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    Reading was one of his better skills, something he had picked up along his travels with the aid of some loners. They had also taught him to write, and while his handwriting was hardly legible at times, he still considered it a skill of his. He enjoyed stories, both reading and writing them. His storytelling skills were subpar. The thought made him laugh quietly under his breath, barely audible, even to himself. As Paperpaw meandered through the palace, he stumbled upon a room with books. By the look of it, they were abandoned, as as he entered the room, dust coated his paw pads with each step. It wasn't so much a library as it was a room left behind by a former member. So he thought, at least. Despite his fears telling him to turn tail and leave, he pushed through and tiptoed further into the abandoned space.

    It seemed that others were following closely behind him. A quiet chatter could be heard behind him as he eventually drew to a halt, eyes sweeping the room. He then glanced behind him to see kits and pups of various shapes and sizes, all staring at him rather eagerly.

    "We know you know how to read," one of them piped up in an accusatory, but teasing tone. Her face lit up as she motioned to the books on the shelf not too far from where he stood. Paperpaw pursed his lips as he followed her gaze, eyeing the books with a cool, narrowed gaze.

    "One story," he told them with a soft sigh, padding forward so that he could pluck a book from the shelf. Their cheers caused him to roll his eyes, but he didn't let them all see. It wasn't so much anger or frustration. It was more annoyance and irritation, though in a sibling-like manner. He set the book on the ground after he had turned to face them, hazel optics peering down at the cover. His eyes flickered up to the children, observing their features and faces. They all seemed so excited. He wondered briefly what it was like to be a child. He wished he could be so immature.

    "Once upon a time..."

    Fortunately for 1004, Paperpaw was not far behind the other creature. He had been maneuvering through the thick bamboo forest, his hazel eyes trained forward on a makeshift path. It seemed it was taking him to the edge of the bamboo, where someone was seated at the border. An unfamiliar scent wafted through the air as he made his way towards them, optics becoming wide with wariness. He was a bit tense as he finally broke through the bamboo and saw 1004 seated there. He visibly relaxed, shoulders slumping forward and pace slowing. Eventually he drew to a halt, his tail sweeping gently over the ground. "You, uh, find something?" The teen inquired of them as he peered down at the note. The parchment left behind wasn't threatening, though as he read the words written upon the paper his eyes widened. BONECLAN NEVER DIES. Though it was scrawled out on the paper, it was still enough to have him quaking in his spot. He didn't quite know what it meant, but he supposed that BoneClan was not friendly.

    "It says 'BoneClan never dies.'. Mean anything to you?" Paperpaw inquired in a rather soft, meek voice. He leisurely leaned back on his haunches to sit down on the ground, tail curling around his paws. He felt as though he couldn't stand, couldn't breathe. Something didn't feel right about the note, even if its ominous message could possibly mean nothing. Paper's breathing was wavering as he sat there, merely peering at the note rather than 1004.

    More had appeared than he had expected, so when his eyes surveyed the small crowd, they widened in surprise. The look soon shook itself from his features as he relaxed, though only slightly. He was still perched atop the ledge as he listened carefully to everyone. It was first Malakai, the one he had met at his joining. The male seemed.. amiable enough. It wasn't the right word, but Paperpaw couldn't quite place a trait to the male. Perhaps helpful? The dilute ginger tabby pursed his lips as he thought to himself, but was soon broken out of his trance at Malakai's comment. He laughed quietly, albeit a bit nervously. He tipped his head in acknowledgement when he finished up, and then turned his head to peer at 1004. It was an odd name, but he supposed his was as well. Perhaps his parents had been of the clans, and that was why he had his two part name rather than a 'loner' name such as 1004. Regardless, the tom bobbed his head politely to them before flickering his gaze to Pyrric-Sang and his bird Xichen. His hazel optics seemed to light up at the mention of the bird. A small smile appeared on his lips as he peered at the male, his eyes occasionally flickering to the bird.

    "Oh, um, pleasure to meet you all, and re-meet you," Paperpaw piped up, breaking himself from his second trance as he shuffled in his seated spot. The second half of his comment was directed toward Malakai, whom he glanced at. He didn't have much else to add, so he merely sat there, squirming awkwardly.

