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    not a surprise whatsoever. if yall dont know where to find me, which would be an mf shocker, dm me on discord. vintagemiserie#8247

    wish i couldve finished maris arc on here, but oh well :/ dd is dead so whoever takes over gets it i guess. not like youd be leading a clan w anyone in it lol

    thank you for your swift answer dynamo!

    i am sad to say that this is an extremely disappointing reaction, though i am very thankful for the responses you gave and i understand why you didn't respond some others. i didn't intend on acting passive aggressively or snide--if i came across at all as mocking or disrespectful, i'm really sorry. i admit that some things in my thread weren't clear, but i didn't edit it as i saw that you were already looking at this thread. i also admit that i chose a fairly straightforward manner of writing this post because i worried that things i asked wouldn't be addressed, as they weren't in my previous few posts. in that clarity, i may have come across as harsher than i meant. im sorry for that.

    while i am not looking for any more answers, i will give a couple of responses. first, i'd like to do one final urge to respond to my friend's emails to you, as i believe everyone deserves closure in a situation like this. second, i will say that i'm going to report the people i believe are bandodging, as that is the most useful thing i can do in this situation.

    i have done quite a bit of self reflection, as i believe is necessary in these sorts of situations; i am empathetic to the stress you and the other staffers must be feeling at this moment, and i can see places in these posts i've made that may have come across poorly. however, and i mean no offense in this, your response was more aggressive in tone than necessary. i'm anxious as all hell with regards to these posts, and i understand where that sort of aggression can come from, but i would appreciate it if you could also reflect on these posts and see what went well, and what went poorly. for the record, a lot has gone well, and though both of my posts in this thread are definitely a bit heavy on critique, i try my best to point out what i thought has gone well.

    thank you for reading this admittedly unnecessarily long post. it means a lot to me that this dialogue can occur in the first place, as 5 years ago i probably would have gotten banned for this same exact thing. i just want you to know, dynamo, that i do not at all hate you or the other admins. while i'm sure there are people out there that hate you, its unfair to speak to the community as a whole as if everybody hates you. your response makes a lot of sense when i read my own post as being hateful, but i assure you i only want the best for this site and its staff. while i won't reply again and i don't even expect you or any other staff member to reply to this, i just want you and other staff members to know that these threads are not being made out of hate, and that your responses may be frustrating to others if you only assume that people are writing these threads out of hatred.

    again, thanks for reading this. it genuinely means a lot.

    since the thread was locked and i still have more to say (and in a civil manner, i might add, rather than spamming memes on burner accounts or otherwise causing trouble), i am making this new thread and i'm sure there are plenty of others making other threads in response. for reference, the post from Revala can be found here, and i am once again making this thread only because my previous was locked. for every question i ask, i will bold it. i anticipate that every question is addressed, as i have noticed that in previous posts things i've said have been glanced over.

    you said the following: "We already let you guys know we were discussing adding a rules thread." this is obviously counter to what the other admins have been saying. Sociopathic Sunshine has said: "No FeralFront doesn't have a code of conduct, or anything similar, and it won't." was this decision to add a rules thread made after that post, or is there a lack of communication between staff members? when did you let us know that a rules thread was in discussion? if there is a thread or a post i missed where that is said, then please link it, and i will drop this subject.

    i want to address something shortly here, that i touched on slightly in my first paragraph. revala, you said this: "There's a reason public threads generate so much drama and uncivil discourse." i am using this public forum instead of dms or emails so that i can hold this staff accountable on actually responding to these concerns. while i understand the risk of creating unfounded drama, i have reason to believe that these questions would not get proper answers were i to do this in any other way.

    "The only other thing I don't think people realize is we don't ban willy nilly. We dont' look at a member and go 'Oh, they broke this rule in RP! Ban them!'

    In fact, I've been on staff for a long while, and I can't remember the last time we banned someone for breaking the rules of RP, barring sexually explicit roleplay. The vast majority of bans are those who create drama, are rude, or similar common sense things that obviously aren't allowed." this is what you said.

    i would like to discuss the friend i mentioned in my previous post, for i can only see their ban as something that was willy-nilly, so to speak. why hasn't this person gotten an email explaining in further detail why they were banned, despite having emailed staff multiple times, and despite email being the preferred way for people to appeal bans? they were permabanned. why were they permabanned without any warning? why is a permaban without warnings even allowed for something that appears to be relatively trivial? this seems willy-nilly to me. since they still haven't gotten a response, i am asking of this in a public forum where others can see that these questions are either being dismissed or answered. this was a major issue i had in my previous post, and yet it was ignored in full. why weren't my concerns addressed?

