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    account to tag: VERA L.

    chara name: vera lannister

    species: cave lion (american)

    art style: [painted, regular, cartoon, etc] painted!

    completeness: [lineart, headshot, full body, full scene] full body

    appearance:"vera is a young cave lion. slender and long-legged, she is very tall and cuts an imposing figure. long-furred, her pelt is ivory and touched with white on the lower half of her face, her chest and underbelly, and the backsides of her legs. her eyes are the traditional lannister green with flecks of gold."

    accessories/clothes?: n/a

    pose: face facing directly, standing, one front paw lifted

    expression: slight smile

    background: transparent if possible

    extra?: reference

    i got u

    *couch potato intensifies*

    - parks & rec (produced by the same people who did the office; super funny & wholesome)

    - friends (a classic comedy tv show; a lot of seasons but it's worth it)

    - master of none (very funny, especially relatable to minorities' experience in america)

    - playful kiss (kdrama romcom; very funny & cute, i thought it was dumb at first but then got super into it)

    - black (kdrama mystery/drama/comedy; very funny but it has a very engrossing plot)

    yeah i was really stressed out

    somehow he overdosed on blueberry-flavoured dog treats (how even) and he felt really cold and dry to the touch

    it was messed up

    rip that's really scary

    that would be so awful omg

    i just got back from lunch with some friends, we also went for frozen yogurt and then walked around the park

    come to blizzardclan because I'm there

    it's slowed down a lil' in activity but that's because people have shit going on but its generally very welcoming and with a wide array of different interesting characters !!

    plus im there and im love you


    blizzardclan is a neutral group, but it's definitely more on the militant end of the spectrum so far as neutral groups are considered

    he'd be a pretty valuable addition in all of the interclan conflicts blizzardclan's involved in

    lol i'm shook that was your friend's first time

    like, i love sushi, i can't imagine going without


    did you eat anything unusual that your body might be reacting to?

    good luck with matt hahaha

    (i don't have netflix anymore)

    jesus sky

    hello, welcome!