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    ✦ ✧ ✦ At the cue, Maplepaw set the mouse next to Milkpaw's, then taking a step back to sit in line next to Milkpaw. "You sent us on the same task," she explained simply, trying her best to refrain herself from being too rude to the respected elder. Her amber eyes searched the older cat's expression warily, suspiciously, as she waited for him to make his judgement. She assumed it would go without saying that they wanted him to pick out which one he wanted, so she only waited in silence. She didn't care much if her mouse was the one to be picked, except for that she didn't want to make the trek back to the freshkill pile. It wasn't out of laziness or anything of the sort, but rather it was the shame that fed her hesitation. Maybe she was being too self-conscious, but she didn't want to be the one seen carrying the mouse back out of the den to the pile; it would feel like some sort of embarrassing walk of shame. Blinking expectantly, she waited for the cat's answer.

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    a mass adopts was just posted, maybe you can see if you're interested in any of those litters!! here's the link if u wanna look at it

    maple's siblings are in there, she's related to like half of skc haha & the family is v loving, but the litter is apprentice age :((

    ✦ ✧ ✦Trotting into camp, Maplepaw had just gotten back from a border patrol, and she was starving. She hadn't eaten all day, so when she reached the freshkill pile, her amber gaze landed on a nice, plump squirrel. Before she could even stretch her neck to grab it, though, she heard the scuttling of little legs. Surprised, her fur stood on end, and she jumped out of the way before the tom could reach her. Before she could even recompose herself, though, Blizzardhowl had already nabbed the squirrel, and was purring up a storm. Scrunching her nose, she let out a petty scoff, "Hey! I was gonna take that!" she protested, setting one hefty paw down angrily. Maplepaw hadn't even been able to show any indications she meant to pick the prey, so it was obvious the warrior wasn't being selfish or mischievous, but the least she could do aside from silently fume was show her displeasure. She let out a huff, fur bristling as she shot the tom an angry, pouting glance.

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    Maplepaw set her mouse down as well, looking once more forward a the den as she pondered the mix-up. "Yes, I'm sure it's for Greybird," she told the other apprentice, scrunching her nose in distaste at the situation. She couldn't recall if Ashheart had requested food as well, but she wasn't about to waste her time running back and forth from the freshkill pile to the elder's den because they couldn't keep their heads on straight. But, it was only a minor mishap, even she could concede, so even so it wasn't too big of a deal. She'd try not to get too annoyed. "Okay, let's go check with the elders then," she proposed, scooping the mouse up once again as she began closing in the short distance to the den. She supposed they would just have to settle it there; if they were on the same task for the same elder, maybe the elder would just have to choose which piece of prey he'd prefer.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ "He's a weirdo," Maplepaw commented casually, trotting up behind Hurricanegaze. It was a bit harsh, sure, but she meant no harm by it -- she was sure the statue of an apprentice could handle such comments. The two sort of had it out for each other, anyways, ever since their little incident, so the silent feline was probably used to Maplepaw's blunt words by now. She'd caught sight of Silentpaw as he shamelessly stared at one of their clanmates, but she couldn't say she was surprised; that was kind of an ordinary thing for him, right? She wasn't as creeped out about it as she would have been when she was a kit, unless it was directed at her, in which case she would probably implode with her own embarrassment and self-consciousness. Settling into a seated position, the fiery apprentice offered Hurricanegaze a small nod in greeting before lifting her chin, turning to then give Silentpaw a narrowed glare, "Silentpaw," she greeted in a reserved tone, "Up to your old antics?"

