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    To lose someone so integral to the clan's survival was in itself a scary thought. To lose someone that so many had appreciated and adored was even scarier. Duskcloud was not one to resort to logical analysis when he could help it, yet as the warrior stands to the side and watches the proceedings with grief clouding brown eyes and no familiar shoulder to lean on, logic becomes his only solace. He concerns himself with the moon and greenleaf's end, with anything except for the still form of the cat whose soul was with StarClan now. Even still, his gaze drifts back. She had been young and deserving of a fuller life. He finds no words to offer, instead closing his eyes harshly and dipping his head to fight the obvious swell of grief. She was safe now, Minnownose was right.

    Duskcloud knew what it was like to be small. Though he had never had many littermates to compare himself to, Dawnwatcher, younger brother he may be, had dwarfed Dusk from birth. He had grown up to be a sturdy monster of a warrior, hulking but not disproportionate. In comparison, Dusk couldn't help but feel slightly self-conscious now and then. He was willowy and slight, and unexpected strength and agility didn't quite count for as much as he would like — still, he was a living testament to the fact that small kittens could grow up just fine. The warrior had returned from a successful hunt and dropped the plump pair of mice on the pile just in time to see one of SkyClan's older kittens wrapped up in wonderful antics. He can't help but smile. And to think that the worst Dawn would allow him to get away with was a particularly grand game of mossball. Littermates, what are they good for?

    "What's that I heard? We're breaking the warrior code early, are we Wheatkit?" he adds with a grin that is at worst affectionately teasing. StarClan, the kits these days are adorable. He doesn't remember being that cute.

    [ TAGS ] - For a really long time, the only thing Duskcloud had had was his brother. It wasn't that bad of a life and all, even if the two of them seemed to be total opposites and unlikely to get along. The clanmates who thought that didn't know them well enough, just like those who couldn't read the little flickers of body language didn't either. Perhaps he's protective of his younger brother; usually it's for a good reason. He may be smaller, more expressive, overall a bit of a goof — none of that really meant that Dawnwatcher was better suited for this life, and although he may doubt that every now and then, it's a truth he knows deep down. Sometimes memories were all someone had, and if you needed to rely a little bit on an acorn to make that easier, it's okay.

    There's no judgment or mental debate to be found in Duskcloud's thoughts or features, bypassing his other clanmates to head right for the other tabby and press into his side with overwhelming affection, head bumping his shoulder and neck. "We are much more likely to find it if we observe and mark stashes rather than resorting to revenge hunting, Dawn." It feels wrong to want to speak for his brother's state of mind, but he finally passes a glance to Kestralswoop and offers a smile bordering on too crisp and clean. "Dawnwatcher is searching for something that was taken from him." His head tilts a little in thought. "The probability of finding it would also increase if you were to tell others what to look for," he murmurs to his littermate, quietly enough to seem conspiratorial.

    [ TAGS ] - Duskcloud had grown up with an understanding of his place in SkyClan, what he was supposed to do and be. A warrior. A productive part of his clan. His brother was better at it than Dusk, with his level personality and manner of speech. They were complementary like that, as if some creature had split one person in half to make the two of them. Dawn wouldn't have hesitated to get up there and put that bird on the prey pile. He shouldn't either. But the young warrior stops himself near his former mentor, eyes narrowed in thought. "If not everyone has eaten today —" he doesn't finish the sentence, just looking up to Wolftooth for guidance he should be several moons past needing.

    It was difficult to make sense of conflicting instructions. Logic (which spoke in Dawnwatcher's even voice) urged him to end its life as efficiently as possible and go back to his duties, but there was something beautiful about the bird where it sat, and all of his clanmates gathering around it to watch this apprentice. Wolftooth had always been a more neutral voice in his thoughts, allowing him to be who he wanted to. Maybe the problem is that he doesn't know who that is. He shrugs it off and comes back to what was in front of him. "Awesome climbing, Sparkpaw."

