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    having been a loner travelling the world during cloudwatcher's time as a medicine cat, boasong was unaware of the tom's previous position. so, when he overheard cloudwatcher's excellent explanation of the herbs that he'd gathered and their uses, it came as a shock to him that the warrior possessed so much knowledge on medicinal plants. he could understand a warrior knowing the basic herbs; cobwebs, poppy seeds, et cetera. but lungwort? lavender? those were herbs that he didn't learn about until a little later into his apprenticeship.

    "quite impressive!" comments boasong, the bobtail padding up to cloudwatcher after birdbones with a small smile, although his eyes still shone with his previous surprise. "you certainly know quite a bit about herbs, haha... are you.. an enthusiast?"

    if boasong could be any more oblivious to the extent of birdbones and tawnydove's relationship, well, he'd be no short of blind. blame it on his faith in his friend and coworker, that birdbones would never break the medicine cat and warrior code. he trots up to birdbones, a wide smile forming on his face. he'd come just in time to overhear tawnydove's announcement; natalina was his new apprentice. though, tawnydove had only recently been promoted to a full medicine cat, since he'd been only an apprentice at the last half-moon meeting. a little early to be embarking on the journey of training an apprentice. even if boasong was excited to one day have an apprentice of his own, he wanted to wait for a little bit, as he felt a little unprepared for a pupil right now. but, to each their own. if tawnydove felt like he was prepared to take on an apprentice, then good for him! he was happy for tawnydove, and natalina.

    "natalina! it's so wonderful to meet you. i'm boasong; congratulations on becoming a medicine cat apprentice!" his tail waved behind him in an excited manner, one paw fidgeting with his collar. "you must be so excited! i know i was when i was chosen for the job."

    a cream hued head popped out of the medicine cat's den, round ears angled towards the voices that had so easily awoken him from his fitful sleep. it was an odd hour to be up, though the night sky was beautiful during this time. how could he blame someone for wanting to stargaze right now? "brrr!" his fur instantly fluffed up against the wintry wind as he stepped out into the cold night air. it was such a drastic change from a moon ago, when the blistering heat scorched the moors. now, he was back to hoping that things would get better.

    "the stars are beautiful tonight, aren't they? and the moon as well," he murmurs as he tiptoes over, careful not to wake any other sleeping souls up.

    a cream head poked out of the medicine cat's den, seafoam eyes locking onto elkroot "spring cleaning?" boasong echoed thoughtfully. he'd heard the warrior's hesitant speech from within the den. spring cleaning sounded like a wonderful idea. who didn't enjoy the pride one received after tidying up their home? and, not to mention the endless possibilities of how to incorporate new decorations amongst the old ones. although... boasong wished it wasn't so cold today. it had been a relief from the sweltering heat a moon ago, but now, it nipped uncomfortably at his skin and racked his unusually skinny frame with shivers. ah, well... maybe cleaning up the dens would warm him up some? "i'll give a helping paw as well. the more the merrier, right?" he chirped as he exited the den, padding over to elkroot with a small smile.

    "they are all adorable, aren't they?" he murmured in agreement, watching the squirming bundles of fur with a small smile. oh, how he wanted children of his own one day...

    wait, no. he couldn't think like that. he was a medicine cat, sworn to starclan and forbidden to take a mate or have kits of his own. why that was, he didn't quite understand. was there any other reason behind that law, or was it simply a religious practice? ah, well... whatever it was, he couldn't change it, nor could he change the destiny that was already laid out for him. not that he wanted to. he loved being a medicine cat, loved helping the clan that took him in. until the day that he died, he swore to never regret taking this path. life was too short for regrets. he could get by with babysitting for the queens, that would be enough for him.

    boasong's smile grew, his bobbed tail waving. it seemed everyone was enthusiastic to try out his idea. wonderful! they all needed some enthusiasm after the dull misery of the past few moons. he knew that he most likely wasn't going to win this race. he'd never been able to pick up on the speed at which windclanners used to chase down their prey; his thick-set frame wasn't made for swiftness and agility. he just hoped he wouldn't trip and tumble like in his past few hunting attempts...

    bouncing over to beansprout, he copied the young warrior's lowered position. each number sent a shiver of excitement down his spine. one. two. three. go! he barreled out of the starting line a moment after everyone else, already falling a foot or two behind.

    he'd never expected, nor wanted, his words to elicit such a reaction.