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Maplepaw had been surprised when Heronstar approached her with the request to see her in her den, she had thought maybe there was something she was in trouble for. Had she done something wrong? Despite her rising anxiety, she had agreed, and later began to make her way to the den. It was then she spotted Charcoalpaw disappear into the den as well, and she breathed a silent sigh of relief. Of course she hadn't done anything; their mother probably just wanted some time with her kits. She felt warm at this realization, and she shook her pelt to release the tension. She then hurried herself to the leader's den, clearing the space in a few large bounds before she ducked her head through the entrance. Inside were the two cats she had been expecting -- Charcoalpaw, who she'd seen enter before, and Heronstar, who of course had been the one to call the family meeting. Without a second's hesitation, she stretched forward in attempt to give both cats an affectionate nuzzle on the cheek. She'd at least somewhat gotten over the whole "affection is embarrassing" thing, and though she would never offer such gestures to just anyone, she realized now just how much she cared for her family. "Hey," she greeted in a soft voice, folding her paws under her as she settled into a "loaf" position next to Charcoalpaw.

    The comment about their grandparent's and father's absence, though it was shocking to be reminded of, hadn't been the first Maplepaw heard of it. Butterflydawn and Berylbreeze hadn't gotten a chance to say goodbye in their last moments like Lavenderstar had, but rather their passing had taken place in the background. It pained her, to think she had been there when her father had been given the injury that would finish him, and yet she never said anything to him. It would have been ridiculous, and frankly quite morbid, if she had told him goodbye before they even knew he was dying, but she could have at least let him know how much she cared about him.. And it was the same with their adoptive grandfather, she wasn't sure if she'd even had so much as a full conversation with him, much less bonded with him. It was too late now though, and they were gone. The apprentice blinked away tears, though from her bristling pelt and shivering body it was easy to see how shaken she was. She didn't want to think about the recent deaths, her father's especially, but it was hard not to when their absence was so dominating.

    "I, uh.. how--" she stumbled over her words, doing her best to compose herself so she could speak. She was going to ask the two how they were doing, but she couldn't get the words out, maybe for fear of the answers, or that they would ask back. Instead she shut her eyes tight, giving herself a moment before lifting her eyes to meet her mother's, "Why'd you call us here?" she asked instead, managing to steady her voice and speak with confidence, as feigned as it was.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Ha! And Cobracry had given her a hard time for being too young to hand out weekly tasks? Well, if he saw who was giving them out this week, he'd probably have a stroke and die on the spot. At the rather.. loud call of Cavykit, Maplepaw let out an exasperated sigh as she reluctantly trotted over, not even trying to suppress a rather dramatic eye roll. She had most certainly noticed the hyper kit's presence in camp, but she typically tried to avoid the younger feline; for both of their sake's. She was sure if they ever interacted one of them would end up missing an ear. "I'll take one," she told the young SkyClanner in a rather demanding tone, "And please don't tell me to go pick flowers." Flower picking did seem like a task Cavykit would hand out, and Maplepaw just wasn't about that.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Maplepaw was a little late to the meeting, but just as the announcements had begun the tortoiseshell trotted into camp, having just come back from a hunt. She hadn't caught anything, so aside from a small pause as she caught sight of the gathered cats, she made her way to the front of the crowd and took a seat. This was Heronstar's first meeting -- it was sure to be eventful, right? Seeing her mother officially taking her place as their new leader filled the apprentice with pride and, despite the tragic events that led them here, hope. She couldn't help but let out a soft purr, despite her attempts at suppressing it.

    At the announcement of Juniperthorn as their deputy, Maplepaw couldn't say she was surprised. The warrior would definitely make a great deputy, and what better way to start off a leadership than by showing your clan they could trust your decisions? She would never outright say that to his face, but it was true nonetheless. "Congrats, Juniperthorn," she called out to the tom, though over all the over raised voices it was uncertain whether or not the new deputy had even heard her. Ah, oh well -- she'd probably congratulate him again later.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ With all that had happened in SkyClan recently, Maplepaw had found herself taking strolls through the forest very often. She found it helped her clear her head, and some alone time helped a lot with the suffocating feeling she got when spending too much time in camp. With her mother as the new leader, she didn't feel as hopeless as she had after Lavenderstar passed, but with the blow of Berylbreeze being gone as well, she needed some extra time to herself to recover.

