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    Tempestkit's weekly task was to get some moss from around camp and make some of the dens super comfy. Sure, Temp could do that--he hadn't been expected anything grand of unique anyway, so he definitely felt content with the task he was given. It wasn't like he could change it anyway. Thus, complying very quickly, he went to the medicine den to ask Teddy for some fresh moss (using old nest moss wasn't the most sanitary, he supposed) and quickly went to work.

    While his work was shaky and not the most even, just like him, there was no doubt that he was trying. He even got a few of the younger apprentices and his denmates to help pack some of the soft green flora into the crevices of the dens and maybe add some to the elders' nests. Piles of moss had been left outside each den to allow those who wanted to join to help, and quite honestly, Tempestkit wouldn't mind it; the dens felt so big to him that anything to make it speed up would be much appreciated. At the given moment, Temp was trying to made some moss on the outside of the warriors' den stay in place as compared to fall out of the wall. Come on, just stay... It fell again. With a sigh, the tiny tortie, quietly persistent, tries again, his tail lashing back and forth with determination.

    Tempestkit didn't mind playing pretend. While he didn't show it all time time, the kid had a wicked imagination, and thus imaging things that weren't there wasn't so hard for the little tom. Within the small sea of kits and apprentices sat the shivering child, excitement beaming in his quiet lavender blue gaze. Cloudedpaw was going to be a badger? This would be something at least somewhat new considering it wasn't every day the older cats found time to play with him and his denmates. He just wished Wheatkit was here to play too--she would have loved this. Hopefully they found her soon.

    No matter! The form of Cloudedpaw just got a lot more threatening--at least to the tiny-bodied Tempestkit, who let out a squeal (didn't need to know how to say anything for that) and pounced away, running in somewhat mocked terror from the molly's fluffy form. Don't let her get you! Thought the trembling child, a little unsteady on his feet as he ran (though admittedly quite slow) due to his essential tremor, however he refused to fall, checking behind him every few steps to see if Cloudedpaw was following.

    It seemed Tempestkit would be the first to approach, tilting his head curiously at Squidpaw. While he said nothing in words, it was clear that he was expecting to receive a task of some sort. Anything to help his clanmates out, he would be happy to do.

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    To state the obvious, Tempsetkit and Wheatkit didn't mix well. She was loud, boisterous and rebellious while he was quiet (silent, for the most part), modest and level-headed. He, personally, preferred to steer clear of the slightly bigger kitten's path, never really feeling like it was the right time to get yelled at or laughed at or whatever mood Wheatkit was in that day, but that didn't mean he didn't care for her. He cared for his clanmates, but, even more so, she was family--his non blood related aunt despite their similar age--and that meant a lot to him. It came as a surprise when Heronswoop called out, looking for information on the rambunctious molly's whereabouts.

    Still not completely comfortable with talking, let alone understandably, Temp just looked at his mother in confusion. Dropping his casual game of moss ball with a few NPC kittens, the tiny tortie, his trembling body holding a steady but confused expression, just tilted his head at his mother as he approached, his eyes soon finding the shocked form of Cherrykit. At her words, Tempestkit couldn't help but think, Would she have told you? Wheatkit seemed so independent, so unpredictable, that, even if she had asked told Cherrykit to help her in the past, there was no guarantee she would do it again--or, at least, that's what Tempestkit gathered from Wheatkit's character. Turning his lavender blue eyes back to his mother, he looked at her helplessly and expectantly, as if he was for some reason anticipating her suddenly knowing where his missing denmate was.

    Tempestkit... hadn't expected it to go that well. From what she--well, he now, Temp thought happily--had gathered, switching pronouns was far from the most common thing, especially for kittens still in the nursery. But Tempestkit was so sure, so certain, so convinced that this was what he wanted, and just hearing that his mother would support him, his sister was just happy to hear him talk, his brother was excited to not be the only boy in their litter, that couldn't give the shaking kitten any more relief.

