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    ღ Milkpaw reluctantly walked out of the apprentice den, hopping down to the ground with a huff. His eye hurt and his legs were sore- he wished he wasn't sure a big pushover, but he couldn't help it... violence scared him. After his dad scarred him for not fighting hard enough, he never wanted to think about sparing again, but the NPC he tussled with had a different way of thinking...

    Seeing the warriors return from the hunt, he nodded to them.

    "How did the hunt go, ma'am?" he asked, as if he was oblivious to his own injuries.

    ღ Milkpaw nodded silently as Juniperthorn spoke- he didn't mean to weird the guy out. It was funny in retrospect, Milkpaw guessed- he did find himself being quite overly formal with older cats.

    "A walk, huh? Thank you for the advice, sir."

    Milkpaw thought about going for a walk later, once conversation was said and done- then he realized that the dark terrified him. Bad things happened to a cat when he was alone at night.

    Then, Arcticwind walked into the conversation. At her yawns, he laughed lightly; he was glad someone got some shuteye. "Sounds?" he asked, confused even after her explanation; he didn't get how sounds could be so therapeutic for someone. "Thank you, ma'am, Ill try that too."

    "I didn't mean to keep all of you awake with my own restlessness.."

    ღ Milkpaw gave an awkward smile to Cobracry; he was appreciative of the advice, but...

    "Uh, sir, I'm not really the 'hurt first' type.." he chuckled. "but thank you anyways. I'll still keep it in mind."

    Cobra's glare was strong but caring. Milkpaw opened his mouth to speak again, but then Juniperthorn made his way over. After his loud deceleration, he heard the unison groan of the other apprentices. He chuckled again, much louder, then quickly covered his mouth.

    "That was rude, I apologize! But, ah... thank you, sir." Milkpaw always felt thankful for the older toms of Skyclan- he'd be too embarrassed to say anything like this out loud, but after his father left him with only a scar to remember him by, he saw each tom as a bit of a father figure.

    ღ Milkpaw bowed to the molly. He was happy to be of service!

    "My name's Milkpaw, ma'am," he brought his head back up, "So, uh.. what're you in for?" he asked obliviously, then took a look down.

    "Oh! Aha.. my apologies.. So, uh, when are you supposed to get better? Minksplash give you a prediction yet?"

    ღ Milkpaw nodded along as an elder talked his ear off about all the basics - the weather, the clan, the gossip. Milk had seen someone leave the elder's den earlier, and the elder briefly mentioned speaking with a nice young lady. Milk didn't like being rude, but he felt that she might've gotten off easy with the older tom...

    "Well, son, I would greatly appreciate it if you could bring me something to eat. I'm starving! I'm sure you understand, son."

    "Yes sir, I do!" Milkpaw smiled warmly, then rose. "I'll get you something to eat, sir. And I'll do it in a jiffy!"

    "Oh ho, thank you son!" hurry along now!"

    Milkpaw walked out of the elder den and over to the fresh kill pile, looking it over to pick out the best he could for the elder.

    // .MAPLEPAW

    ღ Milkpaw shook as the older apprentices around him gathered in a circle. Why did he have to get stuck in the apprentice den right when a group of cats decided to tell ghost stories? He hated the idea of ghosts- the dead needed to rest.

    "So," an NPC started, "One day, a cat sat by himself on a solemn branch of a tree. This tree only had that single branch, and it was the apprentice's favorite spot in all of Skyclan. He was sitting by himself, when he heard the cracking of sticks and the shaking of leaves. The apprentice was confused- he looked around, and.. nothing. There was nothing in the other trees. So, he sat again. Then, the sounds started again. It was starting to freak him out. He decided it was time to get down; then, suddenly, the limb from a nearby tree he used to get onto the one he napped on was missing. It was too far from the ground to jump- it would've snapped his neck. So, he was stuck- hey, Milkpaw?"

    Milkpaw sat there with his legs shaking, heart beating louder than anything in the den.

