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    I was going to have one of my characters having been taken by two legs but they didn't like her pelt so they painted one on, such as instead of a pure white pelt, adding black to it via paint. The paint would likely be toxic and wash off in rain after a few times. Is this okay?

    NAME: Myrrhine Cipher Disharmony

    LITTER: Cyrus xx NPC

    APPEARANCE: A cream cat, with patches of brown and brown tabby markings. She has deep, stormy grey eyes. Ref

    PERSONALITY: Uhh it's rough, but given her name, quite bitter and envious? Tries her best. Is a teddy bear.

    PLOTS?: Her mother likely disliked Cyrus, probably for the simple fact that they had a kid. Given that his name is Persian, her mother named her a Greek name, Myrrhine (after myrrh, the plant), so she may not be trusting all too much of him?

    I was gonna do a trad Trio, like the Erin Hunters. For example, their trips always have one female and two males, with ginger / silver or grey / black being the main characters.

    I really want to take the female / black cat of the group but yeah!

    Litter: Twinflames x Dragonbreath

    Name: Sunsetpaw Skyfall (?, making her own family). Reaver, Xerses, Break, Alastair, Varco, Jones, Cipher, Harbinger

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Sunsetpaw is an orange cat that fades into gold, in a soft way. The colors are not too vibrant that it blinds you, but she is quite noticeable. Her markings are servaline, like her father’s, but in order to keep with her aesthetic, they area darker maroon color to combat the whole brightness of her design. Her wings have the gradient, but only the markings on the base of them. Her eyes are blue, with a pink ring around them.

    Personality: Selfish, rash, reckless, protective

    Character name: Twilightbreak
    Position desired: Guardian
    Second choice: Abbot

    Age: 7 months
    Gender: Female
    Description: A "half and half" Lupurca, blue and white, with light blue and purple markings.

    Personality + experience: Twilightbreak may seem a bit haughty and overconfident, but she truly is kind and tries her best. She was royalty from Iustian mages, and she's known to be a leader. She was going to have more training to be a leader before most of her family was killed. While she doesn't have too much experience, I would like to think shes suited for a job such as this one.

    Other: I used to lead ColouredClan and I had a healer in multiple Clans!