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    Little was far too familiar with dreams that rotted sleep and sapped the elixir of rest from slumber. It plagued his nights with the haunting imagery of his dead kin, taken too soon by the grasp of sickness. Nightmares were the gremlins that crept from the shadows, longing for the nights and hiding behind haunted eyelids to await their pounce. Their claws sunk deep into the mind and tore holes of dread into their victim's chest, leaving a path of grieving fire in their wake, watching their victims be burnt alive. There weren't many nights that came and went without such horrors. The devil may not spare a moment the wicked it seemed.

    Little did not wish such pain on anyone. Especially not a molly with such a kind and warm heart, the last deserving picture in his thoughts would certainly flick to the fiery pelt of Virgo if any.

    "Hello everyone, " His soft voice accompanied his bumbling paws, approaching and offered a nod of a greeting to everyone present. He took his place beside Suntalon and offered a reassuring smile Virgo's way. "Awh I'm sure every queen gets scared about their first litter... I know I'd be. The medicine cat is gonna make sure they'll be okay, you can count on that."

    Bloodclan. Did Little desire to fight? He was a pacifist by nature, however he would do anything for Skyclan. He was terrified truth be told, terrified of hurting others, terrified of not being able to come home to his frogs.
    But he had an overarching ambition to prove himself. So, with a heavy heart and slumped shoulders, he said only loud enough to be heard. "I'll join."

    He had said so reluctantly and with a sheepish tone, eyes betraying his dedication to the cause, reflecting his terror.

    Ah - Lynxflight. A partner in crime in venturing to find more frogs in what felt like forever ago. He offered her a polite smile as he gestured to his growing family of frogs. "Just discovering one of my frogs are pregnant. How bout you?"

    Copperpaw had a moment of misunderstanding it seemed. Understandable however, there was no true way for him to know. Though him shouting his own disbelief in being pregnant prompted a short laugh from the Goliath. "Oh I'm sorry Copperpaw! I was talking to Leafleap."

    A much more familiar face. At the sight of his friend, he extended her a wide smile that reached his eyes, metaphorical eyebrows raised as he proudly gestured at his two frogs. "Thank you! Truth be told I've been thinking about what their names would be for a long time."

    He had said so at first with confidence, puffing out his chest and stating it matter-of-factly, though his voice wavered at the end, realizing how silly this must have seemed. His shoulders slumped as he adopted a sheepish front, glancing down and refusing to remove his gaze from his beloveds.

    "Oh - You're right Blue. Would you like to help me?" He had a twinge of concern in his voice. He was terrified of losing them. "You don't have to of course... Ya know, it'd just be more fun then retrieving moss."

    Though his words held their lighthearted note, he could not help but feel dread loom in his gullet at the prospect of either of his frogs ever getting hurt. They deserved long and happy lives with their frog kids. He nodded graciously towards Charcoalpaw with a sigh.

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    New places to see and new faces to meet. Clans interacting shortly in exchanged formalities and nothing else. This was perhaps the highlight of any border patrol, interacting with strangers and addressing the daily happenings of the past few days. How formal and boring.

    Though he must agree with Suntalon. The day was notably kind to them, offering a rare warmth to fall upon their backs in such typically cold weather. It was also incredibly fitting to be the cat addressing the gorgeous state of the scenery was a pretty craft of it herself.

    "Very true," he mused softly, brushing up beside Suntalon as he lazily scanned the border. He provided a polite chuckle to Mothshine's addition while he was at it.

    A stranger strolled up, prompting fair inquiries of her own with more simple formalities on her tongue. As if they never ended. "Yes as Lavenderstar said. M' name's Littlepaw, how is Thunderclan fairing, Sunspots?"

    Hoppaw had been a rightful companion to the Goliath for quite some time now. Their friendship seemed to be inscribed in the stars and whispered on the breeze brushing past the oak leaves, ruffling the ragamuffin's fur as two pairs of eyes stared up to the sky in solidarity. Though it was a friendship that transcended species, Hoppaw just seemed to understand Little more then any cat every did. They moseyed through life with a companionship they both trusted with their lives.