    as i've discussed this ban with said person (which i believe i mentioned in my previous post), i am aware that they do not feel as though they were one of those who, as you said, "create drama, are rude, or similar common sense things that obviously aren't allowed." their character (and the other permabanned member in question's character) was abrasive, yes. many characters are abrasive. they are worried that their character's ic feelings were the cause of their ban, as it is possible that members who they were playing with misread ic actions for ooc feelings. how can staff make sure that reports that interpret ic opinions as ooc ones are not counted against people? with groups like the ruins and the exiles existing, it would be unfair to force players to write their characters as nice to everybody. (and, once again, if you feel i go too far in discussing bans, just dm me and i will edit things out)

    there is one final thing i would like to respond to, revala. "We can't help if people are afraid of staff, but threads like these create a viscious cycle that upset many people." i agree with this. i don't like that i am making this thread, in all honesty, but i feel that most of my concerns were not addressed in my previous post and i want to make sure i get a response.

    to respond to the first part of that sentence, i have the following to say. people are afraid of interacting with staff because of how opaque their actions are. why are some people banned, and others (known bandodgers, as i mentioned in my previous post) are allowed to roam free on the site? this is admittedly more of a rhetorical question than others i give in this post, and i wouldn't blame you if this in particular is not responded to. a rules thread is a great first step in transparency, and i am glad it is being discussed, but there are other steps that could be taken, such as responding to my friend's emails asking for an explanation regarding their ban.

    to respond to the second part: these threads are themselves borne out of frustration in the community, though i do admit that perhaps these threads are a bit ante'd up. every post i've written in the past few days has been written because i know the site can do better. will staff listen to the community more in the future, and will they do so swifter than they are now?

    this entire saga has shown (at least to me) that staff do listen to the community, albeit extremely reluctantly. i can see that there is a potential for these issues to go away entirely in the future, but i would like to see staff uphold their part in making feralfront the best possible site it can be. the community, this time around, has been extremely civil compared to previous "helldens," which i am reluctant to even call this despite the relatively small amount of spam a few nights ago, and i am relieved to see that i am able to even write these posts without being banned, which is an extremely positive change compared to critique thrown at staff in previous squabbles. i would, however, like to see especially upper staff be more receptive in the future (as mentioned especially in my question above), as i have had great experiences with the mods on this site and im sure most others have as well. the community is behaving better from my point of view, we just need staff to uphold their end of the metaphorical deal.

    i want to explicitly say that i am doing my best to be civil, and i simply want my concerns and many others to be addressed as fully as possible. i apologize if this comes off as harsh, or if these questions were raised in the other threads being posted as i write this. i also apologize if any of this is unclear or appears to be out-of-line, as i mentioned in my previous post. i do not intend on continuing on with this subject unless i feel my questions weren't answered or if i have other questions. i do not want a negative relationship with the staff, i simply want my voice to be heard and responded to. in fact, i hope i never have to write a thread of this length ever again, unless it is for a guide or an ic oneshot. thank you again for reading, and i hope that this format brings us to a swift conclusion.

    so i've been thinking a lot about this thread, even if this issue is not being discussed at this point, and i decided i felt strongly enough about this to put together another post. once again, i will be discussing some things that are perhaps on the line of being bannable offenses, so i would like to preface this with the following: if i go too far in discussing certain matters, i will edit this to remove all mention of it, and i will drop the matter or perhaps send an email. i do not like airing these grievances, but i feel it is valuable to discuss in a public forum. once again, if i go to far, just ask me to edit it out or even remove this post, and i will.

    we need a rule thread. two friends of mine got banned, and i got a warning, all within the span of maybe 48 hours. of those friends and myself, only two of us got reasons why, with one of those reasons being vague and without enough detail to feel understandable with regards to the ban. the friend who got the vague reasoning behind it sent an email asking for clarification four days ago. they have sent multiple emails to you. they have not gotten a response.

    my warning was for powerplaying. i wrote the words "tula [my character] pushed past canoris [an admin's character]." i do not personally think this is powerplaying; perhaps i could have wrote brushed past, or walked past, or something to that effect, but i still do not believe that what i wrote was powerplay. if we had a rule thread, perhaps i would be more fine with this warning, for i would know what counts as powerplay and what doesn't. however, with how that thread continued to go after my warned post, i believe that my warning occurred due to an admin disliking the way i wrote my character, not for powerplay. in later posts, which i have archived in case of this evidence being tampered by said member, they wrote: "...blowing a large gust of wind towards Tula to keep her back as she tried to pass." i personally believe this is powerplay, but due to the manner in which i was warned so soon after they wrote this, i feel uncomfortable reporting the post in case that admin decides to pursue further action against me.

