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    Gladion was quiet, but had ceased running away. He still seemed skittish and defensive, holding onto his cut wrist. He was like a spooked ratatta, cornered and ready to flee at any moment. Brows furrowed, he stared up at Hala, not saying anything as he waited to hear what the old man had to say

    Gladion seemed to freeze, his eyes widening in panic. For a moment, he didn’t say anything. “I-I........I’m sorry!” He fretted. In a burst of anxiety fueled energy, he rinsed the knife off in the sink and put back on the rack. Clutching his wrist and keeping it close to himself, Gladion began to scuttle towards the exit; intent on returning to bed and swiftly dying from the shame

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    Ooc: I was thinking of something else. Content Warning for self harm and depression

    Ic: Gladion seemed to cease causing trouble, tho wouldn’t go near Sunny again. He did actually attempt to sneak out at one point, to which Guzma’s Ariados quickly caught him. B handed A the money as the arachnid dragged the boy in via a cocoon.

    Side note: being caught by a giant spider and trapped in a cocoon is one of my biggest nightmares.

    But it was late into the night, when everyone was asleep, where this scene will take place. After a nightmare and a talk with Hau (I am not rewriting that scene), Gladion still had difficulty sleeping. Talking helped a bit, but there was still so much on his mind. So many difficult emotions swirling inside of him.

    The boy actually had the urge to smoke. The whole “I’m trying to quit” thing didn’t matter in this moment. He needed some tobacco or cannabis and now. Except he didn’t have any cigarettes with him to satisfy this urge. Perhaps he could drown these sorrows in alchohol? He didn’t dabble in liquor very much (once or twice back in the day), but he sure wouldn’t mind something right now. He didn’t even care what it was. Beer, wine, spirits, vodka, as long as he could forget this day for even a moment, he wasn’t picky. Gladion tried to see if there was a drop of the stuff in this darn house. He considered raiding Guzma’s room, assuming he had anything here, but then remembered what happened the last time he had attempted to steal from the boss. Yeesh. Gladion instead found a stray bottle in the kitchen, and it looked as if it had barely ever been touched. problem.

    It was stored away on a really high shelf and even climbing the counters didn’t help much. Gladion could barely brush against it with his fingertips. He ultimately decided it wasn’t worth dropping the bottle and waking up the entire house.

    Huffing in defeat, the edgelord climbed back down to the safety of the ground. It was then something else caught his eye. The knife rack...

    Of course! Why didn’t he just think of going back to basics? With little expression on his face, Gladion approached the rack and pulled out his tool of choice. He rolled down his left sleeve, looking at the scars from previous episodes. Many of those thin pink lines were almost completely healed. It’s been awhile since he last done this.

    Gladion actually didn’t get very far into this session before hearing the sound of footsteps. Knife still against his arm, he looked up to find a witness.

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    “Hmm? Heya ya lil tyke. Here to play wit ya boi?” Guzma cooed, reaching down to stroke Sunny on the head. He wouldn’t allow himself to get too cuddly in front of the grunts tho. He is still big bad Guzma after all.

    Gladion started off his timeout just angrily grunting, but soon grew quiet. A and B’s words stung, and Sunny’s rejection felt quite harsh. On top of everything that had happened today, and it felt like things were truly falling apart.

    Gladion always knew that Sunny would dislike him sooner or later, but that only did so much to soften the blow. To him, this was basically a confirmation of what he already knew: he’s a bad person. He didn’t deserve kindness or a happy ending. Sunny was basically a purity radar, and if he judged Gladion to be more evil than a literal gang leader, that was pretty telling.

    The more and more Gladion thought over these things, the more depressed he felt. He didn’t deserve the chance to be a trainer, he didn’t deserve to be Hau’s boyfriend, or to be Sunny’s surrogate father. The timeout concluded in an anticlimactic fashion, and the edgelord caused almost no trouble at all for the rest of the night

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    “S-sunny?” Gladion said, perplexed at the child’s behavior. “Come on, it’s just me” he assured, trying again to reach out to him; only to be rejected again. Guzma could see the edgelord becoming frustrated, and so decided to intervene before the situation could be made any worse.

    “A’ight tough guy, yer scarin’ the baby”

    “H-hey! Lemme go, old man!” Gladion fusses, his former boss picking him up by the back of the shirt. Ignoring the slew of insults, profanities and empty threats, ya boi carried him over to the corner.

    “A’ight, a’ight, cool it out!” Guzma quoted his former admin.


    “COOL IT” he cut off. Defeated by the adults, Bration was exiled to sit in the corner by himself.

    “Oh good” B gossiped, eating a malasada. “Boss finally got that ungrateful little brat to shut up” he loudly gossiped to A

    No need, I got it.

    Ic: “Piss off, old man! I’m fine!” Gladion shouted, smacking Guzma’s arm away. Ya boi was just trying to help, jeez.

    “Aye! Ya better cool it with that attitude of yours!” Guzma scolded, starting to reach his wits end. Gladion’s been cranky like this almost all night! And frankly, it was pissing him off. Oh did he wish Plumeria was here. She was always better at defusing situations than he was.

    “Or what? You gonna make me stand in the corner? Your not my dad!” the kid sassed.

