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    Virgo giggled at the pure glee the boy had at her compliment, her heart swelling at how happy the boy was. Virgo turned to Juniperthorn and whispered to him, "He na- named his snowman a-after you. He- He's proud of himself." She hoped Juniperthorn's words to the boy would be soft. She looked back to Timothy and giggled. "Thank- Thank you! I hope t-they're the best of- of friends!" She was happy; children made life so bright and happy.

    Virgo felt knots in her stomach as her daughter was used as a battering chip. Primrose was a brave, smart young girl, not a means to an end. Virgo had never felt such anger and disgust over another person, not even her parents, two people who never loved her, never tried to love her, and left her for dead. She thought she'd get upset from the city cat's harsh words- no, no. She felt honest to god hatred to them. They felt no pity? No shame? Virgo spent nights resenting herself, while these monsters were over here, sitting around and pretending that taking a child was okay in any way? The deplorable, deplorable... things. They weren't people; people had hearts, people felt guilt. These were demons.

    Tears stung her eyes as Heronstar accepted the trade. Virgo was so tempted to speak out, but she knew her child was in danger here. They claimed they wouldn't harm a kit, but Virgo had no doubts that not all the members of this group would never uphold that moral, if they even upheld any morals. So, instead, Virgo stood, quietly sobbing and wanting to lunge forward and demand her baby back. Her natural cowardice would always overrule the impulse of violence, but god it was tempting today.

    Virgo gave a curt nod, glad that Juniperthorn had accepted her plea. This was going to be good for her; she'd make sure nothing happened to any of her babies again. It was funny, she thought: before her kids, she never would have sought out this kind of help. But now? Now, it was a matter of life and death for three innocent little babies. She'd protect them, she would. She watched as Juniperthorn pushed the stones around- three decently sized rocks. Lavender, Amaryllis, and Primrose. Her pride and joys. "De- Defense moves!" she copied, noting it to herself. Following Juniper's instructions, she took her place in front of the trio. She stood with a strangely serious look, ready to guard those rocks with her life.

    Lavenderkit ;; "B-baby!! I love you s-son, I'm s-so proud of you!! Um.. I'm- I'm sorry I n-named you such a t-troublesome- some thing.. Ahem! You'll be a gr- great warrior as well!"

    Timothy ;; "P-poor child.. You do- don't deserve any of- of the worries y-you have. F-Finch and M-Moth are going to- to take good c-care of you!! I'll- I'll watch o-out for you too!"

    Virgo took an impulsive step back. "Um.." she took a deep sigh; that impulse was why she was here. "I- I need your, um, your help.. I- I want to- to be s-strong. Yo- You're strong.. I wanna be- be able to... to take c-care of my babies." Virgo knew she'd never be strong enough to be a proper warrior, but she wanted to be able to protect those she loves.

    Virgo was weak. It wasn't an insult, it was the truth, and Virgo herself knew it. If she were stronger, she wouldn't be so sensitive, or cowardly. If she wasn't weak Primrose wouldn't have gone missing. She stepped sheepishly to the deputy's den. She knew Juniperthorn held her son's name against her; she didn't blame him. He was grieving, his mother just recently gone, and suddenly there's another lavender? His anger was justified. Virgo only hoped he could forgive her enough to help her out. She looked into the den and sighed. "Jun- Juniperthorn?" she asked quietly.


    Virgo pulled Lav in with her front paw and Ama in with her tail. They were holding up so much better than she was; she supposed that was a good thing. It would only hurt worse to see her sons as sad was. "Oh, I'm s-sure you weren't awful.. but, uh, I a-am glad my- my boys are s-s-so well be- behaved!" she gave bother boys a nuzzle on the head and giggled. "Sky- Skyclan is v-very nice... y-you are too, Dustdevil!" she looked to Lavenderkit and shook him lightly. "How- Ah, How are you a-and your sister do- doing?" she turned back to Dustdevil and asked.

    "Frostbite is a- a very g-good name!" Seeing children play made her heart swell. That was what every child needed, a lighthearted childhood with no pain. She chuckled lightly as Timothy told her the snowball's name origin. Ah, I'm su- sure Juniperthorn would- would like to know h-he has a, uh, a snowball named a-after him, but I would te- tell.." She let out a small oof as Timothy pressed into her side. She wrapped her tail around him as he shivered. "O- Oh! Um, this is... W- Whitebreeze." she wasn't as creative as the kitten, but she tried her best. She looked to Timothy for his seal of approval.

