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    ღ Milkslip's eyes focused on his paws as he stood near the post-spar patrol. His chest rose and fell way too fast and he counted his toes-- it slowed around the time he got to 9. Starclan, he had weird looking paws. Too many toes! ... He wondered if he had successfully distracted himself yet. His eyes shot up to Turtledove's tense face and he realized: no, he was still stressed out for just watching everyone spar. Apprentice Milkslip would've loved to jump in and prove his strength, but mediator Milkslip just wanted to go back and try to see if he could actually talk it out.

    ღ Milkslip tensed as claws were thrown all around him. Sure, he had been an angry and feisty apprentice, but he never intended on getting stuck in a war. "Wait, wait! Why are we trying to leave scars over trees and bushes?" he pushed out an awkward laugh, his mouth dry as he swallowed air. It left a pit in his stomach to be just standing around while Thunderclan jumped at his clanmates-- his family. "Stop!" Actions spoke louder than words, and Milkslip was positive that his childish pleas fell on ears not willing to listen. He tried to slink off away from the fight, but out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the only thunderclanner who didn't seem to be itching to fight.

    "Hey!" he called out to Ghosteyes, staring the warrior right in his namesake. "Why aren't you attacking?" he whispered.


    ღ Milkslip's paws slowed as he entered the hidden grove, the whole place looking as if no one should be allowed to walk into it. It looked so pristine and pretty.. "We're lucky to have gotten a piece of land this good." he declared. He looked over to his clanmates, trying his best to gauge their emotions from vague tells in the face. Cottonlung looked mostly just as he usually did, distant and uninterested. Gentlewish and Hurricanegaze's face held more wonder to them, but Milkslip guessed that he looked the most goofy looking around with such childlike wonder. He sat among a patch of flowers and smiled down to them.

    ღ Milkslip laughed as Tawnydove woke up, and he quickly turned to Sparkpaw and Juniperstar to mention that He had only just then passed out. "Well, technically for me it's not warriorhood--" he said quietly, quickly growing distracted by the developing conversation. He busted out another laugh the idea of poor tired Tawnydove having to start on chores without an entire night's sleep, hoping that the joke to-do list wouldn't be pushed onto him too. "Thanks, Honeypaw." he said, flustered over all of the congratulations being extended to him.

    ღ Milkslip blinked blankly at Tawnydove before pushing out an awkward laugh. The transition from a quiet kit, to an angry apprentice, to an almost well adjusted warrior came with some rocky patches, patches that Tawnydove seemed keen on making sure Milkslip never forgot. "Just because I got into a lot of 'em doesn't mean I was any good," he snickered, ".. yeah. I like the view from this high up."

    Milkslip rose as he looked down to his ex-mentor, a goofy smile on his face over the corny pun. "Oh, uh.. high!" he repeated, knowing he couldn't come up with something more clever. "Hey Gentlewish, hey Sparkpaw!" he called out, dangling his paw down as he laid back down. "It really is beautiful, huh?"he hummed.

    ღ Milkslip's chest tightened as the back and forth bickering happened around him; he prayed this wouldn't escalate. "Hey, hey! I think we all need to calm down. We all recognize that this is a very nice piece of land, but is it worth it to fight over? We're civil! I'm sure both Skyclan and Thunderclan can come to a calm agreement on this. We're both smart and capable clans!" he pleaded, an itch in the back of his mind telling him that his words were worthless. He wondered if he could compliment his way out of a fight... he highly doubted, but he still hoped. "As the powerful warriors you are, I'm sure Thunderclan can recognize when a fight isn't worth it. Some of Skyclan may have... strong words and opinions about you all, but the words of a few shouldn't cloud the, um... opinion of many? Come on, we were close allies once! Let's let bygones be bygones, eh?" he rambled, biting his tongue to stop himself from continuing his speech. His voice wavered, his nerves overwhelming him even after he finished speaking.

    ღ Scaling trees was something that Milkslip always prided himself on. He was never good at sparring, he was fine at hunting, but once his few too many claws latched into bark, he was home. Quickly, Milkslip scaled one of the large Sequoias crowding the new Skyclan territory. He couldn't see camp from where he was, but maybe that was a good thing. If he fumbled and fell, no one could laugh at him.

