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    Thread Ideas:

    - yet another day: bite wound in his shoulder from a good time the night before that he refuses to have looked at

    - cold as always: caught in rain

    - taking a new surname / publicly announcing that

    - power discovery?

    Plot Ideas:

    - adopt kids, then obsess over kids while also being a not so great parent

    - only a matter of time before he makes enemies by deciding he simply doesn't like them, pisses them off by being too nosy, or both

    - ask someone to spy on another, and there's drama through that


    Dee loved music. He loved dancing, singing, parties, holidays, and, from his family, he had a particular taste for human music. Almost every song he was taught was something left behind and found, and considering they had inhabited an abandoned, crumbling building, there was plenty to look over. His father had even rejected music from the clans. In a strange way, the human things belonged to them. His brothers and sisters dared one another to dive into the underwater mine shaft on the regular, hoping to come across items others had looked over, and on rare occasion, they'd find things they had missed. When he was young, nothing was more exciting --But he was dwelling too hard on the past wasn't he? Dee had been staring for an entire minute at the object, frozen in place, before he was able to pull himself from his memories.

    He had been wandering about the mansion when he had found a record player on a side table, and he pulled it to the floor in front of him with wide, almost startled eyes. It was still early in the morning, but he already had a bottle of wine he had been planning on taking upstairs already. Now, it was abandoned at his side. He remembered what this was- Didn't his uncle have one of these? But how did he use it? How did it work? Dee set his lips as a thin line as he circled it, furrowing his brow and struggling to keep his breathing even. There were some of the black disks he knew went along with it stacked nearby, but could the thing still work at all?

    ...He was making a fool out of himself wasn't he? Dee paused his pacing when he remembered that others could see him, and he sat himself down, neatly curled his tail, fixed his posture and set his eyes straight- in that order. He wondered if the record player meant anything at all to anyone else. Taking a deep breath, he stared at the wall. The emotion was effectively drained from his face, but that didn't take away from the almost unnatural stillness he had when lost in thought. He only huffed at himself when he broke it- Why couldn't he let anything go? "Does anyone know if this still works?" He'd call out on a whim, gesturing to the box at his paws and tilting his head to look away from it. It wasn't stuffed away in a closet, so maybe someone would humor him with it. He'd give anything to have a tune to sing to again.

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    Dee usually walked more slowly, and so he wasn't often the first to come across visitors. He preferred to have his walks relaxing rather than rushed, and especially since he was alone today, he wasn't going to speed himself up to discourage the 'slow walker' and 'short for a hellhound' connection. That said, the creature at the border was an easy spot, and he raised his head as he padded over, letting the curiosity show in his eyes. Just how big was this one?

    Dee kept his posture as he walked, careful to have the gold bands at the end of his long tail stay far out of the dirt beneath his paws. "Good day-" he'd call back, smiling slightly at the formality, and, now that he could see it, the strange top hat. Visitors always had such character coming here. Even if this one was strange- the patterns, size, eyes- Dee wasn't easily intimidated, and no action thus far had left him with any reason to be. "I'm sure you know where you are. Now what can I help you with?" The hybrid would ask with a tilt of his head, settling himself close, but far enough that he wouldn't have to hurt his neck looking up to the creature's face. His eyes looked over them calmly, and he swallowed the many questions that gave way. Depending on the nature of the visit, the answers wouldn't even matter, and he was careful to keep the interest in his expression in check.



    Dee could say he didn't enjoy giving orders, but what would even be the point to a lie like that? He loved being listened to. He loved when others followed what he thought was best, willingly or not. Didn't everyone? The only downside was that he was new to the Cartel. What was or was not a more important task was mostly beyond him, but he thought he had a few decent things in mind. This was the time to prove that, wasn't it?

    Dee jumped gracefully onto the railing of the grand staircase, managing to find a place for his paws to settle as he walked along the edge. "Anyone who needs a task for this week can follow me," he'd call out over the room, using the added height to look over anyone he saw. He'd jump down after he thought he had a good look and pad over to a spot with more space, not sitting yet to watch who would come.



    Getting acquainted to clan life hadn't required nearly as much effort as Dee had thought it would. He was learning steadily enough about others to sate his curiosity, and at the same time, he felt he had at least a few who knew him at this point. No enemies, nor drama just yet. Enough wine to fuel a casual habit without any onlookers building their concern- Whatever he did, he knew there was a decent number of others who did worse. Things were going swimmingly, and the cartel was everything he could want in a new home.

