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    character name: Legrandite

    rank desired: Swan of healing

    back-up rank: Macaw of unity, Sparrowhawk

    character experience/qualifications: Hard working and active, studious and very quick to respond to dangers. For Macaw of unity he's really good so far at maintaining cross clan bonds including close friends already in the Solaris kingdom and cartel, and again he's studeous and up to date on his ambassador-ing .

    other: <333

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    [indent] "A bonfire sounds like a great idea Malachite" Legrandite would say, determined to understand the confusing cacophony of birds and their shared connection with his sister. He makes sure to peek over her as he approaches, carefully noting the lack of injuries on her form or sickness in her breath. She's okay. Turning his attention over towards their mother, he smiles as he watches her unearth her prized necklace, glad to see she's also alright. He wonders briefly if there's anything he'd give to her that'd be worth risking her life over, too. He looks down at his talons, unsure if he's yet worthy of being the one to fashion a treasure so great to his mother.

    Shaking away the insecure thoughts, Grand would push forward a little wagon he'd brought towards his sister, "Here, use this to gather up your twigs" he says, bumping his wing affectionately with hers before he heads off to help in other regards. Pitch is helping auto with heavy branches, Mal has twigs covered and his mother is the only one with the power to lift big trees, so Grand decides his mission is to bound towards the nearest ruined hut and start digging around for any salvageable items. As he does he of course gathers the debrid in one corner and kindling in another to clear out intermediately as the piles grow. It's a daunting task, but if you don't start you can't ever finish. So he continues to work, occasionally pulling out ruined items and broken glass and tossing them into the debris pile forlornly. He chirps with heartbreak whenever he pulls out a ruined book that'd he's forced to discard into the kindling pile, greatful that his own stash of literature is hidden carefully in the ashen ruins.

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    [indent]…-for-cold-and-flu-season/ <------ info used

    Since his mentor conducted the clean-up Grand figured he could handle some minor check-ups. Preparing out a carefully arranged table of plants and berries, he positioned small packages of his own invention - Cold prevention packages. Within the carefully made bags where small vials of garlic oil, toothache tree bark and fruit and finally Japanese honeysuckle syrup. He researched that all of the above are perfect for encouraging immune responses especially before a cold or a flu hits. His plan was to hand these out to as many members as possible in order to catch colds before they'd sprung considering many of them had been stuck in rain and hail for a long portion of time during the storm. Better to be safe than sorry. In each package he of course included directions and warnings - including that they must use the garlic oil immediately or throw it out as it can be dangerous if unused for too long and that the toothache fruit might cause excessive drooling and brief numbness in the mouth, but it was normal. Hopefully his clanmates would read the warnings.

    "Hey everyone! Come over if you have any bumps, bruises or injuries to be looked over and if you don't come over anyway so I can give you some anti-cold medicine - just because you don't have symptoms now doesn't mean you're safe" he calls once he's certain everything is in order and he's ready. He briefly wonders what Marrok would do in his shoes. If Marrok was taking care of himself and avoiding colds. He hopes his brother is okay, that his medical skills are giving him a leg up in whatever clan he's currently in. Shaking his head, Grand focuses on the clanmates still in the Flights. His first check-up as a Shaman...He smiles, proud of his rank and hard work.

    //lil fun note, if your character eats the toothache tree fruit their mouth will be full, im' talking FULL of saliva in a second >:3 idk seems like something fun to rp out l o l

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    [indent] "Plenty" Grand said, looking up from his studying of the herbs. He shows Arya the letter, unaware that she can't read, before looking up as he senses Takyon's presence before he sees the stealthy ebony feline. His tufted ears would soon lay flat against his head at Takyon's aggressive comment and departure, but he couldn't entirely fault the other boy. He'd look back at the letter, his own upset feelings coming back like the swell of a heavy tide. He has the opposite problem as Arya - he doesn't hold grudges, but he holds onto bonds with white knuckled fists. Perhaps Marrok isn't someone he should be giving up on yet, but if he was Grand wouldn't know. He missed him more than he resented him for breaking the laws.