    "Dude, it wasn't even that scary. I got told this one as a kit. I guess you gotta to back to Milkkit if you're scared of this."

    the other apprentices shot Milkpaw a dirty look and snickered. They all started whispering among themselves; embarrassed, Milkpaw snuck out of the den, staring at the ground as he sat right outside. As he left, he heard the NPC start back up:

    "Anyways, now that that loser's outta here.."

    ღ His ears flopped down.

    "I- uh, didn't mean to bum you out, ma'am." he walked over to the fawn colored warrior.

    "Is there anything you need? I'm here if you want me to go out an fetch anything for you." siting next to her, Milkpaw smiled. "Unless you just need some company."

    ღ Milkpaw chuckled at the comment made by Cherrypaw; it was always fun to get a bit of insight to the personal lives of the higher ranking members of the clan. Then, Juniperthorn came in, and Milk stopped his snickers.

    "Y-yes, sir, but," Milk started, regret already setting in from talking back to a senior warrior, "I can't sleep, no matter what I try. I don't know what else to do then to sit around and wait for the sun to come up.. um, ah, sir.."

    NPC x NPC

    Age: 6 moons

    Genetics: uhhh any'll do just as long as theyre tabby

    Plots: their dad is a big meanie and hurt milk so he's not in the picture, their mom is very good though

    Other: originally I had it that he has two sisters but he can have brothers or sisters!

    Slots: 2

    ღ Milkpaw nodded to a NPC warrior has the NPC instructed him to deliver some herbs to the medicine cat den. Taking the plants in tow, he trotted to the den. He nodded to the cats right outside, then sat.

    "It's awful pretty out today," he said absentmindedly. "It's sad all the cats in here can't go out and see it."

    // CottonPaw!   DarkenedMemories

    ღ Milkpaw liked most of his time in the nursery, besides well... the whole dad incident; that wasn't fun at all. The rest of it was, though! So, when Kaden came over to Mikpaw, a smile grew on his face.

    "Hello, sir! I have missed you!" he said, sitting next to the nursery helper. "Being an apprentice is... kinda though, but I'm getting through it. I just don't like all the violence, I guess." his shoulders relaxed, happy to get that feeling off his chest. "How about you, sir? How are you and all the kits back in the nursery getting along?"

    ღ Sleepy eyes blinked at Lavenderstar as she spoke.

    "I'm sorry, ma'am," he called into the night sheepishly. "Nothing's the matter, I just can't sleep, it seems." Milk pushed himself up, sitting up. He stretched his legs out, then made his way over to her. "What do you usually do when you can't sleep, ma'am?"

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    • friend threads
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    • just random lil threads
    • enemies, but hes super passive so it'll be tough to rile him up that much
    • older sibling / parent figures in his life!

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    • exploring the trees and seeing who can get to the top faster

    ღ The stars sparkled above Skyclan; the moon was full, illuminating the whole clan. How lovely it was, thought Milkpaw. It truly made the first few nights in the apprentice den a lot less scary.

    Turning over in his nest, Milk made attempts to force his eyes closed and sleep, but it escaped him. He was confused; he usually wasn't one to be restless; it was easy for him to make himself sleep. He guessed it was his nerves over finally being an apprentice, or how his shoulder scar kept being rubbed against and how it was making him feel itchy. Whatever it was, it sucked.

    "Hey," he called out in a loud whisper, "Is anyone awake?"

    ღ Milkpaw knew too well about uncaring fathers. When he was young, he blamed himself for what happened back then, but as he grew older, he was learning more and more that his father was very much in the wrong. It was never a child's fault, no matter what.

    "I was wondering if I may join you three as well, sirs," Milkpaw said as he padded over to the trio of warriors. "The squirrel you caught was impressive, sir. I hope I can get a nice catch like that some day." Milkpaw flashed an awkward grin, feeling as if he was intruding on something between older cats.

    .milkpaw. well kaden is a nursery helper, so maybe they catch up? Kaden doesn't know what apprentices do, so maybe it could be a thread where milkpaw tells him or shows him what apprentices do. Kaden won't mind at all, considering it's interesting to see how different kits become when they are now apprentices.

    that sounds great!!! ive been debating making milk a nursery helper so he can ask bout what kaden does too!! who makes?