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    Had she not tried? All this time she spent struggling, swallowing down the raging fire that wanted to pour from her soul and consume everything that surrounded her. Push away the memories that desperately wanting to crop up in her mind, threatening her sanity. Try and be someone who she thought she couldn't be, someone that she could be proud of. She couldn't even say if she had been making progress, but whether or not she had made anything of herself didn't matter now. Everything was falling apart.

    For a week, Icilia had not left the Law's den. Npcs had been ordered to bring her food, leaving the corpses before the entrance only to be dragged in once they had left. No one knew what was wrong, nor did she ever try to say. In the privacy of her den, the direwolf's hot breath stifled the air, the heat of her flames burning the group that she laid upon. If anyone could see her, they would see how the wound on her neck bled. One crimson blood had turned into a bright gold, one of the many changes that were ripping through her body.

    Damia, no Ninnia's, bite had done it. Deadly streams of venom injected into her blood that coursed through her veins. It was enough to kill, but for some reason Damia's venom hadn't killed her. But what it was doing felt so much worse. Icilia knew what was happening, knew that she was shifting into something. She just hated to think about it, hated to assume that she was losing control of herself when there was still so much that she needed to do. She wanted to just push it away in hopes that it would stop, but as time wore on, her fever got worse. It was time to leave.

    She winced pushing out of the Law's den, her eyes having grown used to the darkness she shrouded herself in. Like a switch being flicked, her nerves alighted, body contorting as her bones suddenly shifted within her flesh. Gritting her teeth, she forced her limbs towards the camp's entrance and exit, ignoring the concerned voices of those that surrounded her. "Leave me be," she spat as one npc drew to close, her voice growing deeper and harsher. Her bones were breaking, body shifting into something she didn't know.

    "Don't fucking follow me. Forget about me." Fire blossomed at her paws, a jet black abyss against the snowy white the covered the land. It rose and spread, creating a barrier between her and anyone who would try to intervene. It did not seek to destroy camp though, only serving as a divide that allowed Icilia to painfully walk away, far enough that no one could follow her. Soon, the flames quelled, billows of smoke rising into the sky to reveal that Icilia had gone.

    //Hey everyone. I know it might be sudden, but after my prolonged inactivity, and some in real life reasons, I've decided that it would be best for me to leave Feral Front. I may return in the future, I may not. Only time can tell at this point. I'm truly sorry for leaving on such short notice, and for everyone I had planned plots with, I apologize as well. I didn't expect for this to be happening, but it's the best for me right now. I hope everyone continues doing well, and thank you all for the experience of roleplaying here with the Hellraisers <3

    Icilia is not dead, should I ever decide to return again, but she has disappeared. After being bitten by Damia, the leopard's poison sparked a transformation within her that awakened shapeshifting abilities. Icilia's power, however, is incredibly unstable as well as causing her own fire elemental to become unstable once more, so she has left for the safety of the clan in order not to hurt anyone.



    // it's okay!

    Ah, a check up. Hearing it was "good" news, Icilia would mentally relax a little and give an understanding nod. "Everything is well, for now," she responded. "I killed a Ruiner who I had some history with. I'm unsure if we'll receive backlash from it or not." Whether they did or not didn't matter to her, but Icilia would find it amusing if they did come to defend the woman despite the message she would leave. It would really prove the those desert-dwelling bastards were truly no better.

    Taking notice of the basket, Icilia would give a dip of her head to Pyrr. "Thank you, it is well appreciated. I wish we also had some other holiday themed things but our Halloween was... on the bloodier side." She doubted he wanted to see the grotesque structure she was working on out of spite. "If you'd like to rest before traveling back, you're welcome to stay."



    //trigger warning: extreme gore warning

    damia is my character, and i decided to kill her off. her real name is "ninnia santori"

    Maybe they had noticed the absence of the leopardess, the missing smile of the woman who had appeared to be such a loving soul. No longer did her gentle, melodic voice filter into their ears, her dove-like wings spreading open across their forms. Damia had been gone, gone for a long time. Where she went was unknown, but her return was inevitable. Across the Ruin's territory a dreadful stench clouded the air. Burning flesh. It wafted through the air, choking some npcs from how thick the smell was. Yet beneath the horrid stench was the sweet tinge of roses that the leopardess had usually held on her silvery-white pelt.