    Once he made it up to a large, stable branch, Milkslip tettered out onto it with a small smile. Everything below him was so small! Mice become the size of bugs, twigs and leafs even smaller. It was peaceful to get away from the hustle of settling into the new lands, even for a moment.


    ღ Milkslip's eyes threatened to close as he outlooked the forest leading into Skyclan's new camp. He had hoped that he wouldn't have to sit vigil, but here he was, still awake as the morning patrol strolled out. He took that as his cue that the vigil was over. He sighed, then wandered over to Tawnydove. A sicking feeling stirred his stomach as he flashed back to times when he was a much worse apprentice, staring fights and everything else. He felt like he was a far cry from that snot-nosed kid now; less anger, more nerves. As Tawnydove's tail swayed, Milkslip batted at it with a left paw. He stayed silent, not sure if he could talk or not yet.

    ღ At Tawnydove's go ahead, he rose and sprinted over to retrieve some grub. He pulled out a sparrow, a blue jay, and a robin; each were dragged up by the wing and clumsily brought over to where Milkpaw had been sitting beside Tawnydove. He sat them down and pushed them out to each cat before him. "There."

    He gulped as he glanced to Sparkpaw. He had been so vile to her in the past; he hoped he would be forgiven by her in the future, if he had done enough to deserve it. Maybe giving her a bird would continue the cycle of redemption. "Yeah, it's weird... I was born here. This is all I've known.." it was sad to think that the place he was raised was going to be gone and forgotten in a few moons from now.

    ღ Milkpaw had been trying his best to make up for the mean streak he had ran up just a moon or a few ago; he couldn't imagine living his whole life being hateful. Cottonlung and Palethroat must've found life so dragging to end up that cold hearted and sneaky. He stopped himself; he had been sneaky before too, but for.. different reasons-- better reasons!

    "Probably nabbed it from twolegplace," he mumbled; Juno had taken him around there once. He only went as far as the junkyard, but he still had a ton of fun. Those were the days.. "Shouldn't be messing around places like that." He muttered, knowing that he had broken the same rules he uttered just moons ago.

    ღ Milkpaw could never understand the stress Tawnydovewas under. He didn't know what it was like to be a medicine cat, nor did he know what it was like to receive signs from up high. All Milkpaw could do was slink up and awkwardly settle next to Tawnydove. "So, uh... how've you been, mister medicine?" he asked, poking into Tawnydove's shoulder. "I can go get some prey for us to eat if you'd like to really make this relaxing."

    ღ Milkpaw gagged as he threw scraps out from the fresh kill pile, scrunching up his nose at the rotten food. He avoided touching it with his mouth as much as he could, his paws loosely pushing the rotten prey out of the pile so that he could go and bury it-- quickly. He sighed as he looked between the two piles he had made. He was almost done, he could do it.

    ღ Milkpaw went over to begin making up another nest when Saffronkit busted in; he jumped, sending all the moss he just put down into the air as it followed his jump. "Thank you," he said softly, trying to calm down. He sighed and went back to try and fix what he ruined. "There's not much I need, ma'am, but thank you also."

    ღ Milkpaw froze when Tawnydove crept in behind him. "Oh, uh... yeah, I'm doing what I can." he said quietly as he watched Tawny look around. As Tawny threw out his cold words, Milkpaw squinted his eyes shut and sighed. "I can get you more, I don't mind. I wanna help out, I'm sorry for every diminishing it." he said. "I can get the moss myself, sir, but thank you." he fumbled over his own paws as he kneaded mindlessly at the nesting he had just put down.

    "There's only one way to find out if it's dangerous or not." he mumbled, crouching and stepping towards it. He poked at the handle- nothing. He pushed the canopy- nothing. "I think it's harmless!" he perked up, looking up to both cats. He confidently stepped on the umbrella, pushing down on the spring. The umbrella sprung out and the canopy opened; Milkpaw feel onto his back with a panicked breath. "Oh Starclan, it attacked," he said with a frightened glint in his eye.

    ღ Milkpaw looked at Sparkpaw and gulped; oh stars, why did he have to have lashed out at her during his little phase... "It is nice, huh?" he hummed, glancing up to the sky. It was all blue and sunny; it was quite peaceful, really. When Ternpaw came up to them, he sat up. "Oh, ah.. I wasn't really swimming, but we can try?"