    Though he liked the Dark Dynasty thus far, how hospitable they were, and how much they fed him, the group itself was a bit slow. He wanted some action, even if it meant traversing to another group and living within it as well. Paperpaw decided that he would attempt to join one of the Dynasty's allies as well as reside in his new home. Leaving the bamboo forest had been a bit difficult, even if he had only lived there for a few days. It still meant much to him that they actually seemed to care. He supposed it wasn't something he was accustomed to, given that his parents had left him at such an early age. Part of him also felt as though they were all acting on some sort of level. No one could care for him as hastily as the Dynasty had. Paper pursed his lips as he traveled along, kicking at the occasional rock with his front paw. It was when the scenery began to vastly change that he became more wary. This was unfamiliar, uncharted. His jaw clenched slightly as he hopped over a root jutting from the ground, the trees seeming much larger than the bamboo he had been growing accustomed to. This was a jungle.

    Birds chirped overhead, causing his ears to twitch and eyes to glance upward. Though he saw no signs of avian life, he still smiled to himself. Perhaps there were more birds he could study here that he hadn't yet seen. It would be a worthy discovery. Knowing that there were birds helped him be at ease a bit more, though there was still tension in his shoulders as he continued along his makeshift path. This time he would not be making the mistake of crossing the border. He had learned his lesson despite Riku and Malakai being friendly and welcoming towards him. He hoped that the Thunderlanders were as kind, if not more so.

    Paperpaw slowed to a halt as the scent line became stronger, a pungent smell. The diluted ginger feline was quiet as he scanned the jungle that lay before him, hazel optics wide and wary. To say he was anxious was an understatement. With more food in his belly and his fur well-kept (as much as it could be at least), he felt a bit more relaxed. He was more in his element now than he had been in his previous state upon joining the Dynasty. With a wavering breath, Paper straightened his posture so he could look beyond the bushes, curious to see if anyone was approaching.

    Though not often a determined individual, he felt determination coursing through his veins as he padded through the palace of the Dark Dynasty. His pawsteps were carefully placed, almost as if not to disturb anyone within the ancient-looking building. People passed him second glances, murmuring under their breaths, perhaps at his ragged appearance. He hadn't had the chance to properly settle down and make himself look presentable yet. With his curly fur, though, it would be difficult either way. At least now he didn't have sticks and leaves stuck in his pelt. Paperpaw twitched his nose in distaste as he walked alone, his destination only a few feet before him. It was a relatively quiet corner of the palace, only a few others in the general vicinity. He thought it was sufficient enough for what he planned to do. Though the group seemed relatively small, he would have an arduous time remembering their names, as intelligent as he was. He had a hard time putting names to faces, though he supposed it would be simple with how few members there were. Part of him was relieved that the Dynasty was so tiny. His anxiety already spiked at the mere thought of a crowd.

    With a shiver down his spine, the lanky feline hopped up onto a ledge, soon seating himself. He was perched like a bird, though far less blissfully unaware. Birds lived life so easily. He was envious of them. Regardless of his jealousy, he still admired them, and loved them. Paperpaw enjoyed studying them. It was a pastime of his, and it helped him cope with his own inner demons. The diluted ginger tom allowed his hazel gaze to scan the palace as his thoughts quieted. He flicked his tail and eventually allowed it to curl at his side.

    Paperpaw was quiet for a moment before he parted his lips, jaw opening slightly so that he could speak. "Meet and greet over here!" As he spoke, he sounded a bit awkward. He was never usually the type to initiate things like this, so he had difficulty doing this particular meeting. "Err.. Give your name and a fact about yourself," the apprentice stated, almost as a suggestion rather than anything else. He had a hard time believing people would partake in this, but he gave himself a little more credit than he usually did. "I'm Paperpaw, and I study birds," he introduced before commenting, his tail tip twitching as he waited for others to gather around. He sat a bit expectantly, his chest puffed out and his back straightened. His ears were flicked back, though did not flatten against his skull. He appeared stiff, tense. It was definitely a fault he had to work on.