    Dee made his way along with everyone else when he heard the call for a meeting. As usual, there were faces he had yet to recognize, but these meetings always gave him a way to note them. He'd make a list, if he didn't think it would worry others to find. Regardless, his eyes were bright as he listened to Breakout, head held high. He had his usual slight, self-satisfied smile. When he heard his own name, he raised his brow as if surprised. Well, he wouldn't mind a title, now would he? He raised his head in acknowledgement, watching Breakout from the side of his eyes as he liked to. "Thank you, love," he'd smile with his teeth, "Consider it done."

    Dee could be soft at times. Calm, loving, normal, as his older brother liked to call it, but there wasn't always something innocent about his pride. His smiles were too wide. His eyes, normally receiving the world with tired or dull interest, could look more like bloodlust than joy. Success was addicting to him, after all, even now, when he wasn't ready to call a goal. He was careful- The smile would fade into something he knew was more pleasant on his face, but he was his father's son, at the end of the day, and right now? He didn't mind the similarities.

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    Dee liked to think he had all of his screws fit tightly into his head. He had been shaken enough times for some to come lose, of course, but he recognized when he wasn't thinking straight. He had family members who had had hallucinatory episodes, both drug induced or not, but him? No. No, he prided himself on that. So, when he was minding his own business, having his morning glass of wine leaning on the arm of a seat in the back corner, it was unsettling to both hear Breakout without seeing him, and watch others bump into air. Dee pursed his lips and took another look at his drink. Was he-- just not seeing him? Was he just not paying attention? Or was that not Break's voice?

    Dee raised his head, looking out over the slowly growing morning crowd with tired, slightly red eyes. He was careful to hold his expression, but it would be wrong to say he didn't look concerned. Part of him didn't want to care. He was exhausted. The chair was comfortable, the others passing him not too loud. The sun just rising but not blaring in his eyes. But- He was never one to let his curiosity go. It was like babysitting a toddler at times, and he sighed, placed down his glass, and finally jumped down to sooth it. It was better to know now than let it eat away at him when he was trying to relax.

    "Break? You around, love?" He would call out, raising his head as he padded around. That was his voice- Where was he? In the fucking wall? Dee didn't want to look like he was walking in circles, but this was annoying now more than anything. His fur was getting ruffled, and he wasn't even done with his glass.

    // Sooo Dee has neither cx If Break stops in front of him, feel free to have Dee walk into him because he's probably thinking he's in the floor at this point. Up to you



    Dee had no question in his mind what division he'd be joining when he first arrived. He knew he could kill if he needed to, and it wasn't a sour taste in his mouth to know he had done so before, but in all honesty- above any weapons or drugs, he knew how to work with people. He enjoyed his social life, and emotion didn't have to get in the way when he didn't want it to*. Even when he couldn't care less about the situation, he loved playing roles, and the fake smiles, the feeling of control, being able to lay out a perfect impression- they never ceased to excite him. Needless to say, he was happy with his choice.

    When Break called his division, he would make his way over more slowly, but towards the front and off to the side, where he would have a good look at the others. He was still new here, after all. There was too much to learn in a single day, and he took every opportunity he could. The wolf hybrid would eye the two unfamiliar faces. It was hard to pick anything out for either of them, but he took note of their positions either way. As always, he didn't hide the looks. He was never secretive when he watched others, and how they took it was often an interesting thing to see on its own.

    Carm, he would try to catch to give a soft smile to. The girl was on his list. It was difficult for him to get a feeling on her when every interaction seemed to conflict the image he was building, but oh- He had time. For now, he only wanted her to know that he recognized her out of everyone. Break, he'd give a brief smile to as well, showing his teeth and sitting up straight before returning his gaze ahead of him as before. For the very few things he brought with him, he wore a different pair of gold earrings nearly every day so far. Call him vain, but he knew the gold worked well with the black of his fur, and when his coat was groomed every inch outside a public door, he had no fears of being suddenly called to a meeting like this.


    Carm - Aw thank you! Honestly I love Carm too :) But yeah, we can do something to shake the both of them then! Maybe we can have a thread where Dee picks Carm out of a crowd and tries to start learning a bit more about her?

