*:・゚✦ | So right now Wolfshade is just a mess. The fool disappeared for four moons, only a day or so after the death of his mother (Lavenderstar) and has missed quite a lot. He's beside himself, confused, both physically and mentally unhealthy to the point he's not that far away from death if something doesn't change. While I'm not the greatest with coming up with plots or sticking to them for very long (cause I usually get bored with it lmao), I want to get him involved with some sort of romance. Something that helps him improve health wise and mentality wise, and helps him realize he still has a lot to live for despite what he's been through.

    I honestly want it to be with someone from a different clan. Obviously starting as friends and eventually developing into something more. It'll be the first big step to Wolfshade getting out of his slump and actually give him a reason to stop just sitting in camp all day pouting. I don't necessarily know to what extents the relationship will go besides leaving him with some very big decision making as time goes on (one being whether or not he ends up leaving SkyClan to be wherever said future mate is).

    Anyway, Wolfshade is 17 moons old and the son of Lavenderstar and Butterflydawn. in order to be a potential mate of his, your character must meet the following requirements:

    - female

    - 17 moons or younger

    That's it, lmao.

    *:・゚✦ | Since coming home Wolfshade had kept himself within a very short distance of the warrios den, refusing to stray too far or even step foot out of camp. However, today was different, today he'd grown tired of seeing the inside walls of SkyClan's camp. It felt no different than the dark sleep he had awake from a few short days ago. The fresh air of the territory was a pleasant feeling and for the first time in a long time, the warrior was relieved of the tension he'd been experiencing. He felt a lightness in his step as he strolled through the undergrowth, ears twirling around at the sounds around him, yet the sound of a sudden loud cry stopped him in his tracks.

    "Was that..?" Without a second thought Wolfshade darted forward, sides aching due to him being poorly out of shape and from the broken rib he was still healing from, but it wasn't going to stop him. He made his way toward the river as fast as possible, he knew something was very wrong and his lack of stamina wasn't going to stop him (maybe put him in the medicine cat's den later though). The black smoke broke through the undergrowth, hues of orange widening at his convulsing clanmate. "Kestrelflight!" He exclaimed, fear drenching his tone. "Someone help!" The warrior called as he moved to the younger warrior's side, praying to StarClan that someone was close enough to hear him. There wasn't much else he could really do.

    *:・゚✦ | He's open to just about anything. Of course right now he's not in the greatest shape both mentally and physically since he was comatose for a couple moons. He could definitely use some help getting back to himself and whatnot.

    I honestly suck at plots, so yeah lmao.

    *:・゚✦ | Everyone was surrounding Juniperstar pleading with him to drink because they knew the obvious. However, Wolfshade also knew his brother like the back of his paw, and knew the cinnamon tom didn't take well to being crowded as he currently was. Of course he was concerned for his littermate much like everyone else was, he too wanted to beg him to drink, but sometimes there was just no way to change someone's mind. They had to be willing to themselves. "Leave him be," Wolfshade murmured as he stepped out of the warriors den, "Don't you all know by now that you'll only make him angrier?" The black smoke would snort, a slight smirk pulling at the ends of his lips.

    *:・゚✦ | "The drought has nothing to do with what happened to me." Wolfshade rasped in response to Silverthistle, gaze shifting over the female carefully. It was true, his trouble began long before this strange weather started causing problems for the clans.

    *:・゚✦ | "Visitors are supposed to wait at the border, Mottlewish." Wolfshade would mew blandly as he came to stand beside Juniperstar, hues of orange switching between the she-cat and the stranger she'd willingly led into camp. While he would usually be more welcoming, with recent events and everything he'd been told since his return, the tom had had a slight change of heart, a very slight change. The black smoke frowned as he sat and wrapped his tail over his paws, he couldn't imagine the still very fresh wound left behind from Heronstar's death, and with Mottlewish waltzing home with some stranger it likely only added to that wound.

