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    He liked her name. Huh. She had always thought her name was pretty plain. Tawnypaw didn't dislike her name per se, but compared to her siblings and even her parents, 'Tawnypaw' felt pretty bland. She couldn't help from feeling her face flush a little warm. She really hadn't been complimented on anything that wasn't her loyalty before, and even that could be argued as 'not a compliment'. It jsut felt weird is all.

    She didn't mention anything regarding names, personally not feeling comfortable continuing their chain of compliments. If it had a been a clanmate? Maybe. But not this stranger from the Tribe. Instead, she focused on his question. Shaking her head, the girl mewed, "I'm not supposed to, but I trained for a warrior for the past four moons, so I can and will defend myself if needed." Though phrased that a threat, her proud posture made it seem more like a brag. Either way, she wanted to enforce the idea that she was far from defenseless. "Medicine cats are taught basic fighting and hunting moves, though. It's just not encouraged that they engage in combat or regular warrior duties." She let out a snort. "I find that to be frustrating, but I would never go against StarClan's rules." Too often, anyway. Whose to say she wouldn't join a hunting patrol here or a border patrol there? She had the skills; why not use them?

    She listened quietly as he talked regarding the Telling. Ah, so he had some baggage--'issues' as he put it. She flicked her tail. "Well, I can't stop you from talking about your 'issues'." She lifted her chin, exhaling harshly. "Just don't be surprised if I use it against you or the Tribe. We are still rival groups, after all." Though it might be viewed as her trying to lighten the mood a little, but there was a hint of undisguised seriousness in her tone. ShadowClan always came first.

    Moving on, her tone lightened up a little. "Yes, we all get together to share news about what's happening in the clans and the territories." She flicked her tail, letting out a soft purr. "My favorite part is hearing about new kits." Tawnypaw clearly had a soft spot for the youth of the clans, ShadowClan or not. Spending time with them was one of her favorite pastimes, though her new duties often kept her away from doing so.

    The feather tradition piqued her interest just a little. Interesting. She tilted her head, her golden eyes shining with subdued interest. "Where do you keep the feathers. Like, just in your nest?" It felt like a dumb question, but what if a cat gathered a lot of feathers? Where would they keep them all? "How do you tell whose is whose?" And about the prey. "Share? Do you have to share smaller prey, like mice? They're barely a meal for a grown cat."

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    Rat that Bites in Fear. Tawnypaw had talked with him before, unbeknownst to her clan. A few weeks ago, give or take, the two had just simply asked questions about each other's group. While she supposed that was innocent enough, Tawnypaw still didn't feel comfortable admitting that she had talked so casually with the Tribe cat. She wasn't scared he was going to do anything with that information--she hadn't told him much past basic, common knowledge--but it still felt wrong to the she-cat who was so devoted to her way of life.

    Of course, these reservations didn't stop her from approaching Rat at the border, deterring her from her herb-gathering goal. Glancing over him, Tawnypaw flicked an ear, greeting him with a wave of her tail and a quick, "Hello, Tribe cat." Though recognition flashed in her golden eyes, she really didn't want to have to deal with clanmates potentially asking about how she knew this cat. The Tribe didn't go to the gathering after all, and she hadn't really met any other tribe cats. Just see how this goes.

    Quietly, she processed his request. He wanted to see Tansystar. Okay. That wasn't too bold of a request, other than...

    He was just a prey-hunter, right? What did he want with the leader of ShadowClan?

    Tawnypaw had a feeling, though, that she probably shouldn't turn him away. She couldn't smell any other Tribe cats nearby anyway; it seemed to be just Rat, who she was fairly certain she could beat in a fight if she came to it, especially now that her wound from the wolf fight was nothing more than a fresh scar. "I can take you to Tansystar." Warning flashed in her eyes, and she tacked on, "Just don't do or say anything stupid, or I'll have your pelt personally." She emphasized the 'say' aspect of her words. She was fully aware that she was going to be taking this cat into a camp full of cats that knew her; she'd really prefer not to have their familiarity be addressed, however vague it may be.

