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    ok ok ok

    these two are gonna be the best of friends

    Maybe Misha notices how badly Zin's body refuses to clot and tries to help Zin understand hemophilia but he absolutely refuses to accept it?

    fun times

    but ye please let these losers be pen pals omfg yes

    who makes the first interaction thread?


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    im just coming out of like, a two week muse hiatus so I reeeeally need some friends for Zin bc he has nada / lost all the ones he formerly has

    In the eyes of the law he's a Solaris Kingdom member, but his heart and loyalty is solely in the Exiles...but I mean Zin is like, a chaotic neutral and doesn't give one hoot'n'nanny about the laws of the land so he will cross borders and hang out with people no matter what they think - Zin sees no clan as an enemy or friend, just their individuals and nothing will stop him from being friends with people


    I want him to basically have friends in every clan if possible

    Zinfandel is open to:

    -- friends

    -- crushes pLEASE IM SUCH A LONELY HO

    -- long term romance (dm lets p l a n)

    -- enemies? I guess? I mean Zin won't really care

    idk im open to basically any plot erm here are some interaction thread ideas

    -- talk about family and watch Zin get depresso bc he lost all his siblings

    -- go with him visiting a bunch of random clans bc ya'll bored and he needs to get over his agoraphobia

    -- see him get the tiniest of paper cuts and panic and ask him wtf his dealio is

    -- ask him about his bead bracelet and quartz necklace and watch him also get depressi in the spaghetti

    -- b...bake cookies with him

    -- invite him to y/c clan and have a fukin sleepover

    ill think of more ideas later



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    Zinfandel clutched their head, trying his best to keep everything inside when every fiber in his being screamed to tear away, break into the smallest of molecules and fly into the wind to escape this mess he'd made.

    It had been one thing - the injury, the fact that his body refused to clot when it had been torn in frankly a menial way...but the anemia from the blood loss, the fact that a simple wound took so fucking long to heal...It didn't help that he kept moving afterwards, trying to live a normal, healing life when his body would have none of that. A gaping would that refuses to close can last only so long before infection finds it's way through. Zinfandel had been out...what? Two whole weeks? Delirious, sick, off his rocker and sleeping like he'd never slept before.

    Sleeping through so much.

    Sleeping through Bourbonkit leaving.

    He couldn't blame them. Zin had betrayed them so horribly with his actions and he'd done nothing - nothing about it after he returned. He should've talked to Boo straight away. Should've told them to join him in the Exiles. Now they were gone, and he had a sick feeling they weren't coming back. That the bond they'd shared wasn't coming back.

    Should he visit them?

    Would they even care to have him back in their life?

    What about Merlot and Sangria? The Solaris Kingdom? The only news he'd gotten since he'd awoken was that Boo was gone, after that he had no clue what else he'd missed. Were the rest of his family ok? Were they scattered to the winds now? He was supposed to help anchor them...he was supposed to help them.

    And yet, he'd caused so much damage.

    Stupid idiot dumbass lazy asshole he was!

    Pressing his paws against his ears, he ignored the dull throb from his (finally) healing shoulder. What should he do now? All his siblings had gone seperate paths, he couldn't chase after one without abandoning the others.

    Did it even matter anymore?

    Did they even need him - want him around?

    If they didn't, was that such a bad thing?

    but...if not a good brother.......who was Zinfandel?

    He'd continue to sit in the healer's den, not letting anyone know of his waking until they stumble upon him. Too lost in his thoughts, his fears, his horror and self-loathing to care if anyone found him at all.



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    When he had talked to Allie prior to walking them home, they had told him quite the peculiar thing. They said to him, “the Exiles is my home”. While Zin understood the sentiment, he was surprised by how...he couldn’t relate to it. Home for Zin wasn’t the kingdom. It wasn’t the desert he grew up in, the lakes and beaches he made friends near, or the kitchens and hidey corners he spent so much time in. None of those memories gave him the sense of belonging that the Exiles did for Allie. The kingdom wasn’t his home. To be taken out of it - to leave? Was easy.

    It was depressing, coming to the realization that he didn’t care at all about the place he grew up. What was it, then, that kept him here? That made him come back when life was so much more enjoyable in the Exiles?

    Plopping down beside Boo, the kitten would pump shoulders with the unhappy dog - careful of course to use the healthy one. He notes Boo’s unhappiness, his golden eyes glowing with concern. He needed to talk to them soon- very soon. Once more he cursed himself for not being there for their sibling.

    Turning his focus onto Merlot, he studied his father, wondering what this was about. His eyes would turn back to Boo, mulling over what to say as he waited for Merlot to speak.



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    It seemed the world was determined to keep up the torture and further ruin his chance at forgiveness when it comes to apologizing. Of course, ahlf the fault lay on him, what with hanging out in the exiles longer...much longer...than he'd initially planned but...yeah - it was no help that he had to deal with spending far too long in the healer's den, passed out and then groggy out of his mind...not the best state to properly apologize...

    But today his arm was getting better and he felt stronger, so Zinfandel would wait no longer.

