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    —— we might've!! i was also pretty into hetalia roleplays. i'm trying to remember any of the other characters i played and for some reason cannot :( i've left the site a few times, but i'm back for a while now with no intent to leave.

    —— joined in february of 2012! i've gone through many names, wasn't big in super public roleplays, but i played a lot of homestuck threads? lol. my fantroll was vixen kitsun, i think.


    large.jpgStaying invisible right about now would probably not be a good idea. The booming, familiar voice over the PA system rattled the nonbinary's nerves. They should have been used to this by now, but of course they weren't. With a nervous exhale, the trembling individual stood and followed the normal path. Time to checked up on... whatever that may mean. They hated this life, but they appreciated it nonetheless. At least they were even alive in the first place, right? 'Well, I guess we'll just get this done and over with.' they thought with a huff, dragging their feet on the ground as they trudged into the line of experiments all waiting their turn to be seen. They peered over at the rest of the children, tucking a strand of snowy white locks behind their ear neatly.

    experiment + nonbinary (they/he) + seventeen years old + precise camouflage + "speech" + 'thoughts'




            yu minki

            min, minnie, minnie mouse

            nineteen → ages every year

            born on september twenty-sixth, nineteen ninety-eight


    prefers neutral pronouns (they/them), but is comfy with and may use masculine pronouns (he/him) as well

    belongs to no groups currently

    holds no official titles


            although they are only nineteen, they have discovered that they bear nine lives like any other feline would. they are currently on their second life, and discovered small tallies in what looks to be ink embedded into their left collarbone, much like a tattoo. the ninth tally is significantly faded to represent a life lost.

            minki 100% will purr if they like you, regardless of physical form.



    short and overall petite, minki bears a very effeminate frame. they do not hate this, but instead, they embrace it. they stand at five feet four and weigh roughly one hundred twenty-two pounds. metrically, these measurements would be one hundred sixty-two and a half centimeters tall, and about fifty-five kilograms in weight. all in all, they are tiny. they are almost never seen without makeup on, either. they have silvery-grey, silky hair that graces just past their jawline, they allow it to sit naturally, bangs side swept. on particularly masculine days, they go without makeup and even do their hair up. their skin is comparable to porcelain- pale, and smooth looking. they cover their natural freckles often times, finding them to be a flaw. their eyes are comparable in color to that of an amethyst gem, and are single lidded due to their korean decent. almost everything about this young one’s aura is delicate, nearly ethereal. they are often compared to that of a feline, their features they bear being angular and sharp. their canines are elongated and pointed, in which they say is surgically done. in reality, the teeth are naturally like this ue to the bloodline they share with the domestic feline species.

    —— minor injuries: anemic; expect them to constantly complain about cold hands/toes, or just being cold in general

    —— major injuries: x


    their appearance seems quite simple upon first approach. they are a silky looking bicolored feline in the colors of white and black. their sleek, smooth, well kept fur is based in a almost glowing white color. from between their soft, amethyst colored eyes, all the way down their spine to the middle of their tail is a thick, black stripe. the toes on three of their paws are black as well, their frontal right paw seeming it had been dipped in obsidian paint, as the black travels higher up their arm, much like a sock. on their tail's tip, there is another ring of black fur. their ear tips, muzzle, and eye dots are all also ebony colored accents. they look a bit like a domino. their frame is so small that they seem almost malnourished to the point that their growth was stunted early on in development, but realistically, this is just due to their daintiness in their original form. they are an extremely agile cat, flexible in ways that only the cheshire cat has seemed to prove.

    —— minor injuries: usually variant- they are quite delicate

    —— major injuries: x

    ACCESSORIES: has their tongue pierced, and multiple ear piercings that they retain in both physical forms.

    SCENT: roses and vanilla chai, mostly to represent the entirety of their demeanor. they are sweet, and often times boast a prominent spice.

    AESTHETICS: scraped knees, bruises, bandaids, busy city at three am, the quiet hours of the night, fallen stars, aliens, taboo, wilted roses, grunge, blood red, flower crows, upside down crosses, planets, skulls, bones, scratches, hickeys, the smell of coffee


    to be frank, they are exactly like what they are- a cat. when they want to be, they are extremely affectionate and lovable. they are sweet and cheery, but not overly so. however, they can also become snappy and annoyed when the time comes for it to be appropriate. they are mostly laid back and easy to get along with without much effort, and are naturally a welcoming being. when it comes to romance, their feelings are a bit haywire. they develop crushes quickly and easily, though none have compared to the genuine feelings and compassion they hold for emeraude, who they'd easily give they rest of their lives for. as they are easy to open up to, they also tire easily, emotionally and mentally wise. when they are depleted of emotional or mental capacity, they shut people out. they would rather no one else have to put up with their negative flips. during these ties, you may either show support or leave them be, but they will always come back to their friends... even if it takes a little while. they are also... a bit of a pot head, the sweet and mellow highs being something deemed as good for their mental.

