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    Hello so this is an interest check for a zombie apocalypse Roleplay that’ll be different. 6 people between the ages of 14-19 have disorders that they’ve had since they were born. Blindness, Deafness, Hemophilia, etc...

    So these lovely people are at a sleepover together because one of them thought it would be a swell idea to take the group and their service animals to a sleepover and the zombie apocalypse goes down. Nobody helps them because they’ll think the 6 will die anyway but this group of friends is strong and they’ll survive despite their disorder or disability.

    Also I was thinking these characters can have a crush on someone else in the friend group. So 3 couples who are all friends.

    Current Characters:

    Gender - Disorder - Player

    Female - Hemophilia - springpollen

    Male - Blindness - teakit

    Female - Deafness - 25hz's manager

    Calypso knew that she needed sleep and Odin was right. But she wasn’t focused on falling asleep until the dog was right next to her. The lick over her head felt really weird but oddly nice and the vixen sighed whilst getting herself comfortable. “Alright, goodnight.” Calypso murmured as she finally focused on falling asleep and getting some much needed rest. But she was just anxiously itching for morning to come along so she would feel safer. But Calypso merely cuddled up into Odin and started to drift on off to sleep.

    Calypso had slept rather peacefully and she was left undisturbed so she got the good night’s rest that she had been hoping for. The vixen was aroused out of sleep by her unborn kits and their little squirming around. Now that she was awake, she was feeling hungry and a bit thirsty as well. Her legs stretched out as she started to heave herself up onto her paws and she waddled over to the water bowl before bending her head down to drink.

    Calypso could see why Odin loved winter. His fur kept him warm and he had an owner who fed him. Her? She had to huddle into a ball to keep warm and had to feed on frozen berries or whatever animal that dared to come out during winter. “Yeah, most sleep during winter so finding food is hard.” The vixen nodded her head before her jaws parted for a yawn. It was getting pretty late and she would want to fall back asleep and get some more needed rest too. “I’d like for you to stay here with me.” Calypso spoke, feeling uneasy about sleeping in here by herself even though she was safe in here. The vixen felt more secure with Odin around.

    And she wanted him to stay here with her for the night. Calypso had that gnawing fear that the hunter might be around and she didn’t want to be sleeping by herself in this safe warm room. “I’ll feel much safer if you’re here with me.” Calypso hastily spoke as she began to curl up into a small ball. The vixen was still tired and she could easily be lulled on off to sleep which is what she needed right now.

    Calypso’s ears flicked. What was it like being a fox in the forest? She knew what it was like and now she wondered if she was getting a little too settled in the house. She might not want to leave — she might want to stay. Now where should she began? Calypso remained silent for a bit but she was just thinking on where she should start. “Well, it’s fine I guess. You gotta go out every morning and hunt and find a nearby stream to drink from, avoid much larger predators than you, not stray too far from your burrow or den.” The vixen was starting to explain to the dog. “That was my mistake, I wandered too far from my burrow without realizing it.” Calypso went to say in addition.

    Yes, she had wandered too far from her little fox burrow. But here she was now in a nice house with Henry and Odin. She had a mattress and all and not some burrow that had been dug out. “And winters aren’t too good really.” Calypso murmured before looking at Odin.

    Of course Calypso was scared, this was her first litter after all and she wouldn’t know what to do when it was time. But she did have Henry and Odin here so maybe she would do great with the help of them. Still though, this was going to be scary for her and she could only force herself to think positive to stop herself from stressing out and being upset. She watched Odin with curious eyes and his presence was calming in a sense and she was able to relax herself. Maybe she would do fine and great. “Yeah, I’m scared.” Calypso murmured as she looked away from Odin and stared off into space as if she was trying to keep herself occupied.

    But at least this was better than a fox burrow. Having a warm comfortable place to be in was perfect for her and she wouldn’t have to go through this alone. “I don’t know how painful it’s going to be and that’s scary to me.” The vixen added with complete as her ears were slowly getting perky. It was true and even though it was scary, it was going to be worth it. But what about after she healed and her kits would be able to walk? Would they basically kick her and the kits out so they can live out on their own? Calypso didn’t want to think about it.

