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    Palethroat caught Softhymn's attention right at the perfect moment. Another kit was already sleeping in her grip, a tiny tail hitting against Softhymn's chest as she walked.

    "Oh! Ah," she looked ahead of herself, keeping her eyes on Palethroat. "Y- yes, ah, yes please." she laughing, trying to pick up the pace and catch up with him. He-- he's sleeping, but- ah, I'm... I'm sure another'll b-be tired soon."


    Sophie tried to gather up loose toys with her lone arm, only for them to fumble out of her arm and plop back into the seat. She sighed and went for it again, one by one, throwing toys into a plain plastic bag. No one asked her to do as much, but she had babysat the talking and playing children so often that it was almost second nature. Her own were already on the brink of college, with only one child left at a young enough age for her to baby. Even then, her daughter was quickly trailing behind her older kids.

    Softhymn readjusted herself in her seat and nervously ran a hand over her shoulder. She had that nervous tick since she was young, the damn thing resurfacing anytime she felt even a tiny bit of stress. The pressure from being stuck in a bus with so many people melted away when people began fussing over music. Sophie found that she was pretty tone-deaf; all music sounded the same to her.

    She chuckled at Taylor's comment. "Ah, dear," she said quietly, leaning over her seat just enough to look at the girl. "I-- I think you're, uh, you're thinking mo- more my age than th- theirs."

    Softhymn was already exhausted. She flowed into the back of the group, hobbling on three legs with a kit dangling by the scruff from her mouth. Oh, she hated change. Things changed when she left from the loner lands to Skyclan, and now she had to leave the land that cared for her and her kits for so many moons. The sleeping kit in her maw wiggled awake and Softhymn plopped the baby onto the ground. He wandered ahead a bit but still stuck around with the queens Softhymn trailed behind. She laughed; another tired kit would quickly slump over and be carried, she was sure. Softhymn wondered if walking was always this tough for her. She felt uneven as she looked ahead to her clanmates, all walking in with pride as they all pondered what the next step of their entire lives would be like.

    She sighed out, relived that it was just Juniperstar. She smiled as her attention went back to the flower. "Y- yes, you'd be corr-- correct," she remarked, "I- I mostly like to, ah, to watch, though."

    She stood and quietly picked a few of the flowers and set them aside. She wondered if she could find up flowers for her other children too; she sure hoped so. It'd be nice. She thought back to Lavenderstar. She was a lovely person, a lovely leader; Juniperstar was growing into his own as a leader as well. She hummed and looked back to him. You know..." she began quietly, She'd-- she'd be proud."

    Softhymn smiled to most of the cats that had gathered around her. Tawnydove was always sight for sore eyes. His help around Skyclan would always been appreciated, and she distinctly remembered how helpful he had been when her tail dangled by a strand behind her. I- I appreciate the off- offer. I'd, ah, I'd love to- to take it off your h- hands." she mumbled, quickly getting absorbed back in the menial task of piling mossballs. Dustdevil almost snuck up on her, and she laughed alongside her small hop of surprise. "No, no, uh.. just g- gathering up some little things, for-- for the trip.." she quieted down after Cottonlung's flat words. She hated how she found herself frightened by him; it was startling how a tom half her age could remind her so much of her father..

    The sight of Sparkpaw brightened Softhymn's face back up. "I'd, ah, love the h- help, dear!"she sung; Turtledove's quiet offer was accepted with a returned smile. "Th- thank you." Softhymn went back to fussing with the pile, making sure they were all together and counted for. "If- If kits don't, um, use them, then w-we can collect water in them, like we.. we had to back during t- the drought, or sleep-- sleep on them.." she paused with a sigh. "It-- It will all b-be over soon, yeah? We'll.. we'll be safe? They'll--" she gestured to a group of kits, all engrossed in the mantis Dustdevil had set loose among them, "-- they'll be safe?"

    Softhymn proudly patted Sparkpaw's paw with her own. "An- and you will be, d-dear!" As Floralkit got her attention, she sighed. The blow of breath turned into a small smile. "Wh- when, ah, I was young, I always wanted to- to be a strong, an- and kind warrior, who.. who could pro- protect her, ah, her family," she fibbed; it was easier to say warrior than it was to explain what her wanting to be nothing when she was older meant. "Now, I- I'm both a, ah, a mother and- and a warrior!" she threw in a bit of laughter.

