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    boasong had expected more than one cat to approach, but... one cat was better than no cats, and it's not like boasong needed a ton of his clanmates to accompany him. they were just going to ask thunderclan for help, and he doubted that they'd run into any trouble on their own territory. giving a small, appreciative smile to wilson, he nodded to the other. "ah, thank you!" he purred, glancing around camp to see if anyone else was interested one last time before he looked back to wilson. "it looks like it'll just be me and you, then. c'mon, let's get moving-" just as he was about to turn towards the camp exit, another voice sounded from in front of him. looking down, he saw pollenkit staring up at him with pleading eyes, begging him to go. his heart twisted a little, seeing the little kitten imploring him so desperately. if he was in pollenkit's shoes, he knew he'd probably be doing the exact same thing; begging his clanmates to help. but, the warrior code stated that kits couldn't leave the camp, and for good reason. "i'm sorry, little one, but you're too young to leave the camp," he murmured softly. "the patrol isn't going to be that exciting, anyways. we're just going to thunderclan's border and then coming right back." a bit of an odd thing for the optimistic tom to say; a half-lie to (hopefully) repel pollenkit from wanting to join. if only he'd been a little older, then he could've tagged along...

    the sound of a voice outside of the den distracted boasong from his sorting. sparrowflight? instantly, the medicine cat apprentice was on his paws and at the entrance, looking into the pained eyes of his clanmate. "y-yes, of course! is something wrong?" are you sick? please don't be sick- you can't be sick. we can't afford sickness to strike right now. panicked thoughts rushed through his head as he was confronted with the chance that there may be illness beginning to spread. it was growing hard to force a reassuring smile, yet he somehow managed, moving aside so that sparrowflight could step into the shade of the healer's den and explain why she was there.

    it was time that they put an end to the starvation that ravaged their clan. today, boasong, duckstar, and brightshine would all lead separate patrols to ask their allies for help. things could only get better from here; that's what boasong had forced himself to believe. their allies would lend them land to hunt on, their bellies would be filled once more, and then they could figure out what to do about the twoleg problem.

    the medicine cat apprentice wasted no time, padding briskly into the center of camp and calling out to his clanmates. "excuse me, everyone! it's time that we asked our allies to help us out of this rut we're in. who would like to accompany me to thunderclan?"

    boasong had followed behind his friends upon hearing duckstar's call, his paws scuffing the ground in a disheartened manner so unlike the usually bubbly tom. even his optimism couldn't reverse the effects of hunger, it seems. although he may try and try to look towards the "bright future," that didn't dull the ache in his stomach, the exhaustion in his bones, nor the stress from worrying over his clanmates. and it couldn't bring back those they had lost already. fallowsong, grayfoot, and foxpaw. boasong bowed his head in somber, mournful respect as duckstar named those who had been claimed by hunger. tears stung at his eyes, his canines worrying at his bottom lip. there could've been something more that he could've done. he was a medicine cat, he was supposed to prevent his clanmates from dying unnecessarily. was he not meant to walk down this path after all?

    his fretful thinking was cut short by duckstar's voice ringing out once more, this time proposing a plan. asking for help from their allies? yes, that's exactly what they needed right now. help. why had duckstar not mentioned this earlier? "yes! i agree with birdpaw and brightshine," he blurted out. "if they'll allow us to hunt on part of their land, then we can make it through leafbare. and- why wouldn't they help us out? we have no reason not to ask them for help."

    life will be alright.

    boasong really needed to hear those words. simple though they may seem, they spoke of hope, a bright future, a way out of this darkness that boasong so desperately wanted. "right you are, young miss," he chirped as he followed brightshine over to the apprentice. he put on a smile for her in spite of the turmoil inside of him; she didn't need to see how twisted up he was over windclan's current state. she was too young to know the pains of the world. she was too young to know what hunger felt like. "life will turn out alright. it'll turn out wonderful, even, because we all have each other!" oh, how he hoped that those words were true.

    despite how fast boasong had hurried over to the meeting area, a few of his clanmates still beat him to it. the medicine cat apprentice would surely look strange without the grin that usually graced his features, but in worrying times like these, even the most optimistic soul would have trouble faking a smile. his clan was starving. his clan was starving, and he could do nothing to stop it. was this what this meeting was about? starvation? impending death? whatever it was, it surely couldn't be anything good, if duckstar's frantic body language was any indication.

