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    ღ Confused by Sunwish's response, Milkkit looked around for a bit, then finally set his eyes on Sunwish again. He had never heard of two toms being together; he had heard vague rude comments from his papa (which were very quickly shushed by his mama), but that was the extent of it. Could that happen? Well, that was dumb, thought Milkkit, obviously it could happen, Sunwish had just said it. A better question, Milkkit decided was 'could anyone do that? Could anyone like another boy?'

    "Tom?" He asked, a genuine voice of disbelieving. Milkkit felt stupid for being so in awe of such a quick and painless response, but it made him feel... oddly secure.

    "You wanna go on playdates with toms?"

    "Oh. I'm sorry." Milkkit wondered if he asked something wrong; it felt sad that Sunwish's father didn't have time for that kind of thing. Starclan knows how often his mama and papa went off on their own adventures; once a month, the gray kit was pretty sure. Though, saying the statement didn't seem to bring Sunwish's spirits down too low; Sunwish was always such a chipper cat. Milkkit wondered if it ever made the tom sad to think about how busy his papa was, but the kit didn't want to dig too deep. He wasn't the type.

    "Have you ever gone on a playdate, then?" Milkkit prided himself on his manners, not his curiosity. Sunwish was a kind cat; Milk was curious on why no mollys had tried to take him on a playdate before, but, again, he found himself wondering things that would be too personal to actually ask. (Though, apparently, the filter in Milk's brain would not catch the prying question about Sunwish's dating life. Whoops.)

    ღ The sun shone bright in the sky when Milkkit told his mother and father goodbye; the two promised a quick return, then were off to enjoy themselves. Milkkit always thought his mama and papa looked so happy together. He wanted to be like that one day, but he was never really sure with who; he'd wonder who she would be, what she would look like. The 'she' never really sounded right for him, but his mama and papa taught him that was how he would end up.

    He took their word.

    He walked over to his babysitter, Sunwish, and plopped down beside him.

    "Did your mama and papa go on playdates too?"

    / stagpaw -

    ღ The sun peaked out of the west ever so slightly. The call of birds began to ring out.

    A soft breeze passed through the door of the nursery, and Milkkit snuggled into himself was a quiet sigh. Day had just barely begun; sure, warriors and apprentices were up and about, but the gray kitten couldn't think of a reason any of his peers would be awake. So, Milkkit took that as a sign that he was meant to sleep in this morning.

    He closed his eyes and let his mind wander.

    Surely nothing would ruin this beautiful morning for him.

    // Firststep

    ღ Milkkit's current view of the world was upside down, but he could tell that a man was making his way over. Once, he flipped himself right side up, he blinked up at the fluffy, cinnamon tom.

    "Yes, yes sir!" the boy took nervous steps towards Sunwish, nodding to him. "My papa tried to show me how to do it, but I didn't do it right yet. I wanna get it perfect so I can show 'im."

    At the sound of another, he turned to look the new voice in its owner's eyes. This new cat was tall too, thought his coat was a lot shorter than the man who first questioned him. Both cats nearly towered over milk, but he felt no true fear in their presence; both seemed to be kind cats. That was nice.

    "Thank you!" He cursed how his stutter came out as he spoke, but trudged on. "But, I'm not that good a jumper. I didn't even get to the top. I bet you're a much better jumper. My sisters have longer legs than me, and they're fast and can make it up there. I bet you could if you tired, sir."

    The first step to greatness was taking that first step out the door of your comfortable home, and into the unpredictable and exciting world.

    At least, that was what Milkkit's father tried to drill into his son's head.

    Even with the boy only being four moons, the man expected many accomplishments out of the boy. Disappointingly, his sisters were beating him at nearly every physical activity. They won fights, they we're faster- and Milkkit followed their tails shyly, seeing no problem in his sisters' victories. This angered the father; his son shouldn't be so damn soft! He'd train his boy to be man one of these days.

    So, the monochrome tabby sat facing a wall of the nursery; with his paws spread apart, he concentrated on the opening right above him.

    'Come on now,' his crouched, 'Like papa showed you.'

    He hoisted himself off the ground, leaping into the air, he reached out for the trunk and-

    Barely scratched it.

    He tumbled to the floor, nervously gazing around for anyone who had seen the blunder, which was probably anyone within the nursery. Lucky him.



    mlikkit - milkpaw - mlikbelly

    Age; 10 moons // ages on the 25th of every month

    Gender; male {he/him}

    Sexuality; Gay {discovers when older}


    Rank; apprentice

    polydactyl ; six toes on each foot


    Parents; NPC X NPC // Dovefall (mother) and Owlbreeze (father)

    Milk's parents are very traditional; his sisters spend most of their days alongside Dovefall, and Milkkit is chaperoned by Owlbreeze. Owlbreeze doesn't appreciate how much of a 'pansy; his son is, hoping Milk will grow into a fierce and cunning warrior.

    Siblings; Pepperpaw (ThC)

    Friends; TBA

    Enemies; TBA

    appearance➻ ref

    Milkkit was never out of the ordinary in stature; he hits every size milestone you watch out for. He was always chubbier than his siblings, but this weight never stood in the way of his movement, so his larger build was excused. His coat being that of the silver tabby variety, a notable flow of white going from his muzzle to his stomach. His short-haired fur possessed black markings against the rest of his grey fur. Calm, green eyes rest in his square head. His extra digits cause for his white-dipped paws to be wider than an average cat’s. A large scar overtakes a chunk of his shoulder.


    INFJ-T // Lawful Neutral

    Strengths: Creative / Insightful / Inspiring and Convincing / Decisive / Determined and Passionate / Altruistic

    Weaknesses: Sensitive / Extremely Private / Perfectionist / Always Need to Have a Cause / Can Burn Out Easily

    Milk is a dreamer above all else; he adores to contemplate what role he and his siblings will fill once their time comes. He’s very soft spoken and keeps to himself when he can, disliking being around too many strangers. Milk also enjoys to make friends, and once he has opened up to someone, will talk their ear off with questions and ideas. He adores his family with all his heart and opens up a dorkier side around them. He takes offense to things easily and believes often that his peers are making fun of him behind his back. He is apprehensive in all of actions and self conscious over many aspects of himself.