    “A mate? No I don’t have a mate... at least not anymore.” Calypso’s voice went into a small murmur as she moved to lay back down. She didn’t like to talk about her former mate and she wanted to drop it for now at least. Maybe one day she would finally speak about her former mate to Odin but not right now. “But, yes this is my first litter.” Calypso have a small nod of the head as she rested her head on her front paws. Her mate had been a Silver fox and she liked to wonder about what the kits would look like when they were born and she would have to come up with names for them too. The vixen sensed that Odin was curious and she found it to be quite amusing honestly.

    She nosed at her stomach once more and she felt the kits wiggle around. If she was going to be honest, she was scared because this was her first litter and she wasn’t sure how painful this was going to be. But she didn’t have to worry about that for a day or two at least if not more. The vixen ears were flattened and she was starting to stare off into space.

    Calypso listened intently to what Odin was saying and that made her feel better. What ultimately calmed her down was when Odin ran his tongue across her head. “You’ll protect me and the kits?” Calypso asked for confirmation. Maybe it was the instincts to protect a pregnant female that made Odin start to grow protective of her. And Calypso was really starting to like it too. “Thank you.” The vixen mumbled to the dog as she was more calm and relaxed now. Knowing that the hunter would go to jail was a reassuring thought to the vixen.

    Calypso felt restless and she was stirring around a little until she decided that she was starting to get a little thirsty with her mouth slowly getting dry. Slowly, Calypso heaved herself up onto her paws and began to waddle her way over to the large water bowl where she began to thirstily lap up some water until she was satisfied.

    “Calypso. My name is Calypso.” The vixen finally introduced herself to Odin, taking note of his name and Henry’s name. Funny how he went from threatening to gentle with her. It was a nice change really seeing Odin be so nice and gentle with her. Calypso knew she was safe in here since there was Odin and Henry who could keep her safe but... what if the hunter found her? What would she do then? Obviously the hunter might not be pleased that she had gotten away so naturally he would look for her.

    The thoughts had made her become distressed and her scent gave off the smell off distress and unease. “Hey, what if the hunter finds me here?” Calypso asked, wanting to get that question off of her chest so she could feel better. An answer from Odin would definitely make her feel better. Her ears had flattened and she was now nuzzling her face into Odin’s warm fur as she tried to not think about anything negative.

    Calypso didn’t wake up right away. She stayed asleep and she only was starting to wake up when she felt someone next to her. Her eyes slowly opened to find herself in a completely different room and she looked around before seeing that Odin was next to her. Sighing, the vixen cuddled up next to him for warmth and she didn’t say a word... not right away at least. Her paws stretched out and she was pawing at Odin’s side whilst she stretched. Calypso was comfortable now and she didn’t really feel pain in her paw but rather she felt a dull throbbing sensation. Her jaws parted into a loud yawn as she curled up once more.

    Calypso felt fully rested now, but still she felt weak. What could she possibly say to Odin right now? She pondered on that as she had her body curled up comfortably in a small fetal position. “You’re quite warm.” The vixen finally spoke as she sounded content, not bothering to move from her position. Her eyes were open and she was staring at the injured paw which was stitched and she didn’t want to move it around too much.

    Calypso yipped when the paw was numbed and then she was pricked again with a sleeping injection. Her vision became blurred and she was resting her head down as she was slowly getting into a drowsy state. She still heard their conversation and the vixen was grateful that she could stay here whilst she healed and had her babies. It was evident that she had already made herself at home so she didn’t plan on leaving the house anytime soon. It was too dangerous for her because that hunter could still be around looking for her and she was nearly close to having kits. In simpler words, she couldn’t risk going out there on her own. Slowly but surely, she was getting more sleepy and her gaze was still focused on Henry and Berry. How long she would be sleeping for was something that she didn’t know.

    Calypso needed the sleep anyway because she was exhausted. Her eyes were closing and she was lulled into a sleep state with her mouth slightly open. What Berry was going to do to help her was something that Calypso didn’t know before she fell asleep. And while she was exhausted, she didn’t want to remain in the sleeping state for too long.

