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    seal point siamese sh w/ blue eyes x dark gray with low white sh w/ amber eyes !

    - can i get the genetics for a litter between these two? sorry if i'm missing anything,, i've never done this before lmao

    the next few seconds would pass in a blur, adrenaline lighting his insides on fire, dilating his pupils, making his heart beat like a restless little drummer practicing a new beat. he kept his fists tight, body firm even as owen began to pull at him. he wouldn't leave until it was over. couldn't leave. he wanted this man gone. and so he left.

    zach released the breath he didn't know he was holding when adam disappeared into a car. immediately, he turned to the smaller man, urgently but carefully taking him by the shoulders. "fuck. god, are you okay?" eyes intense with worry, he studied owen, examining him for signs of an altercation he wasn't even in. "i-i'm sorry, i didn't want to hit him. he just... i..." words evaded him, and he released his grip on him to rub his own eyes with shaking hands. "i just knew he was going to hurt you, and i... reacted." he sighed and rubbed his arm in defeat. "i'm sorry, i'll take you home now... unless you'd rather take an uber or something."

    there is a tutorial for linked/sub accounts in the library section of the help den!! i can properly link you when i get home from work ♡

    hadn't he just done this? a young boy of snow and stars would settle a citrine gaze on the hickory dusted man before them. where was twistedstar? she wasn't here, that was for sure. not with him. the sobriety of realization darkened his eyes of stained glass. she had gone off somewhere. had she abandoned riverclan? that wasn't like her. that wasn't his old mentor.

    "gladefall," asterpaw greeted curtly. "you're early." he took to his paws and crossed the distance to come face to face with the new leader. a disappointed sigh escaped his maw, and he dropped his gaze in favor of looking at absolutely nothing. "i won't lie and tell you that i'm particularly happy to see you. twistedstar's reign was not meant to be this short." eyes ablaze with anger would come to meet those of hidden fear. a tut. "you aren't ready for this. we all know it. but..." he glanced to the celestial beings around him then back to the boy. the new leader. "none of us would be here if we didn't believe in you. i know you will do the best for riverclan... i mean it.

    "and so, i give you the same life i gave the leader before you. the life i will give the leader after you. i gift you with the life of candor. unconditional honesty." he could remember the words he told the tabby warrior, and a pang of sorrow softened him. he missed her. "to your clan. to your advisers. to yourself."

    his voice was unfamiliar, closed; there were little no emotions to be shared between them. that was how he preferred. how he lived. "when your clan looks to you, you owe them the truth, free from reservation. when you lead, you must know yourself. your limits. your morals. you cannot lie. you cannot hide. falsify and your clan will turn against you, fear you, distrust you. i give you the life of candor. they deserve the truth. always." he dipped his head once to the man in parting. the embers that heated his gaze slowly fizzled out just as they had the night he died. seemed like so long ago now. "don't let our family down." he would take his place among the dead once more, the stars that formed his being desperate to rejoin starpelt. soon, soon.