    Beckoning to the black tom with her thick-furred tail, Tawnypaw led him back towards camp, her ears pricked as she listened for any sign of her clanmates, anyone who might be able to go ahead and fetch Tansystar--or maybe the leader herself.

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    Even if Icefeather had told her to not get involved, Tawnypaw probably would have gone anyway. After Firedawn and her birth, she wasn't sure if she could just sit back and watch Morningfire's. What if hers went the same way, and Tawnypaw could have done something to help? No, Tawnypaw wanted to be there, even if she was... skeptical about the father of the kits.

    Thus, when a queen bursts in calling for help, Tawnypaw was up almost as fast as Icefeather. Though she didn't know what to grab in terms of herbs, she still trailed closely behind her mentor as they headed straight to the nursery. Though she wanted to help (that was her intent, after all), Tawnypaw didn't really know how, thus leaving the she-cat to stand and look on as the queen gave birth. Though the queen and new mother seemed okay, one of the kits was clearly not. The last child, unmoving, lay feebly at the paws of Morningfire before being scooped up by Icefeather and removed from the den. The medicine cat apprentice shivered as Morningfire wailed for the lost kit, and Tawnypaw couldn't say she didn't wish to do the same. A lost kit was a loss for every cat; they wouldn't get a chance to play, to sneak out of camp, to experience life. Tawnypaw looked mournfully after the child as Icefeather took them away. I wish there was something I could have done. I'm sorry, little one...

    But there was something the girl wanted to do for the child. Tawnypaw hesitated for a moment before calling out, "Icefeather, wait!" But the white tabby had already left. Her whiskers twitched nervously before turning back to Morningfire. "I... I think you should name them." She mewed tentatively, giving the queen a small smile. A little harder, Tawnypaw mewed, "All of them." Even if Morningfire didn't end up naming the deceased child, Tawnypaw had intentions of going to the grave later and giving them a name. That kit at least deserved that. thought Tawnypaw solemnly.

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    Tawnypaw had been scared for Firedawn.

    She had never seen a cat in a coma before, much less one that she was tasked with assisting in the care of, even less so one she had a relationship with. She trusted Icefeather to help the new mother, to keep her alive, but part of her was still scared that Firedawn would never wake up. Since the day where Firedawn fell unconscious, Tawnypaw had spent most of her time in the medicine den looking after her, using the excuse she was trying to memorize herbs, or sort the plants, anything that would make her seem like the normal, productive cat she was.

    Tawnypaw only began to relax when she heard a welcomingly familiar voice. From her place in front of the herb stores, Tawnypaw's head whipped around, feeling a lump appear in her throat as she noticed that the voice was indeed her old mentor. "Firedawn!" croaked the girl, dropping the plant that was in her mouth to rush over to her warm-pelted mentor. She barely noticed Icefeather as she approached the ginger she-cat, her mind focused solely on the queen. Carefully, Tawnypaw bumped her head against Firedawn's shoulder. "You're okay!" She held her head against Firedawn's shoulder for a few moments before drawing back. Her golden eyes looked glassy from relieved tears she was fighting to hold back. "Your kits are okay. They're in the nursery." She let out a sigh, trying to catch the breath she didn't even realize she was holding. "Firedawn, you... you were in a coma." She blinked uncertainly at her mentor, unable to keep the concern out of her eyes. "You were asleep for three days. Do... do you feel okay? Does anything ache? Anything at all? "

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    Tawnypaw stayed quiet through the conversations between the other medicine cats. She had with high posture, her tail resting protectively over the back of her younger peer. She didn't think any of these cats would try anything, no--they were all medicine cats after all--but rather it was out of instinct. She hadn't ever been around the other clans in a solely peaceful setting, safe for gatherings, though those could get out of hand sometimes, too.

    She mewed a quick thanks to Molly and Sparkflower as they welcomed Spindlepaw and herself as the new medicine cats. Well, at least these cats were friendly. Of course, she didn't show anything, but Tawnypaw was relaxing a little around the other medicine cats. They all seemed like alright people. Though she didn't express much, she did blink sympathetically at Birdbones as she described what she assumed to be her apprentice's disappearance. Unfortunate, but Tawnypaw couldn't relate enough to offer any sort of consolidation.