    //quick track

    boasong laughed a little at bullwinkle's observation on the clans' odd naming system, his forepaw fiddling with the collar around his neck out of habit. he could definitely see how a loner or kittypet would be confused by their names. if his mother hadn't told him countless stories of his father, mousewhisker, he probably would've found it odd when he first joined windclan as well. "no offense taken- the clans do have a..." there was a momentary pause to think of a good word to use, and then he continued. "...unique way of naming themselves!" his smile fell into a more natural one, one that was less forced. this loner certainly wasn't like scarecrow. his presence wasn't eerie, and boasong didn't find himself growing uncomfortable around bullwinkle.

    not that scarecrow was a bad person; he had done nothing wrong, as far as boasong knew.

    he listened to bullwinkle talk, enthralled with the hidden stories that the older tom had to tell. his seafoam eyes sparkled with curiosity, head tilting to regard the newcomer with a new light. he's never seen grass this green? bo wondered where he was from. he would, admittedly, not be too enthralled with bullwinkle's past if he knew the horrors of war that he'd had witnessed. but, he was oblivious to this, and the curiosity remained untainted.

    he wanted a place to rest... well, boasong certainly didn't mind, and he doubted his clanmates would, either. "it's not rude at all! i'm sure duckstar wouldn't mind you resting up at our camp. he'd probably even let you stay, if you wanted!"

    boasong picked himself up off of the ground, shaking loose the snow that clung to his thick pelt. that hadn't gone as planned. he could feel the fresh wave of embarrassment washing over him, his skin burning hot despite the biting cold. another hunt failed. another opportunity missed. that was one less meal that could be used to feed his hungry clanmates. not much had changed since his last hunt, except the importance of catching the rabbit. at least nobody had been around to witness his blunder, unlike last time.

    or so he thought.

    a cheery voice called to him from atop a hill, the medicine cat apprentice's eyes lifting to spot brightshine's calico fur in the near distance. and at her paws... was the rabbit! his ears perked up, his smile returning. the prey hadn't escaped, after all. they could still bring it back to camp for his clanmates to enjoy. "i guess we do," he chuckled at her lighthearted question, still half-embarrassed that his friend had witnessed his little screw up. one paw came up to adjust the collar around his neck, blinking down at the rabbit. "it's a good thing you were there, huh? or else the critter might've gotten away from me!" he let out another laugh, still worrying with the collar. then, an idea popped into his head. an idea that had been suggested to him before, yet he'd never had the chance to make it a reality, as life had been a bit more hectic back then. "maybe you could teach me how to not fall on my face when i hunt?" he suggested, throwing in a joke to hide the embarrassment that still lingered in his mind. "if you want to, of course!"

    when minksplash had left, disappearing without a trace, boasong had held on to the hope that she would one day return. it was his way of coping with the sorrow and regret, he guessed; because if he believed that she wasn't gone forever, it would hurt a little less. now, it seemed as if that had been countless moons ago. in reality, it had only been a couple. but in the back of his mind, he'd clung to that dim hope, every single day.

    a scent, familiar yet unfamiliar all at the same time, reached him on the wind that afternoon. boasong's ears perked, nose twitching. could it be.. minksplash! the kurilian bobtail pelted off, following his nose to lead him to his former mentor. that's when he saw her- her mink point pelt, which she was aptly named after, stood out against the barren moor- she was really back. bo skidded to a grinding halt next to the scarecrow, grinning from ear to ear, despite the scarred tom's company. he wasn't focused on the new warrior at that moment. minksplash was back, and that was all that mattered! she would resume her role as medicine cat, take the burden of teaching two apprentices off of hawkmoth's shoulders, and things would go back to the way they should've been. "minksplash.. you're here! i knew you'd come back," he purred, bobbed tail wagging behind him like a canine's. "everyone will be so happy to see you!"

    then, he remembered that scarecrow was still here, staring at minksplash with as questioning of a look as the monotone male could possibly manage. right. scarecrow didn't know who she was. his grin fell to a small, uneasy smile as he turned to scarecrow, gesturing to minksplash with a tip of his head. "this is minksplash. she's one of our medicine cats- my mentor, actually," he explained. "minksplash, this is scarecrow. he joined windclan not too long ago."

