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    Fallensoul seemed to be pleasantly surprised by such a positive greeting. Sure a vibe as happy as Thrushflight's right now was contagious- though the most this grumpy looking tom could manage was a smile that was hardly noticeable at its level of subtlety. The two had been friends for a while now, since they were only a moon apart in age. They'd practically grown up together, Fallensoul being the eldest of the two. He nodded towards the tom in friendly greeting. "Good morning." he meowed, flicking his tail in greeting. "I actually was planning on joining a patrol, if you'd like to tag along."

    25 moons | ♂ | flamerunner

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    As natural as breathing, the jet black haired boy would smile wide, throwing an arm around his best friend- who doubled as his roommate, and tripled as his crush. Gosh, he was smitten for that boy... But he was bad at admitting it. So instead, he'd play everything off as friendly gestures, per usual. The question had almost thrown him off. Work? He didn't work toda- oh! Right. 'Work.' He turned to face the other, releasing him before parting his lips to speak. "It was pretty slow today, so I got paid to do nothing." he smiled cheekily, all too amused with the fact. His expression had changed drastically when he noticed the other wince, peeking under what looked like bandages on his wrist.

    "Are you alright?" the words trickled from his tongue just as soon as they were thought up, concern clinging to his tone of voice. "What happened?" another question was pulled from him. He leaned in to scrutinize what might have been underneath.


    —— been here since 2012 and would love the 6 year badge, if possible! i also would love to have the advanced roleplayer badge.

    some of my better posts are made on a subaccount ( poseidon deus. )

    there was a thread in particular i wanted to mention, but i can’t seem to find it :(

    —— Papers neatly organized on the table, Elias sprawled out onto the couch, snoring ever so slightly. He did what he was told and sorted out the files, and even went the extra mile to stop bothering his new partner. So instead, he'd visit one of his closest friends: slumber. Not even the sound of the other's door opening or his mewling cat brought him out of his sleep- but really, how would it have? It wasn't like he was a light sleeper- in which case he certainly was not.

    What did wake him up was the buzzing of his phone, as if it had been instinctual. He stretched before even bothering to see who had messaged him, eventually bringing the screen into his vision. Ah, the boss. How lovely it was to have an overbearing authority.

    Just checking in to be sure the two of you haven't killed each other.

    Scoffing, Elias replied. He simply stated that they were both alive and that he was certain they both planned to stay that way, no matter how awful this experience was going to be.


    tumblr_oz65eyJJ0o1vv1txoo1_400.gifhi i'm jai and i suck, wow ||

    The vivid imagination Jeongguk carried was less than a gift right now. Having hot coffee spilled all over your leg like that could only allow the lithe brunette boy to wince as he put himself in Sora's shoes for a moment. He didn't even want to think of what the other must have felt right now, but it was likely inevitable, like he had no other choice. Maybe that was the way the human mind was meant to work... It could have been instinct, maybe, so that you wouldn't wind up in the same situation. Who knows?

    While he was still desperately attempting to clean the mess, he took note of Sora's words, backing up a bit. It had cooled down... Thank goodness. The cheerful, handsome man was safe. Were those Guk's thoughts right now? He shoved those into his subconscious, his eyes catching the glimmering light as he perked up with the mentioning of his artwork. Just like that, he'd nearly forgotten the events leading up to Sora's question. "Right! Sorry," He stammered lightly, retreating to his end of the table as he reached into his bag and pulled out the laptop. His work was simplistic and modern, reflecting his own personality and sense of style quite a bit. The young one had actually even aspired to be a tattoo artist one day, but those desires were more repressed than they probably should have been.

    The fact that anyone had wanted to see his art at all made for a pleasant addition to his already light mood. He'd really enjoyed Sora's company...

    graphic artist & singer + male (he/him) + twenty years old + "speech" + 'thoughts'



    —— heart made of glass, my mind of stone *:・゚✦

    NAME / NICKNAMES azalea vernoa celanoire / zalea, lea, noir

    NAME ORIGIN she is named after a flower; her surname hails from a long line of royal siren ancestors