    At the mention of actually starting whatever rituals the medicine cats did, Tawnypaw gave a small nod. She beckoned with her tail to Spindlepaw, murmuring a quick, "Come on, then." Quietly, Tawnypaw followed the older cats, making sure to keep close to Spindlepaw, who seemed to be a little intimidated by the other cats, or maybe just being by the Moonpool. I know she'll do fine.

    Tawnypaw was struck with awe as she approached the Moonpool. The water, clear as the night sky itself, reflected the stars above, the half-moon seeming to illuminate the clearing. "" she muttered simply. She had never expected to be here, so that alone was enchanting. The sight in front of her was just the cherry on top.

    Her eyes drifted to Icefeather. Padding up to her mentor, Tawnypaw tilted her head, feeling the need to ask. "What do we do?" She looked over at the dazzling pool, blinking. "What should we expect?"

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    //can definitely relate oof !! right now i only have two characters but when i skip a day, all hell breaks loose :pensive:

    Tawnypaw beamed just a little as Rat complimented her. While she wouldn't use such a strong descriptor as 'strong-willed', she knew she was pretty stubborn; she'd like to think she'd do anything for her clan as well, or at least that's what she tried to do. "I... thank you." She dipped her head politely to the tom, not quite knowing what to say. "You seem like quite the respectable cat as well." She didn't feel comfortable giving any compliments past that. She didn't want to be proven wrong.

    Then Tawnypaw got thinking. Had she not introduced herself? She thought back on it. She could have sworn she did, but the more she thought, the more she supposed she hadn't. She blinked at Rat in a serious sort of apology. "I'm Tawnypaw. I get my name from the, well, tawny owl." She gave a small laugh at her words, an attempt at keeping the tension a little lighter than when they had began. "I'm a medicine cat apprentice."

    Tawnypaw stayed quiet as Rat explained why he hadn't gone to any Tellings. An invisible brow rose. He was... scared? From how he described it, it didn't seem like something to be scared about. "Why wouldn't they like you?" She tilted her head. "And didn't you say the Tribe of Endless Hunting helps pick what path cats go on when they're born? Wouldn't they have already put you on the path you're meant to, then, as a prey-hunter?" She let out a snort. "Besides, you're much too lanky to be good in a fight." That wasn't necessarily true--she knew plenty of long-limbed cats who could probably at least equal her in a fight--but she was still trying to avoid being directly nice. Can't be too friendly. That never did any cat any good.

    On a similar note, Tawnypaw puffed her chest out as Rat complimented the clans. "You bet you can!" She let out a huff. "If you don't have clear rules, all your going to have is disloyal cats. Who would stop them?" She thought back to the argument that broke out regarding Sunny's dismissal of the code. And it'll keep cats llike him from ruining everything.

    Tawnypaw honestly didn't know how to answer his questions about traditions. "Uh... not really, unless you consider Gatherings and the half-moon meetings for medicine cats." Those really weren't ShadowClan-specific traditions, but it was the best she could think of. Maybe she could talk to Tansystar about trying to set some? "Nothing like the Telling, though." She gave it another second of thought. "Does the Tribe have any other traditions? Apart from the Telling, of course."

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    Tawnypaw just gave a smile as Twilightpaw responded to her concerns. She supposed the young girl wasn't wrong. Icefeather was supposed to help her learn, wasn't she? She probably wouldn't mind Tawnypaw asking questions; it would at least show that she was trying. Still, Tawnypaw couldn't put her uncertainties to rest. She would try for just a little while longer on her own. I'll figure it out eventually. I'll get there.

    Tawnypaw was relieved when the young she-cat moved on to answering her name question. Anything to get her mind off of her lack of skill when it came to her own job. Tawnypaw couldn't help but butt in with her own suggestions as well. "Hm, none of those around right. What about... Twilightflower? Or Twilightsky?" She paused again as Twiliightpaw moved to her brother, and she couldn't help but laugh. "No! That sounds awful! How about... Bushpelt? That described him pretty well!" For Ratpaw, she had to think. "No, I'd call him... Ratgaze! Or Ratwatcher!" She really didn't know Ratpaw that well, other than he was very shy, so that was all she had to play off of.