    And as time dragged on so did much more. One fateful day, Little and Hop were bumbling through the growth, as was usual for the two, and stumbled upon another frog. This one was a tad larger then Hoppaw however and did not have the charisma of him either. The frog, at the sight of Littlepaw, dashed into cover and did not implore further. With a sigh Little promptly sat and laid himself on the ground to allow ease of departure for Hop, to which his frog found ease in plopping beside him from his back. At the sight of a much more familiar face and how seemingly trustworthy Felidea could be, the shy frog crept towards them once more, approaching Hop with intrigue. With equal interest he investigated as well, ritualistic conversation finding the two in equal part croaks and side-eyed looks. Hop then led the new frog to Little's muzzle, which was resting lazily on his paws as he observed the situation with metaphorical eyebrows raised. The stranger frog, not sure what to make of the large feline, took a moment to assess him with doubt. As a sign of encouragement, Hoppaw leaped on Littlefrog's forehead, perching in wait for the other to pursue. The ragamuffin held unbearably still during the whole ordeal, careful to scare off this new friend. In time the other frog found a place beside Hop and the rest is left to history.

    As days drawn on, the both of them found home with Little, a duo now being stretched to a trio. The frog had eventually been dubbed Leafpaw; a suitable new addition to the family. The stars had interesting things planned it seemed, as within perhaps a week, Leaf had swelled considerably. This of course was met with horror to an untrained cat's eyes, terrified of what bloating could mean for the amphibian. However Hop did not seem worried, more the opposite, never able to leave the site of Leaf in this trying time. Though the realization did not come quickly, Littlepaw did eventually figure out that this was not a result of sickness, this was actually a matter of Hoppaw's children.

    "You're pregnant!" Littlepaw had exclaimed aloud, front and center in camp as he spoke. "That means... Oh."

    He straightened, looking down regally at his frog friends. "Hoppaw... I think you're old enough now... I think... It's time. May the trees and the wind whisper their approval, as I declare you are no longer Hoppaw, but Hopberry... And Leafpaw, though we have known each other for a short time, as Leafleap."

    He basked in their assumed delight. Though really they stared back at him with their usually beady gaze, he was sure of their excitement, as was customary for such ceremonies. Though with cold dread he realized the weight of the situation. He implored aloud, worry stitching his metaphorical brows."Wait, what do I do for pregnant frogs?"

    Did Littlepaw like moss? What an intriguing question. He took a considerable moment to pause and ponder whether moss brought him harbored joy or not, whether it satisfied something like catnip did, or if it brought a smile to his maw upon sight like few cats did. Another possibility to consider, what did he like? He knew he loved to stroll about the territory and to delight in Hoppaw's company, but what else? Other cats enjoyed hunting and sparring and basking in each other's affections; why did he not? Was he simply grotesquely different from the others? Uninteresting and unconformitive he supposed.

    But perhaps this is why she asked such a bluntly weightless question. He had no obvious interests beside birds calls or the smell of beetroot, he had no business to blame her for finding a disinterested topic of conversation and introducing it so unabashedly, as she simply could not have found another thing Little could possibly fancy. Yes their venture was in suit of the greenery in question, however perhaps if he had more of a drawing presence, more of a loud and intriguing personality and lists of his hobbies, talking would be much more light and simple. He would not put such a weight on her shoulders to shoot such thin air with a hollow bullet, falling short for not the fault of that who pulled the trigger, but the manufacturer of the weaponry. Littlepaw.

    "I suppose I do," he inhaled sharply, holding it briefly, and exhaling with ears pinned back. "Do you?"

    He paused, terrified of the tension he crafted himself, and weighed his options. He simply could confront the sins in his mind, crawling up his back and pestering him like a persistent weed in the garden of his thoughts. Thus presumably would spray metaphorical pesticides to eradicate such devilish topics of question, though who truly was to say. He could simply leave it all to fester in the air like an infected wound. Hot, pulsing, nagging, and unbearably present. He chose that he assumed would do him best in the long run.

    "Ah I'm sorry - I'm not much of a conversationalist. Moss is fine, though nature itself is much more intriguing. I'm sorry I'm not easy to relate to or anything, I'm not much of a guy to go to for that sorta' stuff. Not a lotta' cats spend hours out here with only themselves and the territory. Have you ever tasted the sweet liquid that comes from honeysuckle? It smells delightful. Not the fresh morning dew kinda smell, though I like that one too. More like... Ever smelled tree sap? Kinda like that but with a strong hint of daisies. There isn't another taste like it. Sweet and overwhelming, though never enough to not leave you wanting more. Ya know?"

