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    ღ Milkpaw felt helpless watching the other apprentices bombard Bisonpaw with insults; he found irony in how scared he was watching as opposed to being the blind cat in the midst of the action. He whispered to himself, commentating on the altercation. "Oh! He hit Jackalpaw!" he whisper-yelled; served Jackalpaw right. The apprentice was nothing but a coward and a bully. When Jackal hit back, Milkpaw winced, and it was done just as soon as it began. "They- They can't say that to you. I think you'll be a good warrior!" he said, interjecting himself into Bisonpaw's business.

    ღ Milkpaw dragged himself from the apprentice den, his leg slowly growing more numb than painful. It still drgged behind him, but his pace could be picked up with no fear of it stinging. He looked at Juniperthorn with guilt in his eyes; Juniper was hurt and Milkpaw was partly to blame. He went out and got hurt, so all those warriors had to go out and keep the peace. Milkpaw knew he didn't have much of an impact on Skyclan as a young apprentice, but he wondered if he made the song situation any worse. He wondered if he riled the dogs up; if at the moment one latched onto his leg, the others grew to crave the same violence. He didn't know, and would never know. For now, he sat and tried to make his uncomfortable leg more bearable.

    "Be careful! Please, please be careful!" he shouted as loud as he could, watching the warriors speed off to fight the noble fight. He felt sick to his stomach as he thought of the the injuries that could happen; the gore, oh god the gore. He thought his injury was bad, but they were going head on for these dogs. He got off lucky; what if Heronstar lost another life? What if Mothshine, or Dustdevil, or Arcticwind, or Leopardpaw, or Juniperthorn died? They couldn't die, they couldn't! Milkpaw wanted to go out and finish what he started, but he knew he would never be allowed to. He had to leave this to the folks who knew what they were doing.

    ღ With a grunt, Milkpaw pulled himself up onto a branch, adjusting his leg more comfortably as he held on tightly. He loved climbing, so it was no fun that his injured leg made that a lot harder. Starclan really had it out for him, huh? He grumbled as a sharp but quick pain went up the dog-bit leg. "Darn," he huffed. Eh, laying with the leg dangling was easier than trying to drag it up onto the limp. He stared down to the sight of other cats walking about and chatting, smiling as he listened in.


    ღ Milkpaw napped out in the open, nestled between the snow and the trunk of a tree. He watched the kitten go in circles and wondered if it was his place to break it to the kid that he looked a bit silly going around and around.

    After a few go arounds, Milkpaw poked his head up and called out, "Hey! I- I think I saw someone go towards the medicine den." He hoped that Lavenderkit would follow the trail of another Skyclan member; at last then he wasn't going in redundant circles.

    ღ Milkpaw dragged his scarred leg behind him as he heard Boarbelly's question. "I could eat." he said quietly, approaching right behind Lavenderkit. He had felt starving, especially since his leg cramped if he stood on it too long. He was always indecisive, so by the time he got to the fresh kill pile he hurt too much to look for something to eat. Today, his leg wasn't acting up too much, so going to the pile wasn't a big hassle, but food was food no matter where he got it.

    ღ Milkpaw was glad to have someone to ramble about his journey to who was actually interested in hearing of it.

    "We saw some prey! I caught a mouse and gave it to an elder, he thanked me a lot." Milkpaw said proudly, giggling to himself. "I wish I could go back to when I just slept all day in the nursery. Being an apprentice is stressful sometimes... I hope you have fun when the time comes!"

    ღ Milkpaw winced as he stretched his foot out, groaning out as the muscle ached. It wasn't broken, but it hurt like hell. "It'll move, but it stings." he said, furrowing his brow as he tried to brave the pain. Milkpaw gave a weak look to Winterpaw and sighed. "Thanks." He looked to Finchblossom and Mothshine, hoping that the pair could make quick work of his injuries... even in Mothshine was moreso there for emotional support.

    "Is my leg gonna fall off?" he asked; he was still terrified by everything happening. It was all too fast, too bright; he just wanted the medicine cat to be done so he could heal as fast as he could.

    Once the dog grabbed onto him, he decided he wasn't cut out to be a warrior.

    ღ Milkpaw mumbled to himself as he leaned on Mothshine.

    "My leg hurts really bad, like it's gonna fall off," he finally spoke up; he was exaggerating, but the deep bite marks around his ankles were still nasty wounds. He just wanted to go back to camp; his stomach was in knots from his nerves.

    "I don't like to fight."

    Once the two toms approached, Milkpaw looked to them with a guilty look.

    "I didn't want to go out!" he exclaimed, surprising himself as he rose his voice. "Rockpaw insisted that we go out and attack the dog as a group, and I got dragged along, and once the dog got me they fled to get you guys. I'm not stupid, I wouldn't go out here by myself." his serious resolve fell as he realized how much of an ass he sounded like. "... Sir."

    ღ He had no idea why he was out here. No one in there right mind would have forced him out of camp right now- with Heronstar's attack, the most sensible thing to do would be to stay inside camp. Still, Rockpaw was able to convince a group of his peers to go out and get some kind of revenge for their leader.