    Stepping through the forest, the tortoiseshell apprentice carried herself with little grace, setting her paws down heavy as she lumbered on. She wasnt too worried about scaring any prey away, as selfish as it sounded she just wasn't in the mood for hunting. She could rarely catch anything, anyways -- she'd save herself the trouble of trying, at least for now. As she continued on, she came to a freezing halt as the scent of a BloodClanner wafted over her. She was close to the border, she now realized, so with wide, amber eyes, she scanned her surroundings in search of the source. Almost as soon as she did, her gaze landed on another tortoiseshell, walking along the scented line of the border. Maplepaw twitched her whiskers. Forgetting her woes for a moment as her full attention was now on the stranger. She watched as the BloodClanner warily watched over his shoulder, and she questioned with a scoff as to why he would be concerned about what was on that side of the border, instead of the one he was almost trespassing over. She would have avoided him altogether, and just walked away without another thought, but the stranger's behavior had caught her interest, and her mind was brought back to the last BloodClanner to show up at their border, who had seemed just willing to chat and possibly make friends. As strange as it had been, Maplepaw had somehow found it intriguing, and she thought maybe there was a chance this one was just as friendly. Of course, she would never throw caution to the wind, and she would keep her guard up; BloodClan wasnt exactly the most friendly clan, after all.

    Approaching cautiously, Maplepaw kept low to the ground as she closed in the distance between her and the stranger. Once she was close enough, a few tail-langths from Machinegun, she stood up, bristling fur showing her hesitation as she spoke, "Who are you?" she questioned, her voice laced with suspicion and just a hint of hostility.

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    ✦ ✧ ✦ Like most of the others, Maplepaw had eagerly been anticipating the return of her mother. At the same time, though, there was a small tinge of anxiety lurking in the back of her thoughts when she thought of the ceremony. Heronswoop was going to come back as Heronstar, the leader of SkyClan, accompanied by her new nine lives. Was she somehow going to be.. different, when she returned? The thought sounded ridiculous even as it crossed her mind, but she couldn't help but wonder. She had no idea what entailed this ceremony, and with such the tragic events that had occurred she was feeling rather paranoid when it came to those she cared for. But once she saw the form of the lilac calico cross through the entrance, all the doubtful notions that had been crowding her thoughts seemed to take a backseat in her mind. She's back. She trotted forward from her spot near the apprentice's den, and pushed her head forward in an attempt to give her mother an affectionate headbutt on her shoulder. It hadn't been that long since she'd left, obviously, but even a little while seemed like a long time when you're left with nothing to do but count down the seconds. "Welcome back, Heronstar," she purred, allowing a slight smile to creep across her features.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Throughout their trek to the moorlands, Maplepaw hadn't talked nearly at all, lingering behind and a little to the side of Kestrelswoop. She was glad that she'd been allowed so easily to join the patrol to WindClan with her mentor, but even if anyone had tried to stop her she would have insisted she go anyway. She wasn't about to take no for an answer -- especially when it came to spreading the news of her grandmother's death to their allies. It wasn't something she was ecstatic about, but she felt like she should be there, for more closure if nothing else. Another reason was that she couldn't stand to spend another second in camp, it was so dreary there (and understandably so) she felt like she might suffocate. She couldn't sleep or rest anyways, so there way no reason to stay in camp while her mentor led the patrol to WindClan without her.