    Edit: I just realized that Carm is gonna be Capo of the host division and I have to ask, would you be open for having the added complication of Dee being Lieutenant under her if he gets the position? Because he'd have trouble listening to her & I'd honestly love the drama

    Break - Yeah! That'd be awesome! I'm a bit busy because I have professors trying to squeeze work in towards the end of the semester, so would you mind making it for me? I'm hopefully gonna get a public thread out today too :)

    And I wouldn't mind that being a later thing! Dee would get attached to him over time anyways cx


    Dee knew the smell of grapes and fresh wine. His uncle had let him have sips of his glass as a young pup, saying he needed to acquire a taste for it young to hold the family name. His mother would hand over a half finished bottle when she needed him quiet, and his first time truly drunk as an adolescent was considered a rite of passage that would happen sooner or later.

    He had a strangely fond memory of dancing about their home singing along to the music his family had playing, swinging and patting about a feral rat by the tail as a dance partner as he went along, who was unfortunate enough to come across him and his family on one of their holidays. Things were fuzzy beyond it, and he blamed his older brother when he found the poor thing dead with a bleeding head in the morning, but if he wanted to remember anything, it was times like those. Family bringing him a drink to acknowledge when he was struggling with something. Early mornings when one of them was awake from a nightmare, suddenly everyone was also awake, and they would all be out drinking on the fields for wordless support. Wine was special to him. Other drinks came later in his life, and then- Then it was for the feeling of alcohol, and not the taste.

    He wasn't a drunk. It was social for him, and it was rarely more than a couple glasses, but the minute he smelled the grapes, the minute he needed to follow the familiar scent. The smile on his face was faint, but genuine when he came upon Carm. Even with the strange sight of her putting in the hard work for it, his eyes were only half on her, and half passed her, into pleasant memories his expression only hinted at. "Well, would you look at our resident princess getting her paws dirty. Where did you learn to make wine, doll?" He'd ask, voice a bit softer than usual. He wasn't complaining. He hoped if he played nice she'd let him have some too, but that was an awfully long time away, and he made no promises with himself to hold his tongue until spring.

    He gave a soft smile to Breakout, but he was quick to close his eyes for a moment and taste the smell in the air. He almost shivered when he sat down and wrapped his tail about himself. If he couldn't have it later, he'd take the grapes instead for now.



    Dee narrowed his eyes at Breakout's response, his smile never leaving him. Oh, so it was going to be like that, huh? "Assuming you'll be sober enough to see my face straight by the time I'm drunk, and that I make a face at all," he'd retort, shaking his head and leaning towards him before fixing his posture to be just as proud as before. He wasn't particularly large for a normal wolf, even with his father being a hellhound, but he did everything he could in body language to make it seem like he took up the same amount of space. While size wasn't a direct tell at the amount of alcohol it would take to have him lost, it wouldn't do him good to try and claim there was no connection at all. Besides, he wasn't awful. Average, he liked to think, and unlike many, he knew how to moderate himself. Break and Luna- He didn't know. But what a fun challenge it would be to try to outlast them.

    Dee was about to take the bottle as promised when the kitsune stole it from the table. He would settle his paw back down in front of him raising his brow in surprise and a smile that asked for an explanation more than it showed joy. He'd give half a chuckle, settling his tail back around him. "Are you sure we have enough in one bottle, Break? I think we'd rather drink than answer questions," He'd joke, smiling at Luna instead of looking back at who he was talking to. It was too early for him to be suprised by the girl, but he couldn't help but guess the enthusiasm probable and lack of experience would prove to be a bit of fun. He'd give her a pointed look as he reached out to take the bottle, slowly as if it'll be stolen again, before leaning his head back, closing his eyes, and tilting his ears back for a couple swallows. The burn on his throat was an old one, but it'd be a lie to say it wasn't completely welcomed. This was his space, if anything.

    He'd slam the bottle back down on the table after that. "Now, who's turn?"

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    Dee gave a short smile to Carmenere when she settled next to him, as usual. Was she looking for their leader as well? Dee had only given the object Break was working on mild curiosity at first- he was here to see him, not what he was doing after all- but he couldn't help but laugh and the words that left her mouth. Oh, sure, the hellhound apparently had skills in metalwork, and that was what he planned on using it for. Dee didn't hide his amusement. His lips twisted into a smile that told of his thoughts, and he tilted his head forward as if to jokingly consider the possibility.

    He had two things so far- The fact that Breakout knew how to work with metal, and that Carm had a sense of humor underneath some of that cold, polished demeanor. This was already worth his time. What was going through that girl's head? He expected the level to her voice, but the fact that he knew she must have the skills to hold her tongue said that she didn't want to this time, didn't it? It was an amusing comment for him and an even more amusing thing to know about the savannah cat.

