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    A group of cats? Boulder had never heard of such a thing unless it involved some kind of family, like his own; his siblings had all lived on the farm, before leaving to their separate homes. But he couldn't imagine that this was anything like that. Each one of the cats before him acted and looked completely independent from one another. The idea of it sounded... oddly nice to him, all of the unpleasantness aside, and the fact that they lived out here in the wild was fascinating besides. It had to be far harder to survive after all, with the big scary animals his mother grew up telling him tales about and the lack of soft food and feather beds. For a moment, Boulder felt in slight awe of those standing before him -- they were really quite brave, if he thought about it.

    Orchidwing explained this all to him fairly nicely, and he flashed a thankful smile. He supposed they couldn't all be bad, if more were like her. "Yeah, of course. It's Boulder." compared to all of their names, it must seem silly. Orchidwing, Nathanos, Quietdawn... they sounded foreign and cool, like the heroes of some adventure-type story. If he joined, would he get a name like theirs too? "If I joined, what would I do? What do you guys do?" he couldn't imagine that they herded their own sheep, like the dogs did at the farm. He didn't think they'd just laze about like him either if there were other groups like them around. Maybe they were separated for a reason and didn't like each other. He hoped he wouldn't have to fight anyone - Boulder had never been good at fighting, despite his impressive size. He hadn't even lifted a paw when the alleycat attacked him.

    The next one to arrive was not so kind either; though that was more in attitude than stature. She immediately spouted a string of insults upon seeing and hearing him... he wondered, idly, what he ever did to offend her so viciously. "Whoa, whoa," he began. Joining? He didn't even know what this place was, who these cats were - why would he jump into something he knew virtually nothing about? Uncomfortable and uneasy, he struggled to find his voice and answer in a way that didn't provoke Quietdawn (a peculiar name) into an even worse fit.

    Fortunately, he was saved by the appearance of a pretty ebony feline who was asking about his injury. He nearly forgot it was there in all of the fuss, so he poked at his cheek with his tongue, wincing at the responding sting. "Some alley cat." he answered. Truth be told Boulder didn't enjoy thinking much about it (it made him teeth-grittingly frustrated, more with his self than with anyone else) so he got his act together and responded quicker than before. "I just -- can we slow down? Just a little bit? I don't know what a Darkclan is, I don't know who you guys are or where I am ... can you explain it to me? Please?"

    "This is DarkClan territory. State yer business or move on."

    The voice came out of absolutely nowhere and Boulder visibly jumped at the sound, whipping his head over to peer at the two cats approaching him, fur beginning to bristle. The feline in question was a beastly thing, in his opinion, and he immediately felt intimidated - he didn't want a fight. What if this tom-cat wanted a fight? He backed up a step, just to make sure; and then, in a smaller voice, posed a question - "What?"

    He felt slightly mouse-brained admitting it, but he had little-to-no idea of what the stranger was getting at. Boulder didn't know what a clan was, and territory was a big word for him, but business? "Moving on"? "Sorry, sorry. I'm lost. I'm not here to fight you, or anything," he quickly clarified. "I uh... I come from the two-leg place, you know? With the big stone dens and mean cats?" he idly wondered if the male even knew what such a place was, if he was just as ignorant as Boulder to a world outside of his own; before now, Boulder had remained sheltered on the farm he'd been born on. But one thing led to another and he was chasing a rabbit outside of the fence, then he was lost... oh, he so wanted to go back. He didn't like it here very much. It smelled - of course - and was much too crowded, even for the likes of him.

    He notably wasn't feeling very adventurous, for once.

    It had never occurred to Boulder that he shouldn't poke his nose in places that it didn't belong.

    But that was his charm, he was told; his unrelenting curiosity, forwarded by either stupidity or blind courage, none could tell - it was interesting,and had set him apart from others in his litter. While they all sought the comfort of a warm place to sleep and a belly of two-leg food, he'd been out adventuring from the first time he'd used his own legs. More often than not, this landed him into a whirlwind of trouble. The best example of this could be him in his current state: his once soft grey-brown fur was tossled and knotted, dried blood staining his cheek russet. He was so tired. He just wanted a nap... preferably in one of those nice beds he'd had the privilege of laying in when he was just a kitten, tugging at his mother's belly impatiently for the chance to nurse.

    He really, really shouldn't have poked that alley cat.

    Anyways, it didn't much matter anymore, and he shouldn't dwell on it for too long lest he grow even more bitter. So he dragged his paws forward a little farther, cringing visibly at the little pulses of pain that shook his stocky frame, only stopping when a putrid scent entered his slightly-opened maw. What was that? It smelled like the stinkiest cats in the world were converging on him all at once, and he reeled back as if attacked. "Did something die out here?" he loudly proclaimed, disgust twisting his features into a frown. Boulder was far too accustomed to two-leg places to understand that what he was experiencing was his first clan border, and it very likely wouldn't be the only one that he'd (unfortunately) come across in the future.