    *:・゚✦ | "I've supposedly been missing for four moons while all I remember is leaving to take a moment for myself after my mother died," Came Wolfshade's hoarse voice, gaze shifting toward Tawnypaw, "Does that sound like I'm okay to you?" The sound of the tom snapping at someone was uncommon and came as a surprise even to himself, but he still felt no need to offer any sort of apology for it. It had been the most he'd said since waltzing back home, though it was unfortunate it had to be drenched with so much negativity, so much pain. He sighed briefly and glanced in Dizzypaw's direction, merely giving the apprentice a side eyed look as that was all he could muster. Did they really think he wanted to look like foxdung or as if he'd been thrown around like a mound of dirt? Wolfshade usually took pride in his flawless appearance, was always quick to groom should even a speck of dirt touched his fur. Yet he couldn't gather the energy to care much, at least not now.

    As Mothshine's words reached him he lifted his head to meet her ember gaze with his hues of orange, a slight smile pulling at one corner of his lips. "Thank you, Mothshine." The son of Lavenderstar meowed. "I just wish I knew what happened, or why it happened." The tom sighed, frowning again. Had it been StarClan or something else? And if it had been, why would they do this to him?

    *:・゚✦ | Wolfshade watched the scene unfold from his place outside the warriors den, his orange hues cold and firmly locked on Tawnyp- kit as the newly demoted apprentice stormed away once everything was said and done. The selfishness of the training medicine cat came as a surprise to him, how could he possibly put himself above the rest of his clan that he supposedly cared so much about? Even Wolfshade, who was truthfully more worse off than his clanmates, still couldn't bring himself to eat much or even drink. He just couldn't understand how Tawny could so willingly break the code.

    *:・゚✦ | Confusion.

    It was a feeling that had become to familiar to Wolfshade, a feeling he wished didn't leave behind a lingering ache and he knew it wasn't the dull ache in his side from his broken rib. His trip to Fourtrees, which he believed had only been for a few short days, had instead lasted four moons, and during that time a lot had happened within SkyClan as well as the other clans. Heronstar had fallen to a band of rogues, her leadership cut short by a bunch of hooligans with no purpose being in the forest. All while everyone suffered through a strange heat during the moons bare-leaf was supposed to be happening, leaving the clans without much food or water. Wolfshade didn't understand any of it. More importantly he didn't understand what had happened to him. Where had he gone? How did he end up asleep in some old den near Fourtrees' edge? What was StarClan doing to them all?

    Since his return, he hadn't strayed too far away from the warriors den and held no intention on stepping foot outside of camp for who knew how long. He feared it would happen again, feared that if he left he would somehow vanish for another unreasonable amount of time or not even return at all. His appearance hadn't changed much, fur dirty, skin sunken in places where it shouldn't, and the usual brightness in his orange hues were dull and lacking. He sat hunched as he mindlessly watched clanmates come and go as the sun moved across the sky while leaving behind unwanted heat. This felt like the end.

    *:・゚✦ | Rogue! The sudden scream yanked Wolfshade's attention upright and onto the tom darting across the clearing. He stood there motionless, confused as to what was going on until he realized.. Sedgeroot was charging straight at him. It was followed by Mothshine's own loud call, yet hers was an attempt to stop the ambush before it could happen, unfortunately it was too little too late. "Wait, w-what!?" He managed to rasp before being slammed against the ground while giving a faint attempt at swiping his claws at Sedgeroot's face. His frail, malnourished body hit the earth with a loud thud along with a slight cracking sound of his rib snapping in two. This definitely wasn't the welcome home Wolfshade had expected.

    "G-Get off of me!" The black smoke snapped through gritted teeth while trying to shove the other away from him, afraid he'd end up with more broken bones if any more pressure was pressed against him. His wide eyes of orange clung to Mothshine as if begging for her help until Applepaw's voice reached him, who in StarClan's name was that? Applekit? When did he get so big? Wolfshade huffed a breath, face pained as he did his best to bring himself into a sitting position, eyes snapping in his brother's direction at the sound of his frantic call. Seeing the cinnamon tabby racing over managed to ease some of the tension Wolfshade was feeling, yet he was still quite confused as to what was going on. "I was near Fourtrees for a day or so. You're acting like I've been gone for much longer, Juniperthorn," He said, a frown forming on his muzzle, "Though.. I feel like I've been gone for awhile or something." He glanced around, eyes meeting two more felines he didn't recognize; Ryepaw and Tawnypaw. "Okay, what's going on? Where's Heronstar?"

