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    ooc: This is a one-shot! Tying up an older plot loose end.


    Dimity had come alone to this place. She knew its lush green forests well, and the only thing was that she did not feel welcome as she once had. It was worse knowing that once upon a time, he had moved here and shaped this world partly for her.

    A blue and white hybrid creature sailed through the air to meet her as she descended. Dimity slowed to a hover.

    "He's not here right now," was all that Anggun said. She might not be a full Arceus, and had been forever denied the full powers of the pokegod side of her family, and was planetbound; but it didn't mean she could not sense what was coming from above and beyond. She had picked up on the estranged white mare's arrival from a distance on her home world. And the churning anticipation sort of emotions coming from her already told her all she needed to know about why she had returned.

    She would not give Dimity the quick, easy answer that she already knew. Let the confused femme suck it up and do something on her own for once.

    Anggun was not the only one picking up on the other's emotions. Dimity sensed sharply the young hybrid's disapproval, and of more disappointment waiting beyond it. If you have something to say to me, just say it, she wanted to say, but she held it back, shielding it in full from the mind of Alcatraz's daughter. "Thank you," she said instead. "Do you know where he might be?"

    "Probably in the Riversong forest," Anggun answered with a place in her mind that Dimity recognised. Her Suicune-like ear twitched. It was a good thing Dimity had caught her now...she herself had been about to head out somewhere... and now that she had thought of Riversong's jungle, something about that place lured her. But it wouldn't be the same place in it that Dimity was going, or where her father was. "Good luck."

    "Thank you." Dimity opened up a portal, and slipped through easily.

    He was waiting on the other side.

    * * *

    ooc: Awesome. I hope this continues with the 3 of us for maybe years! ^_^

    ic: Dimity frowned, her sourness at having her innermost thoughts read so easily--and her being entirely unaware it was being done--was only more testament to her lack of ability. Was she this transparent to everyone? If so, why was she still alive? Probably because she hadn't ever had an inclination to hurt anyone. She couldn't really bear to do it--not unless her child was threatened, of course. And Lully was just about an independent young mare now, having done much more than Dimity had, herself. Lully went for things, she spoke her mind, she was brave. Dimity was proud of her, at the same time she knew Lully hadn't got those traits from her mother.

    "Xap is my ex. Lully's father. Wild card...yes. That's a very good way of describing him. But I know where he is, most likely. I can open a portal for you to there--just be warned. Odds are good he's throwing an orgiastic rave there at this time, or soon will be...or maybe just did. I suppose at your age you've seen everything...still. Tell him what is going on with Justice...and perhaps he'll want to help. If he knows his family's safety could depend on him."

    "Xap..." Eonia frowned. Ralishaz had come to look for his son, and she could not help in that affair.

    "I am Shadow. Ralishaz's...mate." Shadow said, deciding on the word after much quick thinking. The mutated arceus smiled, though it wasn't full of warmth or coldness. It was neutral.

    "Xap? Yes, he lives here," said Lully. She started to grin. "He's my dad."

    "And my mate," said another arceus, this one a white mare. She stepped out behind her daughter. "You are...?"

    "Ralishaz, son of Morgoth and Yanoë. Xap is my son, and I'm here to meet him...if he wants to."

    Dimity frowned, well as much as an arceus could frown. But her frown was made with other forms of body language--her ears back and her head a little bowed. Her tail giving an agitated swish. "Xap...well, if he wants to meet you he can and I won't turn you away. But Xap, well, he's--"

    "He's not happy with me," said Ralishaz. "I know. And I don't blame him."

    ooc: Gonna wait for Zoroark on the Dream drama =)

    ic: "You're not a disgrace," Dimity did feel an impulse to flinch at the sight of her, but did not. "This is not your fault. We never know what will happen when we cross the line between life and death. This is not your decision, thus it is not your disgrace." she was thinking though that perhaps it was time for Freedom to let go, and become one with the next realm. She was clearly not enjoying her new life here.

    "Mother says that anyone who touches on them will die," said Rare Dream. "We are few now, for his escape. We need to gather the forces again, that will take him out and enclose him within the Nexus again. Perhaps to kill him, but only if we can." Did her brother not know the danger? Those two were not like a normal enemy. They were toxic. "The Lunatic. It can kill from far away."


    "Pardon me," said Xap, frowning at Bluemagic, "for having just a little issue with you after you were happy to imprison us away from our daughter."