    Finally arriving at the WindClan border, Maplepaw came to a crouch next to Kestrelswoop. It was windy here in the moors, a lot more so than in the forest where they had the shield of trees; so when the cold autumn air brought in a sharp breeze, the tortoiseshell apprentice was forced to fluff her long fur out, a shocking chill being sent down her spine as she did so. It didn't take long before the first cat showed up, the female offering polite words to the SkyClanners. Maplepaw looked up from her crouch, her amber eyes meeting that of the WindClanner's. This would be her first encounter with a WindClanner -- she was still a new apprentice, after all, so she hadn't had much time to meet any cats from other clans. That wasn't what was on her mind, though; as they were there to deliver the bad news, a strong, bittersweet tang hung in the air, as she was sure the other cats could sense. As another cat appeared, (the leader of WindClan, though unbeknownst to the young apprentice,) Maplepaw kept quiet. She didn't offer any polite greeting, verbal or nonverbal, and only watched them with her amber gaze. Though on this sad occasion, her eyes lacked the usual lively spirit they held. In the short moment of silence that followed, she almost spat out the news just to get it out of the way, but she held her tongue. These were their allies, and she didn't want to ruffle any feathers by being the blunt, rude apprentice that she so often was. Instead, she tore her gaze away to look up at Kestrelswoop, expecting he would be the one to speak first.

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    ✦ ✧ ✦ Ah-- so her suspicions had been right, he was heading to the elder's den, just like her. She raised a (metaphorical) eyebrow at his last statement, blinking blankly at him before replying. "Uhh-- yeah, sure," she agreed reluctantly, her voice still muffled through the mouse she was carrying. She wasn't sure what catnip this apprentice was on, but fetching mice for elders never made her feel fuzzy inside. "I'm on my way to give this mouse to Greybird," she confirmed on a flat note, breaking eye contact as she continued her slow stalk towards the elder's den. "Who's that for?" she questioned unevenly, her tone reserved as she glanced over her shoulder. She was sure all the other elders had eaten already, so she was wary of Milkpaw's task -- she was going to kill someone if she had been sent on the same task as another apprentice. What a joke!

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    ✦ ✧ ✦Now that Lavenderstar was gone, Maplepaw knew that her mother would now be stepping up as the new leader of SkyClan, but it somehow still came as a surprise to her when she announced she was leaving. It was so soon, they'd hardly had a chance to mourn their current leader's death, and already Heronswoop was off to take her place. She wasn't angry or anything of course, but she didn't want her mom to leave; she wanted her to stay in camp with her, to stay close and comfort her with her presence. But she knew that was silly, Heronswoop had a duty to fulfill to the clan, and Maplepaw would never get in the way of that. Besides, she still had Rootpaw in camp, so she wouldn't be totally alone.

    Before Charcoalpaw and Heronswoop could leave, Maplepaw bounded forward to touch her nose to each of their's in turn; Charcoalpaw, then lingering for a moment longer with their mother. It was rare for the affectionately reclusive apprentice to show such a caring gesture, but she was in a moment of weakness, and she couldn't bear to see them leave without at least sending them off. "Good luck, mom," she offered quietly, amber eyes lingering on her mom's for a moment, before she took a step back and turned, running and disappearing into the apprentice's den.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Maplepaw lumbered out of the apprentice den at Juniperthorn's call, pausing to rub a tired eye with a single paw. She hadn't been able to sleep a lot since her grandmother's passing, so of course she was tired. She wasn't completely exhausted though, she knew she'd be just fine if she were to go on a patrol -- but even if not, she just wanted to get out of camp and do something else. While a patrol to announce their leadership change to other groups wasn't exactly something to get her mind off the death, it was at least something other than laying in her nest trying and failing to sleep. She couldn't stand to lay there any longer -- every time she closed her eyes, all she saw was Lavenderstar, laying there in camp, surrounded by their clanmates, dead.. She couldn't take it any more. Her mentor was leading one of the patrols, anyways, so it was only fitting that she go as well. She was supposed to be following him and learning, right? Plus, she could use the comfort of being with someone she was close to and trusted. "I'll go," she began with an almost despondent tone, her head hanging as she stared at the ground. Then as she lifted her gaze, she continued with a more strong, firm voice, "I want to go with Kestrelswoop."

