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    Problems seemed to present themselves one after the other and, truth be told, it was simply tiring. To be under constant surveillance was one thing. But, to watch everyone else be battered and beaten in futile attempts to make spirited cartellians submissive... well, he would be lying if he said that it was not beginning to grate on him. Not for the typical reason of empathy, no, that was not the sensation that welled up within his chest. Instead, it was more of a feeling of exhaustion that was wearing him down, so many brutal attacks quickly getting old in his mind. Perhaps if exilers and cartellians alike decided to switch things up a little bit, he would not be so irritable. Things did not seem subject to drastic change any time soon, however.

    Avilius was over it all, just wanted the pests to be dead and gone. Any and all of the initial cruel excitement that had seared through his veins had now been reduced to a dull ache rattling his bones, anticipation replaced with ire. He had not had a decent night's sleep in weeks and could not remember the last time that he had been able to tend to any of the plants without some shit-for-brains exiler breathing down his neck, these seemingly small things gradually building up bit by bit until he could not take it anymore. Burying that young girl had been the final straw for him. No more would he tolerate any kind of nonsense should he come across it for the sake of the undeserving bystanders that may be hurt due to the actions of others, it was far from fair.

    Soundlessly, the canine slips out of side doors as he tries to keep darkening thoughts at bay, remaining casually inconspicuous in case an exiler happened to stumble across him and quiz him on what he was doing. Since the... death of Leviathan, he was sure the already extremely tight control that the filthy intruders had over them would intensify greatly and as much as Avilius wanted to keep out of things, he knew that his own innocence was no longer viable defence. If things started to kick off again, he wanted to be as far away as he reasonably could for now, deciding that a scheduled stroll was in order so that he was not under any exiler's paws, not wanting to give anyone an excuse to start on him.

    / RUE INFERNO ;0

    tw ; slight? descriptions of gore??

    "Leviathan." Name flowed from the canine's maw, not a query but instead stated as fact, simply observation of what the canine could see in front of him as he stumbled upon the mess unfolding. And, what he could see was quite the sight indeed. It seemed that Penny had beaten him to the chase, pale dobermann coming to a halt to lean idly against a tree as he watched the basilisk dive right into action. There was something so amusing about the whole scene, seeing how quickly the tide could turn against those who did wrong in the world causing a cruel smile to tug at the corners of his lips.

    "You've caused many problems, you know that right?" He's not even sure whether the dragon is paying attention as he talks, panic near palpable on the air and the man was undoubtably now preoccupied with serpent assailant. But, truthfully, he doesn't care whether filthy exiler hears what he has to say, moreso talking to order his thoughts as he considered the unthinkable. It would be so very easy for him to do something absolutely horrendous here, to part scales from skin and shove them forcefully down the man's throat only to step back and watch him choke and cough and splutter to death as sharp edges sliced deep into his innards. To plunge paws deep into empty eye sockets, digging out whatever remained with meaningful swipes, splattered crimson tainting snowy fur in all shades of sin. He could feel himself shaking slightly, anticipation inundating his mind as he watched the helpless way in which the mighty behemoth behaved, reduced to nothing but a frightened, snot-nosed little brat.

    "Have you ever had a taste of your own medicine? I'm sure you'll find that it tastes quite bitter." Avilius has wanted do to something like this for quite some time. Mentally ridiculing others for their recklessness is all well and good but no one could call him a hypocrite here, not while he was well aware of the fact that his behaviour would come back to bite him eventually but that did not mean that he would do nothing now. Rebellion had been on his tongue for as long as he could remember, it was just that he had not succumbed to. Leviathan was far too problematic for Avilius to just ignore, however, and although two fellow mafiosos, bold and reckless souls, had already started to hack away at pitiful lump of flesh and bone, the canine wanted to have his own fun too.