    As they would come to investigate, a looming figure would stand in the distance to greet them. It stood on what appeared to be two legs, its body flickering and shifting in the wind as if it were alive. The closer one came, the more details they saw. The more they say, the greater the terror that would grip those with weak hearts as they recognized the disfigured corpse of the once beautiful woman. Staked in pieces along a wooden x-shaped pole was the torn body of Lachesis Damia Gurgess.

    What had appeared to be flickering and shifting as if it were shadows was her body, her limbs and head separated from her torso and set aflame. Once pure, star-white fur was now blackened and charred as abyss colored flames ate away at what was left of her torso that was completely open and bare to the world. All her entrails had since burned away at a pile between the bottom legs of the cross. Each limb was staked to each leg of the roughly shaped x-shaped pole. All of them were skinned and bleeding, toes completely cut off. Above what would have been her front legs, her wings were nailed into the wood with torn blood-soaked feathers.

    What looked down on each body that came to stand before this "scarecrow" was Damia's decapitated head, placed at the very top away from the flames so everyone would be able to see her mutilated face. Her halo shaped horn was broken, one piece of which was stabbed through the socket one of eye, the other glazed over with the signature lifelessness of death. Her lower jaw was missing, crimson coated tongue lolling out, and her tail wrapped around her neck.

    It was hard to tell what had been done first to the woman, but it was easy to see the hate within every torturous action taken upon her body. If one could even breath besides the stench of rotting flesh, they would find the scent of the Hellraisers, namely Icilia Marinus. The direwolf had not bothered with hiding her scent. She felt no shame in how cruelly she had killed Damia, for the woman honestly deserved death and more. And she wanted everyone to know it too.

    Scattered in a circle before the woman's mutilated body were thin-metal plates attached to necklaces: soldier tags. Onto their surface was etched many names, including the names that Damia had addressed herself by. Within the center of this circle was a message written in the woman's own blood upon the sand: "Ninnia Santori. Child Killer." Icilia didn't believe the Ruins deserved an explanation as to why the woman had been killed, but she had left it as a dare for any of them to come and confront her about Ninnia's murder.


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    that sounds great to me! since the hellraisers wasn't able to get supplies from them, it would only be "fair" that they suffered a little bit as well. at least in ici's eyes.


    The scent of the Exiles brought her to the border, muscles relaxed but also holding slight tension within her limbs. Bandages were wrapped around her neck, slight traces of pain in her features from where the leopardess had bitten her. There was a stench of blood to her pelt, thought it mostly wasn't her own. She had been preparing a certain gift for the Ruins for housing the woman she had rightfully murdered. Approaching the other, Icilia would give Pyrr a customary dip of her head. "Greetings. What can I do for you?" She'd inquire, noting with some relief that the basket he held seemed to be one filled with gifts. Hopefully that meant good news.



    //so sorry about the lateness!!

    Receiving confirmation of his status, Icilia would offer another polite dip of her head. Now, she could continue knowing there was still a chance. As she listened to his words, she found herself understanding his hesitations. Murdering and killing for fun didn't make for trustworthy capabilities, but the Hellraisers were under her rule now. "I understand your hesitations, but I can only speak for myself and my own values. I do not deny the activity my clan has taken in the past or present, but our violence has always been targeted towards our enemies and those who have hurt us. I would never turn my back on someone who has offered me aid." She spoke with conviction, spine straightening as she met Felik's gaze. As horrid as her upbringing was, at the very least she had been instilled with a sense to respect those she fought alongside with. Comrades, partners, allies; whatever it was, she knew to stick by those who she could count on, for she knew it would only be those individuals she had when it came to get dirty. And she would expect the same.

    Feliks was right. The Hellraisers didn't have much in common with the Thunderlands. Surely, she should be seeking out other anti-clans correct? Except there were few she could go to whom she knew would even be options. It didn't matter to her anyways, how little they had. What they did have was more important. "True, we don't hold many similarities. But I am aware that we both share a disdain for a certain group that lives within the Harrow Desert. The Sanguine Ruins has caused problems for the both of us, and they will try to destroy everyone they want to. Alone, they could just pick us off one-by-one. Why not join forces as they do?"

