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    ღ When Bisonpaw walked up to him and asked him if he’d be willing to partake in this whole mess, he wanted to say no. He wanted to deny and run away, but the concerned tone Bisonpaw held pushed Milkpaw to accept. He stepped in place to keep up his body heat, the scar Nathanos gave him stinging a bit from the cold. "He better get here soon, or I’m going back home," Milkpaw joked, hoping to ward off some of the tension of the meeting.

    ღ Milkpaw laughed warmly, a feeling of warmth settling in his chest. "Most boys my age don’t like me too much, and I don’t wanna be considered lame by hanging out with the girls. I don’t think they want me in their games." their were exceptions on both sides, and Milkpaw knew that most of his loneliness stemmed from his own shyness, but still. "Competition?" he blinked, surprised. Juno wanted to goof off with him? Really? His shocked face fell into a smile, and he laughed loudly. He didn’t want to accept at first, considering his leg injury, but when a pretty boy invites you to climb trees, you don’t decline. "Yeah, yeah! Let’s go! Ruler of the forest!" Milkpaw stretched out and went over to the base of the tallest tree he could spot. "Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone know I allowed a loner out on our land." he said playfully. "In fact, since you’re the guest, you can say when we go."

    ღ Milkpaw gave a sympathetic pat to Juno’s paw. "I’m sorry. I couldn’t imagine having to raise a sibling. It’s honorable how you’re raising him." Milkpaw laughed as Juno playfully pushed. "Well, I have to admit that it’s not usually me getting into trouble," he wrapped his tail around himself, "I don’t know enough people to go out and make trouble, but I’ve seen other apprentices go out after dark, or try and shirk their apprentice duties. I never partakes but I’d never rat them out." They’d beat me up if I did that, Milkpaw thought. "When I wanna have fun I don’t really.. do anything minus climb around. I like climbing."

    "I’m..." he took a half-second glance to his scarred shoulder, "I’m close to my mother and sisters. My father isn’t… around." the fib burned his chest for a moment; how did you tell a stranger that your dad just.. ran off after attacking you? It wasn’t exactly first conversation material. "What about you? I assume you’re close to yours, having to depend on them and all?" Milkpaw would admit that the idea of traveling around with Mom and his sisters sounded fun, but without the reliance of Skyclan, Milkpaw doubted that he would have lasted this long.

    He had no idea why he felt disappointed when Juno denied the invitation to Skyclan. Milkpaw knew it was wishful thinking; he just.. wanted to see Juno again. It was nice to have someone to talk to. "Well we… we get into mischief sometimes! It’s not all rules and boredom… and you could always learn how to hunt better." he felt silly entertaining the idea. He knew that another excuse would come from the loner and then Milkpaw would finally have to drop the idea of him returning to Skyclan with his new… friend..?

    ღ Milkpaw pawed at his face, embarrassed at Juno’s compliment. "My mama taught me to be kind, so I thought it’d ask. Let me know before we part ways, okay?" listening to Juno speak was.. sad. It sounded so hard to be so alone. "Uh, your smell might put them off, but you’re welcome to join us over here," he smiled, then quickly sighed; if he spent so long as a loner, what would make him want to join a clan? "So you’re kinda like a traveling medicine cat, huh? That family of yours is lucky to have you ... and I have to admit, clan life isn’t too exciting." Milkpaw chuckled, "A lot of training, a lot of hunting. A lot of just hanging around camp and waiting to be told what to do.. it’s very repetitive."

    ღ Milkpaw couldn’t help but smile as Juno spoke. There was certain calmness to his words, a calmness that made him feel stupid to even suggest that he was part of the evil Bloodclan. "Sorry, I didn’t mean to assume." he looked at Juno and hummed; he was awfully skinny. And pretty; he pushed away both thoughts. "I’m from Skyclan. Are.. you hungry? I can.. bring you something sometime, if you need it.” it dig into his brain how the clan was priority, but if Milkpaw went out and caught the mouse himself then he could bring it over to Juno, right? If he needed it? "Is being a loner hard? It seems so." Milkpaw had never met a loner before.. there was something exhilarating about it.

    ღ Milkpaw tensed a bit upon seeing the other boy, hoping that the Bloodclan smell that matched onto him was from proxy, not membership. Milkpaw wondered what exactly Juno was even doing this cat out; the good news was that the other seemed harmless for the time being. "Yeah, I know how Bloodclannere can be," he said, his words laced in thinly veiled resentment. He quickly changed his tone; no need to submit this stranger to his tale of woe. "I’m Milkpaw, and if you don’t mind me asking, what’re you doing out here," he took a seat close to Juno, "And, uh, are you in.. Bloodclan…?" The better part of Milkpaw told himself that this was a trick, but he didn’t want to believe the soft-featured tom before him was malicious.

    ღ Milkpaw hummed to himself as himself as he strolled. As nice as it was to be in the warm, cozy medicine den, he knew he couldn’t just lay around for the rest of his life. Even if he wasn’t going to be a warrior, he wanted to be able to say he could do something in the clan besides mediate. His first plan was to practice in the trees; he loved climbing already, and to be able to zip around branches effortlessly seemed like a good goal. With one jump, though, his newest injury quickly warded him away from the trees for the time being. So, he walked. He paused a second as he glanced over to the Bloodclan border, a slight curiousness badgering him. He had no idea why he wanted to go back and see more; he figured one good murder attempt by there leader would keep him away, but it seemed he was more interested than ever. He figured that it was some sort of quest for revenge. He wanted to prove that no one could hurt him again. For now, though, he ignored the call, a scampering mouse catching his attention instead. He crouched, following its movements until he noticed the sound of a much heavier set of footsteps.