    Lavenderstar's response worried him, however. She gave him nothing more than a hushed whisper to his mother and a guarded, though vaguely worried, gaze. He wasn't sure what that was about, and found he couldn't do much more than blink at her with his own subdued concern. Did she have a problem with it? She was his grandmother and leader. Her opinion mattered, maybe even more than anyone else's. If she didn't accept him, what would the rest of the clan think of him? He wobbled a little on his paws, but said nothing about it. He shouldn't worry about it so much. Heronswoop would be there for him, as well as his siblings, and that was enough for now. Not quite sure if he could muster any other words, he simply smiled in gratitude at his family. He would be okay.

    Despite his undiagnosed issues with hearing, Tempestkit was awoken by the panicked screams of the SkyClan queen. It seemed his hearing was a little sensitive today, because he seemed to hear her too well, as the sound seemed to bring a faint ringing to his ears. Odd. He gave it no other thought as he padded out of the nursery, glancing briefly to the other kits in the nursery who were still sound asleep; particularly Wheatkit, who was still somehow snoring through the commotion.

    His lavender blue eyes, searching the midnight-bathed clearing for the source of the problem, was quick to both smell and see the blood. His senses were sharp in that sense, making it easy to spot Milkkit, lying on the ground with a pool of ominous crimson sinking into his fur and the grass below, almost unmoving. Eyes wide, the late bloomer, his figure shaky both from worry and his chronic essential tremor, trotted over to his denmate, blinking briefly at Ferfaen before turning his attention to Milkkit. What should he do? He could try and help lick the blood, but what good would that do? He was tiny, which meant his tongue wasn't much different. He wouldn't be able to do more than what Fae was already doing.

    But there was something that came to mind that the little kitten could do. It was clear Milkkit's mother wasn't interested in doing so, though Temp could hardly blame her. "T-Ted-d-dy." The words were stuttered and shaky, but clear. He needed to find the medicine cat. He would know what to do, right? Blinking briefly at the molly, Tempestkit went in search of the healer, hoping that he would be in his den at this time of night.

    // Zinfandel T.M <3

    Tempestkit was a curious case. From the moment she was born, there was clearly something off about her. The most obvious thing was her tendency to shake involuntarily. This was always a trait that had been present regarding the child; she would shiver, and shiver, and tremble, and shiver, and it never seemed to end. She never complained about being cold, but that was because, up to this point, she hadn't really ever spoken. That should have been the real sign something was wrong with the young girl. At five moons of age, she still hadn't really said... anything. It was clear it wasn't because she didn't understand what those around her were saying. She nodded yes and shook her head no, she did what she was told and smiled and giggled at jokes. It was clear she could hear what others were saying (or at least somewhat; that wasn't the current concern however), but she had never said anything back.

    Until today, of course.

    A girl on a mission, Tempestkit sought out Heronswoop, her beloved mother and deputy of SkyClan. The latter wasn't anything she cared about though; she loved her for being her mother, and besides, it wasn't even close to the reason she wanted to see her mom. She had been practicing what she wanted to say in her time alone, and she didn't want to be this uncomfortable anymore. She wanted things to change.

    It didn't take much to find Heronswoop. She tended to linger around camp, helping sort out patrols, disputes and everything in between as well as care for her current litter of kits. Tempestkit knew her favorite places to be, and she happened to come across her while checking them. Sparing the greetings, the tiny kitten, her proportions seeming unwilling to change, looked up at her mother with her lavender blue eyes, determined yet scared as her trembling body tensed up a little. Clearing her throat, the tortoiseshell child gave it her all. "Um... tom, p-p-please." A pause, her face scrunched up in focus as she tried to remember exactly how to say what she wanted without sounding stupid--well, stupider. Even she knew her words were off. "I-I'd like... he and h-him." She was trying her best. She didn't know how to say longer words, and even some shorter ones were difficult, so this would have to do.