    Turning to Hau, Gladion looked to the baby Pokémon in his arms. He reached out for Sunny

    Ooc: I think 10 minutes in the corner might actually do you some good, Glads. You are being a brat.

    “Burn them in a fire for all I care” Gladion remarked, expressing his distaste for the white clothing.

    Ooc: welcome back! Sounds like quite the day @_@

    I’m debating on whether or not to insert an additional scene before the moment with Hala. I’ve been writing Gladion as a typical preteen boy, who tend to be aggressive and not know how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. Hence, he’s been lashing out. I decided to write his dialogue to have stronger language than usual, and for his pent up anger, fear and sadness to come off as rather explosive. Young boys in our culture are typically discouraged from expressing feelings such as fear and sadness, and this tends to lead to problems down the road.

    I’m debating on whether or not we should have a moment of Sunny reacting negatively to this toxic masculinity. This could be a wake up call to Glads, but I can easily see him interpreting it to mean he’s a bad person. This could also affect how Hala views him.

    It was an undeniable act of abuse, and it took a lot of willpower to not break down crying over it. Ice pack still in hand, Gladion hugged his boyfriend back.

    Still, with every hug and kiss, breaking up with Hau just became a more and more difficult task. Could Gladion even do it at this point? Would he even get the courage to do it before he left? He loved him so much!

    “Alright kiddo, lets get you some clean clothes and some food. And don’t you think about trying to sneak out tonight” Guzma warned

    “...heh, how much you bet he’s gonna try to sneak out?” B asked A, who I imagine is still being carried by Hariyama and has that box of malasadas in hand

    Gladion winced at the touch, but he quietly allowed them to look it over. He blushed a bit at the feel of Hau’s lips pressed against it.

    Guzma meanwhile was still in shock at what he was seeing. He knew that woman was cruel and insane, heck! He experienced a slice of that first hand! But that did not cancel out the horrors of seeing her inflict that pain on her own child. “Gladion, your hair. Did she...?”

    Gladion meekly nodded, eyes staring downward as he bit his trembling lip. It was painful to think of, that moment replaying back in his head. Being sat down in the chair, too shellshocked to do or say anything as she wielded that razor and stripped his scalp down to stubble.

    He felt a bit naked, no longer able to hide behind his bangs. But more importantly, Gladion felt robbed. Robbed of the identity he had finally gotten to carve for himself for once.

    It hurt.

    “She didn’t leave any marks....this time” Gladion said quietly. His jaw still hurt from getting punched by B tho.

    “.....” he gripped his left wrist, debating on whether or not to tell him. “.....she, she twisted my hand still hurts....” he confessed, meekly holding it out. It was indeed still sore, and it looked terrible. A purple bruise forming, Lusamine’s actions appear to have aggravated his arthritic wrist. Ouch.

    Insert pause for dramatic effect. “*sigh*..........fine.” The stubborn edgelord finally caved.

    “Hmph. You loooooooooove him” B teased, wearing himself a shit eating grin.

    “Shut your face.”

    Oh no. It’s the lillipup eyes. As hostile as Gladion was in this moment, Hau only continued to be a weakness. His cheeks tinting in pink, he bit his lip and looked away; determined not to give in.

    “No one asked for your opinion, A!” Gladion snapped at her, a fist clenched while his teeth bared in a snarl. “I can handle myself just fine! Now piss off already!” He cursed, unconcerned with keeping himself in Hala’s good graces

    Gladion weakly hugged his boyfriend back, lightly draping his arms around his boyfriend for the duration of the hug.

    “I’m fine” Gladion coldly insisted to Hala upon the hug’s conclusion. There was a certain hostility with Gladion, coupling itself with the fear and sadness he no doubtably carried. He shot the kahuna a harsh look. “Look, I didn’t come here to be coddled. I just wanted to quickly talk to Hau and leave. I’ve got to get back before she notices that I snuck out” he asserted, stubbornly refusing help.

    “Kid, why in the distortion world would you wanna go back there!?” Guzma asked, looking at Gladion like he was crazy.

    “I have to take her down again.”

    Ooc: oh, Sunny? He’s still around. Don’t think we ever evolved him

    Both boys initially panicked, but calmed in very different ways upon realizing what was happening. “Heh, aww man. Yer deadass is gettin’ chucked over to Unova” B snickered, expecting Hala to be furious to see Gladion again. The edgelord himself meanwhile was quiet and listless. Gripping his sore wrist, he just stared down at the ground and into space.

    As soon as Hariyama returned, Guzma was absolutely appalled at the state he saw his former enforcer to be in. “Tapu Koko, what the dafuq she...?” He couldn’t finish that sentence.

    “Yo Mr. Kahuna: guess who finally decided to show up? Like, 4 hours late?” B taunted, pointing to Gladion with his thumb as he spoke to Hala. “Look, I went and softened him up for ya a touch, so how ‘bout you finish the job eh? Give em the grand finale! ‘Swhat he gets for messing wit Hau like that” he truly believed he had been doing an honorable thing, beating up Hau’s shitty boyfriend.

    Shitty boyfriend him barely seemed to respond to the situation. He kept his head down, still clinging to that wrist. Dirtied very dangled from Hariyama’s grasp, and a new bruise or two was forming thanks to B.