    For a few moments, he stands back to watch, eyes watching as blood spurts rather gloriously from eastern dragon's body. And then, he's moving forwards, body low to the ground as he nears the exiler's side. Once he's close enough, the canine lunges forwards towards an empty expanse of thick scales, attempting to bite down on the top of one of the scales, throwing his body back as he pulled as hard as he could, letting gravity do most of the work to try and tear it away from vile owner's body. Really, all he wants is a souvenir or two and causing a little bit of pain along the way was not a sin, right? No, Avilius would leave the cold blooded murder in its entirety to the others.

    Usually, Avilius was rather apathetic when it came to the lives of others. Leading a life of your own, devoting your mind to the concept of free will, it made it much easier for him to reject the compulsive need to forgive those around him for their actions. At the end of the day, if one did something wrong then they should pay for their behaviour and no one else should be harmed in the process. Every action had an equal, opposite reaction, after all. Responsibility was something to be worn with as much caution as it should be considered with pride. What was unforgivable in his eyes, however, was when action lead to consequences that involved collateral damage and that exact problem had come to light that particular day.

    Poison was nothing to mess around with, he knew that well having handled many different flora and fauna alike that posed a variety of different threats. As far as the lives of the Exilers who had been going around leaving trails of destruction in their wake were concerned, Avilius could not care less. They had dug their own, very deep, graves and would be forced to lie in them in due time. Should one of them have fallen to the poisoned food, no one would have seem him shedding a tear in their memory. One less warmongering idiot in the world, what a delightful concept.

    That had not happened, however. Instead, innocent youth who had been doing nothing but trying to keep herself alive had been forced into a near impossible position. Eat clearly poisoned food and die or refuse and potentially die anyways; she had been faced with a dilemma that had only one answer. To pass in such a horrible way, last moments consumed by nothing but fear and pain and sorrow... it infuriated him to even consider.

    Budding mafioso deserved to be honoured for a demise that she did not deserved, to be given the fair treatment that she had so cruelly been denied prior to her death.

    Carefully, he carried the young girl out of the mansion having slung her over his back, not wanting to drag her partially because he did not want to seem disrespectful but primarily since he certainly didn't fancy getting any of her blood on his tongue. For all he knew, poison could still be in her system and he did not want to try his luck and wind up dead or at the very least seriously injured. After all, she had dropped dead so quickly which implied to him that the toxins had been rather potent. Keeping himself alive was all that really mattered, his main priority, as cruel as that might sound. Still, he was going out of his way to do something respectful for her another here and, surely, that had to count for something.

    Wordlessly, he made his way into the graveyard, expression uncanny as he retained neutrality even in such a situation. With the utmost care, Avilius placed her down besides an empty space and began to dig in an almost mechanical manner. One paw after the other, pulling up dirt with every movement, leaving him feeling as though he was simply doing some gardening and not burying the deceased. Perhaps the burial of the dead could be considered a form of gardening, most certainly not the conventional type however, and not something that royal researcher intended on doing too often.

    All around him, he can feel the glare of spirits who had cast their attention onto living man intruding in their space. Although he could not see them, he knew they were there, an icy chill skittering down his spine though he barely noticed it, or at least pretended that he did not. The entire affair did not take as long as he had expected it to, time strangely passing him by in a rush even though he felt as though he had been working for days. Gently, he pats down dirt that now covered faultless youth, staring down at his own dirtied paws with the odd sensation of unease welling up within him. He had done nothing wrong, so why did he feel like this?

    "Ah, my apologies, little one. I don't have a sword on me at the moment," Avilius remarked to displaced soil, snapping out of the slight trance that he had found himself in to look around at the other graves which were all marked before looking back to freshly dug resting place, "I'll come back in due time with one especially made for you, I hope you can forgive me and wait until then."

    Chaos begins to unfold with frightening ease, braindead fools resorting swiftly to violence as per usual as though it were the only method of crowd control that they were capable of. There were many flaws in this takeover which he had identified, researcher almost tempted sometimes to offer words of support as to where they could change things to be more effective, only ever catching himself when he realised how inappropriate that would be. Trying to batter such a stubborn group into submission was not the way to control them, however, that was clear. How could they not see that force would not work?

