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    Vallie was not the one who should be handling this. The meek youth padded over slowly, ears pinned against her skull. This was the first time she would be meeting someone on the border since she'd been captured, and so her steps were tentative in her approach. Nervous mismatched eyes study the stranger, her nostrils flaring at the unfamiliar scent of the Canyons. "Uh... hi... name and business?" The healinghand student would keep her distance, blinking at him as if scrutinizing his every move. Her claws kneaded the ground in clear distress.

    On the other hand, Valorpaw had always felt comfortable in the pines. Recently, she'd felt more at home in the Kingdom, but that was because she felt she had more duties there (as little as they might be). Dainty paws treaded over the soft ground, her slightly burned paws finding relief in the snow-covered banks of the Whispering Pines. Her mismatched gaze surveyed the area, finally landing on a little green creature. What was that? Or rather, who was that?

    The apprentice padded forward, stopping a few meters away from the child and blinking at her in mild confusion. It only took a few moments, however, for the meek girl to figure out this was a child. The realization made a soft smile blossom across her features, crouching down across from the child as if to make her feel more comfortable. "Hi there!" She purred, tail flicking behind her.

    The meek she-cat padded into camp, nervously glancing around at her injured clanmates. She couldn't help but feel guilty for putting them in such positions, so she turned towards Calina and offered her a weak smile. "Thanks for helping me." She pauses, glancing around the clearing for either of the medics. "I'm a medic student in the Kingdom, so I can help you a little if you'd like." The least she could do was take the burden off the medics. Her knowledge was slim but it'd be enough to help out at least a little. Unfortunately, she was entirely uncapable of tending to Toughluck at this point in her training - he was a wreck.

    Valorpaw jumps back at her brother's warning, eyes widening as flames lap at the door, eventually bringing it down and crumbling it to ashes. She stares at Junebug for a moment, stunned, then her face breaks into a relieved smile, tears welling in her mismatched eyes. She accepts his embrace and leans into it, pressing her nose into his shoulder before he pulls away. The fur on her back raises upon hearing the roar of a Brigader, terror flickering in her eyes for just a second. There's so much going on. Guilt wedges itself within her for this being her fault, but she knows it's not time to dwell.

    "I'm okay, promise." She murmurs, hearing Carmen's voice in her head and looking around in confusion. Telepathy was a confusing thing - her head was starting to hurt a little. "Where do we go? How do we get out of here?" She asks, turning to her mentor and brother nervously. She just wanted to go home.

    Valorpaw is snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of Ver's pawsteps on the ground, making her turn and smile lightly at the other. She craned her head upwards as the shepherd sat beside her, softly curling her tail around her paws and blushing slightly at her comment. Carmen was truly something else, she had decided, and she was so lucky to be able to call her her girlfriend. Vallie bit back a laugh, pouting up at one of her maternal figures despite the heat that rushed through her. Had Ver seen it? She wondered if anyone was there - it was a pretty public event, but thankfully, Valorpaw hadn't been embarrassed by someone crashing through the undergrowth. It would've been just her luck - but it looked like some kind of deity smiled upon her that day.

    "Shut it." She grumbles, head turning down as her gaze fixates on her paws.

    The soft voice of Junebug entered her mind, causing the longhaired apprentice to jump in fright. She looked around, eyes wide as she tentatively stepped forward. Could this be some trick? No, it all made sense, she thought. Valorpaw stepped toward the door, mismtached gaze studying the hinge with a newfound determination. "I'm here!!!" She screamed loudly, her usually soft voice strained. Water began to leak out the bottom of the door as a result of her elemental, hopefully showing whoever turned down the hallway that she was in that door. "June?! Are you here?"

    Valorpaw could hear yelling. What yelling that was exactly she wasn’t sure of, but the notion that the Brigade could be in war sent a shiver down her spine. What if it was the Exiles? Or someone scarier? Or maybe... just maybe, she was being rescued. Not that her pain was anything intense, really. Her tastebuds were still a little burned, though.

    The cream point sat in the basement, pressed against the back wall of her cell as she attempted to calm herself down.

    Valorpaw nods as he carries on, ears perked forward as she attempted to absorb all the information he was giving her. That shouldn't be too hard, right? She knew almost all those herbs from her couple of lessons, and her mismatched gaze landed on Sangria as she reassured her. The Healinghand student nodded quietly, flashing a small smile before turning and darting off towards the garden.

    When she returned, she had a little basket full of the herbs he'd asked for gripped in her mouth, which she would place at his paws before stepping back beside Sangria. Though ditzy, the girl picked up her studies pretty quickly. "That should be good, no?" She asks kindly as she sits down, looking between the stranger and her mentor.

    Oh god she was scared. What the- She blinked away the sudden light that burned her eyes, panting heavily with panic as her mismatched eyes darted quickly around the room. Her fluffy body shook with fear, ears pinned back against her head as the sound of the rope hitting the floor made her jump. Was she free? Really?

    Immediately she darts to the corner of the room, fur bristling as she stares at her captor with wide eyes. His words, however, don't make sense. "W...What?" His accent is heavy, but did he say... flavors? Like food flavors? Was this some sort of sick joke? Valorpaw stared at him, shocked and confused.

    Valorpaw had been on her way back to the Kingdom from the Veil when it happened. She'd been minding her own business, as per usual, when a creature had come out of nowhere and attacked her, knocking her out. She hardly even had time to process that the male was pinning her down, hardly had time to scream for help. Panic had stilled her, making ice course through her veins in fear of what was going on. How pitiful she was, truly. Who knew how long the scents would be on the border of the Kingdom before someone found them? Other than a clear struggle and the scent of the Painted Brigade, there was no other details than the fact that the young cream lynx was simply gone.