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    When nothing came, Paperpaw dared himself to open his eyes, even just to peek out at whatever was before him. His eyes remained shut tight, and it was only when he heard a feminine voice that he poked one eye open. He peered at her through a wide hazel optic, noting her odd appearance, at least in comparison to him. Eventually, he opened his other eye so that he could get a better look at the pink wildcat, his ears still flat against his skull. He was unaware of what aho meant, but if he had known, he would have been the slightest bit offended. Despite the teasing tone in her voice, he still felt very much on edge. Paperpaw saw no initial threat in the female, especially as he kept observing her. He didn't move from his position on the rock, not getting closer but not furthering himself either. His eyes blinked in surprise as realization passed over his features, only then realizing what she had said. He had found it. The Dark Dynasty. Though he was well beyond the border, he still found it. Perhaps she would be willing and kind enough to lead him to their main camp. He would have liked that.

    Paperpaw parted his lips to speak, but snapped his jaw shut when a male approached, someone much larger than both himself and the pink stranger. He was heavily scarred, as well as oddly colored, much like Riku. Ebony was his main color, while his stripes were silver in appearance. Paper looked down at his paws for a moment, his white mittens contrasting against the gray of the rock. His eyes eventually traversed back up to Malakai when he began to speak, a rough tone to his voice. The feline couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated by him. If he wanted to, Malakai could more than likely snap his neck with a quick maneuver.

    The apprentice-aged feline swallowed at the lump forming in his throat before braving himself enough to respond to both strangers. He chose to ignore the first comment made by Malakai, and instead went to answer the question instead. "I-I wanted to join. I need somewhere to stay. Do you.. accept joiners?" Paperpaw explained and then inquired with a slight cock of his head, a wonder in his eyes as he peered at the duo. It was a slightly foolish question to ask, but he had to be sure they would allow him into their ranks. "My name is Paperpaw, by the way," his voice was quiet as he introduced himself to them, his paws shuffling awkwardly. He hadn't expected a pink wildcat and a black tiger to greet him within the territory, but he supposed it was better than killer clowns and murdering psychopaths.

    It was deathly quiet here, much too silent for his taste. The wary apprentice, with ears flat against his skull and narrowed hazel visionaries watched the horizon in a guarded manner. His nonexistent brows were furrowed as he slid through the bamboo forest, well aware that he was well beyond the border. He had passed it long ago, but for some reason, that hadn't stopped him in his tracks. He was a rather pitiful creature, skinny and malnourished. Not only was he miserable in appearance, but in terms of personality he was as well. Scared, flighty, hesitant. The longer he thought of himself, the more negative, pessimistic thoughts plagued his mind. Paperpaw didn't seem himself living much longer, not only because he had been on his own for so long, but because his circumstance seemed.. tragic. His parents were gone; they had left him long ago it felt like. He had no siblings; he had been an only child. He had no true home; he had been traveling for as long as he could remember, flitting from one place to the next. The people he had met along the way hadn't been.. His thoughts trailed off as his eyes appeared distant, growing glossy with tears. Paper blinked them away hastily, not wanting to appear weaker than he already was.

    With a shaky breath, he continued maneuvering through the bamboo, not yet in the place he wished to be. He had heard of a palace within the forest of bamboo, but it seemed his search was not going as well as he would have liked. Pursed lips found their way to his features as he continued along, still wary and attentive to his surroundings. Paperpaw was not growing fond of the green sticks growing from the ground. Though the sun filtered through their few leaves, it was still dark within the territory. Perhaps it was why they were called the Dark Dynasty. A soft, wavering sigh exhaled from the apprentice-aged feline, his limbs shaky as he hopped up onto a particularly large rock jutting from the ground.

    It was when he spotted someone walking towards him that his ears flattened even further against his skull, fear evident in his wide hazel eyes. "Don't hurt me! I'm looking for the Dark Dynasty..!" Paper called out in a rather meek tone of voice, his eyes shut in preparation for the worst. This was it. This was how he was going to die.