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    ღ Milkpaw felt his face grow hot as Juno called himself handsome; he wished he was confident like that-- confident enough to acknowledge his own looks. "It's their loss," Milkpaw mumbled. "It'd be fun if we could find one!" he said in a clearer voice, a tiny thrill running through him as they continued their little adventure. He hated seeing all the monsters; he didn't see how Juno's skin wasn't crawling around all of them. It was making Milkpaw a bit claustrophobic. "Are their pelts... inside the monsters sometimes?"

    ღ Milkpaw gasped at Juno's dramatic inflections, giggling lightly along with him. "I wish it was that easy for all of us. Wouldn't be worrying over the lack of food," he sighed. Seeing all the twolegs sent a shiver down his spine, and he stuck close to Juno. "They can take off their pelts?" Milkpaw asked, his stomach tightening at the idea. It must've been painful!

    "Mister Juniperthorn's gonna be a dad...?" Milkpaw mumbled to himself probably too loudly, wandering over to where the two toms sat. "Congratulations, Juniperthorn!" he exclaimed, not knowing fully what happened but pretending to know the whole story. It was strange to think that Juniperthorn was taking such a big step; Milkpaw was used to seeing the leader Juniper, a strong silent type who took no shit and did what he had for his clan to survive. Milkpaw didn't know there was a family Juniper in there too, a Juni who would be fussing over his kid making messes yet making sure none of the messes caused harm. Milkpaw wondered if Juniper's sternness would be booted any-- probably not, but anything could happen. Kits changed people; some went soft from making families while others barely changed.

    ღ Milkpaw wandered close to Juno, every now and then getting distracted by something in the distance and losing track of him for a bit. "It's so interesting back here," he rambled, "There's so much to see. Skyclan is just trees and trees and - " he stumbled as he came to a stop and stared off at the fence. "What kind of treasures?" he asked quietly, not really knowing why he felt the urge to whisper.

    ღ Milkpaw never thought he'd have the chance to think it, but he was probably in the same boat as Tawnypaw. There was a reason he asked the question-- Milkpaw knew no specifics, but he always fancied himself a good guesser. Tawnypaw was in love with... someone. That's as far as Milkpaw could get. "I think the rule's outdated," he said quietly, trying to keep himself out of trouble. "It was put in place back when things were probably a lot worse, so they had to be harsh, but now we're all settled down. No one's gonna start a war 'cause you fall for someone in a different clan." He thought to Juno-- not a clan cat (as far as he knew), but an outsider none the less. He wouldn't have to sneak around if the rules were lighter, but here he was; and there Tawny was too.

    ღ Milkpaw felt... honored that Juno would offer to take him to his favorite place. Milkpaw pondered on whether or not he had a favorite place; he just liked anywhere up high in the branches, away from the hustle of life. Milkpaw rose and stretched, his ears flicking as he yawned. "I'd love to go!" he smiled. There was a flare of danger the Bloodclan territory gave off that used to frighten Milkpaw, yet somehow now intrigued him. Juno made scary things better. "You lead the way, captain."

    "Ah, kittypets are all soft! You'll win next time." Milkpaw smiled, giving Juno's shoulder a friendly tap. He liked the idea of them becoming stronger together; power in numbers. Even if they weren't strong individually, together they would be able to move mountains! " Yeah! A powerful pair, you and me! Goin' around and getting the bad guys! " Like all those lies and cheats in Bloodclan. Juno's smell hit him strongly for a second, but he shook any bad ideas away quickly; Juno couldn't help that he had to stalk around their vile streets.. "... Can you show me around where you live? Or.. do loners just kinda.. float around where ever they can? " Milkpaw had been on Bloodclan territory once, and it didn't end well... but Nathanos apologized. Maybe he was too judgmental of other Bloodclanners; not all of them killed, Milkpaw thought. They had leaders... medicine cats. They were just a group trying to survive. If he met once, maybe they wouldn't attack on sight, Milkpaw laughed to himself.

