Irene really couldn’t come up with any more excuses for her lack of activity. The honest truth was that she had really been struggling, mentally and emotionally, ever since she’d left Blizzardclan all those months ago. Rhaelarys’ death, Piper’s disappearance, her clanmates turning on her for defending the ‘enemy’; it had all been far too much for the weak-hearted healer to cope with. Not only that, but directly after the events that had transpired in Blizzardclan, the world shift to Agrelos had occurred and only served to shatter the catsune’s world even further. She’d been displaced in the move, taken from the comfort of her home on the floating isles and thrust into a new and terrifying world, forced to find her way back entirely alone.

    And when she’d finally done it, when she’d finally found her way back to her friends and family, everything was different. Much more time had passed than she’d thought, and her friends were long gone, replaced with strangers she didn’t care to know. Her children had been abandoned, and although leaving them had been out of her control, they still resented her for it. At that point Irene had simply given up, allowing the weakness and cowardice that had always been inside of her to finally win out.

    She’d allowed herself to fall back into the safety and comfort of solitude, returning to her birthplace in Solaris only to withdraw and ignore everyone around her. It was despicable, and disgusting, and every day her hatred for herself only grew stronger. She watched idly as the only friends she had left in the world slowly drifted away, and did nothing to stop the distance from growing. It seemed for a long time that the former medic might actually let go this time; that she might actually disappear into nothingness and never return.