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    In a million years, Mushroom had never imagined that he'd get quite this far. Living with Twig had made him expect a life of solitude -- but then SkyClan came into his life off of the tongue of a loner, and suddenly he was here, bleeding, gritting his teeth tightly through the pain of his injuries as he settled onto the dirt ground below. His first fight, and he'd practically lost it, with how badly he fared after. He should be happier - SkyClan won, of course they did, because they were so awesome - but he was too disappointed in himself to celebrate. The oriental mix tried to drag his tongue across his scarred cheek, but it was neither long nor particularly effective; it instead irritated the wound further, so he flinched and heaved a heavy sigh. Would he have scars? Scars were like... cool, and all, but the pettiness within him didn't want them because they were also kind of ugly.

    Defeated, Mushroom would attempt to lie down, but even that proved to be the wrong move. He would soon find that his back leg was also bruised from BloodClan's abuse, and when he had his thigh flat against the forest floor it throbbed a warning. "Oh, would you stop?" he cursed to himself, standing up and abruptly clawing at a nearby rock in a fleeting bit of anger, sending it rolling along the camp floor. I'm so bad at this. Maybe I shouldn't be in SkyClan. I can't fight, and how am I gonna help if I get myself hurt like that? Stupid mouse-brain. Mushroom regretted helping Victoria, too. He could've done more if he hadn't gotten distracted by her.

    Immediately, he felt bad for thinking that. He shouldn't regret helping her; she was a kit, and couldn't defend herself any better than he could. Maybe when he wasn't busy, he should visit her one of these days to make sure that she was okay. It was dumb because he could very easily get in trouble for doing it, but he wasn't exactly the king of good decision making. If he was, he wouldn't have followed after Rudypaw in the first place.

    When the female went for him again, Mushroom had already regained his posture; as she tried to bite him, he would attempt to kick out wildly, hopefully catching her in the jaw. Before he could do more, however, he heard deafening cries that made his ears flatten instinctively against his head. When he turned to look, he saw it: Lavenderstar, limp, dead ... he felt grief sour his throat. He wanted to throw up. She can't be dead, he had thought, wanting to move closer but being frozen in place, his body aching from the fresh wounds littering his form. "Please don't attack me." he would tell Echo, eyes wide and pleading; he was scared, but he looked back at Victoria and all of that was gone in an instant. He didn't know her. For all he knew, the small kitten could be the spawn of some big-wig residing in BloodClan, and he could get reprimanded just by associating with her. In a split second, the apprentice aimed to rush forward and seize victoria- in his jaws by her scruff, before shoving her form in the direction of Echo.

    The BloodClanners were suddenly retreating around him, and he felt one push him a little to the side. "Take her to her mom. Her name is Fernonia. I'm Mushroompaw, if she asks," he said, handing Victoria off to Echo (if the female hadn't tried to attack him again, that is).

    With that, he would turn tail and begin to walk his way up to where the others were gathering around Lavenderstar. He stopped short, though, because the stinging in his cheek began to bother him again. The tears (tears that he'd forgotten were there, he was so distracted) had irritated his injury, it seemed. Mushroompaw shook his head as if to rid of them to no avail.


    While it wasn't an entirely unexpected reaction, Mushroom still reeled back slightly once he saw that the kit was ready to whack at him. Hesitantly, he would try to approach her again; they were on two different sides, but he didn't want to let her run free when she could potentially get hurt. "Fernonia? I don't know her, but I'm sure I can help you find out where she is. You just -- you can't be out here, you'll get hurt, or worse." he told the child, trying to remain friendly despite his own worries. He could get attacked at any second now, so he was understandably antsy to get up and moving to avoid that entirely.

    It was just his luck that as soon as he opened his mouth again (to introduce himself, because he was polite, and he forgot to in the beginning) that he did end up getting attacked. A jolt rushed through him as he was grabbed from behind, teeth sinking into the fatty part of his neck, and he instinctively cried out in pain. He'd never felt anything like this. The tom had been hit before, but that had been by Twig, whose paws were skinless and soft and had never hurt him long enough for him to be too upset ... before he was able to react further, he was suddenly being clawed at, too. Tears brimmed at the corners of his eyes and the apprentice didn't think as he tried to lash out blindly at Echo with his right paw in a vain attempt to shoo her away.


