*:・゚✦ | "Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a way to reattach your claws." Wolfshade would muse as he sauntered over, gaze trailing over Cavy and the others. While he wasn't too fond of the child because of how naive she was to clan life and her actions upon showing up in the territory, he still seemed to feel sorry for her newly discovered issue. "The twolegs likely don't have them anymore either. I've heard of what they call, declawing which seems to be the case for you." The thought made him shiver, he couldn't imagine being without his claws. And the more he thought about it, if Cavy stayed, how exactly would they train her to be a warrior? She was missing her main source of defense.

    "If you want, I can freshen your nest before you retreat into your den." Wolfshade would offer with a brief flick of his ears. He didn't believe anyone had gotten to that yet, or had even thought about it for that matter. "The moss likely still smells of Lavenderstar, and has been changed recently." More so a job for the apprentices, but it was probably easier for an adult to get into the leader's den.

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    Wolfshade lifted his head slightly at the sound of someone's voice, hues glancing over his shoulder. The words made him scowl and nearly spit out a bitter response until Hurricanegaze stepped into view, only then did he manage to hold back his aggression. 'How are you?' Oh, just great. Not like my mother just died or anything.. He huffed and gave a brief roll of his eyes, returning his attention back to the herbs he'd been nudging. "I'm fine." Wolf murmured, tone harsher than he'd intended them to be. Of course he knew Cane would know better, know what he'd just said was a lie. The warrior just wasn't in the mood to have a heart to heart with anyone.

    'That's a stupid question.' Juniperthorn's voice made him flinch, he hadn't expected his brother to appear so suddenly. "It's okay, Juni.." He said, despite thinking the same thing. Wolf glanced at his sibling much like the way he had with Hurricanegaze, a slight side glance with little effort. "No, it's alright. I just.." He tipped his nose back downward at the herbs, the lump in his throat forcing him silent for a moment or two, "I just need to put them away."

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    Wolfshade was relieved to see Heronstar and Charcoalpaw back home in one piece. Like everyone else, he had been anticipating the molly's return, now as SkyClan's new leader. There was still some bitterness from knowing Lavenderstar was truly gone, but he knew Heronstar would wonderfully fill her place. The tom approached beside Juniperthorn, momentarily brushing against his brother while glancing over their new leader. "Welcome home." He mused lightly.

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    Truth be told, Wolfshade wanted to scoop the kit up and toss her back to her twolegs. She had no idea what she was getting herself into, no idea of what clan life really was. Cavy's responses made his pelt prickle and tail lash, his eyes of orange narrowing. The mention of her joining triggered a growl, why was that always everyone's first comment? "Yeah sure, let more kittypets into the clans," Wolfshade hissed as he rose to his paws and turned away, "StarClan is fading, and this is probably one of the reasons why. No one seems to be honoring the warrior code anymore." And with that he stalked off, no longer wishing to be apart of the situation.

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    It wouldn't come as a surprise that Wolfshade had slept much, if at all, since Lavenderstar's death and burial. He wanted to believe it had all just been a sick dream from StarClan, that his mother would soon leap from her den to greet them all. But he knew that wouldn't happen, the leader's den was now Heronstar's and she would be the one leaping from its entrance. It was the reality he would have to live with now, and while he knew what his mother had asked of them, she'd just have to understand he needed his time to grieve. One who think he wouldn't be apart of the mourning after his tree falling injuries had left him memory-less, but plenty had 're-taught' him who his family was. While he sometimes still seemed unsure of himself, the feeling he got around his siblings and Lavenderstar had been enough to prove what others had told him. His reaction to her death did too.

    Facing the stockpile of herbs in the medicine cat den, the dark furred tom was almost lifeless. Empty eyes of orange staring mindlessly at the herbs he was attempting to put away, tail swooshing to and fro lazily. It made since finding him here trying to keep himself busy in an obviously failed attempt at keeping his mind off of the past couple of days. He pawed at the leaves near his feet, making no real effort to sort any of them into their proper places. At least he had managed to clean out the stockpile beforehand.

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    When it came to visitors strutting into SkyClan's territory, Wolfshade usually wasn't as aggressive as Kestrelswoop or even Juniperthorn. However, the recent events and his own grief, even the possibility of the coming leaf-bare, made for a different tom. The scent of kittypet in the territory annoyed him enough to trigger a low growl in the back of his throat, why did those house pests want to show up and bother them now?

    Wolfshade reluctantly left his current tasks of gathering herbs for the medicine cat den, and swiftly made his way toward the border. His ears twitched at the sudden sound of Kestrelswoop's voice booming in the distance, it made him snort. What unfortunate soul now had to deal with his hot-headed climate? Soon enough Wolfshade approached to see exactly what he'd expected; an unwelcome kittypet waltzing around in SkyClan's territory.

    The warrior stayed silent, figuring the molly didn't need to wild cats snapping at her despite his urge to lay into her as well. Instead, he glared at Cavy with a slight curl of his upper lip.

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    Everything was happening so quickly, it was hard for Wolfshade to keep up, not that he necessarily wanted to. While Lavenderstar's decline in health hadn't gone unnoticed, her death had still come as a surprise, a very unwanted surprise. He wished it was all a dream or even a mere effect to the concussion he was still healing from, but unfortunately it had all been real. The dark furred tom listened as some of his clanmates gave speeches, his paws heavy and dragging beneath him as he walked over. The lump in his throat thickened with every word his siblings spoke, hitting him harder than those who had merely shared the clan with the fallen molly. Wolfshade couldn't bring himself to say anything despite wanting to, all he could do was stand there with a lifeless expression plastered on his face.