    "Nobody's perfect," said Chaos.

    "Can everybody just please stop the bickering? Hmm?" Dimity shook her head. "For the record, we live here. This is my family's home. But I don't want to kick anyone out. We were on different sides before, mostly because Silvestra is a master manipulator. Are we ready to put all that she did to us behind?"

    "Sure," said Chaos, eating another fruit.

    "I should feel lucky that we're being held prisoner for no other reason than Silvestra has personal issues with my dead mother-in-law, and that I'm being kept from my only child as a result? YOU have clearly never been a mother. Or a prisoner." Dimity's body let off shells of light as power shed from her due to her overflowing rage.

    "Justice has nothing to do with this," said Silvestra. "My sister, who is hardly a threat, being deceased, has a place of her own in all of this--in the distant past--and you two have nothing to do with that. You're a security risk, plain and simple."

    "A security risk for doing what, exactly?" said Xap. "For trying to get away to a distant planet to raise our daughter out of the way of all this mess? We were doing NOTHING. And somehow we're a risk, against an army of millions."

    "So you know what's right. Okay, so justify ripping parents away from their baby and leaving her to pretty much fend for herself, an orphan," said Xap with an eye-glowing glower. "You know all I ever did to cast any suspicion on me or my family was think Lucas was a total D-bag, because he was." He looked over at Silvestra. "Yeah, so you owe me one, or my daughter, I guess. She's the one got Luke out of the way so you could park your ass on the throne."

    "Speaking of her, do you have any place criticising me for coming between you and your daughter when you yourself threw your other infant daughter out without a second thought, just to save your hide? From an army. I can see that worked out well didn't it."

    "She was a danger to Lully!" cried Dimity. "Don't you blame him for that. Blame me! I told him I couldn't allow her in the house with our new foal."

    "Parenting at its best. She's flying around with a rogue gang now, making loads of problems for me. No worries. I'll eventually kill her or recruit her. Probably all I have to do is inform her I have you guys prisoner--she's got no desire to aid you in any way. You already chose your favourite." Silvestra chuckled. She looked over at Magic. "See what hypocrites just about everyone is when put to a little truth serum?"

    "Hi, Icyspiral." Anggun smiled and stepped over to meet her. She cast more wary looks up at the arceus present, knowing how her father's choice of mate had been frowned on, and to some of them, that was all she would ever mean. It had been questioned early on in her life whether she was a true arceus or a hybrid; but over time her powers had failed to manifest as they would have had she been a true alpha. And she was doubly screwed over: She could not purify water either. Who knew what her life span would be--would it be fleeting like her mother's, or eternal--provided all went well--like her father? "You can all stay here."

    "Thank you," said Dimity. "Do you know when he'll be back--Alcatraz?"

    "Soon, should be soon," said Anggun. "He went off somewhere to look into some kind of arceus emergency business. I guess that's related to why you're all here?"

    Sundance gave a nod. "Yes."

    Dimity had been the first to enter the portal, and she was the first to arrive out the other side, transporting Lully alongside her. She flashed into the sky and descended, the wind flapping her mane. There down below was the humble-looking home that she knew must belong to Alcatraz.

    Xap arrived beside her and had a look down there, spiralling to the ground. He stopped before the entrance, a 'safe' distance away.

    "Let me handle this," said Dimity as she landed and set Lully down beside her. She knew that were it not for Lully, Alcatraz would likely have turned them out. He might still turn most of them out, allowing only Lully or maybe Dimity and Lully to stay.

    Then again, it had been him who had given up on Dimity first. He knew that, and he would always know it. It was why he was alone now.

    Lully finished suckling, and bounded back over to play with Eonia. She reached out and tagged the baby latias gently on the side and then dashed away, giggling.

    "All right," Dimity knew she had to make a decision. "We're going now."

    Just then, the portal opened and Xap reappeared.

    "Uh...did I miss anything?"

    *Yeah,* said Lully as she had lunch.

    "Why do people use the nexus to get power then if they have no idea whether it'll even help them?" said Dimity. She was thinking of places they could go for safety. Many places were known to her. But what was safe?

    "They do it because there's a chance that the power could agree well with them, not do any harm and could make them very, very strong," said Sundance. "But they do it at their own risk."

    "I know a place we could go," said Dimity. "Just that Xap needs to know where we're going." And Xap was not going to like it.