— It just wasn't meant to be. She knew this now. She knew that she had been to hasty to grab as the chance for leadership. It had been and interesting experience and she had gotten to understand that Starclan was what everyone had said that they were. But she shouldn't have been so greedy. Had she been? She had thought that she would be able to handle it and that she would be able to do what she thought was right for Windclan. But no, she was wrong. She felt isolated. And she'd grown so tired. Yet the molly didn't regret standing with Minksplash when the medicine cat had called for Rulindil to step down, she believed that they needed a new leader. But it shouldn't have been her. It should have been someone else and she knew who that someone else should have been. His name had come forth with her own and she should have backed him when it was spoken. She regretted it and she would fix it now. It was not heard to let go of these lives, let go of the name. It was as easy as breathing and she allowed a careful smile to play on her face, that smirk that was genuine. "Windclan. I stand before you in apology. Not regrettably so because I shouldn't have stepped up to this leadership without a plan of how I would continue it. I was wrong to be so hasty. So I will be returning to Mistralhowl as my name and I want and believe that Duckthroat will be a better leader than I tried to be."


    — It was with a heavy heart that she do this because she knew after this she would no longer matter in the grand scheme of things. But she was not sad about it, not angry about it, just..neutral. She hadn't been right for Windclan. It was understandable and she had long since question the validity of her own path to leadership. She hadn't experienced enough and though she still backed Minksplash on her choice to challenge Rulindil for leadership, she should have never thought that she would be a good successor. With a frown on scarred muzzle the long limbed molly would scrap her way onto Tallrock for possibly the last time and she would call with a fierce yowl leaving her throat. "Let all cats old enough to race the moors gather here beneath Tallrock for a clan meeting!" There was pain there and a heavy heart. Her side of things not seen and her struggle to understand what they all truly want. She was not good for them. It was shameful to think that she had been able to try and bear such a weight. "It is time for a newcomer to receive his new name. To become a true Windclanner." What was a true Windclanner? Was she even a true Windclanner. Her mother had not been as such, she had been born here but perhaps she was not meant to stay. Maybe she should have went with Sky when her mother urged her to leave with her. Starclan....where did she belong? "Shade please step forward. You have come to use in the harshest of times but I know you will do well with your best effort put forward. From this day forward till you have earned your warrior name you will be known as Shadepaw. Sparrowflight," Her eyes flick over to look at the molly whom she was happy to have gotten to know. Why did she seem as if she was dying? She wasn't. But she felt down trodden and she had no one else to blame but herself in this moment. Ah, she'd find her place someday. "It is time for you to take on another apprentice. I know that you are still training Bearpaw but I have the utmost faith in you that you will be able to train Shadepaw as well. Help him to understand the intricacies of clan life as well as what it means to sleep beneath the stars."



    — She didn't understand, she didn't understand at all where their logic was coming from. How they could sit here and be upset at her for closing the borders to allow for Windclan to survive this leafbare. As if closing the borders would deem them some disgusting clan that wouldn't allow for others to come in just because they were actually trying to survive and actually be here after leafbare had long since ended. "I don't understand...." She began quietly as she lowered her head and allowed a soft breath to leave her throat. She'd had to watch as cats died, starved to death because there was not enough food to go around. Bear through the cold and try desperately to find some sort of prey to bring back. And they were sitting here and telling her that she would be sending cats to their deaths by not letting them in. Why? "You are justifying me not closing the borders because I would be sending these cats to their deaths. So do the three of you know the circumstances of the future? Do all of you know that these cats will not be better off then the clan in which you live in? That they will be dragging themselves tooth and claw to get here so that they may get in? How can you sit here and give me the worst possible scenario without even knowing if any of it will be true and expect me not to feel bad on my decision?" She truly wished to know this. That they could tell her that these cats whom they had never met yet would all be struggling to make it, that they would be harrowed and hungry, starving much like Windclan would be starving.