    "now, don't be so rude, ramkit," boasong murmured to the child, coming to stand next to him. "he's our new clanmate, and clanmates aren't scary!" if only bo could be reassured by his own (forcibly) cheerful words. just like most of his clanmates, he felt as though there was something... off about scarecrow. the way he stared at everyone with a gaze that lacked any warmth, his face devoid of emotion, his voice robotic and monotonous. it gave him the creeps, even though he tried so hard not to be unsettled by the newcomer. bo couldn't count the amount of times he had already reminded himself that there was no reason to feel this way, that he was just being rude and making assumptions.

    his eyes flickered away from ramkit and to scarecrow as the scarred male spoke in his raspy voice, one ear flicking backwards at the grating sound. forcing a wide smile that lacked any true joy behind it, he nodded to scarecrow. "i'm glad to hear you're enjoying your stay so far! i'm sure you'll find that windclan is a wonderful home, just as i did."

    maybe he should've learnt from the last time he'd tried to catch a rabbit that he should leave the hunting to the warriors. but, being as softhearted as he was, he became hard pressed to do something more for windclan during the winter. seeing his clanmates grow skinnier with each passing day struck a chord within his heart. the fear of sickness began to resurface with the decreasing prey, as well. they were more susceptible to illness now, thanks to the freezing temperatures and lack of food. and boasong couldn't just relax without at least trying to help feed his clanmates. he couldn't let any of his clanmates get sick. he just couldn't. he never wanted to see another being go through what he had went through, all those moons ago...

    so, he had left that afternoon to hunt, heading out onto the snow-covered moor with determination in his seafoam gaze. who knows, maybe the rabbits would be a bit slower now that the cold and hunger were weighing them down. his mouth hung slightly ajar as he walked, taking in the scents around him, excitement gripping him when that familiar, mouthwatering aroma of rabbit hit his nostrils. yes! now, he just needed to catch it. the kurilian bobtail lowered himself to the ground, his belly fur brushing the snow underneath him as he stalked forwards, shining eyes trained on the unsuspecting hare. he crept closer, and closer...

    the hare's head popped up, long ears swiveling around. it's beady eyes spotted boasong's long, cream fur easily in the open grasslands, and off it went, pelting away from the medicine cat apprentice. not willing to let this potential meal go so easily, boasong sprung to his paws and raced after it. but unfortunately, his bulky frame wasn't meant for speed, and he had fallen quite far behind the prey by the time his front paw connected with a stray rock. he was sent tumbling into the snow, rolling over with an undignified oof!


    boasong had the luxury of never fighting in a war, and he would hope that it would always stay that way. ever the pacifist, he advocated against using claws and teeth to settle disputes. perhaps it was idealistic of him, to believe that fighting was unnecessary, and that everything could be resolved with words instead of weapons. so call him a fool, but until the day that he took his last breath and left this world, he would never harm another feline.

    the colorful gem that adorned his collar in place of a bell thrummed against his chest as he trotted along, seafoam eyes scanning the grassy plains, searching for any herbs that might be braving the cold. instead, what he saw was... a cat. an unfamiliar one, at that. his steps faltered, blinking, his smile shrinking by a fraction. his last encounter with a stranger in their lands had been a bit unpleasant. he mentally scolded himself for feeling such a way about it, as he knew that joiners were a positive thing for the clan. that's why he forces himself to approach the other, taking in the scarred and battered form of bullwinkle with slightly furrowed brows. he's certainly battle hardened; just like scarecrow. but, the vibe from this tom was different. it was much less.. unsettling. putting on a welcoming grin, he stopped short in front of bullwinkle. "hello! this is windclan territory- did you need something?"