    The kits were probably going to be so rattled once the clans finally had to bite the bullet and leave; Softhymn hated the idea of them having to uproot from the only place they've even known. She hummed to herself as she tossed another mossball into a pile. She hoped that having some small toy to distract them from the urgency of everything could help the kits. They'd need the mossballs to keep water too, like back when Starclan first began their warnings.

    Her eyes constantly flickered from the sky to Juniperstar with every little word out of his mouth. The second hand information about the Moonstone sent a shutter down her spine; Softhymn scooted in front of Lavenderpaw, just a touch. She moved enough for her to feel that she was protecting him from something. Leaving was something that frightened her. Change was never something she settled into well, and though she knew they had no choice, she hoped it would be an easy and safe travel.

    When the lightning cracked after Juniperstar's ultimatum on the rule, Softhymn jumped. She felt frozen as the tree toppled, and she shrieked when it slammed down on top of their leader. She rose to her feet quickly, once again pushing in front of her kids. She followed the slow crowd of cats gathering around to check on Juniperstar; she frantically looked out for the medicine cats that Juniperstar had, in theory, just died for.

    The last time Softhymn was in the medicine cat den, she was having her tail amputated. She was glad to come in and see her daughter, though; she was extremely proud of Sparkpaw and everything she did as a medicine cat apprentice. Softhymn couldn't imagine the pressure. She hoped that a visit from mom would be enough to take away some of those bad feelings left from the job. She carried a blue bird in her jaw as she pushed herself into the medicine den. "Spark?" she asked loudly, voice muffled from feathers.


    Softhymn stood at the edge of the river, her eyes occasionally shooting over to watch light twinkle off the rippling waves. She never learned to swim, and she wasn't too sure she wanted to ever learn. She was always more heavy than other cats; that plus her heavy coat would probably drag her down to the bottom quickly. No, she was much more interested in the flowers bordering the river. They all had so much more use as herbs for the medicine cats, but Softhymn was content on picking them as just pretty little flowers. She looked down the lavender planted and ran a paw over it; her Lavender was safe at home now. She sobbed upon seeing him, and it hurt to know he had suffered out there while she couldn't help him. With a sigh, she drew her paw back. A crack in the distance drew her attention, and she shot her eyes over to it's source. "H- Hello?"


    Softhymn hated how tight her chest felt as Juniperstar pushed his way to the High Rock. On impulse, she found herself immediately settling into the crowd. She shook off the tinge of fear left in her; Juniperstar was just frustrated was all. It was understandable... no one was really 'on board' with his plan to take away the rule concerning medicine cats and their mates. She wanted to be on their leader's side, but what if the starcats were against it? She didn't talk to them very often, but she tried her best to get in their good favor. She didn't want to see Juniperstar get on their bad side.

    Softhymn always found the strange hobbies of children interesting. Some would spent hours on end finding warriors to talk about acorns with, while others tried to climb trees they had no business trying to get up. Softhymn laughed to herself as she eavesdropped on Floralkit's declaration. She partly hoped the kit didn't ask her the question; she had a very sad outlook on life when she was young... she could always lie to the kid, though--- well, not lie... sugarcoat. She she could sugarcoat the truth.

    She could've been all the way across camp, but once she heard the faintest whisper of the name Lavenderpaw Softhymn launched towards her son. She scooted past Juniperstar, already choking on tears. "My-- My baby! Lav- Lavender!" she shook a bit as she ran towards him, bumping him on the forehead with a smile. "You're- you're here, an- and safe!" Softhymn took a moment to compose herself and give her son room. She glanced over to Juniperstar one too many times, anxiously waiting for Lavender to answer the leader's questions.

    The fur on the back of her neck spiked up at the sight of the Thunderclanner, Softhymn ever on the defense. "Ah... yes, b- but you got the kill fairly, s- so.." she mumbled, mentally hitting herself for losing the mouse. She had to learn how to hunt better than she was doing as is; even as a fully trained warrior it seemed to be struggle for her.