    Her chest swelled, anger bubbling up in her gut. They were perceiving her as a murderer because of this rule, saying cats would die. They cared more about these theorized cats than their own in her mind and that sat ill with her. It wasn't right. It just wasn't. They would rather let mouths in who may not even be able to help while their own withered away trying to help them than to close their borders for a simple couple of moons. Her eyes flicked to Boasong then as he spoke of consulting the medicine cats. Yes perhaps she should have consulted Hawkmoth about the situation. But Boasong was just as new to the clan as some others, his apprenticeship new as well. Not having seen a moon yet and her frown deepened even more as he tried to manipulate her emotions with another worse case problem of the ill, starved, and wounded. "What makes you think I would turn away someone that is obviously in pain, on their last limb? This whole thing has nothing to do with the warrior code. But regardless to answer Shade and Whitelightning, yes once leafbare is coming to a close and there is enough to go around we will be reopening borders. And kits will always be helped no matter what as they are an innocent life that shouldn't have to suffer." The warrior code spoke of this as well that no kit should ever be looked over when they needed help and that was not something she could justify. One ear flicked with irritation and she rolled her shoulders, feeling pain slide down her back from the Dark forest cat that had attacked her. Starclan help them survive this leafbare. If they wanted more mouths to feed, if they wanted to forgo their own for the sake of helping every cat that came to a clan who struggled to make it through the day in the cold then so be it. "I will allow trial runs, but by my own decision to let them in. And Windclan has closed borders before in the past."

    — It was time then wasn't it. The ground awash in the layers of powdery white. The moon a beacon of hope to the molly that this meeting, this meeting here would be a turning point. That they could get these false clans out of their gatherings once and for all and they could have the peace that their ancestors worked so hard in giving them. A soft breath issued forth into the cold night air and her tail was raised high, eyes of ice would allow her to see the clearing through the deadened bushes that normally surrounded it. She could already smell Riverclan and Skyclan which was peculiar on it's own. They had decided to return to the gatherings it seemed and she wondered what had made them come this time. Surely that meant there was a change in the wind here, that they would help to reinforce the rules and means of Starclan. With a light flick of her tail she would signal to her warriors and medicine cats to enter the clearing. Stepping forward the cold empress would allow herself a moment as her slender figure paused there upon the snow. Her eyes wandered over the two clans before she merely dipped her head in greeting and made way for the large rock, pushing with a light wince as the wounds on her back shifted and jumping to sit on top. Making room for anyone who would like to join her.

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    — Darkclan. She had different thoughts about the mountainous clan. One being their absurd alliance with Bloodclan and she was unsure if she wished to continue being friends with a clan that was okay with chatting it up nicely with murders. Her thoughts shifted though and she allowed a light warmth to consumer her at their soft teasing. They were cats too and she understood this but it still made her hesitant to be too friendly with them if they were okay with Bloodclan antics. Had not Bloodclan and Skyclan been fighting just moons ago, had not their last leader who was not dead been killed at the paws of a Bloodclanner? Her eyes closed for a moment and she sighed before shaking her head a bit and making her way forward, eyes of bright icy blue looking at the two with a light smirk, the only smile she could give currently. But she dipped her head in greeting to the both of them, eyes flicking to look at Duckthroat for a moment. "Yes, how is your clan? How is Eaglestar?" There had been some intriguing things happening as of late, with Starclan and the clans as a whole. Both worrisome.

    — Everything was worrying and she was so unsure of the fate that was in store for Windclan. Especially with leafbare already putting some stress on their food situation she was starting to have her doubts. But she knew that they would have to get through it and with different things she was going to have to make the hard choices, the hardest decisions. Who would be able to be here and who wouldn't. It sounded bad and she hated the thoughts that crept in her skull but Windclan meant so much to her and she couldn't sacrifice them for the sake of those they didn't know. Shaking her head a bit the molly would shift her long limbed form and her eyes would flick up as she heard the voice of Hawkmoth and she pushed herself to sit up, eyes glimmering in the darkness of her den. He'd returned from the Moonstone and she was excited but also slightly worried to hear the news that her medicine cat had. Was Starclan alright? "Yes, Hawkmoth, come in. Is everything okay? Did Starclan say something?" It had to be important right for the medicine cat to come directly to her after his journey and she flicked her tail with a spreading of anxiety in her chest.