    boasong stumbles backwards as one of the riverclanners snaps at him, ears flattening, eyes widening. he stares at her over lavenderspine, who'd jumped in between him and the furious molly, speechless as he processed what he'd just heard. she was accusing him of stealing a child... she was accusing him of stealing a child! he would never! just the idea appalled him. it appalled him to know that this is how ashfolly must see him. as a lowlife who would dare to injure an innocent child and take them from their mother. "i- i didn't- i would never!" he blurts out, shaking his head in a frantic attempt to relieve himself of such an accusation as lavenderspine defends him, for which he is thankful for. he'd shoot her an appreciative glance as he straightened back up slightly.

    gyrecall is quick to explain what ashfolly had meant. a kitten had been stolen in the middle of the night, with nothing but a trail of blood and windclan scent left behind. that was troubling... he wanted to believe that none of his clanmates would ever bring misfortune upon any cat, let alone a kit. but if what they were saying was true- which he didn't doubt their credibility, as who would lie about a missing kitten?- it was rather glaringly obvious. he couldn't ignore the evidence. "i-i'm so sorry to hear that this has happened. if it is a windclanner as you suspect, i wholeheartedly assure you that duckstar and brightshine had no part in planning this... kidnapping, and they will be very displeased with whoever is behind this- as we all will be. i'm certain that they will be punished swiftly when they are found," he adds after lavenderspine, offering an apologetic dip of his head to the riverclanners. lavenderspine wants them to leave, judging by her words that sounded as though they were meant to be a parting statement, but boasong felt as though this needed to be discussed further between the two leaders. "lavenderspine, perhaps it would be best to let duckstar speak to gladestar about this? this is a serious matter for both of our clans, after all..." then, he turned back to the river-dwelling group, dipping his head once again. "if you don't mind waiting here, i'll go fetch duckstar so that you may discuss what happened with him face-to-face." and he was off, racing across the moorlands as fast as his weakened frame would carry him to fulfill his promise.


    boasong was late- how could he be late to a half-moon meeting, of all meetings? honestly... he needed to do better with his time management. windclan didn't need one of their medicine cats slacking off. next time he'd make sure to get here early. his heart skipped a frantic beat when he scurried up to the entrance of mothermouth, only to find that no one was there. had they already started? he wanted to rush down into the darkness, apologize profusely to his fellow medicine cats for being late, but birdbones wasn't here yet. his eyes darted between the cave and the moorlands behind him, torn between what to do. should he wait for her, or should he carry on as to not entirely miss the meeting? it was a hard decision, but... sorry, birdbones.. i hope you won't be upset with me. he dives into the shadows of mothermouth, his whiskers his only guide as he traverses the tunnel. soon, the light from the moonstone filtered in through the darkness. voices drifted towards him, giving him hope that he hadn't missed the entire meeting just yet, and he picked up his pace.

    "so sorry! i'm so sorry, i'm late, i know-" called the bobtail as he burst into the opening, skidding to a halt. he breathed a shaky laugh as eyes undoubtedly turned towards him, one ear folded back. "birdbones will be here soon. uh, it's so nice to see you all!"

    he's just in time to hear tawnypaw's question. does anyone have anything they need to announce? a small frown now pulls at the nervous smile he'd worn previously. he hated to announce this, of all things, but... "hawkmoth.. has been demoted. birdbones and i have taken over as full medicine cats of windclan." he wished he could be happier about his promotion. it was hard, though, knowing that his mentor wouldn't be standing beside him anymore.

    birdbones' sudden shift in demeanor would be suspicious, if it hadn't been for boasong's unwillingness to believe that his clanmates would break the law and his joy for her lifted spirits. "the medicine cat den has never looked more beautiful; the flowers and feathers are a wonderful touch!" purred the bobtail, looking over each carefully placed feather and delicately woven flower with delight. it was just enough to bring some much-needed life to the place, after so much death and devastation. he would admit that he was a little disappointed that birdbones had returned empty-handed from skyclan. but, he could understand why they couldn't share their herbs; he imagined that the other clans weren't spared from the drought's ruthlessness.

    he listens on in silence as birdbones announces that juniperthorn was now juniperstar. that must mean... that heronstar walked among the stars. he hadn't known the calico molly, but the loss of a life was a loss to them all, in his eyes. with a slight bow of his head, he sent a silent prayer to those in skyclan.