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    [indent] Ever since Grand had been born into this world he'd never been alone. Cuddled up among his griffin siblings to running around the legs of his older siblings and mother to standing alongside his fellow Flights members. While Grand certainly didn't mind quiet moments by himself and a book, to experience true solitude might very well be the death of the young griffin.

    Luckily he wouldn't be experiencing that anytime soon as yet another new face to join his clan's flock appears. The griffin would come to stand beside his younger brother, huffing irritably at Takyon's de trop attitude towards the girl. "You're at the border of the Volary Flights," he inforsm the girl, noting alongside his brother the similar attributes between this unfamiliar face and the other tormenta-million family members. That litter is certainly huge, isn't it? "My name is Legrandite Reikkenson Kowalki Harbringer" he introduces with a polite bow, always happy to present his full name with pride, "This is my brother" he lets Takyon have the chance to introduce himself and focuses back on the famale, "What's your buisness?" he inquires, wondering if she's here to visit her family. He wonders if she's a ruiner, but he can't tell with a sniff unlike his feline companion here. He wonders if Takyon knows. He wants to ask but can't think of a way that isn't impolite or embarrassing.

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    [indent] When Grand had signed up for this blind date activity his intention had been to make new friends. Of course, being the terribly anxious kid that he was, he'd fast ended up pacing with nerves, wondering if he'd make a good impression on whoever he'd meet, if he'd mess it up, if maybe they were just not compatible - oh Phoenix why'd he do this!? But the young god would suck it up, puff out his chest to incite courage, and make his way to the assigned area to see...

    "Laviana?" the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding came out in a puff of relief - of joy. As always he was more than happy to be in the presence of the talented female, and so he'd sit on the blanket without a shred of nerves lingering. Thumping the tip of his tail eagerly from side to side, Grand would nonchalantly rub the back of his head, "Not much of a blind date, I guess," he chuckled, suddenly feeling a spark of guilt as he wondered if he'd stolen Laviana's chance of meeting someone new. Trying to ignore the swell of insecurity, the boy reached forward and took one of the ice breaker cards. He read the question, then perked up. "where's your favorite place to go?, the last time we met you mentioned you were traveling, right? What place did you enjoy being in the most?" he asked, curious to hear her answer. He himself hadn't seen much of the world yet. He'd briefly visited the Solaris Kingdom and the wind haven, but never for long enough to truly explore the unfamiliar area. He wondered what new experiences the god-blessed girl before him had to share.

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    [indent] Everyone's fighting? Again, his eyes briefly flicker towards his friend's leg. Instead of pity, it's anger that now fills his ever pounding heart. Could that fighting be how...he got hurt? Or could that fighting be what's dampening his friend's mood even more so than his obvious...Either way, when you're not feeling good being surrounded by those you care about snapping and verbally hurting each other - no, it's not a good place to be. Grand is glad Luci's here, appreciative that he felt he was safe in the Flights, but more so determined to make sure his friend stays feeling safe and welcome.

    Grand has never been good at controlling his emotions, especially those spurred by passionate loyalty and pride. For that, his facade of respectful distance would drop as a deep, angry scowl filled his expression and his wings flared with his burst of emotion, "There's plenty enough of you" he practically snaps, determined to get that across. He hates self-deprecating jokes. He didn't like it when people laughed at their own pain or trauma, not when that laughter was so heavy with sadness.

    But of course he regrets his outburst immediately, and quickly folds his wings and blink apologetically. "I'm sorry...but I don't need more of you, as long as you're you" he says, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly as he tried to explain his feelings. For a guy who read books near constantly, he was surprisingly not the greatest with words.

    The contact is all the permission Grand needs. Extending his large wing, he drapes it over his friend. Not tight enough to be disrespectful, but enough so to imply he's here. "I've been good! Im the ambassador for the wind haven now, and i've been learning a lot of new things about herbs, im planning on completing another Phoenix scroll task so that's another step closer to my goals" he says, determined to be chipper, bring back the fire in his friend's belly, "but now that you're here you can finally get a proper tour! I can show you the Ashen shrine!"

