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    jzgqh3T.gif The soft scent of Skyclan and citrus told him someone was approaching. Their voice confirms it as he looks up to see the dashing smile on a she-cat who sits close to him. Why? Mothpaw looks over the molly with tired pale green hues. They kind of tired that was more mentally than physically. The apprentice hadn't done anything important in moons, yet he was tired. So very exhausted. "Natalina." he breathes out, of course he knew her name. She was new, new cats always got lots of attention when first joining. Mothpaw had noticed her but didn't care to know her.

    Now that she was in front of him, he had little choice but to keep a conversation. Otherwise he would be rude. But why had she wondered over here in the first place? "I'm Mothpaw." trading names, the usual introductions. "You settling into Skyclan well?" besides the lack of prey and this possible rat situation, things were fine.

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    jzgqh3T.gif Anything. He wanted to talk about anything to distract him from this constant pain. But Mothpaw wasn't just gonna sit here and vomit out his emotions. Cinnamonpaw seemed almost nervous to talk to him for a moment. Was he really that bad? The apprentice guessed if they didn't want to talk that they would just walk away. Or maybe they were too nice to do that. "Uh, I was thinking we could go out a walk around for a bit. To get out of camp for a bit. We could- uh- talk about the weather." double lame.

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    jzgqh3T.gif The chubby apprentice pads forward without much thought. He had been slow these pass couple of moons. Trying to get over death. But death wasn't something to get over. Mothpaw had to help, he had to do something. Maybe this was the something to help bring out his once bright personality. "I also want to go." he didn't think they would say no to him. He was still an apprentice but only a moon shy of his trails and earning his warrior name. Mothpaw was tired and hungry but he was young and ready to roll out. Looking around to see what other clan mates would come to join them.

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    jzgqh3T.gif Mothpaw was depressed, there was no denying that. The boy missed his mum and his mentor. But the apprentice knew he had to get up and try to at least do one thing a day. Today he decided to try and take to another apprentice. He had been a while since he tried to conversation with anyone. Mothpaw used to be all bubbly and all over the place. Now, most days, he kept to himself. His eyes look over the camp and decide to approach the apprentice who sat by him during this most recent meeting. "Cinnamonpaw. You have a minute?" lame. The chubby tom wasn't sure where to start or even what to say. Had he really forgotten how to talk to his own clan mates?

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    jzgqh3T.gif The chubby apprentice was the next to make his way over. He didn't know the other apprentice very well but it was cool that they were becoming a medicine cat apprentice. Mothpaw had once thought about that path moons ago. It all felt so distant now. Though, he was a bit jealous that they would be able to speak to Starclan. To his mother. Even if there were rumors that Starclan wasn't talking to anyone during these times. Maybe Natalina and Tawnydove would be able to reach them. He could only hope. "Congrats." .

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    jzgqh3T.gif Mothpaw had been rather down lately. It had been moons since Lavenderstar passed but it still hurt. Heronstar's death just added onto that hurt. Loosing his mother and mentor so close together. It hurt. Yet, he felt like he was the only one hurting. All his clan mates pass him by day to day. Moving on so quickly. He felt like he was stuck in the past, waiting for this hurt to go away. But he was starting to think this hurt was never going to go away. Mothpaw sat in camp, his eyes staring at his paws in thought. Maybe it was time to ask for another mentor. The apprentice was doing fine with his training but it felt wrong to ask for another mentor. He wished he could speak with Lavender or Heron right now and ask them what to do. Mothpaw didn't have the power to speak to the dead like medicine cats. So, he settled for pondering around in his thoughts. "" .

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    jzgqh3T.gif Rats. They were nasty creatures that he heard mostly lived in Shadowclan. But he guessed they were here because of heard times. It appeared it wasn't just the clans that were suffering through these hard times. Mothpaw glanced at Cinnamonpaw who came to sit beside him. His attention then Focused onto the leader once again. They had some new faces around which was nice. "" .

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    Maybe they could be friends? Moth use to be super out going but has been very depressed since his mom and mentor died. Maybe she can drag him out of camp to goof off or something fun?

    The apprentice makes his way over and sits on down. Mothpaw hadn't been as active as he would like to be. But the tom was having a hard time getting motivated. Maybe he was depressed. But he didn't worry about that right now, since he wanted to pay attention to the meeting. "" .

    His attention looks to the older feline as they begin to talk. A simple patrol sounded good to him. Eating badgers? "Do badgers even taste good?" Mothpaw asked, wondering if a cat had ever eaten a badger before. They smelled horrible and wouldn't guess that they could be a meal. Considering most of them made warriors into meals. "Do badgers really fight each other?"

    Mothpaw quickly spilled out a sorry for startling them. His eyes looking them over to make sure they were okay. As they answer his question, the apprentice wondered about the fate of Skyclan. Would they had to move to somewhere with water and prey? Would they other clans follow them? The fact that there was less herbs was very concerning. Why were they being punished so badly? "Herbs." Mothpaw returned from his thoughts to look back at the medicine cat apprentice. "Maybe Starclan will send some rain." he says but isn't very hopeful about it. As for him. "Not much. I haven't been given a new mentor since Heronstar so I've been... just doing little things around camp I guess."

    Life was hard. He had always been told this but never really knew it till he was an apprentice. That's when he began to see the death around him. His mother dying, his sister, and now Heronstar his mentor. There was so much death around that he had a hard time keeping up with all of it. The situation with all the clans didn't help either. They had gone without water for so long that even the plants were starting to die. But prey was caught here and there. Still, life was hard. He could see that clearly and wasn't sure what to do. What could he do?

    Mothpaw noticed the kit not to far away, taking note that they were eating. Lucky that kits and queens got to eat before everyone else. That was the way of the warrior code. The tom padded on over and offered them a kind nod. Since he had nothing else to do at the moment. "Taste good?" .

    The drop of rain brought the apprentice out of his thoughts. Looking up as the light drizzle began to wet his pelt. Mothpaw wondered if it was raining because Heronstar was dead. Is that what it look? A life for Skyclan to live peacefully. His eyes look down at Applepaw who seemed to be crying along with joy because of the rain. While Mothpaw was having a hard time feeling relief. This could be a one time thing, the rain could stop coming any srunrise now. But he supposed this was better than nothing. Still, he wished someone from his past was with him. Lavendarstar, Heronstar, Cherrypaw... "" .

    His parents were dead and now his mentor. Heronstar. Would he never catch a break? Mothpaw sat down and looked to the new leader. Nothing felt right anymore. He should be sitting here with his siblings beside him, Lavendarstar still leading, and Heronstar still here. Instead, he felt alone. The tom felt bad that he wasn't chanting for Mothsine but he felt like he lost his voice. The apprentice sitting among his clan mates as he keep his eyes on the leader but he isn't really seeing. Just caught up in his thoughts. "" .

    Going through the prey pile. Mothpaw never did this before the heat came. Rain arrived but it would be some time before the prey pile filled up once again. Unless this rain was just a one time thing. But the apprentice noticed that there was already some new prey within the pile. Using his paw to shuffle the bad prey away from the good. There wasn't a lot of rotting prey but it still had to be taken care of. Making a pile of useless prey to be burried once he was done going through it. "" .