    — She knew that there would be concern and dissent against it. She knew that they would use their cases of how they came to be in Windclan and she understood that Windclan had given them a home when they had nowhere to go. She listened with an open mind and an open heart because she too would not have been here if they had not allowed her own mother to stay. But her mother, Sky, had used them for her own needs. She had not worked to be a warrior while she lived here. She had simply taken to being in the nursery, taken to being a burden. She knew how to fight, how to hunt but neither she did and instead she took their prey and had her kit and when she no longer needed Windclan. When she had taken and taken, and her kit no longer needed her for survival she had left. A frown was on her maw for a moment, the idea of using experience of self to denounce the severity of the situation made her wonder. Thinking. Carefully she would tap her tail against the rock she sat upon and she gave a soft nod of her head. "I understand what you say. Both of you. Windclan has been home for many wanderers and for a time it was prosperous. But right now we need to focus on us. I can not sit here and continue to let in cats and we can not just assume they will all be able to do something. Not every cat that comes to the border is adapt at catching the prey that we have been trained moons to be able to catch. We can't just let loner after loner in during leafbare and give them food while we all starve. Rabbits are becoming low, voles, field mice, are the same. You can not expect me to continue to keep letting in cats when we already are starting to have a hard time feeding ourselves."

    She was looking at the collective whole of the matter. If they continued to let in more and more, then they would all starve and they would have deaths. The deaths of these cats that they let in promising security and peace of mind only for them to find out just how bad it was truly going to be. "Windclan prospers with newcomers but only when we are able to. I will not have everyone's lives in jeopardy here right now. This is not a permanent thing, it is temporary and only for leafbare right now. When prey begins to run better, when we have more stability in food and figure out the issue with Starclan things will change." She hoped that that would settle them as she meant little harm in the endeavor and nothing about this was meant to be a permanent show. It was indeed, just for leafbare and she hoped they understood that part of it. It could even be less with how the season turned out. The trial run was something she was hesitant on doing because it was a risk. A risk that they would just be used and they couldn't know everything that a cat was doing at any given time. Her eyes narrowed in thought about it though and she sighed after a moment, claws pressing against the cold stone beneath her. Trials.

    — This meeting would be important, this meeting would be something that may change a lot of things but she was hopefully making the right choices here. Even if some cats would be upset at the new law she would be setting down this leafbare she had to look after her clan first and foremost. Flicking her tail and leaving her den the leader would look up toward the bright blue sky, wishing that she could see the stars. That she could get some semblance of guidance here but she believed that Starclan was watching over her right now. She hoped that they were though things were looking grim for their ancestors. Turning and with a grunt of pain the blue pointed molly would shift and make a bound to leap onto Tallrock, slipping a bit but she pulled herself up before she turned to look at the camp below her. "Let all cats old enough to race the moors gather before Tallrock for a clan meeting!" The call flowed from her muzzle with ease as she sat down, tail curling against her legs. She knew how scarce prey was during leafbare for Windclan, they struggled during this season more than any of the other clans did.

    Her eyes watched as cats began to come forward and for a moment she thought over her words. How they would sound to everyone. "These are troubling times and I know that all of you know that Starclan are fighting to survive as well. They need us more than ever and are being overshadowed by the Dark Forest. These dark cats are even targeting our own. We must band together if we are to be able to combat them. Teach our kits that the Dark Forest is not the path they wish to seek." Her tone was heavily serious as she looked at her fellow Windclanners before she took a deep breath in and then released it before pushing on with her next objective. "This is with a lot of thought and contemplation. I do not make this rule lightly but during this leafbare season Windclan will be closing their borders to outside cats. All cats not of the clans is to be turned away without hesitation. We do not have the means to feed any more mouths till leafbare passes or unless it is deemed safe. If any clan comes to our border it has to be for important matters."

    — Frigid eyes narrowed against the pain of her back, eyes focused on the distance in front of her, the horizon that laid out before her. The pain was something she could deal with. It was fine and she shook her head and despite losing a life she could feel the energy leaking into her body. But she was afraid as well, because things were perhaps more worse than she had previously thought. Flicking her tail against the cold and ice encrusted grasses she forced herself to her paws. "I'm...I'm fine. I'm okay. It's nothing to be worried about, really." Would she tell them that she lost a life? Was it necessary? No, no, it would just scare her clanmates even more and what had happened. The Dark Forest. Shaking her head a it she would give them a small smirk, a light shake of her skull. "I just need some rest is all don't worry. Any of you. We should head back and get out of this cold..." They shouldn't have to worry about her, she was supposed to worry about them and a bit of annoyance at herself and how she was turning out as a leader flicked through her gaze, head lowering. What sort of leader was she actually going to turn out to be? Shaking her head she moved forward then, hobbling a little bit from the pain of the claw marks that sliced down her back.