    Mushroompaw hadn't planned on joining the raid -- he really, really lacked the proper skill to fight efficiently, and knew he'd just make a fool out of himself by joining. But after helping Ruddypaw up from where he'd been trapped under the branch, and seeing the apprentice go after the others after they'd already left, he felt the strongest urge to follow him. It was dumb, crazy, and dangerous, but Mushroom couldn't exactly complain when he'd made his own journey with no prior experience to SkyClan days before. As they followed the trail and passed over thunderpaths, a rush fell over him; and, despite having just met Ruddy, he began to understand why he had been so eager in the first place to participate in the raid. Mushroom was made for this, to fight, and it was either he do it now or later. Well... he chose now.

    He found himself hoping that the others were okay as they arrived at the church. It was an ugly thing: an obnoxious orange color, with strong, formidable walls taller and more intimidating than anything he'd seen before. Mush was glad that Twig had never brought him to the city. It didn't seem the most inviting place to grow up in. He could hear faint thuds and yowls from the outside, so he took a deep breath as he slipped into the building, long tail lashing behind him.

    Inside it was chaos. The putrid scent of blood stung the inside of his nose, and he wrinkled it. It's so gross, he thought, trying his best to stick close to the walls as he inspected the chaos around him. He could see Ruddypaw already bee-lining towards Lavenderstar, and other familiar SkyClan warriors tussling with their BloodClan counterparts. The excitement that had previously washed over him was replaced by fear and anxiety. The BloodClanners looked scary compared to the wiry forms of the SkyClanners, all big and muscled, with their sharp collars; he resisted a shiver, moving on, looking for something to drive him into the fray. It wasn't long before he found it: a small form huddled underneath some two-leg contraption, lashing out at whomever came too close. It was a kit. Why on earth was she here? It was far too dangerous, and he mentally cursed BloodClan for allowing such a thing. Perhaps they were as savage as the others had been saying, if they were leaving their young ones out in the open like this. Nobody had even come close to helping it yet!

    Carefully, Mushroom would duck and dive through the crowd, falling into a crawl as he got closer to victoria- , eyes a mix of warmth and concern. "Hey," he began, voice soft. "It ain't safe for you here, honey. Where's your mom? Dad?"

    / he's open to attack, just no capture/maiming/killing :^)

    FERNONIA. since there's a raid happening and mush is gonna show up and help victoria, maybe he could hand her off to fern and they hit it off from there? if you're up to it she could sneak into skyclan's territory to thank him after and that's where the private thread starts

    victoria- honestly i love that?? he'd totally dote on her esp after seeing her during the raid (as we talked about on discord), and i think he'd be rebellious enough to try and visit her after just to make sure she's okay. would you want to wait until their first interaction is over, or just make the timeskip thread now?

    The younger members of SkyClan were fascinating. All of them were just as excitable and energetic as Mushroompaw was, so he had no problems catching up with them and getting along. It was a sharp contrast to what his interactions consisted of before his joining, which were all mainly limited to elders and adults, who either had no time for his nonsense or got tired of it before they even began. He could confidentially say that he would not miss his old life one bit ... even Twig, who had given him little affection, despite Mush's valiantly efforts to make him think differently.

    In truth, he had the most fun with the youngest members of the clan. The kits were adorable, and he could listen to them ramble about butterflies and big scary animals all day long. He supposed that he should get more friends his age, but he sort of lacked the ability to do that properly... he should try harder, but he was okay for now. Maybe next moon. "That was so cool!" Mushroom would shout, trotting over. The apprentice had spotted Milkkit attempt the move as he was passing by the nursery. "I wish I could jump like that. I have pretty long legs, but they're useless aside from being good for running."

    This place already felt like home. He had a mentor, a new name... "I'm Mushroompaw. It's nice to meet y'all!" the ginger-and-white tabby would say, tail twitching happily behind him. He'd seen some of them around before, and it was finally nice to place names with faces; he nodded to those already gathered in turn, smiling ear-to-ear. They were mainly apprentices and one kit right now, and that was fine with him. He found that he liked communicating with those his own age -- adults got boring, after a while.