    ic actions give ic consequences, yes, but this warning was an ooc consequence. i believe i am quite good at separating myself from my characters, and i know many others are too. saying that opinions in ic posts are ic should be redundant, and yet i worry that things are being taken personally by a small number of members who are in power. many people are worried that staff members take ic interactions personally, and they are forced to tread lightly. they have to act as kind icly as they are oocly in a group like the sanguine ruins, where almost every character is antagonistic (because, obviously, it is an anticlan). i hate to say this in a public forum but i must stress that i don't think this grievance would be noticed if it wasn't somewhere so public. this is a serious, legitimate issue with the culture on this site: members shouldn't have to make their characters be nice to other characters due to circumstances that are out of character.

    feralfront doesn't need a code of conduct. it needs rules. some places on the site has rules, which makes your decision against having rules completely and utterly hypocritical. this thread has rules. that thread is named "traditional rules!" IF THE SITE HAS SOME STAFF-CREATED RULES IN SOME PLACES, WHY DOESN'T THE SITE HAVE RULES AS A WHOLE?

    i need to stress that this has made things so stressful for me that i am considering leaving the site entirely, and many others are also either considering or already have. with a site that is already dwindling compared to its previous heights, this is an issue that staff needs to address rather than brush off. i am extremely attached to the site, but some issues are glaring. why is the focus of staff always on very few groups? for example, the dark dynasty has been doing terribly for at least a year, and yet no staff has talked to any leader in the group during that time as far as i am aware. this is in sharp contrast to shadow veil, as i am aware that staff has stepped in on issues of activity in the group which are far less severe than the activity issues in dark dynasty. while i am personally working very hard to get dark dynasty back off of its feet, it is frustrating to see that so many groups are ignored in favor of staff focusing (seemingly exclusively) on the ruins and the veil. this makes me and many others want to leave the site.

    dynamo, you mentioned the following: "The 'code of conduct' mentioned before was used by a previous staff team and was inconsistently applied." you also said "It also allowed toxic people to remain on FeralFront because they weren't "technically" breaking the rules." i am aware of two cases of bandodging that have, as far as i'm aware, been reported repeatedly. these two members were not banned for bandodging, seemingly without a fair reason. if a code of conduct was inconsistently applied in the past, and the site's unspoken rules are being inconsistently applied now, then why not at least tell the members of the site what the rules are?

    why did i get a warning while two of my friends got permabans without warnings? is it because they interact more with the staff? the groups i'm in lack many characters (if any at all) that are played by admins, while both of those friends are in groups with/have interacted relatively frequently with characters played by admins. the one i mentioned earlier, who sent multiple emails as far back as four days ago without response, admitted to me that perhaps they did small things icly that would have perhaps (and for lack of a better term) pissed off staff members oocly in small ways. if they were being, as you said "a bit jerkish once or twice", then why were they banned? you said right in that message that the staff team doesn't ban people for that.

    if it is so clear to you that "If 'be nice' isn't clear to someone, and they don't act more kindly towards others after a message from staff, no list in the world is going to help them understand how to be nice," then perhaps these people wouldn't have been banned. it is hard to be aware your conduct is being improper when you don't see until after the fact these minor transgressions and nobody brings it up to you until you are permanently banned. i am starting to question why some admins are even involved in the site or want to keep it, if they seemingly do not care about the wellbeing of their community.

    i am trying so hard to be nice, but i am so strained at this point. it hurts to think that i've spent nearly ten years on this site, throughout the entirety of my formative years, and for it all to fall apart over staff being not unable but unwilling to communicate and listen to their community. i love this site, i really do, but if a rules thread is not instituted and unfair events such as those that took place four days ago take place even more in the future, then i will be forced to leave with everybody else who already has. your community has tried so hard to be fair and understanding, but when this isn't reciprocated, the community will not stay.

    i don't like doing this either, but as i worry that this will not be noticed or replied to, i am going to ping Frostsoul , Revala , and Sociopathic Sunshine . i expect a response, even if it is short, and i expect to be given the chance to read the response even if you decide to take action against me for speaking "out of line," as this post has more than likely ended up being. thanks for reading all 1400 of these words in full.

    thanks for the quick reply !! im glad to here it was being discussed ^-^!!

    while i absolutely agree that agrelos needs a concise & easy to find guide on getting started (and tbh im willing to help with that as an avid agrelos rper, i love writing guides like that lol) && im glad that staff has been discussing that, thats not my primary concern that i wanted addressed!!