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    yo I'm looking for juno to have a crush as he's yet to realise he's gay bc he also hasn't had any major crushes but he's the bloodclan healer so he probably isn't the best fit :/ howeverrr if u wanna try the two could have a thread? he'd likely conceal his membership bc he's not the happiest in the clan these days rip. if u wanna see more on him feel free to read his tags - they're linked in the signature

    if I’m honest,,, I think juno and milk being together but Juno being secret about being in Bloodclan could be a very good plot....... I’d love to try!! I can put up a private between them later today! Would you prefer it be in the sky or Bloodclan board? Or in four trees?

    ღ Milkpaw is an apprentice in training towards being a mediator in Skyclan; he’s very shy and is bullied often, but he tries his best to be kind, polite and thoughtful. He’s also gay but he hasn’t had any major crushes.... yet eyes emoji

    any boy around his age (9 moons), and cats from different clans are also v good ( probably excluding Bloodclan since he was recently injured by the leader) if you’re interested please let me know!! If you don’t want anything long term that’s okay too, anything goes!!

    ღ Milkpaw was content with leaning against the medicine den and half-listening to Heronstar. He, of course, respected the woman more than he could respect anyone, but he was just… tired. He nodded along with each of her declarations— Bloodclan, Shadowclan, yes, good…

    Then she called his name. He snapped to attention and tiptoed through the crowd. Was he in trouble? Was she mad at him for trespassing over Bloodclan territory? He regretted the action— he hated how he ruined everything concerning their agreement, he hated how concerned he had made everyone when he said he didn’t want to be an apprentice anymore, he hated… He hated how kindly Heronstar looked down to him. "Thank…Thank you." he said, his voice sounding so small; he doubted anyone in the crowd even heard him. "Am- am I still Milkpaw until I turn twelve moons?"

    ღ Milkpaw watched the warriors with both bewilderment and a hint of jealousy. He wished that he had friends to playfully tease him, but he supposed it was just as fun to sit back and watch the adults behave like children for a while. Milkpaw always thought Dustdevil was cool, and seeing him at least try to do flips confirmed that in his head. "You can do it, Dustdevil! Ah.. make him uh.. eat that bug...!" Milkpaw called out, voice fading as he realized the aggression in his words.

    ღ Milkpaw sighed as everyone reacted to his decision. Part of him was frustrated-- it was his life, not theirs. What did they care? They weren't the ones attacked by a Bloodclan deputy, a dog, and their own father in the course of less than a year. On the other hand... he understood what they meant. He was throwing a lot away, but he had though all of over before, even before his latest scar.

    "I'm tired and I hate fighting," he said simply, "Thank you- thank you all for the concern, but I don't know how much more I can take. It might be selfish to want to just quit, but it's so much easier than risking anymore. I could've died, and that's really scary to me. I- I can deal with having to complete my apprentice training if I must, but I do not want to become a warrior. I'll stay Milkpaw for the rest of my life if I have to." With that, he followed Bisonpaw. But before he did, he turned back to the warriors. "And-- this is about so much more than being attacked by a Bloodclanner. I was scarred before I became an apprentice, and it still scares me to think about. It feels like I was born to fail. Thanks, though. I'll think about all of this." Finally, he was content. He could go to the medicine cat den now.

    "Ah..." he shuffled in the snow, slowly looking up and spotting his NPC bullies in the distance. "I, uh, was being chased by Applepaw and Rockpaw, am I ended up in Bloodclan because I was running so fast and wasn’t looking where I was going— they chased me a lot— and I tried to go home but this big scary cat caught me first… b-but he let me go!" he racked on the last part out of fear, not wanting the Bloodclan Deputy to come after him. He sighed and looked back to Heronstar. "Ma’am, I respect you a lot, but I don’t think I can be an apprentice anymore. I get hurt too much.. I got three scars and I’m not even a warrior yet… is it alright if I be something else? You can stick me in the elder’s den and make me the mandatory tick-picker, I don’t mind. I just don’t think I have a lot of fight left in me."

    ღ Milkpaw took a shaky breath as he took the pivotal step into Skyclan camp. Blood trickled down his leg; it looked like he was back into the medicine cat den.

    With each step he realized how much he hated the idea of being a warrior. The life just wasn’t cut out for him; he was too shy, too accident prone… too weak. He wasn’t like his peers. He didn’t like his apprenticeship— Ebonystrike was an amazing mentor, but it wasn’t the life for him.

    "Uh, everybody?" he called out, his voice tired from the short yet exhausting journey from Bloodclan back to Sky. "I need some help."

    "Thank you," he whispered, "Thank you!" With a huff, he rose and scampered off as fast as he could, his front leg aching with each step while he reminded himself of how much worse it could’ve been. He was alive, that was all that matters.

    He slowed as he wondered what caused the change of heart in the cruel deputy. Milkpaw shook the feeling off quickly; he didn’t have time to think, he had to leave before Nathanos changed his mind.

    What did he tell his clanmates when he got home?

    ღ Before Milkpaw could blink, he was being crushed under the weight of the Bloodclan deputy. He let out a howl of pain as a sharp feeling settled itself in his chest; his cures grew louder as Nathanos cut into his leg. What had he done to deserve this? Not a word spoken to the other, and yet here he was. He hoped Nathanos would make his death quick and easy; his leg stung, the pain ripping through his whole body. "Don’t— don’t please, I’ll do anything, please, sir, please—" he begged through heavy, panicked breaths, squirming and hoping to find some way out. Was this what Starclan had in store for him? So much pain, so much hurt? His father, the dogs, now this? What did they have against him? He wasn't sure, but he prayed they pitied him this one time. Please, please this one time.