    Breakout he would smile at again, staring carefully that he didn't laugh at the joke. Maybe that was too far for him? Strange. He nearly expected to hear an even worse followup from him, but instead, Dee softened some of his smile with the mood, trying to keep things moving along so they wouldn't have to feel any change. He hated silence. He always would. "You're surprised I enjoy talking to you?" He'd laugh, "Maybe. I worry I'd give you a heart attack if you let me have time alone with you." He always enjoyed leaving things open to interpretation. People too easily reacted with what they wanted, and it left no guesswork for him to do. Not that he hadn't been flirting with Breakout at every opportunity.

    "You know," he would add, "I wasn't aware we did these sorts of things." It was almost something kind, if he wasn't sure they were charging good money for it. Odds and ends. He supposed that it was just strange enough that someone would think of coming to them, and by the looks of it, Breakout had full confidence in his abilities, and nothing about his work contradicted him.


    Yeah, I'd love to see that! Dee's currently running off what he can get on first impressions, but he'd definitely get nosier as time goes on. With Break, he wants a connection with the leader, so he'd be afraid to push. With Carm, he'd probably see it as knowledge on her is having power over her, and down the road, if she won't budge, I can see him saying some pretty nasty things hoping that she'll break and accidentally tell him more.

    Meanwhile, over the course of their development, he doesn't realize how much Carm has been able to understand about him- considering she's so observant and he's so focused on getting details about her instead of hiding himself ? Just a thought because its almost always fun to have Dee's plans backfire :)


    Dee had passed the workshop three times that day, the first ignoring any noise, the second trying to peer in wondering who had been working so early and what for, and the third deciding that his curiosity was going to get the best of him either way. Dee would walk through the door without announcing his presence, casually padding over and tilting his head to try and get a glimpse of the work. Breakout was easy for him to recognize at this point. Funny. Being introduced to him with the words it's fucking nice to meet you, someone could have told him the hellhound spent most of his time sharing drinks and Dee would have been inclined to believe it. How many hours had he been in here, really?

    "Break? I was wondering why I didn't see you this morning. So what kept you from me," Dee would poke, giving a pointed look into the work space, not being able to tell from the angle. The nickname was new for Dee, but as much as he knew about two word names, he didn't think it'd be an issue. It said something about how much he tended to seek out his company, anyways. If Breakout was here as early as he thought he was, he likely hadn't left to eat either. He could always offer to bring him something, and considering it was a slow day, it'd be a pleasant excuse to stay and chat.


    Oh yeah I can see that! Dee's more interested in building connections than titles here, though, because regardless of what he is in the group, if he has people to stand behind him, he can get away with a lot more if he thinks he needs to. (That's not to say he might get power hungry down the line.) So I don't think Dee would be quick to betray Breakout. While some things are superficial, he still likes to be around him. If that all makes sense? He wants to use Breakout as a connection for if/when he gets into trouble, but he still enjoys their flirting in the meantime.


    Humble cartel. Dee would have laughed if he hadn't known better. He had to admit he wasn't used to the formality after spending a few days here, and hearing the cartel and combined with Carmenere's level of formality was amusing if not anything else. That said, he couldn't help but appreciate it. Dee tended to default to somewhat informal speech himself at times, but that didn't mean he skipped every pleasantry. Goodness knows he had that drilled into him as a pup, and there was comfortable familiarity in some of the ways to handle the situation. Carmenere reminded him much more of his home life than anyone had so far. The air the savannah cat gave off was enough to perk his ears and hold his tongue for a moment.

    Dee kept his smile when Breakout returned it, holding the amusement on his face even when staring back at the joiner. The name Ver he wasn't familiar with, but any frustration from being out of that circle was overshadowed by the things he could still learn from this conversation. Besides, Breakout was always entertaining to hear. He tilted his head back to the leader for a moment now, not being able to help himself. "I'm impressed I haven't heard a curse from you yet with that tongue," he would tease, not sounding like he was trying to offer serious criticism. His eyes had their usual playful spark, even with their lack of color.

    He'd turn his attention back to Carmenere next, keeping his posture, but nonetheless having no stiffness to him in the presence that she gave off. "But I'm Dee. It's a pleasure to meet you- you wouldn't mind a first name basis, would you? If we're going to be seeing each other around?" He'd tilt his head forward as he usually would with a question, always keeping eye contact but rarely looking without his head tilted one way or another. Dee was expressive that way.