    "I would agree, you were very close to catching that hare, Brightshine. Perhaps jumping a little bit closer to it would have been better." The woman had felt excitement at seeing a fellow Windclanner dashing after the prey they were known to be able to catch. They were the quickest cats of the clans and it was hard to outmatch them in speed and vigorous energy. It was what they were known for and what they were proud in achieving after all. It was something that made her proud to be a Windclanner, to be able to race across the moorland as if she was racing across the very stars themselves and she would never forget that. A light chuckle left her maw as she slipped her way from the thinning grasses of the moor, the land slowly giving way to leafbare as the seasons changed and she allowed her ears to pull forward a bit. Frosted eyes flicked to Blizzardhowl then and she tilted her head a bit. "Are you not up for a challenge, Blizzardhowl?" Her voice was a light tease and she flicked the tip of her tail before looking back to Brightshine, a thought popping into her head. "How about we all hunt together, I'm sure we can find another rabbit or two."

    — To say that Windclan was doing well was not the real truth of the matter but they were doing better than they had in recent days. A light look of ease spread over her features as she looked at the Thunderclanners that had showed up at the border, flicking her tail slightly back and forth as Whitelightning gave them the answer that was necessary. Their struggle was their own after all and they would overcome it as best that they could. She had no doubts about that and her eyes glimmered with a small amount of intrigue when Thunderclan was reported to be doing well also. Was Moonstar still around? Her muzzle parted and she was about to ask when she shifted her gaze to who she knew of to be the deputy as far as she was aware. "It's good to see you again, Sheepskin. Ah, how have you been personally?" Sure, they were not friends but her first meeting of the tom had told her he was a tranquil spirit and she appreciated that to a heavy degree. Her paws shifted underneath her and she felt a bit of warmness leak into her gaze since her scarred features would no longer allow her to smile properly.

    — This was something she was intrigued in because she had never heard of this telling of a story. She remembered when her favorite elder, Ospreyclaw would tell her stories of Starclan and how they looked after them. Tell her stories of how Windclan was the strongest clan because of the moors and how they lived on the brink of starvation while the Riverclan cats were fat from their river. A chuckle left her throat as she thought about the now long gone elder and she sighed a bit although she supposed that maybe one day she would get to see him again. But she had to make the right choices and she had to be the leader that Windclan needed right now. No matter what she had to suffer through because it was all going to be for them. A fervent energy appeared in her gaze and she came forward with a bit of pep in her step, smiling lightly with a turn of the right side of her maw as she glanced at Larkkit. "I'd be happy to see what you begin with, Larkkit." A light hum left her throat as she sat down and curled her tail around her paws then, dipping her head to the elder respectfully. "I'll join you both. Spinning a tale sounds like fun."

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    — The woman was very much late to getting the task from Duckthroat and she felt bad for it. There had been so much going on and so much that was negative happening that she hadn't had time. But the leader knew she had some time to spare now. At least for the moment while she recuperated from what had happened recently. A frown was on her muzzle as she stepped forward. Ears pricked as she looked at the young senior warrior. With a light dip of her head she allowed herself to come up beside Boasong, tilting her skull a bit in a curious manner because she was intrigued to know what it was that she might get. Snow dusted the ground and she pushed at the ice crystals before settling down. "I'd like a task as well if you have more to hand out or I can help someone with their's."

    — Her head felt too light, too up in the clouds. Eyes rolling as she breathed in and out and yet she knew, she had a feeling that she would survive this. Why, because she had faith in her medicine cats to be able to beat back what was ailing her figure. It had been worse the first couple of days but as she received treatment things were looking better and perhaps her lightheadedness came from the fact that she had not been eating much since her problem had began with the snake. Yet even so she pushed herself from her nest, eyes closing as she balanced on shaking legs. It took her a moment but she walked out of the medicine cat den to try and get some fresh air, the cold of it stinging her lungs but it woke her up. Enough to at least be able to look up and see the stars. If this was her fate, then she would accept it. She knew that Starclan was watching over her and she knew that she had to do her part in these troubling times. To bring her cats back from the brink. This mattered to all of them, every clan needed to help out here or else they risked losing so much more and allowing evil cats to take the reigns.