    Wanting to be able to rest in peace without thinking about whether the Ruins would come rushing into their territory wasn't the only thing she wanted. The Hellraisers still needed their revenge for what those hypocritical murders had done to Lucantine.



    For a time, she had forgotten about the woman who had caused her the most pain in her life. The mere information that such a foul creature was still breathing had slipped her mind. Other things had been of importance. Icilia, for once, wasn't plagued by the horrid memories of her past. It wasn't peace, for there were still things in the current life she had to deal with, but it was better than whatever she had been struggling with before. She was healing. And yet, it would all come crashing down quickly.

    Ironically, it was she that would break her own rule. Icilia herself had made a rule against capturing, though it was a temporary one. "Only attack in self-defense" she had said, but there was no self-defense when she had launched herself at the angelic looking leopardess who for some reason had ventured too close to their borders. No, hate fueled her actions. Hot burning rage that caused her heart to thrum at the beat of a hummingbird's wings. They fought, the other woman's fangs sinking into the muscle of her neck, but she took no notice.

    Maybe she should have killed her. But a quick death was the last thing Lachesis Damia Gurgess deserved. Or, as her real name went, Ninnia Santori was the least deserving in the world for a quick death. No, she deserved to die slowly and horribly. Icilia wanted to her the woman's screams in the air just as Ninnia had made her listen to the screams of her parents as they burned alive. Scream like all those other poor souls who died because of her. Scream in terror just as every being Icilia had killed screamed.

    Even in defeat, Damia was laughing. Her voice was but a rasp, air struggling to reach her lungs from Icilia's jaws clamped around her throat as she was dragged through the marsh. Mud dirtied the silvery white pelt of the leopard, dried blood crusting her fur from the many wounds on her body. Icilia's own wounds wept, but the adrenaline coursing through her veins prevented her from feeling the pain nor the venom that had been pumped into her body.

    She didn't notice anything, her mind set on killing the woman in her jaws in the most tortuous of ways as she finally made it into camp where she'd throw Damia onto the ground. The woman choked for a bit before she would begin laughing again, blood flying from her jaws. "Aww Ker," she cooed up to the direwolf. "Look how you've grown! You got your daddy's genes!" Her cackles were short-lived as Icilia pressed one paw to her throat, choking the leopard once more while she raised her head to address the clan.

    "Hellraisers! Gather around so we can kill this bitch!" Her voice trembled with rage, nostrils flaring as if she couldn't get air in fast enough. "Do whatever the hell you want to her! Break her limbs, pull her teeth, cut her, burn her - I don't care! I'm the one who's gonna kill her though. And then we'll make a scarecrow of her for the Ruins, since they harbored this child-killing whore!" Then she would move off of the woman, standing back to watch as her clanmates would tear into the bitch who had ruined her life.

    // LACHESIS D. GURGESS is my character, who is going to be killed in this thread! Everyone is allowed to do whatever they want to her, though it will be Icilia who does the final blow. I'll be responding to this thread as Damia until it's time for her to die. Her tags are here!

    This is a long post, but please do not worry about matching!



    At the voice of another calling out to her, her eyes would flit upwards to see the male standing on upon his perch. She watched him approach, offering a polite dip of her head when he came to stand before her. Before long, another joined him, and Icilia greeted the man the same. "My name is Icilia Marinus. I'm the current Law of the Hellraisers," she said to them both. To Feliks, she would give the male a nod. "Yes. I was hoping to discuss the possibility of an alliance, or neutrality, with the Thunderlands. Are you in charge here?" By how he made his assumption, she had assumed he held some sort of authority.


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    It's what friends do. Now it was her turn to huff, ears flicking as she tried to digest the small sentence. Never had she had anyone she could have called a "friend." Nor had she experienced such kind, giving acts that seemed to be the norm around everywhere she hadn't been. "Thank you, Twisted" She hoped that reply was enough to convey how much she appreciated the words, no matter how small they were. As Twisted agreed with her choice in color, she would nearly sigh with relief. Choosing a color shouldn't be so difficult, but alas it was Icilia after all.