    "and skyclan isn't the only clan out there. we border three of them; riverclan, thunderclan, and darkclan. that's only to name a few, though!" he was quick to change the topic to something more lighthearted. it had been such a pleasant surprise to find out that so many cats could come together and work and protect each other as a unit when he'd first joined windclan. outside of clan territory, cats fended for themselves more often than not, only caring about filling their bellies than helping each other out. clan life had been refreshing in that it offered him another view of the world, a better view, just as his mother had told him as a child.

    a small chuckle came from boasong, listening to beansprout's childlike complaints. he supposed the camp had stilled since the sun had risen high above them, yet he found solace in the peace. he much preferred it to disorderly chaos and tense anxiety. but, that wasn't the case for everyone, apparently. "since you two have so much energy, maybe you should have a race? you know, to burn some of it off," he suggests as he moves to stand beside birdbones, giving the other medic a small smile in greeting. a good-natured competition never hurt anyone, and it would give the two something to do instead of complain.

    he can see it in their darkened expressions and agitated body language that something was wrong. tension hung thick in the air, so thick he could swear that he could cut through it with his claws, as the bobtail sidled up next to lavenderspine. his worrying gaze danced over each riverclanner that stood at their border. lavenderspine had already asked the necessary questions... yet words bubbled up to the surface from within him anyways, fuelled by anxiety and the desire to know what was troubling the riverclanners. "i hope it's nothing serious?" he murmurs, voice unsure if the answer he wanted would be given. if it wasn't anything serious, why would they be here, with their leader restlessly pacing at their border? he feared the answer. one paw instinctively drifted to his collar, adjusting and fidgeting and worrying with it, as he awaited their response with bated breath.

    his relief at coalsmoke's speedy assistance turned sour when the molly spewed careless words. his jaw clenched, gritting his teeth, appalled by how callous coalsmoke was being. wildkit shouldn't be outside of the camp, he knew this. but there was no trace of concern in her voice nor her body language, instead she looked upon the injured boy with malice. it was unfathomable how someone could care less for an innocent soul who was injured, especially when it was a child who was hurting. still, he held his tongue, instead offering coalsmoke a brisk, "thank you." he took the cobwebs from coalsmoke, applying them to the wound just as he had the previous bundle, still applying constant pressure in hopes that the bleeding would stop or at least slow down enough so that he could move wildkit into the medicine cats' den to disinfect the wound and administer something for the shock.

    brightshine appeared right after coalsmoke, just as shocked and concerned as boasong. with a grim expression unbefitting of the healer, he watched brightshine pace before dropping his eyes back down to wildkit. "i-i'm not sure why he was outside of the camp, nor what attacked him. when i found him, he was alone." it was troubling, indeed. not only was wildkit injured, but his injuries also meant that something- or someone- had invaded windclan's territory, and that something was a threat to their safety. they were still suffering from the effects of the drought; even though the temperatures had cooled, rain still had yet to fall and quench the dry lands of the moor. their herb stock was dangerously low, he feared that they wouldn't have enough to properly treat wildkit's injury, let alone any future injuries caused by this unknown predator. not until rain replenished the flora.

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    boasong would appear among the throng of cats next, weaving his way through the crowd to sit beside birdbones, offering his fellow medic a small smile in reassurance, before turning his attention onto duckstar, fidgeting with his collar as he waited for the meeting to begin.

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    one by one, they gathered underneath the stormy skies. brightshine joined him in his celebration, leaping and bounding over and around him, her energy rubbing off onto him so that he, too, could join her in her frivolous frolicking. their laughter echoed together, intertwining into a wonderful harmony that reverbated through camp. this is what he had been missing during these months of hardships. it was so, so liberating to let go of the stress and worry that had been plaguing him, and to see his clanmates visibly relaxing as a heavy weight was lifted from their shoulders.

    birdbones, duckstar, and lavenderpaw's presence was a stark contrast to the zest of brightshine and boasong's. they would not join the two in their prancing, instead letting their gaze drift upwards to the heavens and linger on the dark clouds that floated above. he halted, his dancing paws faltering, watching lavenderpaw, who had stalked off without a word. he wanted to call after her and pull her back into the celebration. he wanted to see her happy, just as he did with all of his clanmates. but hesitation gripped him for too long, and lavenderpaw had already disappeared. with a disappointed blink of his eyes and twitch of his ears, he shifted his seafoam gaze to his fellow healer and his leader, who remained with brightshine and him. birdbones' words, disbelieving and bordering on melancholic, worried him. it almost sounded as if she were speaking to herself more than she was anybody else. "starclan will always be here to guide us in our times of need," he agreed with a smile that had deflated by a couple of fractions from lavenderpaw and birdbones' reaction, yet still remained through sheer force of will. "we should throw a celebration, to thank our warrior ancestors for blessing us with rain!" a celebration would surely lift everyone's spirits, right?