    Mushroompaw couldn't say that he had any reservations about his choice to not join the fight against BloodClan. While he wasn't exactly a pacifist, he also didn't like fighting when he didn't have to and definitely wouldn't be able to land a good hit if under pressure. So he contributed in other ways to make up for it. One of the npc warriors had asked for him to help watch over the nursery while they waited for the others to come back, and he did so gladly; around his paws, a few of the kits flitted back and forth, giggling all the while and asking him about his life before joining. They were just as curious as he had been about SkyClan, and the ginger tom found it incredibly endearing. "... And once, there was this big cat. He was really scary looking. But then he started speaking and I was just like - whoa! Because he was just so nice, y'all, and his stories were so sweet. I mean, he even helped this pregnant cat cross one of the two-leg paths, where the big mean monsters were crossing. It taught me not to judge others by appearance. After all, you ain't in control of what you're born looking like." he told them, jumping out of the way as one of the kits barreled straight for his legs. He lifted a paw to bat at it affectionately, and it squealed, veering to the side clumsily before falling.

    Mushroom was about to say something when a loud thud sounded nearby, and his ears swiveled upright, alert. Was that one of the kits? He poked his head inside of the nursery, but all was quiet, so he hurriedly swept the kits outside into the den just as an early precaution. The apprentice wondered if the others were back or if something else was coming their way. He'd heard of all sorts of nasty creatures that would occasionally wander clan territory. Although it sounded far too small to be one of those gigantic badgers the kits had so enthusiastically informed him of.

    When he investigated further, he found an unfamiliar apprentice wiggling underneath a large branch ... he bounded over, eyes wide. "How'd ya get yourself under there?" he asked. Dumbly, the adolescent would then look upwards, just to make sure something else wouldn't fall on top of him, too. The trees arched above him were entirely still, however, and so he instead moved - like he should of before, probably - and propped his own skinny shoulder underneath the tree limb holding Ruddypaw in an attempt to help. He hoped that the stranger wasn't hurt. With a great push, the feline would then try to budge the branch, but he was just as weak (if not weaker) than the individual before him, so it didn't move much. "Can you push with me?" if the other agreed, Mushroom would then try again, harder this time, the little muscle that he had straining underneath his coat as he shoved at the tree limb.

    yall i am so sorry for the late response omg

    FERNONIA. yesssss i feel like he'd be sorta scared of her at first bc of her personality and the fact that she's from bloodclan, but over time just start to admire her? he's a bit of a push-over himself so seeing such an assertive character would shake him up a bit haha. how do you think they'd meet?

    milky pudding mushroom could def be his emotional support buddy and they could bond over their shared social awkwardness! who makes the thread??

    HURRICANEGAZE <333 maybe hurricane could be his mentor? he needs one pretty badly rn and i think they'd have a cute relationship!


    -- mushroompaw mushroomsong / mushroom, mush / aka patch

    -- male / he, him / bicurious

    -- 10 moons / ages every 100 posts

    -- skyclan apprentice / no titles



    -- Described as being gangly and tall in his youth, Mushroom has the markings of a decent-looking tom in the future once he begins to fill out more. For now, he has the angular face and long limbs familiar to his oriental origins, with an odd outcrop of dark auburn curls at the top of his head and ginger-tabby spotting along his largely white coat. His brown eyes are arguably the prettiest thing about him, for they take up his small face and are permanently fixed with a wide-eyed, inquisitive expression.

    -- accessories; n/a


    -- Mushroom is a pleasant character to be around. He's patient and accepting, with an unyielding concern for the welfare of his clanmates; however, his loyalty is second to his strong moral compass and inherit need to do and be good. In spite of this, he is slightly closed off and has a hard time connecting to others more deeply due to personal experiences and will react irrationally if under a particular kind of pressure. Mushroom also has difficulty catching social cues and can be a little awkward in conversation. Nonetheless, he provides an endearing sense of hope and optimism, with an infectious sort of joy for those around him to indulge themselves in.