    Milkpaw didn't plan on being apart of this team, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    "We just gotta find the dog that got her and jump it, attack all at once," Rockpaw declared, "Milk, since you got big paws, you'll be the first to jump."

    "Fantastic." Milkpaw groaned.

    "Do you just want that dog to get away with this? Heronstar lost a life-"

    Rockpaw was cut off by loud barking and the earth shaking pound of heavy footsteps; all the apprentices paused in horror. A dog rushed out and barreled into Milkpaw as the rest of the apprentice's fled.

    "Well- Well get help!" Rockpaw sobbed as he ran. Milkpaw screamed as the dog made quick work to latch onto his leg.

    "I'm gonna die," he announced through hiccups of sobs; it felt like the beast was ripping his paw off. The only solace came as a loud horn blared through the forest, and the startled dog made the quick decision that it would be better to leave and not find out what made the harsh noise. Milkpaw stayed where he was- he could exactly get very far dragging his leg out behind him, and he was still paralyzed with fear.

    Rockpaw and company stomped into camp, each of them exclaiming differing statements on the same subject- "a dog got Milkpaw, a dog got Milkpaw!"

    "Oh, ah, my dad is... gone, yeah?" he had no idea how to word "my dad attacked me then left to the forest" in a way safe for kits to hear. It all went down when he was roughly the same age as Lavenderkit; now, it was heartbreaking to think of that happening to a kid like him.

    "You have siblings, right?" he asked, shaking his head to snap himself from the sad thought.

    "I'm not, huh? Next meeting you might be out on tasks with me!" he hoped his words weren't condescending to the kid. He was poor with words in his own opinion.

    "Oh, I went out on a patrol with some warriors! Trying to learn some tips and tricks, ya know? And- Nice to meet you! I'm Milkpaw!" he watched patiently as the kit climbed down.

    "What'v you been doing today, huh? Just lounging about?" Was that rude to ask? No, Milk decided; what else did kits do other than eat and play?

    ღ Milkpaw chuckled as the kit rambled on about mothers. It was sweet to see him appreciate her so much. Milkpaw related to the child's words; he thought his mama was nice as well.

    "Yeah, that was my mama, and yes, I only have a mama... if I may ask, what happened to your papa?" Milkpaw didn't like prying, but he knew that all kits had a tendency to overshare, and it would make for some entertainment. Besides, he had never seen Virgo fraternize with any toms, or mollys or anything of the sort. Was she raising three kids by herself? His mom had to do that too; he could sympathize.

    ღ Milkpaw considered himself lucky to have his mother be so attentive to him and his sisters'; though his father made a huge mess of his childhood, Milkpaw's mother made up for it tenfold. As he returned from a hunting lesson, he looked up and smiled to the kit.

    "Hello there!" he called out, "How are you, kiddo?" Seeing kits all around camp made Milkpaw want to be a nursery helper even more.

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    ღ Milkpaw groaned loudly as his mother, Dovefall, followed him out of the warrior's den she resided in.

    "Milkpaw," She cooed, nuzzling the side of his face and sighing, "You're getting too old. Stop growing." She playfully pressed her paw to the top of his head, and Milkpaw's frustrated look dissolved into giggles along side his mother's own laughter.

    "I can't stop no matter how hard you try to make my shorter, mama." he smiled, "I know you're busy, so I gotta let you go do your cool warrior stuff. Soon I'll be doing it beside you!" Milkpaw chuckled, and Dovefall gave a sad smile.

    "I know. That scares me a lot. I don't want you to get anymore hurt than you already are," her tail grazed over Milkpaw's shoulder and her looked to the ground. "I'm sorry."

    "You didn't do it, he did, and he's gone now. We're safe." Milkpaw reassured. "Now, go get to work before they kick you off that patrol!."

    Dovefall shook her head. "Okay, okay! ... I love you, Milkpaw."

    "I love you too, mama."

    With that, Dovefall walked off, and Milkpaw sat and watched her on her way out. If anyone was witnessing the conversation, Milkpaw didn't know they saw it. He was a soft hearted mama's boy, but he didn't want to give people who teased him for being such more ammo.

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    ღ Even the smell of blood terrified Milkpaw. Still, he had to find who was hurt. He couldn't leave anyone out there, especially when he smelt them so strongly, in good conscious. So, he followed his nose out to the forest, continuously peeking around to see if his aim was off. The stench of dog beside the blood scent was alarming. Finally, he found the the source- and had to run off quickly and throw up. He paced back to the body, staring down to it. Chunks, chunks of flesh were scattered. So much blood... so much blood.... it reminded him of- no, no; he didn't want to even think it. Finally, he alerted the other Skyclanners in the only way he knew to; he let out a bloodcurdling scream.

    ღ Thank Starclan! He hadn't done that, oh no; he hoped no one up there resented him for it.

    "Thank you starclan, thank you starclan for this meal, thank you." he said in a hurried tone. After his prayer, he looked to the kit and giggled as Kestrelswoop answered his question. The mouse still dangled from his mouth; he felt sick holding it. He considered offering it to Lavenderkit just to make sure it wouldn't go to waste.

    "Hey, kid, are you hungry?"