    ღ Milkpaw huffed, then laughed himself. "Where'd you trespass into, troublemaker?.." he teased, trailing off as he stared off at that damn scar again. Milkpaw didn't know what it was about this one- he had his own, he knew what they felt like and how quick that pain went away. It was.. scary to see them on someone he cared about.... even if it was just a little one across the nose. "I'm not good at fighting either.. We could learn together, though. We can.. kick butt!" he snickered at how silly those words sounded coming from him of all cats.

    ღ Milkpaw chuckled lightly. "Yeah, I can't be the only one. We gotta get embarrassed together." He blinked as he took in Juno's face up close. "Hey, what happened to your nose?" he gasped, impulsively raising a paw and poking the scar lightly. "Did you get into a fight or something?" 'I tried to convince him to come over to Skyclan. He'd be safer there. Being a loner is too risky, I don't want him getting hurt..!'

    ღ Milkpaw's face warmed at the compliment, and he growled at himself. 'Hey, stupid. Don't do all that in front of him.' "Thank you!" he said with a voice crack and another growl. 'Don't do that either. You sound silly.' "Next time, you give the signal. I don't wanna embarrass myself every time we meet." Milkpaw slid down the tree and quickly add, "You're a lot better at it anyways."

    ღ Milkpaw hoped he didn't look too suspicious racing out of camp as fast as he did, but he was positive that no one spotted him leaving camp. He was thankful everyone was too busy with dealing the heat to pay attention to the strange actions of one little apprentice. He looked around the forest; yes, yes, that was it. That was the tree. He smiled to himself as he climbed up as quick as he could. He thanked Starclan for his leg at least being better. He cleared his throat, then whistled out.

    JUNO .

    ღ Milkpaw chuckled at Tertakit's outburst. "You might have to share," he said in a sing-song voice, "But you're free to grab it if you're quick enough." He snickered as Tetrakit as she bit at the tail.

    ღ Milkpaw was always close to his mother; he remembered following her to the edge of camp when she had to resume warrior duties, and he sat and sniffled until she came home and totted him back to the nursery- that was the night before he became an apprentice. By now, Milkpaw was old enough to no longer cry when she went off, and she didn't fuss over him nearly as much as she used to. With that considered, Milkpaw wondered if she was disappointed in him. He had denounced his warrior goal.. would she resent him for it? He sighed and went into the nursery, looking to all the queens and permaqueens. "Morning," he mumbled through a mouth full of squirrel. "Here's something to eat on!"


    ღ Milkpaw laughed out uncontrollably at the crow call. "I mean, it works!" he said in between giggles. "Okay, okay, my turn," he smiled, trying to replicate the call and doing a much worse job at it. "I'll figure it out, hold on!" he chuckled, trying again to a similarly bad outcome.

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    ღ Milkpaw couldn't help the snicker that came out as Juno spoke of his bird call; it was silly, but it'd work. "Don't laugh at yourself, that's better than no ideas at all. You'll have to teach me how to have an impression as good as you, though," Milkpaw snickered, "And- And it's gotta be a super specific bird so we don't get all mixed up when the actual birds tweet." The idea of Milkpaw making the trek to the border to only see a perched bird pushed another laugh out of him.

    "You? Scary?" Milkpaw teased lightly, giving Juno a quick shove with his shoulder. "You have to have some rules, or else you would've attacked me by now." 'Starclan knows I need that right now.' "You know... I have a lot of free time if you ever wanna sneak away and find each other again.. you know, to hang out." he gave Juno a smile. The idea of never seeing the other boy again hurt Milkpaw's heart; they could find a way to meet again, Milkpaw hoped. "I'll... we... there's gotta be a way we can meet up, right? Some kind of signal or something?"

    ღ A hurt pinged through Milkpaw's chest as he watched Slatekit slide the meal towards Lakefall. "It's sweet of you to give that over to her." Milkpaw mused, watching the queen slowly take the mouse. He blinked down to the kit, listening as he asked about hunting. "Oh! Well, I just..." with a stretch, Milkpaw went into a crouching position. "I just... crouched like this... then I jumped on it!"