    She hadn't been paying much attention to where her paws were leading her, eyes slowly lowering from the ground as a shimmer caught her gaze. What was that? Her breath became hushed and she slowly crept closer and closer still to try and make out what it was and she paused with a sudden start. A sharp and aching gasp leaving her throat. "" Tones of hushed whispers left her throat and she stared with uncertainty before she moved a step closer the cat turned to face her., it wasn't her mother. She couldn't be dead right? But she smelled like Sky, she looked like her mother and regret danced across her muzzle as she made her way closer toward the star covered molly. But the closer she got, the more she began to realize that something was wrong here. That this cat was nothing short of an impostor. Features coming into sharper focus, her sickness tricking her mind. The star like look drained from their pelt, turning into shadow darkness, a wicked smile showing sharp teeth. Scars crossed through dark fur and a soft laughter echoed through her ears. "Such a shame you had to wake up tonight. So weak and frail, I've never gotten the chance to kill a leader. And even confusing me for your dear old mother, pathetic." The tone made the leader shiver but she held her ground even so because running was out of the question. She was just too tired for it.

    The poison that had spread through her veins making her weak. "You won't get the chance either." She snapped, trying to have some courage in this moment because she already knew just like this Dark Forest cat that a life she would lose tonight. But she wouldn't go down without a fight. She couldn't. A wicked grin pulled across the she-cat's maw as she stepped forward, claws unsheathed and eyes wide with a wild light.. "Starclan is fading you know, dying one by one. We will be in control soon and you'll al-," The sudden and shrill 'NO!' that left Mistralstar's throat was enough to rock the air as she kicked off with her hindlegs, but she was so slow, too slow. The Dark Forester easily sidestepped her, a chuckle of pity leaving her throat and she felt claws. She felt them pierce her skin and rake down her back. Blood splattered the ground and her body hit the icy hard soil harshly where she panted, hissing and huffing for her lungs to work. Her eyes lifted up to the molly then, watching those hellish eyes look down at her and she wanted to spit. Wanted to do something but her body was frozen, locked up, pain exploding and coursing like fire through her veins. She saw the Dark Forest cat's disappointment. "I guess the snake got to you first...." But the leader barely heard anything, the dark figure drifting off into the night breeze, for she was convulsing, her heart beating too rapidly and foam gathering at the corners of her maw. Her eyes rolled to the back of her skull and she felt her own claws digging and shredding the ground before suddenly, there was nothing. There was nothing and nothing and nothing. Silence greeted her for a long moment before and then she was on that starry plain but it was short lived, darkness drew her away and she called out. Yelled for anyone before she was pull down, down and down.

    A sudden sharp intake of breath, pain burning down her back. She had lost one soon and earned a terrible fright.

    — The molly was too sick and out of her head to enjoy the rain that was pattering down. Her head partially sticking out of the medicine cat den. Though she could watch and even as her chest heaved for breathes she would so so, a soft smile pulling at the right side of her face before she closed her eyes for a moment. It was nice listening to the rain as it softly touched upon the moorland grasses and perhaps it would ease her worried mind about how bad she was going to get. But she wished for little Larkkit to have all the fun that she wanted to have during this moment. Kits should always enjoy their young life before they had to become apprentices and train, to be able to stretch their paws and the excitement of learning what it means to be a warrior. Her tail curled around her before she drifted off into a fitful sleep, claws curled against her chest.

    — The molly had lived through many leaderships. Though she had little knowledge of Jasperstar himself. She wondered vaguely about that time in Windclan considering it was before her and she hoped that things had been better then. Now it seemed something horrid was happening on the regular basis. Yet Windclan was pushing forward and she still held that sadness in her chest for both Rulindil and Minksplash. Shaking her head a bit the molly would make her way toward the area, eyes of warm ice flicking over the sudden gathered grouping of cats who were around someone. Curious she would make her way over, tail waving in greeting before she finally realized who it was. The whispers she had managed to pick up when she had gotten close enough to the other Windclanners. This was Jasper. The former leader. Was he returning home? She didn't know much about what he had done in his last moons of leadership and her head lifted up with a bit of surprise leaking through her gaze at the idea that he was here. Though why couldn't it happen. Lizardbounce was home as well now and she shifted from one paw to another as she gazed at the tom cat. "I'm honored to meet you, Jasper. Is it true you are looking to return home?"