    The screaming voice of the pink hyena made her jump from where she was practicing her water elemental, eyes widening in a mixture of fear and shock. But as he went on she managed to calm down, realizing this did not mean imminent death to everyone in the surrounding area, rather a problem they all needed to work together to solve. Her frown deepens as she mentions there was no scent, and the cream point pads up next to Adara, tail nervously lashing behind her. What could they do?

    "Could it be the Hyperian Isles?" She asks quietly, not wanting to tick anyone off but being conflicted by her desire to help the situation. Too bad she was a shit fighter.

    The cream point adored the KIngdom's garden. She supposed it was a little dumb of her to reside here with that being a large factor at play when she could live in a forest full of shrubbery like this, but the fact that it was grown in the middle of a desert filled her with childish wonderment. Mismatched gaze is drawn to noise in the garden, so she follows it but says nothing, simply watching Rosemary dart around the garden and sniff the flowers. Valorpaw wonders if she's being creepy but pushes down the feeling, turning to resume her own garden roamings. But just as she does, a soft sneeze escapes the girl before her, causing the Reaver-Aeternum to jump slightly and turn back towards the slightly older girl and smile sheepishly.

    "Bless you." Vallie chirps, weaving around the plants to sit nearby her. If she'd been in the same position, she'd be flustered, so the small girl tries to make the other feel less flustered. "Whatcha up to?"

    Vallie slides up beside Sangria, glancing between the two as nerves spark at their silent, minor tension. Usually that was something that went unnoticed by the lynx point, but she was growing more and more aware of social cues as the days went on. Her fluffy tail waved behind her as she offered a smile, ears pressing back shyly against her head. But this was supposed to be her area of knowledge, right? "I can go fetch some, if you'd like? Just tell me what's needed." It's a question directed at nobody, but hopefully will be answered by someone gathered.

    Alcohol was something Vallie knew little about. In fact, she'd never once had a sip of alcohol; wasn't she just a little angel? The cream colored healinghand student was returning from the Veil, preferring to sleep in the Kingdom just to process what had recently just happened. She had a girlfriend now: what did that mean? Honestly, Valorpaw wasn't really sure. Was she supposed to give her surprises? What about PDA? Gosh, it was like a whole new world! But it was a whole new world that left her with a small smile on her maw wherever she went.

    The Reaver-Aeternum was so deep in thought she nearly walked right by Marigold, but the scent of the red liquor made her turn her head in confusion. Immediately the smile was wiped off her face, her head tilting slightly and her eyebrows tugging together - was he okay?

    "Hey Marigold," She didn't know the man well, but he was nice to her whenever he saw her. A forced smile curled the edges of her maw. "What's up?" The meek young girl was much too shy to ask if he was okay, scared that she would step over some boundary and set him off.

    Volcanic eyes settle on her imperfections and she can't help the blush that spreads through her, hardly noticeable on her cheeks but she can definitely feel it. The other she-cat strides over and her breath is practically stolen, gaze following the ginger feline as she approaches and tucks another tiger lily behind her cream-colored ear, warmth spreading through her at the touch of the other girl. She watches as she steps back, wishing she hadn't, but her eyes widen as Carmen speaks. Her mouth hangs agape - she likes her? She really likes her, enough to ask her to be her girlfriend?

    A stunned but ecstatic smile spreads across her maw and she bashfully tucks her chin, peering up at the long-legged woman. How was she so calm? So collected? Valorpaw swallowed hard, her mouth suddenly feeling incredibly dry. "O-oh wow, thank you." No, oh gosh, that wasn't right. "I mean, yes? Of course! I'd love to be your girlfriend." The words tumbled out of her, uncomposed and sloppy but incredibly.... happy

    The healinghand student would wander up beside Claes, staring at the pretty direwolf as a small smile blossomed on her maw. "Welcome then!" She cooed softly, swallowing down her shyness in an attempt to make the girl feel welcomed. The longhaired apprentice would stand, fluffy tail flicking by her ankles as her mismatched gaze found Hades distastefully, but she wasn't going to be the one who called him out for his crude behavior. No, she was much too meek to take a stand for anything. "I'm Valorpaw! Nice to meet you."

    Valorpaw had just been out on a nice walk when she heard her voice, sung by what she could only describe as the most angelic being she'd ever met. Her ears swiveled forward as she recognized the chime-y voice, mismatched eyes lighting up as her heart leapt into her throat. Calm down, she hissed to herself in her head, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. The sweet girl raised her head, following the scent of candles and flowers that she had only just noticed upon walking towards the voice.

    Ducking her head as she emerged from some shrubbery, Vallie would enter the clearing. Immediately, heat spread throughout her entire body, eyes widening slightly as her paws gripped the ground. She wasn't sure the exact feeling she was experiencing, but it felt like somewhere in the middle of sheer panic and pleasure. The small long-haired blinked a few times, mouth agape as she observed the decorated clearing. And then she looked to Carmen, who looked beautiful as ever, and a small smile graced her features. "Carmen, what is this?" Confusion lit in her eyes, she stared at the other, head slightly tilted to the side.

    Ohgodohgodohgodohgod, she was so close to her face. Valorpaw didn't - couldn't - miss the way Carmen's eyes lit up at the sight of her, nearly making her fur bristling on her spine and her eyes widen even more than they already were. Half of her was relieved while the other half was something drastically flustered, blinking her long eyelashes as if that would help her regain herself. Her heart nearly leaped out of her chest when Carm mentioned that she was there for her - who could have guessed? - and she shifted comfortably into the beautiful girl's hug, breathing in her rosey scent.

    "O-oh," It was choked, clearly embarrassed as her gaze darted towards the small crowd that had gathered to greet her. She swallowed, hard. "T-that's great! I missed you too." More than you know. "If you want I could show you around?"