    im worried that this counts as discussing bans onsite (which i think is a rule?? idk) but a few of my friends were banned recently and i have no idea how their actions would ever be considered jerk-ish, unless people were misconstruing ic discussion with ooc discussion. they have told me that they have tried asking for their bans to be rescinded to no response, or even that they never got a reason why or warnings in the first place. people have different definitions of "don't be a jerk" or "don't cause drama," and to have what staff means by those things being clear would be really nice. im not asking for a gigantic rules thread, but maybe something that says "1. follow the golden rule - treat others as you'd like to be treated" etc would be useful in this scenario!

    communication is the big issue that im personally seeing, as if staff cant communicate what the rules are or if people are breaking those rules, people won't know what to follow. as i said previously, im pretty sure discussing bans isn't allowed onsite, but i dont know for sure what counts as that and what doesnt because there isnt a place where i can look and see what the rules are!! this is so upsetting to me and makes me so nervous to even address this subject, bc everything feels so uncertain and scary! what if a staff member has a bad day and bans someone for misconstruing what they said? what if you ban me for misconstruing what im saying right now? this kind of uncertainty, in my opinion, shouldnt exist on this site, and im really saddened by the fact that it does currently exist

    this is big and rambly and is probably riddled with things that are unclear, so im gonna end it here, but i wanna thank you again for listening in these past few threads. seeing the communication and discussion between staff and community, even if some things appeared to be looked over, makes me really happy. and a big ol ditto to sinn and hanele since they ninja'd me aaahh!!

    dittoing warlord and vexxy !

    i dont entirely understand why the idea would be denied?? from the way i see it wouldnt it be easier on both staff and members, so that everyone is on the same page and if people break rules, its clear and concise what to do about it? idk im genuinely trying to understand why there isnt one bc of how useful it would be for potentially new, returning, and current members alike

    i understand if its short and i already know the general vague rules, but due to the ways ppl can interpret word of mouth differently from each other, i think the clarity of it would be very useful!!

    hey so im super nervous about asking this but since i think its a valid question that deserves to be asked during a time of uncertainty:

    do we have a thread that details the site rules, and if so, why don't we? there is a lot of confusion in some servers im in regarding the lengths of bans and whether people get warnings or not, and i think its fair to ask that everything be cleared up!

    im not making this to cause trouble, i just want things sorted out so that people don't have to clarify in every post that they are worried they'll get banned for speaking their opinion in a mature manner (like im hopefully doing right now)! if we don't have a rules thread i think it would be good to have one so that people aren't so anxious about all of this, as i know this has been stressful for a lot of people and i just want everything to be better, both for the site and the people on it <3

    mari today and tomorrow (sk focus today, dd focus + meeting tmw), tula reintro tomorrow, teddy posting sunday, and jules is vibing or smth atm

    lets see if i actually follow thru instead of die !

    drops into my own thread 3 weeks later to reply. like a boss

    this is ordered in approx the order of things brought up!!

    im gonna see what acc has the badges on em (aka if the dynasty acc has em or if keda does) and make a new badge request thing/maybe with a full guide attached to it to show who has badges/how one gets them?? idk im gonna have to look over stuff and maybe ill make a badge/take an unused color if there is one for an age-up/proving loyalty ceremony thing!!!

    maybe the ceremony could include the weaponsmithing and then spars, so when u win ur a "true dynastian" or something !!

    OR perhaps it can be a "go into the caverns when u age up, pick a crystal, boom u have a weapon now and ur a "true dynastian"

    i might end up dming rae or dragon abt court stuff to see what they think regarding dd also having a court system? i think the idea fits both groups well but i wanna make sure its differentiated here. esp since im involved in both groups i dont want it to seem like we're stealing ideas or anything ;o;'

    ill also see about dming rayton (unless they see this thread lol) and zelf about a wind haven partnership thing in regards to anticlans! having a fairly consistent member exchange where a chara from one group hangs out in the other (even just for relevant threads) to moniter wards/otherwise anticlan defectors might be real neat !

    since nobodys used familiars yet im wondering if it might be best to remove that tradition just to keep things clear and consistent? unless yall have ideas for it,, im hesitant to give mari a familiar for characterization reasons but if anybody else kinda wants to take charge with that respect and solidify the tradition id love to see it !!

    ok and now my own things to bring up! just 1 this time owo

    i think we r in need for a lighter-hearted clanwide plot dsfkjsdkfj ! i just dont have any ideas for it AND i wanted to bump this thread so more ppl can give out suggestions n such



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