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    [indent] "AAAAAAAAAH don' be such a worry-blanket - wet-wort one'ah those - iss gonna be fine, lookee, I got these bad boys" giggling, the griffin fans his wings, displaying their heavy, clumsy movements with utmost confidence. He feels awesome. The taste of gasoline and doubt has long since left his space of attention. It's a tunnel, a pin hole where he can focus, the space taken up entirely by his steps and Midas's handsome lil baby cutey face - lookit that n o s e! He snickers, sighing contentedly as he happily marches alongside his Savannah companion. He loves this. He loves his friend, walking beside him, loves the open air cold against his warm face. He's warm, he's bubbly, he's happy. Phoenixs and abandonment are on the back of his mind. Study plans and ambassador work are nonexistent in this world of laughter and travel. He's going to fall off a cliff and he'll die laughing! How amazing is that? He feels like he can fly - oh, OH WAIT!

    "Uni, Uni, look, i've got...these" he whispers excitedly, flapping his wings to show off his newfound treasures. "Got'em f'free" he boasts, before frowning, staring ahead dizzily, "not t'be mean - sorry, I d'on mean it like - like a mean way like.." he tries to explain, stumbling over his words as much as he does over his own talons. Then he realizes, with a loud gasp mind you, that Midas ALSO has wings!


    "Looooookit that, s'like an angel" he whispers in awe, trying to pull at Midas's wings while walking at the same time. This time he does end up falling over his own feet, collapsing to the canyon floor with his beak uncomfortably mushed against the ground. But that's the fun part about this existence of non-sobriety - pain is as much an afterthought as the anxiety and mortal terror of being forgotten to the times and left to rot in eternal nothingness as the unwanted byproduct of two people uncaring enough to give him a reason, any reason, to feel worthy of existing.


    "Where's - Where's'ah the uh..." he can't make heads or tails of up or down, so the boy remains face-planted on the sand as he tries to recall the word for 'cliff'. "s'ah drop...s'ah big ol...splat rock, gravity-tes'ing site...the uh...the thing, the thing" he waves his arms, only to let them fall and, at last, go quiet. Is he trying to think through the haze? Or is he just sleeping? Who knows, either way this child of data and memory storage is kaput like a jurassic computer.

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    [indent] Grand doesn't have many friends - that ought to be established at this point - but no more obvious is that fact than when the serious, anxious bookworm suddenly turns into a attention-seeking puppy in the presence of someone he has a bond with. "Lucif-I mean Luci!" shouts the owl griffin as he drops his basket of bird feathers. He'd been gathering them to make more fletching as well as quills - but who gave a fiery feather about that when Luci was here!? The griffin bounds over to the border. If he were a more confident person, or allowed himself to be anything less than perfect, he might've tackled the other boy, embraced him or playfully wrestled as any normal 7 month old boy would do. But Grand was betetr than that - he had to be - so at the last second he skidded to a halt, smoothed down the fluffed up feathers around his wing shoulders and chest, and calming his expression to one more becoming of a future deity. The last time he'd gotten overly exited his friend ended up leaving. Maybe not exactly the correlation, but Grand wasn't easily dissuaded from blaming himself for every little thing. This time he'd be better. Act more mature. Treat a joiner as a joiner and not a regal guest of the highest order arriving to bless the land with their very presence...But I mean...This was Luci we're talking about.

    Sucking in a breath to cool his heart, pounding as it was with excitement, he brushes a talon over his head to feign nonchalance. "Visitors and new members are always welcome. Now that we're allies, I can finally say that. " His thick tail twitches, betraying his inner exhulation at the fact that they could visit each other whenever. He still needed to take some time to visit the Cartel himself, but he didn't want to seem, y'know, desperate and instead waited - perhaps a bit too long - for the right excuse to head over. Luckily enough, Luci was the one to jump the gun first! Not unlike last time they'd met...

    Although, thinking about the past, something felt...different about his friend.

    The biggest red flag being that Luci had waited. This kid who'd argued with Grand over having to respect borders...was now doing such. Maybe that signified growth, and at first Grand optimistically assumed so - but he knows anxiety when he sees it. The Griffin's fake-placid smile would become sincerely concerned as he took a more closer look at his friend. "Luci" he begins, only for his eyes to finally fall upon the misplaced leg. Grand's eyes widened, but he quickly snapped his gaze away. He didn't want to make a big deal about trauma, to rip at a scap that might not yet have healed over. His friend surely would not wish for a pity party.