    But for Turtlepaw, she wasn't sure if she could think of another name. "Turtleshine fits her really actually!" Her golden eyes drifted over to the sleeping she-cat. Yes, Turtleshine was a wonderful name for her.

    A low purr rumbling in her throat, Tawnypaw turned her attention back to the herbs. This was nice, just hanging out with Twilightpaw. She missed playing with the young she-cat in the nursery; though she supposed this was as close as she was going to get now. "Hm... Have you met any cats outside ShadowClan?" Unlike with many of the less familiar cats to her, Tawnypaw's voice was genuine and curious as she addressed Twilightpaw when asking this question. "Oh! Are you excited for your first gathering? They can be really interesting."

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    Tawnypaw shook her head as Icefeather asked if they had questions. She was pretty certain she understood everything; she had even stopped asking for more warrior training after learning that medicine cats weren't really supposed to train as a warrior. Doesn't mean I don't want to, though.

    Icefeather moved on to the herbs, and Tawnypaw tried her best to get herself to focus. She was nervous, scared she was going to embarrass herself. Just do you best. she told herself, her face going from uncertain to attentive in a matter of heartbeats. Tawnypaw scanned the herbs carefully. Icefeather wanted to know what they were. Her tail tapped on the ground in thought, and, after a moment, she reached a paw forward. "We'll that's marigold." That she was sure of, her paw resting near the warm-hued plant. "And the seeds are poppy seeds, right?" Those were pretty common; any clan cat would know what poppy seeds were. It helped that they were fairly distinct, too, what with their tiny, round form. The rest of the herbs, though, Tawnypaw looked at uncertainly. Pointing at the horsetail, Tawnypaw quietly mewed, "I think that might be... chervil? Or fennel?" She sounded as sure of herself as she felt (which, mind you, was pretty much not at all). "Everything else, I... don't know. Sorry."

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    Tawnypaw thought everything was going well. She watched quietly beside Icefeather as her old mentor gave birth, a purr erupting from her throat at each little life that entered the world. Each seemed well, squirming and mewling as much as their little lungs would allow. "Firedawn, they're gorgeous." she murmured, smiling down at the ginger she-cat. She waited for her to clean them, to care for them.

    But it never came.

    Alarm coursed through Tawnypaw's body as Firedawn's eyes closed, a dark, alarming crimson staining the nursery floor. Blood... Panic took away Tawnypaw's breath. What was happening? Why was she bleeding? "Firedawn?" mewed the girl, her eyes wide with fear as she gazed at her horrifyingly still mentor. Her paws felt frozen, her body tensing up. What should she do? Should she try and help? She wasn't sure how, but maybe there was something she could do. You've got to do something, Tawnypaw... help her!

    Icefeather's sobering voice was what snapped Tawnypaw out of her rapid thoughts. Take care of the kits. Right! "I can do that." She nodded vigorously and swiftly leaned forward, snatching up two of the kits in her mouth--the mottled she-kit and the mackerel torbie she-kit. Beckoning to Argo with her tail to follow with the other two, Tawnypaw headed for one of the empty nests (whether it was just unused or the queen who had been using it was out of the den, Tawnypaw wasn't sure). Carefully, she set the two she-kits down. Tawnypaw wanted to lay down next to them, keep them warm, but she held back. That was for Argo to do, if he wanted.

    Instead, Tawnypaw simply began to lick the kittens, doing her best to clean the blood and other fluids from their fur. Quietly, she whispered, "It's okay. You'll be able to be by your mom soon. I promise."

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    It was no longer Tawnypaw's job to hunt for the clan--not in the traditional sense, anyway. She supposed that she did hunt for herbs, hunt for illnesses, hunt down the right cure for whatever ailment has struck her clanmates. Unfortunately, though, she was finding her new job particularly difficult. She tried her best not to complain about it, but the part she missed from her warrior training most was hunting.