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    "I can go on the patrol to RiverClan." Came Wolfshade's full murmur as he sauntered toward his clanmates. There was an obvious lack of enthusiasm within his voice, an emptiness really. Part of him wanted to just hide in his nest, but he knew he couldn't do that. Lavenderstar would be disappointed in him, and with Minksplash nowhere to be seen, he knew Charcoalpaw still needed help with medicine cat duties.

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    /I gotta reply to this at least before I take a 3 day break. myth whyyyyy

    Lavenderstar's weak words hit Wolfshade like a ton of bricks, having heard them clearly despite being in the warriors den. He felt his heart shatter and sink to his stomach. Like everyone else, he'd noticed his mother's declining health. He tried his best to not dwell on it, but as the days went on it became harder not to notice her sunken movements, or even her lack of movement. Her dying had been the last thing he imagined.

    The dark furred warrior hesitantly stepped from the den, corners of his eyes already sparkling with tears. "Mom.." was all he managed to muster up, words getting stuck by the ball in his throat. His body shuttered with silent sobs, feet extremely heavy as he made his way over to his gathered clanmates, orange hues unable to look anywhere other than Lavenderstar.

    "Please. Y-you can't.." With that his legs gave out and he collapsed beside the molly, face disappearing against her side.

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    Wolfshade was still recovering from his unfortunately tumble out of a tree and had been napping within his nest in the medicine cat den, until a chill nipped at the back of his neck. The dark furred tom groaned as he tore open his sleep ridden eyes, an overly annoyed look finding its way onto his features. His ears flicked at the sound of his clanmates outside (or so they had told him that's what they were), so he pushed himself to his paws and lazily stalked out of the den and into the clearing. He hadn't been expecting to be greeted by snow yet there it was, slowly falling from the sky onto the earth beneath them. "Well that's great.." Wolfshade murmured to himself. Though he was just as confused as some of the others, leaf-fall had just started.. hadn't it?

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    Despite being swallowed up by the darkness his unconsciousness lingered over him, Wolfshade could still hear what was going on around him. He heard voices mainly, slurred mumbling he couldn't make out, nor could he match them to any faces or names. For the moment he was numb and unknowing of the amount of pain his body was currently feeling, ignorant to the fact he'd just fallen out of a tree. Yet before he could realize what was going on and after some time had past, an uncomfortable prong washed over his cranium which seemed to slowly progress, and leave behind a slight ache. Wolfshade was waking up, and the pain suddenly gripped him.

    His eyes burned as they fluttered open, only able to get half way before simply clenching them shut again. The tom groaned and his body rustled with a sudden flinch at the ache in his bones when he tried lifting himself from the ground. "Wh-What's going on?" He spoke, words nothing more than a slurred whisper. Wolfshade parted his eyelids once more, vision blurred and dizzy as he desperately tried blinking the haziness away. Orange hues finally met the forms of those around him, fear taking over him.

    "Wh- Who are you? Where am I?!" The injured warrior explained while confusion plastered itself onto his face. Once again he attempted to stand, movements rushed as if he was wanting to run. He yelped at the pain in his shoulder and slumped back onto the ground, chest heaving. "I can't.... remember."

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    /throws wolf

    Okay now,,,,,, hear me out lmao

    What if

    Cobra and Wolf developing a sibling sort of bond ?? Like best friends next level lol

    Since I've broken Wolf's head his personality has changed, not necessarily similar to Cobra's, but also yes sort of (in a way). Granted, he's not going to be a asshole like Cobra, but have sorta the same snarkiness or something and they just click.

    Like Wolf ends up being his punching bag/instantly goes to Wolf after Cobra's dad does shit ??

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    Like any other day Wolfshade could be found within the tree tops, either napping or getting a bit of exercise by bounding from branch to branch, and today was no different. He'd had a lot on his mind recently with a lot of stress that was beginning to disrupt his sleep schedule as well as his warrior duties. He figured a short race through the tree tops would surely ease some of his tension, with a possible nap to top it off. There was no doubt he was one of SkyClan's best tree climbers, one might say it was his best skill, but the tom had never been one to boast about such things. And with such skills it wasn't likely anyone would find him falling from the trees or losing his footing, it wasn't like him.

    However, it seemed Wolfshade was thrown off his equilibrium far more than he had anticipated, growing more and more frustrated with every slip up he had as he sprung from branch to branch. Not even in his right mind enough to know he should have just stopped, but instead he kept going, barely saving himself from falling each time. Unfortunately for the tom, his luck ran short and while not paying attention, his paw slipped from under him with a surprised yowl. Unable to save himself again his head smacked against the branch he'd been leaping to, knocking him unconscious as he body tumbled to the ground, and landed with a loud THUD.

    /it's late lmao, this is blah, but i wanted to get this up. next reply with showcase le memory loss.

    his injury includes: a large swollen lump on his head, a concussion, a fractured shoulder (left) from hitting the ground, and a deep wound to his pride lol

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    /post memory lose/head injury

    "It's a good thing he didn't come, because I definitely didn't want to hear you two mousebrain's senseless noise." Came the tom's sharp huff as he followed behind Lavenderstar, orange gaze momentarily raking over Ebonystrike. A bit of time had past since he'd fallen out of a tree and practically landed on his head, yet he was still healing from the ordeal and personally didn't want to having bickering add pain to his occasional headache. It was bad enough he still had no earthly idea of who anyone was, not even his mother or siblings who he would find himself almost clinging to. He had to keep reminding himself they were apparently his kin.

    Wolfshade placed himself beside his mother and seated himself once the had approached WindClan's border, a small frown forming on his thin lips. He glanced around with slight nervousness, only to snap his head forward at the sound of someone's voice and the scent of WindClan. At first the WindClanner seemed to be addressing them with some hostility, but changed their tone once realizing just who was waiting at the border. The black smoke glanced toward Lavenderstar as if looking to her for advice. Was he allowed to say anything?

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