    the scream is what drew boasong to birdpaw, the kurilian bobtail rushing out of the medicine cat's den and to her side. his large, round eyes took in her form, shaking with sobs, tense with pain. if boasong had been privy to the fact that birdpaw had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, he would've guessed that she fractured a bone before he even looked her over. but, he still didn't know, and only after noting the way that one of her legs stuck out at an odd angle did he guess that was the problem. "wait, don't move her around too much. i think her leg is fractured," he instructed whitelightning, before he moved to run his forepaw down her leg, confirming his suspicions as he felt the break beneath her skin.

    boasong sprinted back to the medicine cat's den as fast as he physically could, snatching up the herbs he and hawkmoth would need, while also informing the blind medicine cat about what had happened. then, with poppy seeds and cobwebs in hand, he made his way back over to birdpaw. "whitelightning, can you go and find a stick to bind her leg with?" he asked as he set down the herbs, blinking worried eyes at birdpaw. "it's okay, birdpaw. i'm here, and hawkmoth should be on his way. you're going to be okay, don't worry," bo murmured in an attempt to comfort her, trying his best to keep a reassuring smile on his face. it was hard, though. he hated seeing her in so much pain- he wanted to take all of it away, to bear that burden for her. but he couldn't. the most he could do was administer her the poppy seeds he brought and bind her leg. "here, eat these," he nudged the poppy seeds towards her with one paw. they should help ease her pain until whitelightning returned with the stick and hawkmoth arrived.

    boasong was beginning to grow unnerved by the stranger, with the way scarecrow swept his cold gaze over him and his clanmates, analyzing them, picking apart every detail. bo tried so hard not to let it affect him, as he knew he wasn't supposed to make such hasty assumptions about someone he met mere seconds ago. he could already hear his mother's scolding, gentle yet simultaneously stern, telling him how rude he was being. his grin turned into a visibly forced one, eyebrows furrowing ever so slightly, one cream ear flicking backwards in unease as he listened to scarecrow speak in a low, gravelly voice. he's probably just shy, boasong thought to himself. "it's.. nice to meet you, scarecrow," he tried his best to give the scarred tom his friendliest smile while he spoke. "we'd be glad to have you in windclan. right, thornstep?" his seafoam eyes flickered over to the deputy, who looked just as uneasy as bo felt. but, unsettled or not, there was no reason to turn scarecrow away. in the middle of winter, they needed all of the helping paws they could get. and, scarecrow hadn't actually done anything to cause them to distrust him, had he? boasong was just.. being assumptuous in a rare moment of discourtesy.


    BOASONG | "BO"

    assigned male at birth | identifies as male | masculine pronouns

    demisexual biromantic | prefers females | not looking

    nineteen moons old | gemini | ages on the twelfth

    resides in windclan | medicine cat apprentice | ½ loner, ½ windclan


    single | [ 0 ] crushes | [ 0 ] "maybe" crushes

    npc x npc | single child | half-siblings are name, name, name, and name

    mentored by minksplash, hawkmoth | ½ of nothing | no children

    trusts brightshine, birdpaw, hawkmoth

    distrusts whitelightning, rulindil, scarecrow


    ½ kurilian bobtail, ½ moggie

    his build is reminiscent of his kurilian bobtail genes; cobby and thickset, with long hind legs, as well as the bobbed tail the breed is known for.

    his fur is semi-long and soft.

    the base color of his coat is pale cream, blending in quite well with the irregular white patches that paints his pelt. a stripe of a dark russet hue runs down his back, with faint tabby markings branching off of it.

    his eyes are rounded and soft; his irises are seafoam green.

    he has a light blue-green collar with an aquamarine crystal replacing the bell; given to him by a rich twoleg couple who took him in for a while when he was sick.

    he is almost always smiling, a habit he was taught by his mother.