    What the flying feathers?!

    What happened to his friend?

    "B-been a while" Grand would say, his facade of mature placidity even more obvious as he tried to look anywhere else besides his friend's injury, resulting in his gaze constantly flicking from and away from Luci's face. Suddenly the forest around them seemed to hold so many interesting shadows...


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    Though time may change a lot about a person, the core of themselves could not be so easily washed away. Grand smiles as he recognizes his brother's particular smell among the plants, the foreign lands and new, unshared experiences. The only thing that upsets the griffin child as he takes the letter and scans it with rapid fire flicks of his golden oculars is the proper lack of news. If he'd known Marrok's reason for not mentioning his current status was due to embarrassment or awkward guilt, Grand would've scoffed in irritation. It's not like Marr killed someone and ran away with the Phoenix scrolls! Sure he...broke a prisoner out but I mean no one really wanted Adonys dead or alive anyway so that could be forgiven, right? Anyway, point is there's no reason why anyone wouldn't want to know how he was doing. As angry as Grand had been lately it was only because he missed him.

    But he brushed away his frustration with a roll of his eyes and a sigh. If marr wanted to be a private person then fine. was fine. As long as he kept his promise to be happy. Grand rubbed the back of his neck, thinking back to that emotional last encounter with the embarrassment not unusual for a young man who revealed too much.

    Focusing back on the plants, he examines each ine closely, admiring their unfamiliar shapes and scents. He wonders if he'll get to test these out on someone soon. H-hopefully not but, y'know...

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    The Phoenix alliance. The very name uttered left grand breathless with awe and aspirations yet to be fulfilled. To the boy raised with thoughts of grandeur, the use of phoenix couldn't be a more clear sign. He was born to defend this alliance, possibly even lead it someday in the future. Once he became well known in the Flights and far respected, he'd certainly take the time to join each of the other allies, be as wholly part of every clan as he was his home - as he was to the phoenix. It was his destiny!

    So of course Grand would be one of the first flights to step foot in this ceremony. One of the first to tie his ribbon around the nearest branch, as close as possibly to the trunk to assure it's permanence. He clasped his talons together, bowing his head and making his wish. A wish to be graced by the gods and be lent blessings upon his journey to succeed them. A prayer for peace and a path to ensure it. A hope that he was truly destined for something great, even if it cost him everything.

    When he pulls away, he steps back to admire the massive tree now signifying the unity between the three clans. As he admires it's size, he notes a familiar feline nearby. "Laviana!" purrs the young griffin as he bounds over to the female. The idea to ask what she wished for doesn't even cross his mind. Of course he wouldn't expect her to ask him his wish, nor would he tell her if she did. He didn't want to risk the transgression affecting his chances. Still, he was always just happy to see his friend. "How have you been?

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    [indent] Legrandite rubs at his arms, the prickling feeling returning as he sees his friend’s eyes cloud with irritation and spit insults at his clan. Grand’s patriotic heart skips a beat, defensiveness making the feathers around his neck rise and his wings twitch the need to aggressively unfurl. Of course Grand wants to defend his clan, he always does, but there’s not much he can say. Midas joined at a...bad time. Everyone was grieving, everyone was angry, and everyone was hurting. But of course there was little excuse for any of that when it left Midas feeling left out. He thinks uncomfortably to Marrok’s protective greeting, something Grand had thought back to before with warmth over a sign of affection from his brother but seeing it now as a polarizing thing against Midas.

    He wanted his friend to stay, and he didn’t want to leave his clan, who knew he’d have to choose between them so soon into his friendship?

    Okay" he says simply, reaching for the bottle and taking another drink. He doesn’t want to think about his clan potentially being in the wrong, or that this is an unhealthy last interaction with Midas. He wants to have fun and be a good friend. Show Midas the good time he was supposed to have when joining.