    AGE & DATE OF BIRTH june 8, unknown age

    SPECIES siren/human hybrid

    CLAN OF BIRTH born in the land of celanoire, formerly a princess

    — rank outsider

    GENDER & SEX cisgender female

    SEXUALITY bisexual, feminine preference

    RELATIONSHIP open for romance positions

    FAMILY long forgotten / open for kin positions

    FRIENDS to develop

    ENEMIES her first, eldest sister, tulip (npc) / to develop

    PERSONALITY sadism runs deep in a siren's blood. it is wired into their systems; a lust to cause pain like a roaring storm in their cores. the same can be said for azalea. although this thirst is far less than full blooded sirens, she still carries hurtful tendencies. despite this (and her case of resting bitch face), upon first approaching azalea, she can be pleasant. she has a great sense of humor and is generally easy to get along with- as long as you stay on her good side. she is level headed and bears a quite mature demeanor, thus reflecting her true age, which she keeps a secret.

    this sweet flower is also quite sensitive. she is easily hurt, especially by those she holds strong feelings for. romantic relationships are a thing she craves, though she fears her insidious side might make an appearance.

    POWERS due to her siren lineage, her voice is as smooth as silk- singing or simply speaking. this lures others in easily, weather it be male, female, or what have you. once lured in, azalea may either show her you razor sharp pearly whites, or simply choose to get to know you a little better. / voice claim: billie eilish


    FUTURE PLOTS surely something romantic. she is a siren, after all.



    —— it's not love, but it's better than dreaming *:・゚✦

    NAME / NICKNAMES haivyn / vynnie

    NAME ORIGIN the word "haven" refers to a place of safety and protection. haivyn is simply a play on the spelling in order to signify his position in life: a protector, the lead of guard.

    AGE & DATE OF BIRTH nineteen | april twentieth

    SPECIES shifter

    CLAN OF BIRTH + RANK kingdom of uluwen — rank guard

    GENDER & SEX cisgender male

    SEXUALITY doesn't quite care

    RELATIONSHIP single- anyone want a childish, carefree babe?

    FAMILY all npc, not around any longer

    FRIENDS many and to develop. open for pre-established friendships!!

    ENEMIES to develop

    PERSONALITY easy-going and carefree, haivyn seems not to really pay attention to anything he does, making everything seem easy in the eyes of others. he is extremely open minded willing to listen to everyone's opinion and to discuss it as well. he is friendly and easy to get along with, though he can get obnoxious at times with all of his bad jokes and playful banter.


    POWERS as a shifter, haivyn has harnessed the ability to shift into a very large melanistic barn owl- in which he can also adjust the size to make it appropriate for the situation.

    OTHER why these rules-- don't bully me ; ^;

    FUTURE PLOTS -coughs- i'm not creative, m8, but i'm mad open for plots.




    This rank was new. This label was empowering on its own. To be able to call yourself a Flaemrunner? Growing up, those cats were only legends. No one really knew if they existed or not. It was honor to run among the flames with those who shared the title... He'd worked for this his whole life and finally felt whole.

    Fallensoul was an early riser, he'd been up long before the rest of the clan- he'd been wandering this morning, though, his intentions unclear to even himself. He yawned, tongue curling inwards as he did so. His paws met the earth in silent steps, guiding him back to the clan's main lands. When he returned, he noticed patrols being formed. He watched silently, wondering if he should take up a patrol as well.

    25 moons | ♂ | flamerunner

    —— It could be clearly seen that the other wasn't quite enjoying his day- but the smile from the customer was nice. He returned it, parting his lips to speak. "Good afternoon," he greeted quietly, scanning the items as they made their way down the belt. He proceeded to bag them before looking back up at the girl.

    "How has the day been treating you so far?" he questioned in an attempt to make small talk. He was a little awkward, yes, but no one ever said communication was a strength of his.

    —— Again, the male would huff. He seemed to be good at throwing mini fits. "Whatever," he sighs, and then turns around. "Go ahead and get back to your work." says Elias as he carries the papers, trekking into the main room and flopping onto the couch. Alphabetical order... he thought to himself, spreading the sheets onto the coffee table in front of him.

    Well... this was going to be fun.



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    —— hyunjin hated work. he absolutely dreaded it. who wanted to work at a grocery store? better yet, who wanted to work at a grocery store that your family owned? surely not this kid. he huffed, annoyed, checking the time. it was almost time for him to finish his shift, thankfully. he didn't even know what he wanted to do after work, but honestly- anything but having to be here would be much less boring. today was especially slow, too. hardly any business.