    Tawnypaw, as usually, had woken up decently early. She was quietly grooming herself by the pond in camp when Owleye called out requesting a patrol to go with him. That made Tawnypaw look up. Hunting? She knew she wasn't supposed to hunt--or at least Icefeather didn't give Tawnypaw enough time to--but she considered something. Maybe she could come back with a mouse or two, but would Icefeather be as mad with her if she brought back some kind of herbs? She hesitated for a moment as she saw Brindlemist approach, but her desire to get out and hunt won over her distaste for the she-cat.

    "I'll go!" called the she-cat finally, trotting over to join the older cat. "It's been a little bit, but I don't want to get out of practice."

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    Tawnypaw hadn't known Firedawn was pregnant for that long; only for as long as it's been obvious. She blamed herself mostly for this, considering she had been so caught up with training and her new medicine cat duties to spend time with her mentor. But what Tawnypaw didn't want to miss was the birth of her former mentor's kits. Maybe she would even let her help name one or two? Either way, she wanted to be there. If anything, it could be a learning experience, something to help her later in her medicine cat years.

    Tawnypaw was up and moving faster than one could say 'mouse', offering to help Icefeather carry herbs and grabbing anything the pale-furred she-cat told her to. Though she was nervous, and uncertain if she would even be able to help, Tawnypaw was determined to do the best she could.

    The large she-cat padded into the nursery after her new mentor, taking in the warm scent of milk and kittens. She loved being here, but she had to remind herself she wasn't here to take care of kits. I'm here to help Icefeather, and Firedawn. She glanced at Gingerstep, unable to hide the slighest roll of her eyes. She wanted to tell her to leave, shoo her out of the already cramped den--didn't she have a patrol or something to catch?--but she knew the warrior wouldn't listen to her. She's 'just an apprentice'. Letting out a small sigh, the girl crouched down beside her mentor, setting down the bit of supplies she brought in the same area as Icefeather had hers. "How can I help?" mewed the girl, blinking uncertainly at her mentor.

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    Tawnypaw was out gathering herbs near camp (with the wolves still around, it wasn't safe to go too far, especially since her injury could still be regarded as 'fresh'), when the thumping of paws put her on edge. Her head whipping up from what she thought was maybe coltsfoot (or broom; she couldn't tell), the fur along the muscular she-cat's spine rose up. Her first thought was wolves. She knew they were still in the area, still very aggressive, and still very deadly. Did they finally find the ShadowClan camp? Were they coming for them? I should go back... they'll need me... what if--

    Her thoughts were cut off as a ginger and white shape whizzed past nearby, spraying needles and leaves in her direction (thankfully, not on her; that would be a nightmare to clean off). Her breath, which she didn't even know she was holding, was released as she recognized Flamingmist. Thank StarClan. Though she was relieved, she couldn't help the rising annoyance in her. Giving her pelt a shake, as if to tell it to flatten out, Tawnypaw let out a shout. "Flamingmist!" Her voice was loud and commanding, though she wasn't even sure if the warrior could hear her anymore. Flicking her tail, she decided to believe that she could. "It's not safe out here alone, you know!" she added on, letting out a hardy sigh as she turned back to her plants, keeping a golden eye on where the she-cat had gone.

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    It had been a while since Tawnypaw went on a real hunt. Her medicine cat duties now took up most of her time, keeping Tawnypaw from doing what had been her old jobs. She hadn't thought that her medicine cat work would take up so much time when she has originally asked to be trained as both a warrior and a medicine cat apprentice, and part of her was glad she had been shot down. But she still missed the physical work of a warrior.

    Thus, when she heard Needlestorm was looking for members for his patrol, Tawnypaw's attention was stolen. She paused at the entrance to the apprentices' den, where she had been checking in on her siblings (with the colder weather, her sister was struggling to breath, and her brother was just tired). She knew she should be getting back to the medicine den, seeing if Icefeather needed her, but... "I think I have time for a quick hunt." She spoke after a few moments' hesitation, padding up to the silvery tom. She tilted her head. "Where were you thinking of hunting, anyway?" A purr left her mouth. "The Twin Pines is always a good spot, if you didn't have anywhere in mind."

