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Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!


    Cocomero is next to arrive, though he settles off to the side and stays relatively quiet. Being able to accept joiners was rather new to him, given how much he did not leave his family den back when he lived in The Thunderlands. He flicks his right ear in something resembling alarm, and he hopes that it doesn't show on his face. Sacrificing? Memories of being in the Ruins flash in his mind's eye, and he fights the urge to flee. She wasn't going to sacrifice him. It was fine. "Cocomero-- Everybody calls me Coco." At least, his family had, and he's not really very socially with anybody here but. It's polite to introduce himself.


    Cocomero knew full well that if he were to not take up the path of a healer, he'd be near useless. It was something that he had accepted at an even younger age than he was now, and the realization hadn't been something that caused him all that much pain or suffering. He was frail and gangly, awkward on his paws and skin and bone-- Not to mention the thought of just verbal confrontation scared him, let alone actually going out to battle. So it's no surprise when he finds himself making his way to Autopilot, though he sits a ways away out of nervousness.

    His favorite herb? Is that something that's common with healers? He's not sure he has a favorite, but he does recall a few of the herbs native to The Thunderlands. "Tawari-- Tha's fer inflammation, aye? Fancy marigold." He's not sure if he's got it right or not, but oh well.



    The act of getting a bird companion and how everybody seemed to have one was something that was still odd to Cocomero. He probably should have been expecting it the second he learned that the Flights heavily based their culture around the avian animals, perhaps even going so far as to worship the idea of them. It was something he was still getting used to, but he would have to, because he couldn't come crawling back to The Thunderlands any time soon. The Volary Flights was his home now.

    Silkthread had been a stormcatcher in his old home once upon a time, though he had left before Cocomero had been born-- Or when he was too young to remember it. If he knew that, perhaps he'd be more inclined to avoid the man, but he's more transfixed on the parakeet that settles on his shoulder. The wolf pup stares at the bird with wide pink eyes, and he doesn't even introduce himself before he starts speaking. "Is that yer companion bird?"


    The Sanguine Ruins were a group that Cocomero was all too familiar with. It had been the group that had turned his world upside down, took his youthful innocence (well, not all of it, but it sure felt like it) and made him leave The Thunderlands, the group which had done nothing but shown him the utmost love and affection. He watches as Merlot requests their help, watches as Freya and Elowen tell them to move out. He shuffles his paws. He won't be of any help. "Good luck." He calls out to them all the same.


    Cocomero was fascinated by the birds that seemed to swarm the Flights' territory, the constant chirping and cries of the winged animals filling his ears often enough to where the silence was now odd. What had brought them here? Clearly they had been here for a long while if the other members of this Clan kept them around as companion animals and based their entire culture after them. He wasn't sure he quite believed that birds were all that special yet, but the more he found himself here the more he found himself warming up to them.

    He had been wandering the territory, trying to get acquainted with it like he had his old home, when he heard the shrill cry of Marrok. It had startled him, and concern laced his gaze as he pads over, even if he definitely feels out of place as the third next to two people who clearly knew each other. He tries not to let his anxiety show. "What is it?" He blurts out. He still doesn't know the individual names of each bird, another thing that causes him some anxiety.


    Cocomero was the first to arrive it seemed, which wasn't something he was expecting based on his track record of showing up to things in The Thunderlands. It seemed he was finally starting to lose his reputation as a recluse, even if it made him a bit nervous-- But there was no family den to keep him safe and secure here like back home (no, not anymore) so he had to the best he could.

    He looks over at Felix with curiosity. He hasn't met him yet-- Not surprising. He hasn't met anybody other than Freya or Marrok or Radegast, but he was trying his best, and that had to count for something, right? " Give me somethin'."


    Cocomero didn't want to come back to The Thunderlands, the shame in his gut thick and heavy. The capture had done a toll on him, tipped his world upside down. For as much as he knew, he had been abandoned, left to rot in the Ruins until they let him go, because nobody had ever once told him otherwise. And the things told to him by Cherrywine about Deathstroke... It made his teeth grit and his stomach roil. He didn't know who to believe or trust. Deathstroke was his father, he loved him, but the things the Ruiners said...

