An unfamiliar scent caught her attention drawing her nearer in hopes of locating the new body. The smell is oddly familiar but she can't quite put her paw on it, maybe it was someone from her past. In this particular case they were not although you can't be too sure. Winter wanders among the tree roots hoping to spot the unfamiliar creature before they do. Not a moment later she realizes the scent she is trying to place is none other than of one of the Veil's worst enemies, the exiles. Winter freezes at realization and crouches to the ground, knowing all too well she has probably walked right into a trap.

    This was probably something useful. The feline had just about zero skills in this field, she knew only to attempt to slow bleeding and call for help, big help if nobody was around. Win trotted over optimistically, seeing the mare's stand. She passed a friendly glance to Valorpaw as she came to sit. "I'd like to learn." she offers, feeling a little overwhelmed with the smells of all these herbs, hopefully the learning curb wasn't too bad.

    Now that she was back, she had better get around to taking down the decorations. A task she had been assigned a few days prior, of course this task was made a lot easier being able to see and all. The white and black she-cat stretched up to one of the decorations that hung from the wall, a few streamers intertwined. This was a bit of a pain in the ass, why did they put these things up in the first place. She tugged at the streamer and to her surprise it let go rather quickly, leaving her to topple over and the red, green and white streamers to fall on top of her. Talk about christmas spirit.

    "Bloody hell. she muttered under her breath, feeling the air escape her lungs on contact with the ground.

    Honestly Winry hadn't the slightest of clues as to why they were angry, why they were here, no idea at all. She arrived and sat near Valorpaw, partly to watch, otherwise to provide support should they encounter a problem. Ver had been nice to her and helped her when she needed it the most, therefore she would help Ver. Her lemon gaze breezed over her clanmates, she couldn't help but be thankful for the ability to actually see again.

    The crys drew her attention immediately, Win came trotting over curiously, her jaw dropping in surprise as she spotted the very young child. She tastes the air, hoping to find a mother, but the scent trail is already growing cold with all the new jungle scents. Win takes a few steps towards them and leans down to take a closer whiff, this child was far too young to be alone. Who would leave their child like this? That is when the note caught her eye, she opens it, fighting the frustration, and anger, no child should be abandoned and no mother should have to abandon their child. she peered back at the child with a softer gaze.

    "I'm so sorry." she whispers as attempts to curl beside them and pass some warmth into him. She didn't know how to take care of a kid, maybe she could take him to one of the Veil's mothers or medics to figure out what to do? The she-cat passes a soft sigh, she knows they can't stay here too long, it was too dangerous for such a young creature.

    Alike to Valorpaw, she was also on the smaller size, she didn't mind though, she was well suited in her current form. She approached with a cool expression offering her fellow veilers each a glance as she arrived. Her fluffy white and black tail curled around her tail as she sat down next to them. Something seems off about the newcomer, she can't place her paw on exactly what, almost as if every action is controlled. She would keep an eye on that.

    After having spoken with some of the spirits around the veil, the girl had decided to take fate into her own hands and seek out the root of her problems. Through whispers and mentions she had learned that the one who hexed her was lurking in a distant land. If she wanted to fix her mind and recover her lost memories she would have to find them and deal with them.

    Winter had set out a few day prior, having left a note with three words, 'gone, home soon' on her door, of course this was with help of an npc. Now she set back in, this time unharmed, in a more familiar form. The once silver she-cat was now in her previous coat, a black and white feline with yellow eyes bright like a ray of sun. The familiar sting of a few cuts on her limbs was a relief that this wasn't a dream. There was much on her mind, she remembered little bits of her life before here, little things like names, like fractions of memories, the wind on a warm day, the sound of her mother's voice. Her full name Winterpaw Darling, she was a darling, and that meant that she might have family somewhere. A nickname she went by instead of her full name Winry, or Win. She wished she could remember more, supposedly she would remember things slowly, in her dreams, familiar situations and such. Win couldn't help but feel she was ignoring a huge part of her life.

    As Winter made her way to the border she realized that now she would be able to see what all these voices looked like. Take in the smells, the tastes, she didn't realized how much she missed the tastes, cool water running down your throat. Little things that made experiences so much more. She did smell the same, aside from some cool mountain air, hopefully the few that knew her would recognize her.


    [ sum - left for a few days, came back looking different, rest is just plot development. ]

    Winter notices the familiar energy drifting about and decides to see what Ver was doing. The two birds on her shoulder give out very distinctive different energies, what were they doing sitting on Ver? Having not identified them as birds yet she wanders over tilting her head curiously. "Who is on you?" Winter projects telepathically, noting that one of them is named Bluebell. Ver was one of the ones she felt most comfortable around, they had an interesting mind, she didn't know exactly how to describe it. Her near sightless gaze drifts over to the other energy which had spoken, she didn't recognize them.

    "My name is Winter, what is yours?" she projects again. She could have used her voice, but she could never pronounce the words when she couldn't feel her tongue.

    She finds some comfort in Ver's words and Ver's presence in general. The being gives off a motherly, calming vibe, something Winter could certainly get used to. Win nods when Ver mentions her injuries, she can't exactly remember how she got them, but she trusts that she isn't being lied to. A soft smile, albeit somewhat forced, graces her features. "I amn thankfulll four you help. What do I caal you?" The snowy feline asks, as she remembers that she had never caught the lady's name.


    demonic plot.

    - As a result of messing around with the wrong spirits winterpaw has found herself beaten up and lacking several of her main senses. By manipulating her mind they have taken away her sight, smell, taste, and feeling. In order for her to get these back and undo the damage they have done to her she will be required to do things for them, such as dangerous tasks, quests, assassinations among other things.

    new awakening

    - after finding the demon that messed up her head she forced them to fix her mind, allowing her to start remembering her life before, and allowing her to shift into her more familiar form. She is slowly starting to remember vague memories, especially in her dreams which will draw her to seek out her past.

    She listens carefully, but with so many new names her mind is buzzing like a little bee. Lots of good and bad news, little of it has any effect on her but from the sounds of the crowd many of the demotions and lost members were important in some way. She wishes she could relate, she doesn't remember much from before this so she doesn't feel any loss for the beings she has left behind.

    On the other hand something seems familiar about this mentor stuff but she can't quite put her paw on it. She knows she is not quite old enough to pass by without getting a mentor so she listens carefully for that part in particular. The snowy feline also ponders the wonders of an 'ascension quest', she wonders about taking part in one but decides that it might be best to settle in for a little bit, maybe heal up first.

    Not being able to feel the cold was a dangerous thing, so she'd opted to spend most of her time tucked away in her home anytime she heard someone complain of the chilly weather. Hearing the wind, snow, and voices outside made her too curious not to venture out. Despite her name she was not all that fond of the cold before, even more so now that she might seriously damage her body without knowing. She peeks out her house and ventures towards the noise, "Whatish-" she starts to say before hearing how badly she is butchering the english language. Maybe she should stick to telepathy, she sounds too weird using her own voice. "What's the commotion about?" she asks telepathically.


    Character name: Winterpaw, Winter

    Any specific mentor in mind?: n/a <3


    - has already trained heavily in battle, very nimble, agile before, less so without sight/feeling/smell (plots being made to regain senses)

    - very good at being sad 12/10