    Calypso’s gaze turned to Odin and she nodded her head. “Yeah, I think I’m really close.” She said as she finally checked her stomach and laid her head down on the dog bed. She was going to fall asleep because she felt so exhausted and she wanted to sleep off the pain. But then there was the knock on the door and it startled Calypso with her ears going up and her body getting into a sitting position. Then there was the sound of Odin growling and Calypso was starting to nestle back down onto the bed with her head laying on her paws. Seeing the vet made her growl defensively as she wasn’t sure what he was going to do to her. Obviously she didn’t know what a vet was so she was scared. And Henry was leading Odin to another room only to shut the door and the vixen had to listen to the sound of Odin barking and clawing.

    Calypso stopped growling and she laid on her side with her front paws stretched out. Her eyes darted between Henry and Berry, wondering what was going to happen next. She understood what Berry was saying and him saying that he was here to help made her feel a bit better. Her paw was in pain and she wondered if there were bullet fragments in her paw. Oddly enough, she wanted Odin here since it was clear to her that he was getting protective.

    Calypso silently watched and she rested her head on the floor whilst she laid on her side. Her tail still curled around her stomach protectively as she was eyeing Odin with uncertainty. “Yeah I can tell that this is your bed.” Calypso said with apathy and she figured that Odin was going to be kicking her out of the dog bed. Well if he did then maybe Henry would let her sleep in the bed with him. She did need a comfortable place to sleep and it would be a large change to sleeping in a fox burrow. Then the vixen watched Odin disappear outside only to come in with a dead bunny and set it on the edge of the bed.

    Calypso sniffed at it and then she opened her jaws only to sink her teeth into the bunny. Calypso was wolfing the bunny down which showed that she was really hungry. Her tongue swiped over her maw to lick away the blood and she was satisfied for now at least. After getting her fill of the bunny, Calypso then laid back down on her side and she strained to nose at her stomach. The vixen needed to make sure that her little ones were okay.

    Calypso’s haunches tensed up when she heard growling and barking. There wasn’t much she could do so she just remained laying there on the dog bed when she saw Odin. Her fur raised up and her fur also prickled against her skin as she stared at the dog with a scared but also defensive sort of look. And then came in the owner with the bat and her lower body raised so she was in a crouching position. Of course, her first thought was that Henry was going to do something to get her outside but her eyes watched as he didn’t even use the bat on her or grab her to carry her outside. She lowered herself out of the crouching position and she stared at Henry before hearing Odin speak. “What? I was shot by a hunter while trying to find food. And I just wanted to find a place where a hunter wouldn’t come looking.” The vixen explained, intimidated by Odin’s tone and her ears flattened as her tail protectively curled around her stomach. Her pups were okay... at least she felt them wriggling around in her stomach. But blood was soaking the fur on her front paw and even dripping onto the floor.

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    This is the RP thread ^w^

    ||Grayson Silversmith|| ||23|| ||Male||

    A nice hotel was perfect for Ashley, yes? And after some... persuasion on the phone, he was able to get it to where Casanova, Ashley’s therapy dog, was allowed into the hotel. Now come on, service and therapy animals should be allowed into hotels! Now Grayson wanted Ashley to be thrilled and surprised at the hotel five star hotel. He and some others had planned this for their lovely soul mates because why not have some leisurely relaxation time? Ashley had been stressed lately so Grayson was willing and able to do something that would make her relax. And well... everyone was crowded into Gray’s car with them and the animals because Grayon’s excellent persuasion skills had paid off to let animals in the hotel. And oh boy it was a long drive with frequent and unexpected bumps but it was well worth it when the male pulled up to the hotel.

    It was nice and all, and Grayson was hoping that they had all gotten the one bed rooms because who wants a two bed room when you could just sleep in the same bed with your soulmate? “Okay, make sure you have everything because I am not responsible for any lost items or pets of yours.” Grayson spoke in a very teasing kind of way whilst he unbuckled his seatbelt. An, just for the sake of safety, their rooms would be close together in case something happened and they really didn’t need to be separated. He stuffed the car keys into his pocket, getting out of the car and shutting the door before walking over to the other side just so he could open the door for Ashley.

    So what do you think? You like? Grayson signed to Ashley with a very smug and cheesy grin on his lips. He then bent down and grabbed his stuff as well as Ashley’s stuff whilst he was going to let her hold onto Casanova’s leash. And oh boy, someone was already holding the door open for them! How sweet.

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