    -- important traits; optimistic, loyal, patient, accepting, closed off, slightly erratic, awkward, hopeful.


    -- gen 1, npc × npc / no noteworthy siblings

    -- parent to none

    -- no crushes / single

    -- trusts his clanmates / no friends in particular / no enemies

    -- won't initiate fights / triggered by hurting those he's closed too, or anyone from his clan rlly. doesn't care much about himself so he is a bit of a pushover :p

    -- can powerplay nonviolent actions if asked


    -- He was raised by an elder called Twig, who wasn't affectionate at all and was slightly neglectful. Was brought up on stories given to him by travelers who would stay with him and Twig occasionally. One day he heard about SkyClan and left in pursuit of a better life.

    -- His father is the oriental and his mom the selkirk rex. Not entirely sure of the backstory behind them yet.

    -- Mushroom has a primarily southern accent, but it may/may not fade in the near future.

    His first meeting! It would feel a little better, he supposed, if they weren't in the middle of some feud with BloodClan; in a slightly somber turn of events, Patch would flatten his ears and shake his head. He was old enough to go, but he had no training, and he didn't want to cause any trouble by making a fool out of himself. "Y'all be careful." was all the tom said. He hoped SkyClan would win the battle.

    Patch was only ten moons old, but gee, it felt like such a long time since he'd been that small. He remembered being just as confused when he'd randomly showed up in Twig's care -- shivering and afraid, head tilted upwards to receive that all too familiar stern stare in return. It sucked to say that he had gotten used to that eerie lack of affection, but he had, even after trying his hardest to get some semblance of love out of the elder with no luck. Bounding after the others, the tabby-cat would suck in a deep breath, eyes wide. "Why's it just sittin' there, all alone? That ain't right."

    All them seemed apt to dote on the kit, and he wondered if they'd seen such a thing happen before, with mothers just dumping their babies on any border and walking away. Perhaps the intent was to give them a better home, but did they actually know what kinds of folk rested on the territory beyond? Patch supposed this one was lucky to be received by SkyClan. It could've been a wild animal or a wicked rouge instead. Even so, it left a bitter taste in his mouth, and his fur bristled slightly. He kept his maw shut, though, because even if he did have questions he didn't want to overwhelm the poor thing and push it into having a fit.

    heeeey! uh this is Mushroompaw (currently Patch until he fully joins the clan as an apprentice), and he's honestly a huge softie and really new to the clan scene. he's been sort of sheltered/isolated from others for the majority of his adolescence, so he's a little socially stunted and has a hard time catching on to /some/ things but for the most part he's a very excitable every-day kinda guy just looking for a good time. i've yet to make a bio for him yet but he's 9 1/2 moons n counting,,, and bicurious :-)

    he's rlly open to anything, but in particular i've been interested in parental figures entering his life (he has a remarkably hard time truly accepting others, but also tends to be v clingy). male or female is fine, but i'd prefer if said character was at least inside or near skyclan so he isn't constantly too far away from them. other things are listed down below:

    1. short to long term romance plots! like mentioned before he has a hard time really sticking with people and gets flighty when confronted about it, so it'll either be a slow-burn or a very in-the-moment crush thing. as far as types he's like... more into gentle types like himself, but i also believe that he'd mesh well with others who encourage him to open up more while keeping him on his toes. i'd prefer someone below 20 moons since he is almost a fully grown adult, but not old enough to be his grandparent.
    2. friends! he loves everyone and he's a rlly good listener, so like, perfect bff material imo
    3. enemies??? pls???? give me weird teenage rivalries??? he'll be So Confused the entire time but it's gonna be great i promise
    4. being a big/younger brother type and doting on your yc <333
    5. mentors of sorts! yet again he doesn't know a lot and loves to absorb stuff into his mega big brain. it doesn't rlly matter what he's being taught tbh

    the only things that he isn't open to is death, litters, and being captured/tortured!

