took it seriously, and slept in. Her only reminder to wake was the sound of others rising from the dens. Letting out a yawn, she shook out her red pelt and stretched her arms outward, haunches up, and her head thrown back into the sky. Stretching was almost as delightful as sleep. Licking her maw, She padded out of the den to spot Morpheus. Of course, she had to torment her brother. She made her way over to him carefully.

    lillianne howlite reva - "speech" - thoughts

    I’ll visit you as often as I can. I love you, okay?” came a voice from the left of a petite framed girl. They were in a car, and the voice belonged to her father. He’d been worried about this whole moving out thing. Though she was old enough- and strong enough, despite her gentle looking body- to fend for herself, he was her father. He worried for her- this was all he had in terms of family. Letting her go was difficult.

    The girl was known as Lillianne- the last gem descendent to arrive in Beach City. She had a naturally white- literally snow colored, not platinum blonde- head of hair. She’d gained this from her mother. Her father always said she’d been the spitting image of Howlite... It would have been nice to meet her. Her facial features were also petite, she had a precious button nose and heart shaped lips. Her eyes were angular and almost shaped, almost feline like, and they held a beautiful, blue-grey pair of irises. She smiled over at her father, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, dad. I’ll call you every night so you know that I’m okay. Besides, I have roommates.

    With that, they’d arrived. Lillie hopped out of the car, grabbing all of her bags out of the trunk with little difficulty. She wasn’t surprised that they were late, what with her father playing fashionista for an hour before they got into the car. And for what? She chuckled to herself, excited to meet the others.

    drexel - nineteen - "speech" - thoughts

    Four eyes trained themselves onto this so far generous male. His actions confused the hybrid, so he watched him closely. He visibly tensed up each of the two times Jupiter approached him at the table. Of course, due to what he knew most, Drexel was afraid that Jupiter would let his anger out on him. When food and a drink we’re presented to him, however, he made an audible chirping sound- one of appreciation and even a bit of excitement. Anything edible right now would do wonders. His chirp was followed by a purr, and he began to eat the food in front of him gratefully. He glanced up at Jupiter. "What about you? Will you eat, too?" he asked quietly, allowing the silence to draw out before his curiosities would manifest vocally once more, "This is your home? Do you share it? Back at the l— I mean... My place, I have many others I share with... That’s why I can’t eat often." he explained, slowly opening up.