    Now, why was she--hopefully he soon--asking this? Well, from a young age, she knew something was wrong with her (more wrong than straining to hear what others said and the shaking of course). She didn't feel comfortable like her siblings seemed to. She heard others call her brother he and talk about the other male warriors with the same pronouns, and felt a sense of longing. While, normally, someone as young as her wouldn't be able to put together the pieces, the girl was oddly smart despite her struggle with language. She learned quickly (hopefully that was true with her speech as well) and remembered things easily. While she had been unable to ask about her discomfort, she was easily able to put together the pieces by listening to the conversations of others, despite how hard that tended to be for her. In her five moons of life, she concluded that she didn't want to be female anymore. She wanted to be male, and she wanted Heronswoop to help.

    //oof HERONSTAR. i hope it's okay i got her involved! i didn't really know how else to do it lmao--

    i would have put more story behind it but im real tired rn and just wanted to get something out <3

    Kicking in outrage, screaming in defiance, angry she (later to be turned to he as soon as she learned to talk) had been ripped away from the only world she'd ever known--that's how she came into the world; correction, should have. She should have found discomfort upon the cool chill of the night air swimming through her still-damp fur, she should have been wriggling around in childlike distaste for the new world she had been forced into, determined to go back to the life she had once known, and she should have at least thrown some sort of newborn tantrum, making it clear to those onlooking her entrance that she was indeed okay.

    But she didn't. She didn't scream, she didn't kick, she didn't complain in her own form of language. Instead, upon the tiny tortoiseshell being moved to rest at her mother's belly, first of all her siblings to do so, she was chillingly still. Yes, her chest moved with the tiniest of breaths into the tiniest of bodies, and yes, her head was raised slightly into the air, as far as it would go, her nose twitching wildly as she struggled to identify her surroundings. Indeed, she was very much alive, but her weak little body certainly didn't make it seem that way.

    A soft whine, that was the only sound the she-kit made as she wiggled her way over to the soft, warm surface of her mother's belly, her body, trembling an odd amount for even a newborn child. Even her solo cry was shaky and broken, something that would only later be revealed as a side effect of some of the deafness the newly-named Tempestkit would later be revealed to harbor. For now though, it simply made the girl, given such an unfittingly strong and energetic name, seem sickly and weak as she sought for milk at the belly of her mother, her little body shivering as she moved.

    HISTORY — *+:☽

    ( sorted by important events / timeline / links inside )


    kithood. tempestkit was born to heronswoop and berylbreeze of skyclan on august 6th, 2019, the first-born of her litter of four, consisting of honeykit, maplekit and rootkit. brought into this world not only female but also a twitching, almost lifeless little chunk of flesh, it should have been no surprise that problems would arise early in life. first off, his speech was very slow to develop, his first words simply being 'tom, please', a result of him desperately wanting to be seen as a male. While a nerve-racking experience, his family was quite to accept him, save for Lavenderstar, who was a little hesitant about it. He was quick to try and move on from it, however, content with the family that did immediately approve of his choice. He knew Lavenderstar would understand eventually.

    it wasn't long after that he experienced his first view of tragedy. milkkit, a denmate of his, was brought into camp by his mother after his father mistreated him, bleeding out and severely injured on the camp floor. while ferfaen comforted him, tempestkit went to get teddy, scared and confused about what he should be doing. unfortunately, it wasn't long after this that one of his denmates and adoptive aunts through his father, wheatkit, went missing, stressing everyone out and thoroughly scaring his leader, lavenderstar. during the time she was missing, tempestkit thought about her often, one instance being when cloudedpaw chased the kits as a badger in a game, one that temp thoroughly believed she would have enjoyed being offensive in.

