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    the carnage was hard to avoid. metallic tang of blood stained the air, dirtied his palate, as the patrol returned to camp. they returned half as whole as they left, heavy with the weight of death. rootpaw could not mask the darkness of grief in his eyes, but he wouldn't let it break the entirety of his facade.

    he found his father at once, surrounded by other cats who wouldn't even let the leader a moment to grieve. a rush of heat found him, just like the fire that ignited the heart of the clan, and he was quick to snap at the intruders -- "can't you give him a minute? can't you see he doesn't want to talk right now?" spitting embers, lashing tail.

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    as soon as the patrol arrived, smudgepaw was quick on her paws for one familiar face. "stormpelt! a--are you okay?" apprentice rushed to the side of her foster mother, carefully lying next to the warrior, pressing her side to the woman's as the older one wept. the young girl went to grooming stormpelt's fur in an attempt to comfort her though the entire situation only wrought anxiety in her heart. she had been terrified the entire time the patrol was gone, terrified that there would be no survivors, terrified that stormpelt would-

    she had been so relived that she could cry when she saw stormpelt among the living, but smudgepaw's heart ached for the grieving woman. she felt entirely useless, washed away by the weight of stormpelt's tears, and she found herself looking to the equally upset foxpounce to please, please, please make stormpelt better.

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    young beauty in her own right, self-marred by the tragic state of apathy she usually took upon her visage. her face had twisted in something akin to fear as she pushed through the patrol in search of her mate. her wolfleap. left her kits back in the den where they wouldn't have to see the gore of it all though her boys were near apprentice age. this could be their fate soon enough. it pained her to think about... but this is what wolfleap would have wanted for them. strong warriors. unafraid to die. unafraid of anything. her heart ached for the day.

    she returned to them; padded into the nursery with the relief of their father's life fresh on her breath. she greeted them both with a touch to their heads, settling down in the nest that barely fit the three of them now. the mother would look up when her daughter came into the den, spoke tenderly to yellowshade's sons. before she could even formulate a comment for the apprentice, quailpaw had left. yellowshade sighed, flicked her tail in annoyance at her daughter's indecisiveness. "boulderkit, lionkit, come. your father fought very bravely today. don't you want to be like him? big, brave warriors?" she smiled at them, moved to groom boulderkit, smooth the fur he got out of place. "nothing will ever be able to stop you from doing what is right. always protecting the clan. just like him."

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    Scarletfox lmao i just saw that soaringfoot is mentoring smudgepaw... i can only imagine smudge being soo scared of him because he's hot headed, and she'd be absolutely terrified of him yelling at her

    so that's smudge being scared of two of your characters

    and storm mentors rootpaw ? so he's going to get on every single one of her nerves for sure

    Scarletfox ohh goodness,,, smudge is always kind of nervous around storm because she doesn't know which version she'll get. at the same time, she misses her mother and is readily accepting of a maternal figure .. i foresee abandonment issues

    also cobrapaw is so fun ,, what a babe.. you guys are making me want to be a part of this litter.........

    Scarletfox YES ,, i love storm... maybe she didn't like smudge at first because she's not clanborn, but then she develops a soft spot for her when her mother abandons her.. maybe storm could have some conflict about wanting to treat smudge as her own but also remembering that smudge is an outsider.

    Paleflame hmm... i think yellowshade would never be the bigger person and apologize (much less acknowledge) how she treated quailpaw. she's not an emotional person, so quailpaw trying to explain her emotions would be like sentimental nonsense.

    commander. im so down for this! yelllowshade probably wouldn't notice/pay a lot of attention to someone vying for her attention unless elk made it super obvious

    ohhh they'd be so cute together..!! smudge would absolutely never have the nerve to confess, but i could totally see her having the phattest crush on ironpaw

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