    He hiccuped as he finished, handing Midas the bottle, “it does" he mumbles, coughing at the burn. “this would be a lot more bearable with lemon, or uh " his mind blanks, not quite able to remember the other opposite tastes that could ease the bitterness. Did he always have such a hard time remember things?

    whys everyone sad in the cartel?" grand asked next, rubbing at his eyes, recalling at least the conversation subject before

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    [indent] Legrandite huffed, opening hisnmouth to counter, and possibly even tell the other to stop drinking, but he hesitated. Again, he didn’t want to ruin whatever fun this was supposed to be, not when Midas had a poor time of it so far. He wanted to be a good memory to his friend, not a party pooper. But it was hard to hold his tongue as his friend only gave him more reasons to dislike this activity. Rubbing his arm, the griffin would scrunch his brows, “so you’re telling me you...stole this? a drink you never tried before, don’t appear to like, and that isn’t something traditional or important to your culture?" that knocked out all the reasons Grand had wanted to try it, and with his anxiety mixing into his strong moral code, the boy couldn’t help but squint, “why, then, are we drinking this? I’m starting to believe there are better ways to enjoy our last day together then by slugging this garbage" He pauses, then glances down at his talons, whatching his obsidian nails scrape over each other like knives sharpening. He sighs lightly, mumbling reluctantly, “you...are leaving...aren’t you?" The question implies a futile hope that there’s more than one answer, mainly a possibility for a ‘no’.

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    [indent] "Don't worry, you're not sick, it's a natural process for growing avians to lose their baby feathers" Grand would say, amused by what he thought was Yuka panicking over an imaginary illness. "Don't pull off all of your old feathers, thy'll come off naturally. You might end up with bare patches or hurt the feathers coming in if you get impatient" Grand explained, looking over Yuka's new plumage curiously. He'd never seen a scarlet macaw grow any kind of feathers besides their rainbow of colors. Grand himself had been born completely grey until his down feathers where replaced by ivory white adult feathers, common among owl species. But rainbow to blue? Almost as if Yuka had traded in his scarlet macaw genes for that of a blue macaw..odd. Then again, hybrids such as they where not easily compared to other avians, especially not one born in such interesting circumstances as Yuka and his family.

    "You haven't eaten anything weird, have you?" he asked, thinking sudden about flamingos and their color being derived from their rosy diet.

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    [indent] Once more the feeling was mutual. Being a product of abandonment - something he refuses to acknowledge or even believe, at least consciously - Grand was just as hungry to tie a cord around Midas and keep him around for as long as possible. None of his other friends had been willing to join his clan for longer than a day, and the time he'd spent with Midas, though short, and been wonderful. Swimming, chatting, showing him around - all of it had felt so amazing by Midas's side. He felt like he was truly himself with his friend, so it broke his heart that this might be the last time they'd have a sleep over. Grand rubbed his talons together, anxiety pulling at the roots of his feathers as he imagines losing his source of support. The feeling is only worsened when he thinks back to Marrok, who so easily abandoned the family and clan for...for what, exactly? Ah, Grand swore he'd trust his brother, and he did! but it still sucked. And now he was losing someone else.

    His talons twitched, wanting desperately to reach out and grab Midas's hand, Ask - no, beg - him to stay and keep Grand company. Please...

    Instead, Grand's talons curled around the neck of the bottle and he pulled it close. He sniffed it, his amber eyes glowing with nervousness. He could feel that usual inner burn of his own skin rejecting his feathers. A dark feeling that led him to plucking out his own coat until he was spitting blood. But he'd been caught once, only once, doing that and he wasn't going to get caught again - especially not with Midas to witness.

    So Grand would swollow thickly, then tip his head back and take a gulp. The problem with having a beak and no lips is that it's nearly impossible to regulate the amount one intakes when it comes to liquids. So Grand would end up swallowing a large stream before the sudden fire in his throat would manifest.

    The Griffin would cough, spluttering at the floor as he jerked the bottle away from himself, handing it back to Midas. "That was wretched!" he coughed, rubbing at his mouth and sticking his tongue out in disgust. From the way merry tales and folk songs spoke about beer and rum, he imagined the stuff was good! But this tasted like how he imagined ash soaked in vinegar. He flapped his tongue against the inside of his beak, squinting against the taste he couldn't ignore. "Where'd you get that bottle anyway? How often do you drink it> I do not understand your Cartelian traditions" the boys sighs, shaking his head.