    Virgo knew this was a bad idea- she was softhearted. A single word from the rough city cats would sting, but... her baby was here. Those devils took Primrosekit. She looked around herself carefully as she looked for Hurricanegaze. Once she spotted him, she snuck up to stand behind him. "Prim- Prim is... h-here?" she asked quietly to her clanmates.

    "Thank- Thank you!" she smiled, taking the stone with a smile on her face. Virgo wasn't sure if she had ever seen such a pretty pebble. The lopsided heart was cute in its own unique way, much like the kit who gave it to her. What a nice boy! Listening to him stutter out his words was heartbreaking- she grew up with her stutter, so she could only hope Timothy's speech impediment dwindled with age and care. She wanted the best for Timothy; a little boy with a big heart deserved the world to be as kind as he was to it.

    Virgo curled her tail around Amarylliskit, nuzzling his face as Arcticwind spoke. "Thank- Thank you." The threat of dogs filled Virgo with fear- Prim may have been taken by one of the beasts. With a light sigh, she looked back to her son. "Remember t-to ask nicely, d-dear." She loved her son, but he could be a bit brash often time. She appreciated his boldness, though; it was something she never had. Are e-either of you, um, hungry?"

    "Kids are- are hard to r-raise but it's worth the w-world to see them h-happy and healthy. I wouldn't tr- trade them for anything." She giggled at the 'they grow up so fast' comment. "Sometimes I w-wish they'd stop growing and s-stay my little kits f-forever, but I know th-they have to become ap- apprentices." She leaned in to Doelegs's tail once it was wrapped around her. Everyone in Skyclan had been helping to find her Primrose. Virgo couldn't have been more grateful for everyone. "I- I don't like to sp- speak of my parents m-much either, dear. A-and I have some siblings t-too!" she declared with a small grin.

    Virgo looked up at Dustdevil and smiled best she could. "Thank y-you! I'm Vir- Virgo," she answered simply. What a polite young man he was! Pushing the mouse more towards him, she scooted a bit to provide the more built tom some room beside Virgo's chubbier self.

    "Sad?" Virgo blinked, then her eyes focused on the snow below her. She was upset, but... "My- My d-daughter is, um, missing.. but she's- she's g-gonna be fo- found. I know she is."

    "T-they may fall apart if you p-play with them too ha- hard." Virgo looked down to the snow; it was so light and delicate. She liked the snow. Juniperthorn caught her off guard, and she looked to the warrior with her always worried look. "I- I'm not sure, I just ro- rolled it up and c-called it 'he'," She really only called it 'he' on a whim; an attempt to give it more character as Timothy personified it. Virgo patted the snowball then turned back to Juniperthorn. "It- It could be anything, r-really, I just said what f-first came to mind. W-what would you r-refer to a s-snowball as?"

    Virgo gave a sympathetic look to Doelegs; she was glad to give them a bit of company while they ate. "There's not m-much to say," she said. Virgo wasn't the most interesting person, but she still had to tell Doelegs something. "I have th- three kids! They're f-five moons!" her ears fell as she thought of Primrosekit. "Primrose- she's m-missing right now. I'm v-very worried f-for her..." She sighed as she felt tears enter her eyes, and she aimed to change the topic off of herself. "W-What about yourself?"

    Winterpaw ;; "Ah, he's a n-nice boy! He's never made any t-trouble for me or my k-kits, and I a-appreciate him befriending my b-babies."

    Amarylliskit ;; "My ba- baby boy!! I'm p-proud of you everyday. You're also go- gonna be a great warrior! I love you, son!!!"

    Kestrelswoop ;; "I don't kn- know him well, but he's a g-good warrior. I respect h-him for what he d-does."

    Virgo would singlehandedly feed this whole darn clan if she could. She often found herself dragging meals to herself, feeling too guilty to eat, then giving those meals out to passing by felines. Today was much like any other. She couldn't eat much while she knew Prim was gone and possibly starving; only about a third of the meals she took were actually eaten. She looked down to the mouse. It was big enough to feed her kids. She shook her head- she thought she was coping well and feeling better. She guessed not. "Some- someone take this, please," she called out.

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    Ebonystrike ;; "E-Ebonystrike is ve- very kind to me! She's st- strong and sweet... She's my best friend, if she's okay w-with being called that!"

    Primrosekit ;; "My b-baby!! I love yo- you so much darling!!! I'm proud of e-everything you do, you're going to be an amazing warrior someday! Please come ho-home safety, s-sweetheart..."

    Sandlily ;; You're new, a-aren't you darling? Well, I hope your life is a- a happy one h-here. Take care of youself and your br- brother."