    It was weird to be on the other side of the border this time, even if Patch had just... completely crossed it himself when he joined. It wasn't as odd, however, for him to see wanderers -- they would often stay with him and Twig while they passed through the region, and he still loved to hear their stories and plans. It wasn't much that he got to see other cats; so he had to soak up the interaction while he had the chance. "Oh! Hey ma'am, I'm Patch." the adolescent would introduce himself, a friendly smile plastering his youthful features as he bounded over. The loner seemed kind, and just as inquisitive as he was, which was always cool to see. "You got any interesting stories to tell from your journeys?" The ginger tabby-cat admittedly loved to listen to others, if he wasn't talking up a storm himself. As if to prepare for a long one, he sat down, tail hugging his gangly limbs tight.

    The first cat that greeted him was none other than the leader! He felt inklings of pride trickle into his being, despite the randomness of the encounter; truly he must be very important, and this must be a sign. "I am so so sorry, ma'am, I really didn't mean to intrude." Patch hurried to say, eyes alight as he stepped forward, insistent. He didn't really know much about clans, so it was harder for him to recognize borders, especially since Twig never cared much to mark anything in their dirt hovel or show Patch how to. The female - Lavenderstar (such a pretty name! He wanted a nice name, too) - went about asking for a proper introduction, and he rather abruptly gave in to this request without much fuss. He was very obviously eager in every way to show her his potential. "Like I said, I'm Patch... I'm a loner, I guess, and I ain't been out much in the woods before, so this is all really weird to me. But I want to join because from what i've been told, y'all seem like a really great bunch and I'd like to learn as much as I can from you. If you'll have me."

    His speech was awkward and heavily accented, telling of rolling hills and red-and-white twoleg houses, the very big ones with the even larger animals. It was certainly odd, given that he'd never lived in such a place, but growing up with Twig hovering over him certainly had left some kind of lasting effect. If he thought hard on it, it was really the only thing Twig would ever leave to him, given that the male had been surmised of heavy indifference and his own perpetual laziness. Patch's own perseverance and the occasional kind visitor had kept the growing cat from falling completely into ineptness, thankfully.

    Another joined them soon enough and Patch's brown eyes sought her out immediately. He thought her pretty, and friendly, from the way she smiled at him; he returned the expression, grinning ear-to-ear like some country fool, because that is exactly what he was. He idly wondered what her name was and if it was as nice as the leader's, or if it was simple because of her assumed lower status. The cat still didn't know much about the way that the group worked, admittedly.

    Patch did not have a mother or a father, so perhaps that was why he had strayed too far from his "home" and found himself here instead. Would Twig be upset with him? The grumpy, elderly rouge did not seem happy with him at any hour of the day, and while he figured now would make no difference a part of him wanted it to. Rarely, if ever, had the flighty adolescent been properly cared for; naturally the thought of someone - anyone - fussing over his absent brought him an indescribable wave of comfort.

    More pressingly, however, was where he was and what he wanted: SkyClan. He'd heard of it from the mouth of a traveler in passing, when he'd inquired about their destination. "Gonna sneak my way past SkyClan, then off into BloodClan," he remembered the female saying to him. "SkyClan? What's that?" he would ask, intrigued; in response, he was shot a smile, although he remained unawares that it was less polite and more of a boastful smirk. "A group of cats, with weird names and traditions. There's others like them - BloodClan, too, but much more savage... hence the name."

    Patch, of course, inquired further into the matter, much to the pleasure of the loner. He could still feel the excitement thrumming in him from just learning about it - but being here, presently? He was practically vibrating as he made his way through the thick underbrush, deeper into the woodland territory. He wondered what he would do, how they'd react when they saw him (all tall and gangly, patches of ginger-and-white fur ruffled but not dirty, mud brown eyes bright and curious). Would they be nice? Mean? Indifferent, but accepting? Patch could deal with it all, he'd confidently proclaim - because at the end of it all he really, really just wanted to meet other cats, to finally make a home for himself. He did not want to stay with senile Twig and his constant buggering. He wanted to live.

    All of that anticipation came to a halt as a twig nearby cracked. Someone was here! He angled his form in the direction of the sound immediately, ears perking, tail twitching behind him in a friendly manner. "Hello?" he called in a quivering voice. "I'm Patch. Is this SkyClan? I'm looking to join, but if it isn't, some directions in the right way would be swell!"