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    Art was something that Mason had experienced a few times before. It was cool to see a face appear from an empty canvas...or maybe a landscape that the cat had yet to encounter. "That's really good, I haven't seen anything like that before. " He hoped that this little interruption wouldn't upset either of them. It was just a compliment coming from a young kid. He did however resist getting close to either of them in case something did happen. Mason wasn't trying to get in the middle of anything, in fact he simply wanted to talk. Making friends wasn't something that came easy for the winged cat. Alas he still tried and simply wanted to be accepted for the most part.


    Chasing visions of our futures —— tags.

    Was it right for Mason to head out alone on his flights? Not necessarily as seen by the fact he'd nearly gotten lost in one of the many groups territories. He'd done something to his wing where it would suddenly spike with pain whenever he moved it. Of course he didn't tell anyone due to fearing he'd get in trouble. It only became noticeable after the tabby had sat down and awkwardly shifted his wings. The pain was probably just from a sprain but it hurt.

    He resisted the urge to go and get help; instead settling down with a book. Maybe it'd go away if he focused on something else for a while. This book did offer some insight about creatures and groups outside of the coven. It had been recovered from one of his many adventures around the territory. It was something the tabby held close to himself...especially since he'd only just recently seen creatures from another land. They could be blatant lies and Mason would still believe everything in the book.


    Chasing visions of our futures —— tags.


    Mason | Dipper | The nickname Dipper comes for his oddly shaped birthmark

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    Mason is a thin brown tabby cat with cocoa brown eyes. He was born with a pair of white wings as well as have a birthmark in the shape of the big dipper on the back of his neck.


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    Exploring the world outside of the coven's borders had always made Mason a little jumpy. He was excited at the possibilities of finding lost gems and meeting creatures that seem kinda strange in this world. The winged tabby had used an excuse of a practice flight in order to leave alone. He wasn't quite sure if anyone would be upset; especially if he came back unscathed. His wings could carry him for quite a while but sadly they'd give out sooner or later. It was fascinating for the time being as he soared above unfamiliar lands, brown eyes filled with awe. This expression quickly shifted as the pain in his wings started, causing the tabby to make a rough landing onto the land below. He tumbled a few times, finally coming to stop close to one of the many trees that claimed this territory.

    A pained exhale came from the small male as he tried to get himself together. This was territory that he knew nothing about nor about the creatures that called this area home. There had been no plans to come so closely to other groups as not all of them were nice. A few tears tried to escape his brown eyes but a paw was raised to wipe them away. A whimper did however break the silence as he tried to flex his wings which only resulted in a sudden sharp pain. Yes, he'd absolutely outdone himself from flying so far away from home. It would take at least a few hours before Mason was capable of making the trip home. This only tripled the percentage having the tabby meet whatever inhabitants called this jungle home.


    Chasing visions of our futures —— tags.

    //Since he hadn't formally been brought to the flights I decided he'd crash land there. I hope that's alright as this seemed a little better :)

    Legrandite R.K.H.

    OOO friends with Grand? he's also curious about the world and a big book worm

    the two could bond when Mason explores the flights and Grand shows him around, showing off the fact that he himself might be a creature made from god considering his mysterious birth? :33

    Sure, he'd be interested in exploring the flights but would feel better with a companion or two. I see him trying to figure out about Grand and make friends. Especially since he doesn't feel totally normal. He's got a birthmark in the shape of the big dipper on the back of his neck and the white wings. Though, I don't see him willing to talk about those traits himself.

    sjkkjsa hi hello so i made this man based on ford like a few days ago and since you got dipper i'd love to see them interact owo

    i'd really be down for anything, like they can just talk about nerdy stuff or mason can bombard sixer with questions bc he is an intellectual™


    Yes, they deserve to interact as Mason would totally bombard as many questions as possible to Sixer since he's doesn't remember much before coming to the coven.

    Mason is a small winged tabby cat who makes his home within the coven of Elysia. He's quite interested about the world beyond his home and the difference species that inhabitant each area. He's 5 months old and originally was alone before being taken in by Athanasius

    He's open to just about everything besides maiming, capture, romance, litters, and death.

    I'd like for him to receive a bully who causes Mason here to begin growing a backbone.

    A little crush is always fun to work with but it likely wouldn't last.

    Just give my boy friends as he deserves to actually have some.

    Also, feel free to bring up any ideas as I'd love to hear them.

    It was a little hard to make friends that shared the same interests as you. Mason didn't know about his birth siblings either as he had been taken in by Athanasius once his parents had vanished. Head tilting up to see the large wolf approaching him before the question reached his ears. "Just some herbs that I found....I didn't find any treasure or anything today." He answered while trying to hold back a slight whimper. There wasn't any reason for the kid to be upset but it just happened sometimes. It was worse that he didn't know this wolf's name when he probably should. Sure, they weren't close but he needed to know his clanmates.


    Chasing visions of our futures —— tags.

    Mason for some reason was always fascinated with herbs from a young age. The tabby was a mere 5 months old but he wanted to learn more about the world outside of the Coven. He usually took short flights in search of anything unusual. They ranged from a few colorful stones to items that he usually never encountered. Today he sadly only returned with a few poppy seeds and some dandelions; It wasn't any extravagant but the kid didn't seem to falter one bit. These would certainly be used to help a few people and that gave him enough to live with. Mason wasn't planning on working as a healer but having some knowledge may help in the future. A sigh escaped the wing feline as he finally allowed himself to rest. Exploring the islands by air was quite an enjoyable experience but it did tend to wear the male out. He was still fresh at flying and had a few mishaps every once in a while. Those were embarrassing to say the least, his face usually glowed a slight tinge of red when it happened.


    Chasing visions of our futures —— tags.

    //I'm so blah at intros so my apologies ;c