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    so sorry for the absence! I work in health care and a patient tested positive for COVID so we are DEEEEEEEP cleaning the place.

    could someone catch me up to speed?

    Hi there!

    If it's alight with you, could we possibly do a GxG?

    she would be the naive and "overachiever". She's gonna play by the rules and use every law in the book. She's also gonna be very hard headed and wont admit she's wrong unless the evidence is solid against her

    anddddd this would probably be her face claim



    —————————————- ˚₊✩ —————————————-

    marte here's the thread! I'm terribly sorry this isn't pretty, but hopefully this will do c:

    TAGS. / ©KYUU


    I don't have a discord so dm's would be great!

    I was actually gonna ask if you'd like to plot the siblings because I wasn't sure what to put down for the parents XD

    she is done!

    Hello all people!

    soooo due to this quarantine, I have made a return to this beloved site and currently looking for a few roleplays to cure my boredom ;_;

    I'm a semi-advanced, to advanced roleplayer, but sometimes my muse can drop depending on my day/week

    also, I'm only socially quarantined. I work in healthcare and still have to work, so my activity may drop

    anyway! on to the yay's and nay's!

    ✓ -

    - gxg

    - bxg (prefer to play the male)

    - medieval theme

    - vampires

    - werewolfs

    - supernatural themes

    - pregnancy (I love the drama involved)

    - the 100 (big muse *wink*)

    - dragons/dragon riders

    - horror themed

    - apocalypse

    - mystery


    - rape

    - abuse

    - plots involving suicide

    - anime

    - anthropomorphic characters

    would viking be okay with you?

    I've actually never done an rp based around that and I think if would be super could to do!

    And yes I ADORE romance! I also really like werewolf roleplays and GOT type threads (though I've only seen the first season)