    Following his sibling's scent, he'd come upon them placating a garden with a gentle man-made rain shower. He smiles for a brief moment, happy to see his sibling looking rather serene as they tend to the plants around them. He wonders briefly if Boo might ever consider being a healer - surely Sangria needs some more apprentices?

    ahg - you're stalling!

    Shaking his head, he'd make his way over to his sibling, plopping down beside them. He enjoyed not having to move, with his arm in a sling in temporary no-use mode walking was more of a chore than usual. Of course, getting up was an even bigger pain but...he'd worry about that later. "Hey." he greets his sibling, glancing up at their canine face, recognizing their eyes despite everything else being so different. He hesitates for a moment, but end up blurting out, "How're you doing?"



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    Zinfandel woke up with a groggy start. Instantly he wondered if he caught a cold, for his head felt heavy and his body numb, almost as if someone had spun him around by his tail. It took a few moment for him to blink into focus, but just as he was becoming self aware, he was hit by a sudden and overwhelming ache in his stomach. ooooh man he was so freakin' hungry. But the thought of food made him want to throw up. In turmoil, the boy would lay very still, trying to separate his emotions from his thoughts but finding them both strung impossibly tight together. He lets out a pitiful whine, pressing his paws to his head...or, a paw - the other one felt like it was made of lead. Focusing on it, he'd clumsily try to lick it, waking into into an abrupt feeling of pins and needles. Dissy, hungry, and now crawling with invisible ants.......awesome.

    Laying back down, he waits for someone to come and give him whatever it is that'll either heal him or knock him back out.



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    Zin feels like someone trying to wake up from a pleasant nap. The fight to open his eyes, the grogginess that struggles to pull him back down. For a moment, he can't remember why he wants - needs - to stay awake. "Mm, very," he responds, leaning into the gentle lick - Sangria? - as he recalls the echos of a nightmare through the rush of adrenaline that pushes through his system akin to venom in his veins. "Cool," he replies, enjoying the idea of a piggy back ride - less work, more naping. He winces as he's moved, the jarring pain waking him up a little more. Flying clean up...?

    Oh that's good that's good...

    The boy relishes in Sangria's comforting scent, pressing his face into the back of her head. She's a healer, she'll know what to do. Relaxed with the knowledge that he won't die under her care, he informs her, "mm the bleeding won't stop...I tried to clean it before...and it got I let it keep bleeding..." his voice continuously trails away, picking back up as if waking up from a short nap, "what...what works when it won' won't..." and that's as far as he gets, falling limp on Sangria's back. As if in spiteful cue, his nose begins to drip scarlet.



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    It had been a week since Zin had last stood among the sandy dunes of his birthplace. He'd never thought he'd be able to be away for so long, the idea had always left him trembling with fright. Still, he'd done it, and most likely hurt many people - or at least Bourbonkit, Whisk and Vod - because of his actions. He'd have a lot of making up to do, because truly there was no reason behind taking Ally home that didn't boil down to simply wanting Ally to himself for a while. Yeah...he'd effed up.

    And now he was going to die before he could apologize.

    Since the attack, Zin had done nothing but run. He'd learned pretty quickly that laying down for a second would result in very nearly passing out, so he had to force himself to keep walking. He didn't understand why this was happening to him. By all accounts, it was a pretty minor wound...and yet, it just wouldn't stop bleeding. By this point his shoulder was throbbing with a numb ache and his leg dragged uselessly - too weak to support his weight. His tongue lolled with exhaustion, his eyes blown wide with panic and fatigue. No matter how many breaths he took, he couldn't breathe and every step he took was jarring and dizzying. He felt like throwing up, especially when he glanced at his leg. To the outside eye, nothing looked different - his leg was always a dark red after all. But closer inspection would show that almost the entirety of his leg was coated in drying blood. The only reason there wasn't more blood trailing down his limb was that his blood had completely dried over the wound, effectively closing it off.

    But the damage was done.

    Zinfandel can take it no more and collapses on the border. He whines pitifully, his dizziness making it hard to think straight, leaving him unable to process anything besides his pounding heart and aching shoulder.

    I'm going to die

    im going to die

    Unable to walk on his unnatrually cold paws, Zin can only fight to stay awake, begging to whatever god exists that someone will find him soon.



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    His savior comes in the form of a massive dog that can control fire. Zin very nearly has a heart attack until the shark-cat finally pulls away. The boy whimpers as the claws dig out of his muscles, releasing a torrent of scarlet. He presses his paw against the cuts, but the blood continues to pump between his fingers. He scoots away, trembling with shock and panic. He whines as his arm throbs in agony, despite the cuts being rather severe compared to...well...Zin looks towards the NPC in grief, then at the two males. He knows he can't take on them both, and the exiles scent on him might still be enough for them to justify his murder. He can't die- he's not ready!

    He backs away from the two, looking around to make sure no others approach from behind. He lets go of his shoulder, shivering as he feels his own blood course down his arm, thick and hot. He eyes the two, hissing with his back arched, before noting their distracted state speaking to each other. Without further hesitance, the boy turns and runs as fast as he can, leaving blooding droplets to trail in his wake.