    Well, he had told Lilith he was going to The Exiles, and he had done just that... Only to be turned away due to the new joining rules set in place. So he had wandered and wandered and now he was in the Flights. They had taken him in, and though it didn't feel like home, not quite yet, he couldn't... He couldn't return. He had betrayed his family. They wouldn't want him anymore, and he couldn't blame them, but... He had to let them know, so he had gotten help with writing a note.

    Held down against any sort of wind by a small rock, a piece of paper lays on the border, the scent of Volary Flights coating it.

    hI im in the flights. im sory to my famely. yOu can come elook for me but im not comin back. m sorry

    - coh coccjo cocomero


    i figured i'd throw one up here just to get things going! you can post here or contact me on discord over dms or in his channel idrc, but i figured this would be a good way to organize everything. his most important info is in his tags which you can find in his signature but basically he's a wannabe tough guy who's secretly a big baby and he has family issues that have caused him to run away from his old home of the thunderlands and end up here.

    he's open to:

    friends / he's not sure exactly how to make friends as he's a former recluse and he's pretty gruff but he desperately wants to make them

    enemies / this is sort of hard to do BUT he can be pretty easily bullied since he's secretly a huge cry baby lol

    learning medicine / coco hates the thought of fighting and is pretty shrimpy but he has taken a liking to the thought of becoming a medic so he'd be easily persuaded to be taught!

    crushes / one-sided or mutual! but keep in mind he's only 6 moons old lol so they'd have to be similarly aged and they'd be puppy crushes at most. it could be cute for a future romance plot though for once he gets a bit older, when he enters more "teenage age" where he'd want to start dating he'll probably end up getting crushes very easily

    being adopted or having a role model / (might be adopted by freya) he currently has family issues and i think it'd be nice for him to settle into a family of sorts in the flights, whether as a role model or parental/older sibling figure

    suggestions / just suggest stuff tbh he's open to pretty much anything you can think of!

    he's closed to the standard maim/kill/capture and litters. he is open to romance plots but they'd have to be in the future for now. thanks <3


    It doesn't take long for somebody to approach him, and it makes him shuffle his paws awkwardly when the larger canine isn't outwardly friendly. Would he be turned away, forced to become a loner and wander Agrelos all on his lonesome? Ugh. Lilith would be so much better at this, with her outgoing attitude and bubbly personality. She never seemed to have an issue getting what she wanted when she wanted it from their siblings or fathers. If she were here, she could be the one doing the talking, and he could just... be quiet. Go back to his reclusive ways.

    He missed his twin sister so much.

    He blinks out of his thoughts when Freya strides over, blinking pink eyes up at the cougaress who seems quite a bit more warm. Not by much, but... Ugh. "Name's Cocomero-- Uh, everybody calls me Coco," He hadn't actually heard his full name in a while, and it almost felt foreign in his mouth, clunky and weird. But it hadn't been necessary to really introduce himself in The Thunderlands either, being the leader and deputy's son. "I'm lookin' to join. If ya will have me."


    Cocomero had really messed up now. He had had a good life in The Thunderlands-- Surrounded by his family who had loved him fiercely, made his life comfortable and encouraged him in all aspects. He should have never followed Lilith to Sanguine Ruins, because that was when everything had spiraled out of control, tipped his entire world upside down. The things said by Cherrywine and Ace about his father... He hadn't wanted to believe them. Why should he have? They had captured him, threatened to kill him if he so much as moved a muscle. But it had made him think, and when his captors had set him free, he had made his way to The Exiles of all places.

    Well, he had arrived and... was promptly thrown out before he could even become one of them. He was gangly and small, and they were only accepting joiners who could defeat them in a spar or murder somebody. He could never murder, never, and he was... not a fighter, especially not at a wee six months old. But crawling back to The Thunderlands was shameful, and he didn't wish to face the criticism of his fathers, let alone the worst case scenario of them disowning him altogether when Lilith told them about his plans to become an Exiler.