    Before Twisted voiced her next question, her gaze would turn towards Colere as he spoke once more. This time, he mentioned a date. "Maybe I ought to knock your head around a couple of times, and you'll gain a bit of sense." Despite the violence of her words, it was evident by her tone she didn't really mean it. Mostly. Only a slight bit annoyance was seen in her gaze as Colere took the opportunity to press her buttons. "Why would anyone have a favorite flower? They just... sit there," she'd respond with a frown. Icilia never really took notice of flowers apart from using their perfume to disguise her scent. But, there was one flower she was familiar with. She remembered once the white nostrils of the woman who raised her in her fur only to breathe out with a sigh that she smelled of a certain flower. "Petunias. It's not my favorite, but I smell like petunias apparently."

    And then the question she had been both dreading and preparing for. Tongue pressing up against the roof of her mouth, she mulled over how to answer. "Well, I didn't come from any of these big groups," she'd answer. "Where I really came from, I don't know. But I was raised among a bunch of orphans. Not really orphans I guess." There was a slight tension to her voice, her eyes narrowing slightly as she thought back on her origins.



    Allies or neutrality, that was what they needed. Either of the two, Icilia would gladly accept, but she wanted more non-enemies than enemies at this point. With all that had gone bad, she wanted some good news for once. The Thunderlands, she didn't know much of. The biome they lived in certainly wasn't her favorite. Hot humid air seemed to stick within the hairs of her thick pelt, making her skin feel oddly sticky. Coming to stand on the border, she would wait patiently for someone to approach.



    Decided to make a new one since her other plotting thread is super old and I didn't feel like updating it. Icilia is the Law of the Hellraisers, so I am looking to get her out into the world since she can't be angsty in her den anymore ;) Tags are linked above and in her siggy!

    Open To!

    โ‡ฅ friends, acquaintances, trauma buddies, etc

    โ‡ฅ enemies (could expand upon pre-existing enemies or develop them)

    โ‡ฅ killing, capturing, or maiming anyone within the Sanguine Ruins or The Cartel (adults only, must be provoked for The Cartel)

    โ‡ฅ one-sided crushes

    โ‡ฅ awkwardly, kinda adopting your character?

    โ‡ฅ teaching/helping out your character

    โ‡ฅ sparring!

    โ‡ฅ your character stealing her soldier tags (read tags for more info <3)

    โ‡ฅ anything not mentioned in closed

    Closed To!

    โ‡ฅ interaction threads (I don't have much more for these unless there's a plot)

    โ‡ฅ litters

    โ‡ฅ romance (would have to be developed in rp/plotted)

    โ‡ฅ being captured, tortured, or maimed (for now)


    Honestly speaking, she expected questions about her past straight away. "Who are you?" "Why do you wear tags?" "What's your story?" Anything of the sort, she had braced herself for, and of course she was proven wrong as soon as Colere opened his jaws. For some heartbeats she'd just stare at the male, mouth partially parted because what the hell. She faintly wondered if it was rhetorical because anyone would be able to tell just by looking at her that she did not have a romantic life whatsoever. Especially since she had no knowledge of the whole dating scene which was a different conversation together.

    "Yes, I consider that inappropriate. Try again," she'd answer dryly. Her attention would be grabbed by the brush of a tail across her shoulders and the scent of someone familiar. Twisted. Geez, she couldn't remember the last time she saw the wolfdog, and she almost hated how happy she felt seeing the woman again. Idiot. The question she ask gave her pause. Icilia hadn't really thought about a favorite color. Or favorite anything for the matter. And the mention of a gift too?

    "You don't have to go through the trouble," she'd offer politely. "But, since I have to answer, I guess it would be... black?" It was likely a boring reply, but it was the only color that had seared itself within her mind.



    Since she was the leader now, she thought it would be necessary for her to open up to the group more. Let them get to know her, as hard it would be. Though she figured it necessary, the thought of letting anyone pry about her let an odd taste on her tongue. So, there would be changes made just to suit her needs. Coming to stand in the middle of camp, she would let out a short howl to draw everyone's attention. When everyone had gathered, she would address the group. "In an effort to let you all get to know me better, I've decided to let you all ask questions about me. If you all would like to do something similar, then please do host your own session. As for questions, I will not answer anything that's too inappropriate, so think carefully please. Ask away."