    Littlepaw then turned his attention to his fellow apprentice, realizing in cold blood how long his rambles lasted. He offered an apologetic smile promptly after, glad his only solace was that she was not facing towards him. Thus he could swipe his ears backward and feel his face burn from embarrassment alone.

    Ah patrols. One of the more pacifistic activities he may parlay in. Admittedly they were quite stale and failed to capture his attention for too long, however they were incredibly vital to everyday affairs of typical forest clans. So he simply decided he'd bite and engage in the matter promptly, lumbering over on large and bumbling paws with lips drawled into a lazy smile. His sage tinted eyes caught wind of the one recruiting for the event, a pretty molly he had yet to meet. He dipped his head formally upon arrival and hummed softly. Truth be told his mood exposed a true neutral sense in him that day, a cat divided of nothing but less then desirable coping mechanisms and a sloppy grin to shy from the hidden messy truth of his insides.

    "I would love to. M' name's Littlepaw; splendid to meet you," truth harbored in his voice, spilling from the brim of his maw like an overfilled cup. He was glad to have company of anyone these days. He certainly saw no flaw in any of those he crossed paths with, true creatures with hearts dipped in gold and only breathed mist intermingled with silver. Another friend always did him just fine.

    Littlepaw took a seat by Charcoal, approaching the scene almost soon after his fellow apprentice. He had never been acquainted with the predecessor to Lavenderstar. He supposed anytime was as good as ever and to do so was better then never. He dipped his head respectfully, smiling politely at the other two.

    "I was quite young as well," he mused. "How has life been treating you both?"

    He didn't know both of them well truthfully. It wasn't that he did not desire to, more he had yet the gracious opportunity to meet them formally. He of coarse saw them out and about, traversing daily problems and personal happenings in stride. He knew not their stories. He simply knew their faces and voices by association.

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    Littlepaw had been squeaking out protests between fits of short-lived air, terrified of the darkness closing in on his vision and the numbness in his muzzle. His cut off air flow had begun to get to him, envisioning a warrior bounding forward to presumably come to his rescue. Strangely enough the fox also seemed to see his hallucination, teeth pausing from their nips at Little's face to turn towards the apparition. The fox snarled something fierce, tightening it's hold on the giant's neck before Little promptly fell limp in it's arms, though the fox soon knocked away by the deputy's blow. The creature turned tail to face the oncoming onslaught, protectively guarding his now unconscious prey, hackles raised and teeth barred. It failed to sidestep out of Kestrelswoop's swipe, aiming to return the favor by raising a paw and clawing at whatever they could get their grimy paws on. Another large cat approached, rushing into the fox and making him see stars before taking off with his beloved prey. He growled at his fleeting figure, too distracted to notice Bigfoot's assault, suddenly overwhelmed with the weight of a cat, shrieking with surprise. He attempted to shake him off, and if successful, dash off once again without food to fill his pleading gullet. If he fails, he would lay defeated under Big's weight, huffing exasperatedly with little energy due to starvation.

    // he fainted but,,, injuries: assorted scratches on the face and deep punctures on the back of his neck

    Damned be the higher power to take youth from their mother's nest too soon. Damned be the higher power to take a mother from her child's nest too ripe. Damned be Littlepaw for not saving any of them soon enough.

    Good thing these thoughts only plagued his mind when he wasn't dulling his senses with catnip. The scent was enough to knock a cat off their paws, enough to want to nestle your nose into the mounds of numbing herbs until you forget, and enough to give you a moment's bliss. Finally. Finally a breathe of fresh air. Breathing always felt so much easier when the weight of one's sins didn't compress one's lungs.

    He was not hidden in his activity and purpose. He was engaging so in plain day, knowing fully well the situation could simply be explained away with the honest truth. He was doing nothing wrong. There was no reason to twist lies to defend something that deserved no explanation. If only he could tell of the monsters in his brain, eating away at his sanity until he took moments like these to restore it. If only he could recall the moments before his kin's death without succumbing to tears. God he'd give anything.

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    oooo maybe littlepaw is like "dang. i really wanna go to shadowclan for the 6th time today" and harper is like "i gotchu" and they become friends and maybe get chased off by a shadowclan npc?

    littlepaw would be Pan, the greek god of nature & the wild.

    for the obvious reasons of him being a nature enthusiast of coarse, and Pan having used his powers to protect the animals of the forest!! He is also well known for his unrequited love for others, and being a doofus.

    ,,,,and little is certainly acquainted with both of those things