    GENERAL INFO — *+:☽

    ( tempestkit— paw— mumble/nose/tail/tremor / named after tempestwing, someone his mother admired, and his chaotic pelt )

    — shaky good boy of skyclan / sometimes goes by temp / transgender male (ftm) / he/him

    — 5 months / september 6th, 2019 / virgo / ages every 50 posts

    — skyclan, kit / no past ranks / no mentor


    ( heronswoop x berylbreeze / gen. 4 to heronswoop, gen. 3 to berylbreeze / littermate of honeykit, maplekit, rootkit )

    — sibling to kestrelpaw, charcoalpaw, minnowkit / nephew to waveheart, parrotsong, honeywhisper, unnamed, sedgekit, ripplekit, amberpaw, opalpaw, emberkit, diamondpaw / half-nephew to timberkit, blossomkit, conekit, branchkit, barkkit, corronkit, orchidbreeze, harvestpaw, brightkit, soaringkit, fuzzykit, softkit, fawnkit, vixenkit, aloekit, bettakit, dovekit, swankit

    — grandson to ryecatcher, kestrelsong, jewelpelt, adrian / adoptive grandson lavenderstar, butterflydawn / adoptive nephew to mantisflower, wheatbell, fireflywatcher, lynxflight, sagetooth, bigfoot, juniperthorn, astral, dream, wish, suntalon, badgerspring, lambpaw, puppaw, cherrykit, stormkit, firstkit, wheatkit, mothkit, shoreheart, dreampaw, tulippaw

    — acquainted with none / trusts almost all of skyclan / friends with none / close with none

    — distrusts none / dislikes none / hates / enemies with none

    — interested in none / crushing on none / dating none / devoted to none

    — homosexual, homoromantic, polyamorous / single / not looking

    — ½ shiphere / other?

    AESTHETIC — *+:☽

    ( physical health: 100% / mental health: 100% )

    — tiny, long furred dilute torbie tom with low white and blue eyes / x / tempest takes a curious form. born female, the tom unfortunately holds the genitalia of such as well as the pelt that only a molly could. his pelt diluted, temp, his size already very small compared to even his mother, looks like a chaotic mess. his wavy, silk-like fur covered in a base of pale, dusty gray, a few pale ginger flashes poke their way through his thick coat, marking a particular spot on the middle of his face, around his neck, back, a few of his toes and around the base of his tail. they seem to swim around his pelt like pale goldfish. pale, almost transparent tabby stripes hide within his coloration, most noticeably on his face and forelegs. white marks his chin and upper chest along with most of his back right leg and his left 'wrist' on his foreleg, a trait that also allowed him the gift of blue eyes, hiding hints of unnatural lavender. his fur covers up the broad shoulders and overall stocky, maine coon build, his worryingly miniature size not helping the matter. he has webbed paws and a waterproof pelt due to his riverclan ancestry.

    — half-deaf; speaks very slowly and slow speech development, stutters, occasionally gets ringing in his good ear, sometimes gets really bad sensitivity in his good ear / must i restate he is very small / tends to shake a little, like shivering, due to a major case of essential tremor

    PERSONALITY — *+:☽

    ( enfp / hufflepuff, pukwudgie / lawful good )

    — doesn't like being so small; thinks it makes him look younger than he is (which it does)

    — hates when others don't take him seriously because of his aliment, gets physically and verbally frustrated

    — pretty social, but struggles with it due to his deafness and slow speech

    — patient with others because he wants others to be patient with him

    — emotional; feels everything very strongly

    — tends to believe things quick due to how sensitive he is

    — not good at climbing, but a fantastic swimmer

    — fidgets a lot along with shaking; keeps his paws moving even if he's standing still

    — surprisingly intelligent, embraces it

    — scared of physical combat considering everyone is pretty much double his size; worried he's gonna get squished

    — really wild imagination; tends to scare himself with it (dreams a lot)

    INTERACTION — *+:☽

    ( physically easy / mentally easy )

    — will run away / won't intentionally provoke others / will intervene

    — attack in underline or @ account

    — powerplaying nonviolent/healing actions is allowed

    — he's a small boy, so it's very easy to knock him over. he's also unfortunately sensitive, and easy to break.

    OTHER — *+:☽

    ( penned by menarva )

    — @ this account if needed / pm this account for plots

    — alternate name ideas / perseus / twitch-