    ✦ ✧ ✦ The first encounter Maplepaw had with death was when Lavenderstar had dragged Teddy's lifeless corpse out of his den, and though she had never had a relationship with the former medicine cat, his death had shaken her to her core. Not only because they had then been left without a medicine cat, but because that had been the first death she'd been exposed to, and young Maplekit had been forced to come to terms with the concept of death. It didn't make anything better though, coming to terms with the inevitable -- it only made her feel hopeless, desperate. It was worse with the death of her grandmother, someone that she really knew and looked up to. She could only accept the death with a dismal and hopeless kind of acceptance. She hadn't stopped even for a moment to try to convince herself that the leader would be okay, that she would be coming back; because while their leader's spirit would always be with them, Lavenderstar would never walk with them again. She would never go on another patrol, she would never hunt for her clan again, and she would never walk amongst them in camp again. It scared the apprentice, to think about the abscense of the only leader she'd known, but more than anything, it hurt that her grandmother was gone. She would be watching from StarClan, Maplepaw believed it with all her heart, but it wouldn't be the same.

    The only regret Maplepaw felt was that she hadn't been closer to the leader, that she never really formed a personal bond with her. It couldn't be changed now, it was far too late, but it really made one stop to think. Was she really doing the best she could with the ones she cared for? Would she regret it just as much if someone else she loved were to die tomorrow? It was something she struggled with, showing affection. Something inside her always got in the way, but perhaps it was something she should work on. She looked to her mother, Heronswoop; then Juniperthorn, then Charcoalpaw.. all cats she loved dearly, and whose deaths she would be absolutely broken over. She shivered, clenching her jaw at the mere thought. She had to do better.

    Brushing past Sleetshade as the warrior finished her words, Maplepaw kept her gaze to herself. She wouldn't be able to keep her composure if she were to make eye contact with any of the broken cats around her, she couldn't face them. Maplepaw herself was a cat of few words when it came to feelings and heartfelt moments, but much to her regret, she had kept silent when Lavenderstar lay in camp dying -- she hadn't said a word. The least she could do was say something now. The shivering apprentice grew closer to the spot the grey she-cat had been buried, and crouched low to the ground. A solemn, almost down trodden expression was present on the young tortoiseshell's face. She didn't want anyone to hear her, so she leaned in close, and spoke in a soft whisper, "Thank you, for everything. We'll never forget you," she managed to choke out, shivering as she whispered the words. "I'll work hard, I'll serve SkyClan with my life.. I'll make sure I live up to the title of your grandkit," she promised, dedicating the little energy she could muster to make the resolve. And she would -- she made the promise, and she would keep it. Speaking a soft prayer to StarClan, Maplepaw closed her eyes for a lingering moment, before slowly rising to her paws, and falling back to allow others their turn. She sat back, and dropped her gaze to her paws.

    ✦ ✧ ✦ Maplepaw had taken a small detour on her task to fetch the elder's food, taking just a moment aside to do her business. She hadn't taken long, and when she began to make her way back to the freshkill pile, she noticed Milkpaw sniffing through probably looking for something to his liking. She recalled having seen the other apprentice entering the elder's den just as she had left, and she'd heard him speaking to the same elder she had. She figured he'd probably gotten off easy, maybe with something like checking the elder's nests for thorns, and he was able to grab a meal earlier than the she was able to. She didn't think much of it, and she didn't acknowledge his presence much aside from a small glance as she nosed her way through the pile. Coming to a fat mouse, she gave an absent-minded flick of her tail, lifting the dead rodent between her teeth and raising her head as she prepared to make her way back to the elder's den. As she turned, though, she noticed Milkpaw was also beginning to make his way to the same place. Hm, alright -- maybe he hadn't gotten an early meal, but she was sure all the other elders had already eaten besides the one she was fetching food for. Suspicious, she focused her gaze on the silver apprentice, "What are you doing?" she interrogated through a muffled mouthful, amber eyes narrowing to confused slits.