    He had spent a while simply wandering South Orcadia, wondering what it is he should do. Eventually, his paws brought him back to the jungle, but the scent lingering in the air was different than the one he had grown accustomed to. What was the group that Abner and Feliks had mentioned being down there...? Whoever they were, they were an ally of theirs, and that was enough. He couldn't return to his home, he couldn't face the family he had betrayed, but he could stay here. So the wolf puppy sits at the border, waiting for somebody to come along with nervousness rolling off of him in waves.

    ((just as a precaution somebody who doesn't have super senses wouldn't be able to smell the exiles on him since it's been long enough, and the scent for somebody with super senses would be fairly faint. feel free to have y/c pick it up if you want tho!


    Cocomero decided, as he walked after Cherrywine into the Ruins camp, that he should've never agreed to tag along with Lilith. He had been perfectly happy being a recluse back home, but for some reason, he had wanted to actually go out with Lilith-- probably to chaperone her. And now here he is. He sits beside his sister, his tail draped over his paws, hunched over and looking at the ground. He looks more sulky than frightened, because he doesn't think Cherrywine is going to kill them unless they run. Which he doesn't really plan on doing-- He's not scared yet, but he doesn't want to die either. He refuses to say anything and continues to simply glower down at the ground.


    Cocomero finds himself just outside of The Thunderlands territory, dark brown fur soaking up the warm spring sun. The jungle he calls his home is humid and sticky, and while he's used to it by now, there's something so much better about being in a place that's warm but still cool. The humidity of the jungle oftentimes makes his fur feel heavier than he is, and it feels so nice to not be sweaty for once. Wolves are definitely not meant for the jungle. It's something he's decided, and yet where else would he go?

    However, his attention is alerted by the sound of a voice, which manages to startle him. He hadn't expected anybody else to be out here! Perhaps somebody from the other side of the jungle (he's been told some place called 'the Flights' lives there, but he's not sure) would be likely but... He doubts it. Curiosity overwhelms him and he follows the sound of the voice only to come up with the form of a fellow child.

    He's been meeting a lot of strangers his age, actually. Krieger, Olympia... Huh. Weird. "Um, hi?" He yips cautiously, shuffling his paws in apprehension. Makariy doesn't look hostile, but Coco was a skittish boy. "Are you lost? Who are you?"


    Cocomero blinks his pink eyes in surprise as the girl comes into view. Oh. She's a child. The fur along his spine lowers when the tension begins to leave his body, relaxing nervous muscles-- Until she comments sarcastically and his fur raises again, this time out of annoyance. How dare she be so rude to him! She was the one on his territory, after all! "You can't just be here! You're lucky I haven't chased you away." He huffs indignantly. "You're not from here and strangers are bad which makes you bad, right?"


    Cocomero found himself following Lilith around more often than not these days. The safety and warmth of his family's den was all that he craved-- He despised leaving his comfort zone, and it was clear in how he acted-- but Deathstroke was slowly but surely tolerating his reclusive habits less and less and making up reasons for him to leave and go outside. That's how he finds himself wandering after his sister, and unlike her, who has a very positive reaction to the strange pup in their lands, he grimaces.

    "Who are you?" He asks after a moment of pause, clearly not as trusting towards the stranger as Lilith was. Why would he be? This guy, child or not, definitely does not smell like his jungle home. He had heard enough stories of the environment he had been born in to be apprehensive.


    Cocomero didn't often find himself out in the territory, especially not on his lonesome. The past few times he had been in the jungle had been with his older brother or his fathers-- And even then, it was few and far between. What use to him was the outdoors when he had everything he could ever want safe at home in his den? But nonetheless, he finds himself wandering the jungle. Geralt had wanted him to practice hunting, even if being a fighter with fighter duties isn't something he wants. Ugh.

    That's when he catches a glimpse of a stranger, and the fur along his spine raises in apprehension. An intruder? He recalls the Ruins having taken over The Thunderlands while he was just a newborn, and he shudders at the thought of that happening again. "H-Hey! Um, show yourself!" He barks, attempting to be intimidating but falling flat.