    boasong had stepped foot outside of camp that evening for a brisk walk- he hadn't expected to find a child, nearing unconsciousness, blood pooling around him in front of the entrance. a gasp left him, eyes widening, at the horror of the sight. in an instant, he was whirling around towards the camp once more, calling for someone to bring him cobwebs immediately. the npc who was beckoned by his call was surely confused, as they heeded his frantic ordering, scrambling over to him with a swathe of webs wrapped around one paw that they had retrieved from the medicine cats' den. a hasty 'thank you' was sent out before boasong would take the cobwebs from the npc, hobbling over to wildkit as quickly as one could with three available legs. "wildkit, you're safe now, i'm here," he murmured to the kit, who must be going into shock from the blood loss by now, judging by his rapid breathing and glazed eyes. he needed to work fast. "i'm going to press down on your scratch, okay?" he didn't have time to wait for an answer- he was unsure if wildkit would even give him one in this state. right now, it was critical that he stopped the bleeding before his patient lost too much. without a moment's hesitation, boasong placed the cobwebs over the gash running down wildkit's spine, applying pressure as he did so, in an attempt to slow the bleeding. crimson doused the cobwebs almost instantaneously, as would be expected when dealing with a deep wound like this. letting out a panicked hiss, his head swivelled around, eyes locking onto anybody near him who could help. "more cobwebs! i need more cobwebs!" the demanding words were unbefitting for the mealymouthed healer, but time was of the essence in a situation like this.

    why had wildkit been outside of camp? he wasn't even an apprentice yet- and even apprentices needed a warrior to accompany them. boasong wanted to lecture him- gently, just like everything the medicine cat ever did was- but he would bite his tongue as he always did. now wasn't the time. wildkit's life was on the line, and boasong refused to let someone so young pass on to the starry fields when there was still hope.

    horsetail. that's right- birdbones didn't have any horsetail. while horsetail would typically be used for treating infections, birdbones used it as a supplement to strengthen her bones. since the drought began, their entire stock had been dwindling, and what little they had was shrivelling up faster than they could use them. their stock of horsetail wasn't spared. he hoped and prayed that today, with five sets of helping paws, they would find some more horsetail.

    "no need to thank us; that's what clanmates are for," he purred to birdbones, before he looked towards brightshine, who echoed his previous thoughts with the confidence he wished that he had. she always appeared so genuinely optimistic and confident, no matter how stressful or bleak times may be, which he admired her for.

    she then went on to ask where they could find horsetail. it was odd how he would sometimes forget that most of his clanmates didn't possess the same knowledge on herbs that he and birdbones did; healing had practically become like a second nature to him now. "horsetail usually grows in marshy places." which are pretty much all dried up by now... heavens above, let us find some horsetail, please. birdbones needed horsetail for her bones, so that she could maneuver and perform her duties safely.

    "sparrowflight!" boasong dropped the pitiful bundle of herbs he had collected, rushing over to the sickly she-cat's side. "are you alright? you should really be more careful- please? i don't want you to push yourself too hard." he was glad to see that sparrowflight was feeling well enough to try and walk around a little; he had been stressing over her wellbeing ever since she fell ill. the last thing he wanted was for the senior warrior to succumb to her illness and leave her kits without their mother and duckstar without his mate. but, it appeared she was still too weak to completely walk by herself. "here, you can lean on me- where were you wanting to go?"

    dark clouds gathered in the sky, covering the rising sun. the promise of rain was a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief. things were finally beginning to look up. as boasong stepped out of the medicine cat's den, a cool breeze greeted him, a shocking change from the sweltering temperatures of the days before. it made him pause, blinking wide seafoam eyes, unsure if he was dreaming or if this was reality. it was all so sudden... but, as his claws pricked at the skin of his foreleg experimentally, fully expecting to wake up in the stuffy, hot medicine cat den next to birdbones, nothing happened. this was real, this was happening! it was the first time in a couple moons that he felt actual hope, his seafoam gaze observing the stormy grey sky all the while a genuine smile spread across his face. a small breath of air turned into joyous laughter, tears of happiness and relief pricking at his eyes as he sung out, "everyone, look! storm clouds! rain is on the way!"