    [ TAGS ] - / tysm! don't worry about proper responses though we welcome anything <3

    He had tried to be what other people wanted him to be, once or twice. His brother was the sort that everyone could admire, strong and sturdy and almost obedient. Everything that Dusk wasn't once he got comfortable with someone in any way more personal than sharing a home. Like his former mentor, Duskcloud could be a little...selective when it came to friendship. Part of it was that he found himself constantly in search of very particularly company, and part of it was that people were, just perhaps, a little put off by the same traits that Wolftooth found faintly amusing. Or maybe they can all just see him look at the older warrior like he put the stars in the sky and didn't want any of that nonsense.

    Even after his fumble, he found himself back to staring in just a short moment, responding to the subtle smile with a giddy one of his own as he settles down, fur flattening and eyes going soft, heartbeat slowing. It's only Lynxflight's presence that startles him out of it, turning to glance back at the senior warrior with a strange amount of guilt, as if she'd caught him stealing something from the medicine den or shirking his duties. "We were —" he rushes out, but Wolftooth beats him to the rest of the sentence and he doesn't mind in the slightest.

    Training, though. He swallows down a dozen convoluted feelings that tangle like yarn. "I'm not your apprentice anymore, you know." It's not like he really minds. The chance to show off is a bit too promising to pass up anyway. "I bet I could beat you both."

    Probably not.

    [ TAGS ] - Duskcloud's mild laughter introduces him to the conversation, giddy and warm, soft brown eyes narrowing with it. "I don't think it will kill you, no." He didn't see the point in trying to scare apprentices, even though it theoretically could happen. "But you should get it checked out just in case, it'll only take a minute." The tomcat stretches and shakes out his fur, eyes turning towards the tree that Cardinalpaw had been carving up. "What were you doing anyway? Get a little carried away with your sharpening?"

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    [ TAGS ] - Duskcloud had fallen into a routine since his warrior ceremony. It was difficult to believe that this many seasons had passed. He had seen eight cycles of the moon since then; everything and nothing had changed since then. He still sneaks quiet glances up to a broad shoulder and overgrown teeth, still treads lightly through the underbrush and tackles his brother as if they were still kits. Still, he was older, and knew more today than yesterday. That doesn't stop him from acting the part of Wolftooth's old apprentice, overeager and excited to be alive. The feline's pace slows minutely, trailing behind the older warrior to bat at twigs and leaves with a silent precision. Practice made perfect, after all, and Duskcloud has had plenty of practice goofing off in ways that most of his clanmates would never notice.

    Most of them.

    "You missed the leaf on the left," Wolftooth tells him, and Dusk makes a point of turning to pounce on it, crinkling it loudly underneath soft paws before darting back to his place at his side. For a heartbeat or two (which might be a record), he keeps his eyes on the path in front of them, but as they get closer to camp a certain reckless bravery seeps through his skin. Duskcloud turns his head slightly to look up at him, tracing the line of his jaw just barely hidden by thick fur down to his broad shoulders.

    This time, the snap of a twig is totally accidental. The most undignified hissing sound shoots out of his mouth, back arching and silvery coat puffing out instinctively as his mind scrambles to register the parts of this world that don't revolve around his patrol partner's dignified appearance and graceful stride. It was a stick. Just a dry twig that he hadn't managed to avoid, but that stick and his hiss sent off a chain reaction of a few mice and birds fleeing. They were't technically here to hunt, but — well, embarrassment burns hot anyway. Duskcloud squeezes his eyes shut, berating himself for his distraction with harsh swats of his tail from side to side. What a stupid mistake to make in front of the person who had helped teach him to walk with grace. His tongue tangles with the word mousebrain, but he manages to stutter out a harsh, desperate, "Sorry!" instead.



    SLIM, SOFT SILVER TABBY WITH HIGH WHITE AND COPPER-BROWN EYES. Though Duskcloud is not what one would picture when thinking of a perfect warrior, with a build that leans more towards soft than muscular, more willowy than sturdy, there's something to be said for the athleticism underneath Dusk's thick fur. Quick and agile, with a surprising sturdiness and pain tolerance, he's not someone to mess with. His build is still tough enough that friendly eyes and a gentle disposition can be a little misguiding. His favorite activities as a warrior include WORKING WITH APPRENTICES, PATROLLING, AND GOING TO GATHERINGS. He does not enjoy violence.