    She didn't see any other reasoning behind it, unless he was seeking to pass through and a soft but worried smile lingered on her face. One side rising up to appear as if she were smirking considering her wounds had damaged her face and the other didn't function too well with smiling any longer. "I'm Mistralstar, as Birdpaw introduced to you earlier."

    — She remembered the uproar that had occurred when Fluxgrin had murdered a cat, both sides disagreeing on what should have been done with him. Self defense, the code deems it necessary to kill in self defense or if the offending cat is deemed outside of the warrior code but not to be unremoreseful of the act itself as a life was a life. And taking one should not be an easy action to do. The molly had been in plenty of fights herself to know it but she had never gone so far as to take a life from anyway. But the swelling smell of blood and carnage made her alert as she spine rippled with unease. What had happened this time around? What was going to have to be done about it? She would have to decide now wouldn't she? The molly gave a slow frown as she made her way toward the scene, the wind shifting to carry the bloodied smell away from her which she was grateful for. Yet she couldn't stop the cold feeling from seeping in and her ears pricked at the tone she heard from Boasong. Something terrible had indeed happened.

    Her figure crossed the ridge and she paused there before she allowed her frosted gaze to land on the figure of Velvetpaw, blood marring her paws. The body laid not too far away from the scene and her eye grew cold, neutral expression. There was no time for emotions here, she had to act now and she stepped forward, holding herself firmly. Gently she draped her tail over Boasong in an attempt to comfort him as she looked to the apprentice. "Speak now. I want to know what happened here. You know our code and what it deems necessary for killing."

    — It was murky, a cloudy day that threatened something. The chill in the air made the short haired feline shiver and she sighed lightly. The ghost of her own breath there to greet her in a puffy cloud. She knew one thing and that was the fact that she would be happy to be back home where she belonged. Despite the fact that her den was probably just as cold. Her eyes glimmered with a spark of hope as she turned to glance at her warrior that had come along with her. She trusted that White wouldn't cause any issues with their neighbors. Thunderclan she hadn't interacted with much in recent days. Did they know the news? Last time they had been here Rulindil had been in charge and she just Mistralhowl. Now she was leader and her name given to her by Starclan. Flicking her tail back and forth the woman would see the treeline and the border was not too far away. "If everything is in order we will get home quicker. That way we can get warm and maybe have something to eat." Prey was already starting to get low and she sighed before shaking her head.


    — The commotion of what had happened had brought forth her warriors and she felt a pang of uncertainty festering in her heart. Really, she had not thought about if it were posiounous or not and she really hoped that it was not the case. Her body felt like it was struggling to make sense of everything, voices fading in and out of the situation before she turned to look at Haycloud who had spoken up about poppy seeds. What did those do again? Her eyes slowly narrowed as she tired to think through the fog that was slowly pulling against her thoughts. The pain was becoming more intense as she stood there and she swallowed thickly, taking a moment to even form the words on her tongue. Why did her tongue feel so heavy? "Ah...yes...I think...?" The answer was more of a question than anything and she turned to look around her before she wobbled, flicking her tail and catching herself with a shift of her own momentum. Wow, the world was starting to shift and she looked up to the sky as if seeing something but there was nothing there. There was debate on the snake but her mind was barely conscious on the outcome and she sighed softly.

    "The stars are out..." No they weren't. It was broad daylight right now. But to her they were and so blindingly bright that she had to squint up at the sky to see their individual shapes. A question caught her attention and she flicked her frigid eyes toward the elder before shrugging her shoulders a little. She had no way of knowing how the snake slithered into her den, Could someone have put it there? No, that was nonsense as no cat would have been able to. What what if...? Broken thoughts were shifted once more and she giggled softly before turning with a sudden flash of pain across her facial features as Birdpaw spoke up and she gave a haphazard nod. Of course she could walk. "Yes of course, I can ma-". But she barely spoke out that before she was falling, falling into and endless pit of darkness. She didn't feel the impact of the ground but she laid there, with eyes half open.