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    As Cory roared for the Exiles to "Get their asses out here now", Tinydancer rushed forwards. She was physically small, and not extremely formidabe in combat against people not her own size, but in a battle with several opponents, she made a good distraction for someone more physical to get a good hit in.

    Tinydancer aimed to bite the back of OVERLORD 's leg, hopefully distracting him enough to let Cory get a hit in.

    Tiny may have changed her name and grown, but she still considered Cory a father/big brother figure. The dappled female grinned up at him.

    "Everything is fine! I just wanted to talk, mister leader." she said, teasingly bowing to him, an amused glimmer in her eyes.

    "How do you feel? It must have been shocking to be promoted so suddenly. I'm here for you, you know. It's an adjustment." she noted, her tail waving.

    Tiny couldn't help the bubble of pride that rose in her chest as her clanmates spoke their approval for her name change. She loved it - she felt more mature immediately, if that were even possible. A smile graced her lips and her cheeks turned a rosy shade of pink.

    "Thank you guys!" she giggled, her tail waving happily.

    Tinydancer approached, her head cocked to the side as she observed the swirling shadows in the water. There were definitely fish in the water, and she found it a bit amusing that Cory had managed to miss, what with all the fish.

    "Ha! You missed!" she teased, looking at the water. "Watch how it's done!" she said, pouncing on a shadow - but feeling nothing beneath her paws. "Oh." she said, puffing out her cheeks as she lifted her paws, water dripping from her claws.

    It was a new era in the exiles. Cory was now leader, and she was glad - he definitely deserved it. A part of her was a bit upset that her parent had stepped down, but she knew that it was in Barghest's best interest.

    Tinydancer was outside of Cory's den, a piece of rabbit in her jaws. She wanted to talk to him about how he felt - she was sure he was somewhat nervous. He likely hadn't been expecting the sudden rise in ranks, he wasn't even a deputy yet when it was announced. Either way, she wanted to talk to him as a friend about the changes and see how he felt, assuring him she would be there to help him with anything he needed.


    Tinypaw was finally old enough to change her name to a "full" name. She was very excited, and Kama had told her what her mother was going to name her, so that was obviously going to be her name.

    "Hey! I just wanted to let you guys know, I'm Tinydancer now!" she said softly, a smile gracing her lips. It sounded more mature - she liked it. She felt... good. Cory was leader now, her name was changed - it was a new era in The Exiles.

    //she's not technically 12 moons until the 24th but

    Tinypaw approached, unsure of how to feel. She was very glad that Cory was leader now, but she was a bit sad that her parent had stepped down. it was in her best interest, but still, a part of Tiny was sad that the era in which she joined the exiles was over.

    She listened carefully, nodding. She liked the idea of a flower garden graveyard - it was a nice way to pay homage to their deceased clanmates.

    When he asked if she had anything to add she shook her head. "No, I don't think so - well - I'll be announcing the winner to the pumpkin carving contest tomorrow night. So look out for that, and if you haven't entered a pumpkin, go ahead!"

    Tinypaw approached, listening carefully. She was glad that the skinless monsters had been stopped - they were ridiculously scary. She didn't want to admit it, but she was terrified. The few times she had ran into them all she could do to fight them was wrong.

    A soft breath of relief escaped her as she listened, giving Barghest a gentle smile, turning to look at the new joiners, giving them smiles as well. Hopefully things would settle back to normal.

    Tiny approached, her eyes wide. The voice of Mulder was recognizeable that was for sure, but it didn't look like him. Oh! Maybe he had changed bodies!

    Well, the silver kitsune was definitely beautiful. She was a bit envious. "Woah! Mulder! You're so pretty!"

    ok not really but i need a romance plot of some kind for this girl, long term and short term are fine!

    she's straight so she's only interested in males!

    Tinypaw appeared, her tail fluffed out in aggrivation. "Kukiko! Be nice!" she demanded, looking towards the pups, her aqua eyes wide.

    "So cute! I'll play dress up! Come on, It's fun!" she encouraged the seemingly aggrivated Crow.

    Tiny was very glad that Adderall was getting this position- the fellow apprentice seemed to be bursting with energy, and that was what someone who was a medic needed. They had long nights, and often times crushing defeats - which required a personality that could bounce back from that quickly.

    "Yay Adderall!!" she piped up, hopping up in joy. She loved being a hypeman.