    Softhymn smiled to her clanmates. "O- Oh, I'd love, ah, love to tell t- the story!" Her docked tail thumped against her back, and she sat close to Sparkpaw. "It's, ah, a long o- one, though, so set- settle in!"

    "When I- I was young, around 9 or so- so moons, I was... lonely. Home wasn't k- kind to me, um, and I was suffering a lot... b- but! I did have one- one friend. Her name w- was Hibiscus.. I adored her. She was so- so pretty, and- and kind.. she was sick, though. Growing up, she always had to- to stick behind from it, but we were always, ah, always close. She.... she was my first love. We- we planned on running away together when- when we could.. we were going to- to start a family. I had an- an acquaintance, and he was a surrogate for us..." Softhymn looked to the ground, sniffling. "Hibiscus was... was so ex- excited about the kits... she passed, a m- moon after we learned I was carrying kits."

    She couldn't help but cry; she missed Hibiscus. "A- And... then, I knew I co- couldn't stay there anymore. I had nothing left there for me."

    Her short tail whipped behind her as she looked to Tawnydove, her wide brown eyes blinking at him somberly. "O-oh... 'm fine, m- my tail is-- is okay, th- thank you," she hummed, "I just... I'm- I'm think- I'm thinking about.. th- the past. ... old fri- friends..." she shook her head. "No- no! Not fr- friends, ah... an old m- mate.." Her eyes kept to the ground as she thought about Hibiscus again. "I- I won't, erm, bore you with old- old stories." she laughed, a tinge of sadness in her voice.

    Softhymn dragged herself into camp, gently laying her caught down into the pile before trudging on past it.

    It had been so long since she had one of these days, but they hit cold, fast, and without warning. Softhymn remembered back when she was Virgo; not the Skyclan Virgo, but the Virgo who was apart of a twisted loner group where she felt so little love. Of course, that description wasn't fair to her; Hibiscus was lovely, too lovely for lowly little Virgo, but Hibiscus was constant with her love and kisses. Falling in love was odd. Softhymn didn't expect it, but it happened so fast and it made her happy, so who was she to fight it?

    She remembered the way Hibiscus would cough during their dates. The combination of her illness and Virgo's missing leg made then both rather slow and careful walkers, but it only gave them more time to talk and be together. When Softhymn whispered of having kits, Hibiscus repeated in an excited yell. They found a donor and bam! It was done!

    Not even a moon after it happened, she was gone. Starclan (Softhymn hoped she got up to Starclan) had taken Hibiscus, and Softhymn was alone and full of fear once again. She left. Now, Softhymn was here, the name Virgo a lost whisper to close a long chapter of her life. Still, she wanted to reread and reread Hibiscus' chapter, especially today it seemed.

    Teetering but oddly graceful, Softhymn leapt towards a bird, claws picking off loose feathers while the bird flew away. Softhymn let her paw hover in place for a beat of silence then dropped it back to the dirt. She sighed; she really wasn't too good at hunting. She was always better at getting squirrels and mice down than birds; climbing was already a struggle with only one front paw for support, but add in prey that can go airborne and it was disaster for Softhymn. She shook off the loss and pressed on. Finally, a landlocked animal scampered into her path: a rat. She wasn't letting any of them do anymore damage; to the fresh kill pile they'd go. She stalked behind it, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, when a sudden transition of smells hit her nose abruptly. She retreated back over to her side of the line, hoping that no one saw the slip up.


    Sleeping in the warrior's den was very different than sleeping in the nursery. Softhymn was usedd to chasing around restless kits and settling them into nests as their mothers tried to corral the rest of their litters. Now, she didn't have any kits around her that would wake up in the middle of the night complaining about being hungry, or thirsty, or having pee, or all three; she could just walk in, sit in a nest and sleep. It made her uncomfortable. She loved helping with the kits. Being surrounded by other warriors made her feel useless, like her training didn't matter alongside all these warriors who had worked twice as hard as her. She heard Turtledove and Lizardtongue's whispers and lifted her head, sleepily looking at Lizard. "Are- are you al, ah, alright, dear?" she whispered.