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    Tawnypaw didn't like that Onekit was here too. Carefully, Tawnypaw outstretched a forepaw, attempting to pull the young tom closer to her. If the wolves came back, there was no way she was going to win, but at the very least, if the kept the kits close, she could put herself in the way of the wolves. StarClan, that smell. There was nothing like it. At least the wolves might not know that we're here...

    At the suggestion that they rebury the bodies, Tawnypaw couldn't say she disagreed. Their clanmates had been violated, even after their death, and deserved to be put back in their respective graves, left to rest once more. But... It's not safe. As much as Tawnypaw yearned to agree with Beetlekit, Tawnypaw knew that, until more warriors arrived, they would be safer in camp. The kits would be safer in camp. Eventually, her voice still tense and quiet, Tawnypaw mewed, "We can later. We... we need to get Tansystar, or Rainface... somebody." In an attempt to convince the two to start heading back, Tawnypaw used the same muddy forepaw she had used to try and nudge Onekit toward her to try and push them back the way they came. "It's not safe."

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    Tawnypaw gave a smile to the she-cat as she answered her question. "There are ways to fight without muscles. I just got lucky." She flicked her tail, continued to sort the plants in front of her. She pushed the piles a little closer to Twilightpaw, hoping that would make them easier to reach for the smaller she-cat. As she did so, she listened to the black and white girl explain their uses in silence, blinking as she tried to take the information in. Jasmine and honeysuckle for decoration... or was it daisies? I know poppies for the seeds... what about jasmine again? None of this was said out loud. She felt bad asking the younger cat for help on what should be her job. I'll get it eventually.

    Tawnypaw continued to separate the plants as Twilightpaw pulled the leaves off the daisies. At her suggestion, Tawnypaw couldn't help but purr. "Maybe! I miss sparring already. You'd be much more help in the medicine den anyways!" That was very true, all of it. She missed the thrill of the fight, being able to beat her denmates in a fight for bragging rights. She had never sparred against Bushpaw, having switched her path up before she got a chance. It would be good to stay in practice. Besides, she was already feelings really cooped up in the medicine den. She could do with a little action.

    She stole a glance at Twilightpaw, and she couldn't help but feel some sort of maternal affection towards the she-cat, pride fluttering in her chest. She still remembered when the she-cat was small, mewling in the nursery. She had fond memories of playing with her in her spare time. She couldn't help but give a small smile as she thought about it. I'm glad we're still close. Even though she was close to a lot of kits in the nursery, she found that, when they became apprentices, they often pushed Tawnypaw away. It was always good to find that one or two still wanted to be on friendly terms with her, like Twilightpaw, or Turtlepaw.

    Disliking the silence that sat between them, Tawnypaw tried to think of something to ask. "Hm... I know you only just started your apprenticeship, but what do you think your warrior name will be?" She let out a purr. "Take a stab at your siblings, too." She flicked her tail. She had asked Winterpaw the same question. Though it was pretty basic, she liked it; it told her a lot about what a cat likes, and how they thought of themself. Similarly, Tawnypaw's answer hadn't changed. "I want something like Tawnyheart! Y'know, I want it to describe me instead of what I look like, like... Tawnytail." She flicked her brown tail as if to emphasize her point. StarClan, she hoped that wasn't going to be her name. I can't wait to know what it actually is!

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    Leaf-fall felt spookier than the other seasons. She wasn't sure why. Maybe it was the cooling air, the changing colors of the leaves, the naked trees... yes, autumn was an interesting season. Unfortunately, ShadowClan didn't experience the full beauty of the reason. Most of their territory was pines, evergreens. There were a few normal trees here and there, dropping colorful leaves to the forest floor, but most of the trees kept their needles year-round.

    Lately, in the ShadowClan camp, everything had been very dreary. From the failed assault against the wolves to Tansystar's less-than-secret affliction, ShadowClan camp wasn't the most fun place to be. Tawnypaw wanted to change that. She wanted to get camp into the leaf-fall mood, and maybe a little bit of a festive one, too.