    *:・゚✦ | His journey to Fourtrees was expected to only last a day, two at most, but his short outing had turned into a four moon disappearance. Wolfshade needed some time away from his home to deal with his mother's death, an event he still wished was nothing more than a nightmare he'd eventually wake up from. Selfishness had pushed him away from his remaining family who likely had needed him there, but he wasn't able to, and he was sure to receive an ear full from Juniperthorn once he returned home. However, Wolfshade never actually returned home. The warrior's disappearance was sudden and likely added more pain to the open wound left behind with Lavenderstar's death. It hadn't been intentional nor held any malice, even Wolfshade was unaware of the extension of his disappearance.

    He'd woken up within an old den near the edge of Fourtrees, confused, frightened, and disoriented as to what had happened or even where he was. His legs felt numb from their lack of use, almost failing to hold the lithe warrior upright and carry him out into the light. While his sense of direction slowly returned, him mind still buzzed like a swarm of bees in a hive after it had been disturbed. Dull pain throbbed behind his eye sockets from the sudden beaming sunlight he had stepped into, the heat around him tightening his already dry, rusty throat. Why is it so hot? He thought, It's leaf-bare.. "W-What h-happened?" Came his voice, hoarse from disuse. Did I really fall asleep? He mouthed, yet couldn't say aloud. He couldn't remember what had happened, and was still very unaware of exactly how long he'd been gone.

    I think it's time to go home, maybe have Charcoalpaw look me over.. On wobbly legs, Wolfshade trekked forth with his mind set on going straight back to SkyClan despite his extreme thirst and hunger, he figured he'd have plenty of time to eat once he was home. Though the distance between SkyClan and fourtrees wasn't too long, it somehow felt like hours before the familiar opening into camp came into view, but he was relieved once his paws carried him through the threshold. Yes, of course Wolfshade would simply waltz into camp as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn't been gone for longer than a single sunrise, because he had no clue he'd been gone for much much longer.

    /okayy so obv not realistic but whatev. wolf is back. any new skyclanners who don't know him are more than welcome to try to attack him cause like drama and such lmao. i'm trash, sorry.

    Character Name: Wolfshade

    Gender: Male

    Clan: skyclan

    Apperance: Black smoke w/ vibrant orange eyes. He has a large scar that starts above his right eye (half-blind) which trails down his chest and down to the very end of his under belly. Making it look as if something much larger had attempted to rip him in half.

    Personality: Cunning, stubborn, gentle yet short-tempered. He prefers independence and can get testy when hovered over or treated like a child. His loyalty resides within his clan and those he allows close to him, making it difficult for anyone outside to get in. He is very mature for his age which can sometimes cause him to take things too seriously, sometimes being labeled as arrogant or stuck up.

    Open to:

    - friends

    - best friend

    - enemies (this is kind of a complicated thing. unless given good reason this usually just means he dislikes someone.)

    - interactions (open or private)

    - one-sided crushed (on him)

    - an apprentice

    - training/helping y/c

    - being a parental/brother figure to y/c

    Possibly open to:

    - two-sided crushes

    - romance

    - just suggest plots and such and we'll see!

    Closes to:

    - death

    - major injures

    - rape or anything similar

    - basically no bad stuff


    1. 'Circles' - Post Malone

    — "Seasons change and our love went cold / Feed the flame 'cause we can't let go / Run away, but we're running in circles / Run away, run away / I dare you to do something / I'm waiting on you again / So I don't take the blame / Run away, but we're running in circles / Run away, run away, run away"

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