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    Zin has the tendency to say whatever first case to mind whenever he was shocked. Today, all his word bank could offer was, “Huh?" as the NPC’s head gave way like a melon in a hippo’s jaws. Zin hadn’t realized heads could squish like that. Hadn’t realized a creature’s head held so much blood and-

    He snaps out of it as he’s shoved to the ground. There’s no sand to cushion his fall, so agony explodes over his form. Zin wasn’t the kind of kid who enjoyed play fighting, but that was mostly because he hated how hard people played. He always came away aching and sore when someone pinned him and batted him around...

    His body must be weak from lack of training because of it, though, because he almost passes out when he feels the msle’s claws sink into his shoulder. Terror fills his soul and he cries, futilely pressing his paw against the beast’s arm to get him to stop, “No! No no! I’m from the Solaris kingdom- w-were neutrals!" he thought hard and whined, “I-I’m only five moons- please I don’t want to die" All his fears had come true. But instead if a bear or an enemy was a neutral cat hybrid that brought him down. Zin would’ve laughed at how ridiculous it all was, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the sound of cracking skulls and knowing his turn was next.

    Oh...he hoped his siblings didn’t ever find out about the fate of their stupid brother...



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    Zin very nearly falls on his fae with relief when Cory speaks, realizing then just how utterly terrified he'd been of Cory's potential refusal. He lets Cory finish speaking, before looking up with a raised brow, "I mean no disrespect sir but...duh. I've spent only a week here and ive met a slave, slept in prison cells covered in dried blood, and seen some pretty...terrible things" the boy shakes his head, "But I don' The world is terrible, people are awful and there's no such thing as good adults...but at least here you're all true to your nature and don't lie or hide away to please everyone else" he rubs his head, smiling up at Cory, "all i've ever wanted was to feel safe and it's weird but I do feel safe here, with you I don't really care about anyone else, I don't think I ever have" he grins a child-like grin, "So I don't mind, as long as I can still hang out with all of you"



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    Zin didn't have a dad. Sure, he had Merlot and Troubledlove, the two that gave birth to him, and one of which was trying now at least to be a better person for Zin...but it was hard to see Merlot as anything besides...just any other man. He had his wants, his needs, and his dreams...and Zin didn't tie into any of those, not in the way a son should've. Zin was a mistake Merlot wanted to fix, and that wasn't his fault, Zin knew that but...he wasn't a dad to Zin. Not for a long time.

    Corruptedtimelines was also not Zin's dad. It would take a lot more than a week of tolerating Zin to be someone he knew he could trust, confide in and respect above everyone and everything...but Cory was someone he did trust. Someone he did find himself wanting to confide him, someone he respect above...well, everyone and everything. Cory was someone that let Zin into his home, let him live the life of a silly kit playing hide and seek and sleeping in his sink, all the while protecting him despite gravelly warnings of don't cause trouble. But isn't that what most dads say?

    Zin wouldn't know, haha.

    And yet, facing the massive dragon that always made Zin flinch with nervousness when his stomping steps revealed his presence long before his massive girth came into view...Zin knew he'd miss the beastly king of the Exiles. He'd miss Ghoulian too, and Debiru and Pyhrric. There was still so many people he wanted to get to know, the culture he wanted to understand despite it's messiness and selfishness. But life was always stupidly messy and selfish - everyone was, deeply and truly, utterly least the Exilers were honest about it.

    Maybe that's why he cared so much about this dragon he barely knew - he was the first honest adult Zin had ever met.

    "Yeah, I have to go back to my other siblings, " he said, throwing out the excuse as a child would trying to explain away something bad they did - please don't be mad! He clears his throat, then bows his head, just as he'd done the first time he'd asked to remain for a few days "But I don't want to be gone forever. I - I want to be a part of the Exiles, and...not just because Ally is here" This place was scary, and fun, and brutal and honest and kind. Somehow, in a clan full of killers and sadists and monsters of the very definition, there was kindness. And that kindness - it meant something, because it was kind not despite, but in spite of the chaos. People were kind in spite of the chaos.

    He shuffles his paws, sheepish as he knows what he's asking for is a lot. "I-I know the kingdom and the Exiles are enemies, and dual alliances between both is...pretty erm...not common..but I can't leave the Exiles" he looks up at Cory, golden eyes wide and pleading, bordering on desperate, "My family is in the kingdom, and in the kingdom's allies, I can't not be with them loyalty is with the Exiles" he says honestly, surprising himself, "and I know things will get tricky if a war ever breaks out but - it doesn't have to be! As long as my siblings are safe then ill do whatever is in the interest of the Exiles, I swear by this" he thought about Sangria, and Merlot, and even Aether - facing them in battle, being ordered to...hurt them...

    Frankly, if he was honest? He didn't care. If he got to spend time with Ally, Cory, Pyrric, Ghoulian and Deb then anything would be worth it. A lesson he learned from the exiles: Selfish as selfish can be, just be honest about it. He had no loyalty to the kingdom nor those in his family outside of his littermates. He would leave the kingdom without so much as a blink if three of his siblings weren't residing there - two of which being special needs in more than just physically.
    He had to go back to the kingdom, but every fiber in his being wanted him to stay here.

    "Please..." he says softly, lowering his head a little more, "This place feels like home."