    Thus, the medicine cat apprentice set off. With permission from Icefeather, she had spent the latter half of her day gathering various items with her siblings and mother (their father was too busy with patrols he couldn't get out of): leaves of varying colors, both attached to branches and not; cobwebs (with Icefeather's consent) found in the lower branches of trees and little nooks at their roots (there was no way in StarClan she was going to look any higher); pine branches with pinecones attached; some marigold and other warm-colored flora; a few bones from prey long buried... anything a cat could think of. Now, with the sun almost completely set on the horizon, Tawnypaw called the clan together with a somewhat quiet yowl, not wanting anyone to panic for no reason.

    Sitting in front of piles of her gathered items alongside her littermates (their mother was on dusk patrol), "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything," she started once enough cats were gathered. "but I want to try and get the atmosphere in camp a little less... gray." She gestured to the array of various items in front of her, a smile on her face. "I want to try and decorate camp to fit the season! Feel free to grab anything you want, and put it where ever you want! This is for fun, after all!"

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    Unlike Onekit, Tawnypaw couldn't imagine climbing up to the Highbranch. Her sister had tried that once as a kit and gotten in major trouble with more than just their parents (though, honestly, she was pretty certain her mother found it just as funny as her sister). Maybe Tawnypaw would have been more upset with the young tom if it hadn't been for that experience, or her relation to the kits of the clan. Though Tawnypaw let out an exasperated sigh, the medicine cat apprentice could only shake her head with a smile on her face at the kit's description of his antics. "You have to live and learn, I suppose." She let out a snort. "My sister didn't get off so easy, though. She's going to have a fit when I tell her about this." StarClan, she missed talking to her sibligns. It wasn't like she never saw them, but since moving to the medicine den, their conversations felt staggered, and inconsistent. I'm just happy they still have each other.

    Leaving her nest-deconstruction task unfinished, Tawnypaw padded over to Onekit, who now sat idly in one of the nests in the medicine den. She bent down and sniffed gingerly at the injury, trying to figure out what it was. "... doesn't seem like a break or anything major." She concluded finally, her voice barely hinting at the uncertainty she felt. "Probably just a twist or a sprain." She was scared to touch it, certain she would make it worse somehow. Instead, she tried her best to brainstorm what herb might help the young time. She was certain Icefeather had taught her something about sprains... probably a leaf or something... But what one? She didn't want to do something wrong...

    Her stubbornness subsiding, Tawnypaw eventually mewed, "I'm going to wait until Icefeather gets back. I just don't want to do something wrong." She gave a shaky smile, the first clear indication of her underconfidence. It was a stark contrast to her normal, self-assured demeanor. She didn't speak any more on the matter, instead just mewing, "I'd rest for now. That's always the best remedy for injuries." Was that true? Maybe. Maybe not. But that she didn't let show.

    Flicking her tail, Tawnypaw returned to her duty of cleaning out nests, her posture a little lower than before. At Onekit's question, she flicked an ear, giving a small smile. "I don't know. I was in here a lot as a kit, for my siblings, so it's more comforting than annoying, I guess." That was her best shot at an answer. It was true, though. She found some sort of solace in the mingling scents, and didn't mind them at all. She understood how it could be bothersome to some, though.

    Her whiskers twitched slightly. "How's the nursery life? You're about a moon out from being apprenticed, right? How do you feel about that?" She let out a purr. "Do you want anyone in particular as a mentor?"

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    It certainly seemed like they relied on the Tribe of Endless Hunting a lot, though she supposed that was true for the clans too, at least a little. They relied on prophecies to help guide them, and the half-moon meetings of medicine cats were literally just the clans asking for guidance. But they never asked StarClan what rules they should follow every moon, or what job a cat should take up. Sure, sometimes they got signs regarding medicine cats or deputies, but that wasn't every day that that happened. Most times, though, medicine cats and deputies were chosen without any guidance from StarClan, such as Tawnypaw and Spindlepaw had been. Though she loved StarClan and couldn't imagine living under any other ancestors, the way the Tribe relied on their ancestors seemed... structureless.