    "What if I don't talk huh?" Icilia scoffed with a roll of her eyes. "Ya gonna try to talk my ear off like you did when your sorry ass got captured? You act all high and mighty yet somehow your ass was brought in by a fucking coyote, so I don't really think there's shit you can do to me other than cry for your boyfriend to come save you, whoever the fuck he is."

    And then another would arrive. The woman snorted as he spoke aloud about playing with her. Him? Play with her? That was rich. As the flames came shooting towards her Icilia offered no reaction. Her eyes glazed offer in blank coldness, her face looking unimpressed with his little show. "So when Alcibiades said he's your 'personal adviser,' what he really meant was that he was your personal fuck toy huh?" She would finally speak, lips parting into a toothy grin. What appeared to be shadows spread around her feet, billowing out as they sought to drown out Breakout's own flames, rising with the same intensity as the anger that was thrumming in her chest. It was not shadow, but her own fire that was colored as dark as a void. Behind her they would shift, opening up a path for Lucifer to escape.

    "Names Icilia, dumbass. The Law of the Hellraisers. And the one who fucked up here is you if you really thought you could play with me. I guess having a tiny dick and balls makes you think you're all big and bad huh? And if you're curious about burning bodies, they smell like shit. Probably close to how you'd smell." Head lowering, her lips curled over her teeth in a snarl. She'd seen worse, done worse than to be afraid of some dumbass who was overprotective of his bitchy boyfriend with a bad attitude. "Perhaps if you'd put your fuck toy on a leash, he wouldn't be getting his ass whooped for speaking what he can't deal. And Lucifer-" she'd quickly glance over her shoulder towards the feline "-hurry up and go."



    It's been a while since someone who wasn't out to kill them was on their borders. The smell of someone she didn't know was comforting almost. When the direwolf approached, it was with considerably less aggression than she had when she had been just another body in the crowd. This time, she needed to be sure to not chase anyone away.

    "Greetings," she spoke as she stopped before the other. "Who are you and what business do you have on Hellraiser territory?" Somehow, asking others for their generic name and business seemed different when she was the one at the top of the hierarchy. Not in a way that made her want to abuse it, but it was simply... different. At least, it had been a while since Icilia had led any sort of people, and the memories associated were just uncomfortable for her to dwell on for too long.



    She watched as everyone gathered, silently rolling the words on her tongue as she thought of the best way to break the news. But, she wasn't good with letting things down softly, so she just said it. "There is no easy way to say this, but Lucantine has been killed. It is presumed to be the Sanguine Ruins, as their scent has been found on our lands. As a result, I am now the Law. I promise you we will have our revenge, but it will have to wait for now as we aren't ready to host a raid, even with the Exiles as our ally. This means that I do not want anyone starting any unnecessary trouble whatsover right now. If an enemy attacks you, however, feel free to do whatever as long as they are of age." If they were going to get revenge, she didn't want to be fully leaning on the shoulders of their allies for help anyways. It would only make the group appear weak.

    "Our supplies are low due right now, so I want everyone to be on the lookout for any resources. I myself will be visiting other clans in hopes of gaining support and new allies. I also ask that everyone keep a lookout for Venus, as she is still missing. If you see her, do not engage. Try not to be seen and report her whereabouts immediately." A stern look would cross her features as she looked at everyone. The last thing she needed was someone getting eaten by another feral dragon.

    "On to better news, RAI- , I would like for you to step up to an Affiliate. You stepping up to help Lucifer with the herbs and healing the group is well appreciated and noted. I would also like to announce -Nyx- as a guildmate. I know Venus was in charge of your mentoring, but it is only fair you receive your title since everything that as happened. If you would like any sort of training, I would be glad to offer you personal lessons. And to everyone else, I thank you all for sticking with us even as we go through these rough times. I believe that we will get through this together."

    Letting out a short sigh from her lips, Icilia would give a concluding nod of her head. "That is all I have to say. If anyone would like to say anything for Lucantine, please step up."