    — injuries: none


    amiable, altruistic, adventurous, optimistic, conciliatory, felicific

    self-sacrificing, pacifistic, bottles up his emotions, neat freak, mealymouthed, passive

    developed mysophobia after nearly dying from an unknown illness.

    taught by his mother to bottle up his emotions and hide them behind a smile.

    was raised to believe that he should treat everyone with kindness and put them above himself.

    lies to protect others' feelings.

    doesn't quite understand modern slang.

    enjoys corny jokes (read: dad jokes) and tells them to kits and young apprentices a lot.

    due to his pacifistic nature, he refuses to fight, even if he needs to.

    — disorders: none


    easy physically | medium mentally | high support, low offense

    won't start fights | won't end fights | will show mercy

    has medical knowledge | no battle training | very little battle experience

    can powerplay peaceful or non-violent actions

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    the scent of pumpkins pervaded the crisp air, boasong's pink nose twitching at the unfamiliar aroma. the task of collecting herbs was temporarily set to the side in favor of investigating, moving towards the border where the scent was strongest. what he found was certainly of interest; another feline, his tuxedo fur ragged with scars and long claws glinting in the sunlight. the expression on his face was unreadable, cold and emotionless, a stark contrast to the near-permanent smile that boasong wore. and he was just... standing there, waiting.

    "and i'm boasong," the kurilian bobtail greeted, padding up to the stranger after haycloud. there wasn't much else for him to say, until scarecrow answered haycloud's precious questions. so until then, he looked upon scarecrow with his usual smile decorating his facial features, one front paw readjusting the collar around his neck out of habit.

    boasong had stopped short of the border and placed down his bundle, allowing the beech leaf to unfold and reveal the premature carrots that they had traveled here to give riverclan. this part of windclan's territory was vaguely unfamiliar to him, where he could hear the distant rumbling of the gorge and the scent of freshwater and fish permeated the cold, wintry air. it was refreshing, in a sense. bo enjoyed a nice change of scenery every now and again; it kept life exciting, as life was meant to be.

    brightshine's friendly reminder was met with a hearty laugh, boasong's perpetual smile growing into an amused one. smiles on? his smile was always on, courtesy of his mother's teachings about optimism and it's importance. he would've made a lighthearted comment about how she hadn't the need to worry over that, if the riverclanners hadn't chosen that moment to come out of the woodworks. his beaming eyes shifted towards them, his bobbed tail waving a greeting, though the others probably couldn't see his stub of a tail anyways.

    another chuckle rumbled through him, when an apprentice-aged riverclan tom came skidding through a patch of mud and exclaiming how cool it was that windclanners could fly. (he'd learned a while ago that when somebody said that something was cool, it meant that it was amazing.) though, komodofire's following statement confused him. it would be sick if windclan could fly? what did she mean by sick? if that was her way of saying that it would be amazing, then it was certainly an odd expression. why would you compare something amazing to being sick? "i wouldn't call it sick," he began, his grin falling into a smaller, more puzzled smile. "it would certainly be.. cool if we could, though!" he quoted the apprentice's slang with a more natural smile, idly adjusting the collar around his neck.

    brightshine beat him to the introduction, to which he responded with his wide grin returning. "that's me; it's wonderful to meet you all!" he'd allow himself to grow silent as brightshine explained their reason for being here, with each statement being backed up by the cream-furred tom with a vigorous nod. "and who doesn't love extra prey in the middle of leafbare?" he added once brightshine was finished, nudging his bundle forwards with one forepaw.

    luckily for brightshine, the smiley boasong would be the first to approach her. his ear twitched, looking over to brightshine as she called out. a bundle of carrots, wrapped up in beech leaves, lay at her paws. a gift for riverclan, in return for their generosity. bo could definitely get behind this notion. a gift in exchange for a gift? it seemed only fair! "i'll come along, if that's alright!" he chirped, trotting over to the calico, his usual smile a bit wider than normal. crinkled green eyes would glance down at the carrots for a brief second. bo wondered what they even tasted like. guess he'd have to ask riverclan about it later.