    She couldn't help but chuckle at Rat's explanation of his name, though. "I suppose that makes sense." She gestured with a forepaw towards the wing-like markings on her shoulders. "I was named after a tawny owl because I was born with these wing-like markings. So were my littermates, though they were named after different birds, of course." Her tone, while still somewhat professional, was much more casual, the one-on-one conversation with the outsider being much more comfortable than with a whole patrol. "It's sort of a family tradition on my mother's side."

    She listened quietly as Rat described the Telling. She flicked an ear, not quite sure what to make of the tradition. Once again, she didn't understand their complete reliance on the Tribe of Endless Hunting. How would these cats ever solve their own problems? "That's... interesting." She still tried to be polite, her face returning to its automatic calm position that it had when addressing the other clans, a sign that she was just trying to be nice. "Have you had any omens... um... told, I guess?"

    On the comment about the Tribe being 'simpler' than the clans, Tawnypaw took it another way. To her, they just seemed unstructured, and a lot of their rules and traditions were fairly random, having to do with whatever their ancestors decided was right for that day. While she was trying to be polite before, Tawnypaw couldn't help but huff at this. "At least we know what our ancestors expect from us every day!" She didn't appear to be intentionally rude, rather prideful.

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    Tawnypaw couldn't help but give a good-natured roll of her eyes at Twilightpaw's response, a chuckle leaving her mouth. "I suppose you are an apprentice now. It's up to you when your bedtime is." She shrugged, sitting down as she separated the flowers. This was a medical task she could do. Flowers were pretty easy to pick apart, and was something Tawnypaw was comfortable doing. She did so with minor focus, though focus nonetheless. "It's good to get on the dawn patrol schedule, though. Never hurts to be ready."

    At her question, Tawnypaw hesitated just a little. "Ah, I'm getting there." She let out a sigh. "I was much better at memorizing battle moves though, I'll admit." Humor edged her voice, but she knew what she said was true. Even if it hadn't been, it certainly felt true.

    Tawnypaw thought for a second as Twilightpaw asked if there was anything she could do. Her whiskers twitched amid the silence before Tawnypaw's hushed voice broke in. "If you can find where they go, feel free to put the flowers away. Or, if there's just a particular part of the flower we need, feel free to separate it." She honestly didn't know which parts they needed. It probably wouldn't hurt to just keep the whole plant, but Twilightpaw seemed to be at least somewhat acquainted with herbs. Hopefully she knew what to do with them.

    Not wanting to linger on the conversation of herbs much longer, Tawnypaw asked Twilightpaw another question. "So, any favorite patrol yet? Do you prefer hunting or fighting training?" She let out a purr. "I always liked fighting. It's fun learning everyone's fighting style."

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    Tawnypaw had been in the warriors den, sent by Icefeather to check on one of the warriors who had complained about being short of breath. Though she didn't know much about herbs, that was something she could deal with, and thus had been quick to accept, bringing coltsfoot with her. She was happy she was at least able to do something to help, even if these moments were few and far between.

    Moonsong's low voice caught her attention as she waited for the warrior to finish eating the coltsfoot. A brown ear flicked at the sound of her voice, concern filling Tawnypaw's body. Did she not feel well? Or was something wrong? Tawnypaw hoped it was the latter (though she wasn't the best at consoling others, she was certainly more skilled with that then herbs right now). Flicking her tail, the she-cat exchanged a few words with the warrior she had been treating, ending in a quick 'thank you' and 'you're welcome', Tawnypaw turned to join Elmshade and Moonsong, letting out a quick mrr of greeting to the pair before sitting nearby. "I hope you don't mind me butting in."

    She turned her golden eyes to Moonsong. "You think... what?" She tilted her head, blinking with unconcealed concern. "Does something hurt? Should I get Icefeather?" She gazed steadily at the slightly older she-cat. The two had never been close, but they had shared a den for a few moons, so Tawnypaw wasn't uncomfortable talking with the ebony warrior. She wouldn't say she was uncomfortable with any of her clanmates, but if she was, it certainly wasn't Moonsong.

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