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    [indent] if he was honest, Grand would admit he felt the same. Even with the Reikkenson Kowalki Harbringer name he still felt like an outsider. Even the bond he hadn’t with Freya was nothing compared to the bond she had with Marrok, Rade and everyone. But that was the thing- love had to be earned. Nothing comes free in life, you have to be someone worthy of being loved and cried over. In a family so big and cramped you need to fight for you’re place like a piglet for a teet. He understands midas not wanting to fight-not when he was tired of the battle at his own home - but Grand, as left out as he sometimes felt, had a place here. Even if he never truly becomes a beloved Reikkenson he still has husband duty to become the phoenix’s prodigy. He can’t afford to leave.

    But could he afford to get...shit...faced?

    Legrandite would frown, not particularly fond of the word his friend used. He knew the Cartelian ways often involved the consumption of alcohol- but the two of them where minors. Then again Grand had yet to do much reading on the affect of alcohol, thinking the worst that would happen is a small impairment in judgement. Nothing too bad, just makes your inhibitions go away. Grand was confident he hadn’t nothing to hide so what could the harm be? Besides, it was Midas’s culture and...if his friend really was was the least he could do to let him feel at home even for an hour or two. That’s how how long intoxication lasted, right?

    Oh Alright, but don’t spill any on my books, okay?" he looks around, “do you have any cups?"

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    [indent] Legrandite knew Midas wasn't happy and it bothered the griffin boy. He'd been so hoping he'd remain in the flights, join Grand in his quest to become the next phoenix. easily, he just wanted to keep spending time with Midas...But his clan wasn't as welcoming as it could be, and now that Marrok was gone that sentiment couldn't be more true. When your whole clan is one big family, it's hard not to create a storm cloud when sadness hits. Sadly for a creature like Midas who seeks affection and attention it's hard to receive it when everyone grieves a loss. So of course Grand would understand his friend deciding to leave...It still broke his heart considerably, though.

    But for now..

    The griffin would thump his tail, happy as ever to see his smaller savannah friend. Pushing aside his current political studies, Grand would say, "Hey Midas! How are you doing?" The griffin would then pause, his gaze falling upon the bottle glinting in the dim light of his hut. The boy would tilt his head to the side, eyes wide, "What is that you bring?" he squints, before his owlish eyes widen to saucers, "alcohol?"

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    [indent] //s o b I love her so much

    Cats and felines, especially those half avian, did not wag their tails. However, that did not stop Grand from expression his excitement as his tail thumped enthusiastically. "There's no doubt now that you are Pan's patron - what skill and talent you possess! It's one massive feat in itself to be creative enough to make your own music, but to manufacture your own instrument? As complicated as a flute? Laviana i'm in awe!" And truly he was! Legrandite truly felt like he was in the presence of another godling, one that earned her place in her Lord's favor. Grand had the mercy of being destined for it at birth, but he had a long way to go before he'd be as talented as she in any of the ways his God required. He was, admittedly, a bit envious, if not a tad bit insecure being in the presence of that which he wanted so desperately to be. But along with the pessimistic shame of his late blooming came the feverish hope that it was possible. That he wasn't crazy for thinking he could become God one day. If Laviana could work her way to earn a blessing, then so could Grand!

    "Spiritual then, or telepathy? Or perhaps the Gods simply have a language unlike any we've ever heard or spoken - fascinating, fascinating" rand would say, ears turning as he tried to picture such an event for himself. It made sense that there would be no actual voice or physical manifestation of sound waves - perhaps their power was so great that to attempt might shatter eardrums? Amazing! Legrandite felt like he was made of bubbles, his atoms floating and fragile, ready to take to the sky or burst at any second. The validation was like precious fresh water to a man lost in a desert.

    But it was one thing to be told 'you're not crazy!' through facts, but by the person herself? Grand grinned like an idiot, the bubbles in his gut popping with all the force of fireworks as she complimented him in turn. Whatever sheepishness he was feeling earlier when explaining his beliefs about his own birth where gone in an instant. She had proven to him that Gods where real and they could communicate - her kindness now proved to him that he, Legrandite, could absolutely touch the stars. He wasn't crazy for thinking that way...he was special.