    —— significant traits:


            yu minho (npc) x yu seolbin (npc)

            no siblings

            known family members

             their closest friend is a lovely gal called emeraude (who is penned by the lovely we are all mad here )


            minki has the biggest crush on his best friend, emeraude.

            pansexual panromantic

           platonic relationships are easy and quick for them to form. they withhold a pleasant personality and are often even seeking new friends. however, most bonds fade quickly, as it becomes difficult to keep up with so many people, and they are often times emotionally drained from putting others first and always dealing with problems are not their own.

            for min, romantic relationships are slow to start. they do happen eventually, though- they're just cautious because crushes are easily developed for them, so they are careful before acting.

            FUTURE PLOTS:

            as of right now, none. i plan on playing them as much as i can for now.


            will not attack without reason

            might start fights

            will end fights

            will not run away

            feel free to powerplay friendly actions

            open to minor injury

            ask before capture, maim, major injury

            bold name in #bf4141 and minki.  


    D E A N

    GuJGG3o.gifHearing his native tongue spoken aloud, even if just a small respective term like 'hyung,' always pleased Dean. It would make sense that his first spoken language would be his favorite. Not only that, but something about it just sounded so... pretty. He watched at Zuho handed Ren a cup of coffee, his lips trying to press some form of sentence out. This drew a short chortle from Dean, and he shook his head. Before answering, he'd greeted Jovanni, who had physically pushed him over. Not that he minded much, the kid was just entertaining sometimes. "Good morning, your majesty." Dean played into Jojo's ego smoothly, making nothing out of it, but knowing the boy would likely be pleased by his words. The thought alone was almost enough to make him laugh.

    Right on time, two of the other Zodia had made an appearance, Dean greeting them shortly. He seemed a little displeased with the scuffled look Johnny wore in today. To say the least, Dean's expression carried quite a bit of concern. Truly, though, Dean was more concerned by the fact that these people were drinking coffee as black as the irises that had hugged his pupils. Blegh. Dean was a renown coffee lover, but why drink something so bitter when you could accentuate it with something beautiful for your taste buds? He eyed the cups in his friends' hands. "You two do know I can run to the corner shoppe and pick something up for that, right?" he offered selflessly, regretting it when he thought of the temperature outside. Anything to please his family, though. Turning to the sound of a voice, Dean's gaze rested on Mickie, whom he seemed amused with by the question. "I slept fine, but these two aren't such good liars." he spoke, gesturing his head towards Zuho and Ren. At this point, he'd thrown an arm around his buddy, being careful not to spill the coffee. Dean was known to be quite... clumsy. "You and I both know you probably didn't sleep much more than two or three hours, hm, Ren?" he asked playfully, egging the truth to show itself. And then came Isaac, who the brunette man seemed entertained with as he spoke. It was true. Mornings weren't his thing. He shrugged simply- Isaac was right. Dean wasn't a morning person.

    Upon Erikson walking in, Dean used his free arm to wave politely at the other. It was nice to watch the room fill up as quickly as it did. His attention reverted back to Johnny, however, who spoke of his night. Dean did his best to recall, quirking a thick brow when he remembered. He pulled his arm back off of Ren, scooting forward a little on the couch. "You tried dragging me out to some bar. Said they were having a party. You wanted to go because of some guy you had a problem with, though. Said you wanted to 'show him a lesson,' and I guess you needed me as a witness." he explained, studying the bruises that dotted the latter male's complexion.

    taurus, earth manipulation + male (he/him) + twenty-four + "speech" + 'thoughts'

    INTERACTING WITH: Zuho, Ren, Jojo, Zac, Mickie, Johnny

    D E A N

    GuJGG3o.gif'Time to do something productive.' the brunette man told himself silently, yawning. He rubbed his eyes tiredly, still unsure if he even wanted to shuffle his way into the common room or not. Of course, he ultimately decided that being alone was no fun, and threw on some jeans and a pair of well-worn Vans. He wore them because they were easy to put on. Yes. Dean was that lazy. If he was quiet enough, he could hear a few of the others talking downstairs. Undoubtedly, it had to have been Zuho's voice. It was easily recognizable amongst the others. Who else could have been up, though? Well... there was only one way to find out. Keeping on that familiar hoodie, Dean allowed his legs to carry him down the steps.

    Naturally, upon seeing his friends, his teeth revealed themselves as he smiled, pleased to see them. He was actually quite a sweetheart, when you were to really look at things. Although he had a hard time trusting others, Dean's own little dysfunctional family was one he loved and took pride in. They were among the only others he really trusted. Walking over to the two, his gaze bounced between them momentarily. "Mornin'." he greeted shortly, voice still carrying signs of slumber. "Everyone sleep okay?" the male asked, plopping onto the couch next to Ren, an old friend of his. The two were pretty close, their personalities seeming to go hand in hand with one another's.

    taurus, earth manipulation + male (he/him) + twenty-four + "speech" + 'thoughts'


    —— hey, everyone. i recently fell in love with one of my ocs to the point where i think i'll be playing them enough to make a sub account. however, i haven't made one since the site's switch to this new format. so... how would i go about making and linking a subbie here? do i have to sign up again with a new email, or...?