    When she offered to help, he was relieved, exited, and frankly touched. "Well, the Phoenix left five scrolls that explain the traditions of the religion. I need to make my own arrow and bow, I need to speak to the spirits with a candle ceremony, I need to leap from a waterfall as a symbol of faith and I need to begin a nesting trial to earn my own avian companion" he pauses, then adds, "and when I die my body will be burned in a pyre but im not going to worry about that scroll until later in my future. Much...much later" he says with a chuckle.

    The griffin would begin to twiddle his thumbs, once more a bit bashful as he considers her offer to help and what it would entail. "Maybe if you'd like me learn how to swim...?" He's embarrassed talking about it, but he's certain she wouldn't judge. She's come across as nothing but open minded and kindly. "I-If you know how to swim, that is. Otherwise maybe- crafting arrows would be a better idea? I'm pretty good at making the shafts, so I can show you some methods in exchange for you teaching me how to make a flute"

    He listens aptly to her words, relating to none of it but curious nonetheless. He's only ever known the jungle, but he's never considered traveling the world outside of studies, and even then that exploration would be saved for when he's older and temporarily outgrown his place as a Flightsman. Perhaps after a length leadership, or when the Phoenix itself comes and asks him to see more of the world in order to properly become enlightened. He doesn't know, but for now his goal is to simply be the best member of the flights, the rest of the world can wait. Still, he admires a creature like Laviana who looks the unknown in the face and plays a warmhearted tune! To not fear the unknown, to seek out the new and the unexplored, Laviana seems to never be short of things to praise and respect.

    Of course, Grand jumps at the opportunity to say, "You should stay in the Flights for a little while then! The jungle is pretty different from any desert, and you can find some inspiration for new music among all the birdsong" He's eager to have Laviana around more. It's not often Grand is able to manage making a new friend - he's only got two so far, and both are a ways off in the Cartel. He thinks upon all thats left to talk about with the easy going girl before him, certain that they could converse through night and day with how easy she is to talk to, even for someone as anxious as Grand. He's not willing to give that up so easily.

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    "I don't think I hit it in the middle. It's so hard to tell" Grand said, glaring at the mess he made a ways in the distance. Beneath the rare rays of filtering sunlight, the glass that littered the floor appeared like glittering dew. It was as beautiful a sight as it was deadly, a hot spot for torn feet and infected veins. The thrill of the danger is what Grand sought, though. The sound of vases, crafted with great care beneath expert hands, shattering like the crack of thunder was invigorating. Legrandite was enjoying the war in his own head - the side that begged to stop, clean the mess up, mourn the loss of those vases - and the other half, the childish side Grand only ever saw when angry and making the worst mistakes. Would this be another blunder that would cost him dearly? Like snapping at Marrok had lost him any chance of brotherhood with his elder sibling? Perhaps, perhaps. But who cares? Marrok was gone now and he had no close ties with any of his other siblings - you can't ruin a relationship that's nonexistent!

    So today, and today only, Grand would let himself be angry.

    Of course, he was still Grand. No matter how pissed and lonely, he still made sure to put signs nearby warning of the dangerous space, and asked a few birds to help keep a look out in case anyone came close to his shooting arrow. Also, this wasn't JUST a venting session - that would be too childish. No, as much as he relished the destruction, he was also focusing on improving his aim and strength with the bow. He was learning...while throwing a tantrum. The Legrandite way.

    And...on an ever better could consider this bonding between he and the equally pissed off Takyon.

    :I'm going to set up the next vase - don't shoot at me again I KNOW it wasn't an accident the first two times" Legrand would say, glaring at his brother before picking up another vase stashed nearby and making his way over to the target pedestal. Takyon was a good teacher when it came to shooting. For a guy who relied solely on his magical ability, he did have good advice. But more than that, he was glad for the company. The mutual and shared anger - even if Grand was more aware of it's source than Tak was. His angry brother could spit insults all he wanted but Grand could tell...

    They both missed Marrok terribly.

    Wait for TAKYON to respond please <3