    Letting out a gentle huff, the canine's merlot gaze drags over large creatures locked in combat, electricity and tension a dangerously potent combination as it crackled in the air. Penny was not his concern anymore. Someone who failed to even care to consider Avilius' own logic was not worth his time, not right now at least. And, if the basilisk was so eager to cause problems then he could also take care of himself too, Avilius not wanting to get caught in the crossfire of a problem that had nothing to do with him. Sure, he had been aware of the poisoned food, but from his own perspective, he was but an unknowing bystander. Someone who just happened to be present at the scene of a crime.

    Quickly, his attention is stolen away, concentrated frown painting his features as he slipped around the outskirts of the havoc to the unfortunate girl that had been caught up in this mess. Caught up in Penny's mess, innocent angel stolen away because mafiosos who seemed to be oh so intelligent were in fact entirely incapable of careful planning and control of variables. He wants to be angry, wants to feel blazing ire sear through his veins as his wine red eyes drift upwards to Leviathan who had been the direct cause of the youth's untimely demise but he does not have it in him to centre the blame.

    For a moment, he just stares up at the eastern dragon, impassive with some unspoken emotions smouldering in his eyes as though war was not raging in the blurred out background. And then, he turns his attention onto the girl before him, checking her pulse and not surprised to find she was dead. Air is expelled forcefully from his nostrils, swallowing back irritation as he glances back over to battling behemoths. Surely, they'll crush her body if they get too out of hand and that is not something that he wants to see happen. She deserved a proper burial in the graveyard, that was what he had concluded and so, the canine wordlessly pulls her off to the side, granted that Leviathan makes no move to try and stop him, to get her out of the way for now.

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    Frankly, Avilius was done with the entire mess that they had been put into, feeling much like an unknowing bystander who had been roped into some kind of crime and could no longer run away from the fallout as he stared down the barrel of a gun. Russian roulette, it was certainly not a game that he was particularly fond of. No will to delve headfirst into active rebellion welled up within him and yet, as his eyes had been drawn across the dark expanse of his room to note, watching paper slide under his door, he could not help but at the very least be intrigued. Waiting with bated breath, the researcher sat still until shadow on the other side of the door retreated, ears straining to catch the soft, rhythmic tapping of pawsteps, departing.

    Moments later though it had certainly felt much more like an eternity had passed as he sat still in the dark, the dobermann slid out of bed to retrieve message. 'Surely, someone had delivered secret note to the wrong door,' he thinks, frown swallowing his features whole, nothing to hide when he was all alone. Match is struck, candle is lit, and he sits there with eyes focused on nothing but the words carefully inked into life across the page. Call for rebellion, hounds of hell baying for his involvement in action. He's not sure how to feel about the whole thing but, it seems that some small voice in his mind manages to sway him as, seconds after silence falls in a heavy and intrusive manner all around him, he blows out the candle and collects himself together, prepared to at the very least see what was going on.

    Second to arrive comes Avilius, impassive man not daring to linger as he slunk through darkened corridors to basement, pale fur glistening silver as moon's sweet light caressed him. No fear made itself known within his chest, not scared to be caught but instead concerned about the irritation that would flare up within him should things go to shit. He would rather stay out of it and not be stressed than let these miserable insects piss him off. Wordlessly, the canine slips into the passage leading down to the lower lever of the mansion, merlot eyes snagging on Angelbeats immediately, offering her a nod of greeting.

    Daring did not even begin to describe these Cartellians. After being relentlessly beaten down, battered into submission, they still refused to truly be broken and continued to snap back with fire on their tongues and undying light in their eyes. They were so reckless yet entirely willing to act in favour of their own beliefs all while he lingered in the shadows to watch havoc unravel. What did that make him? Coward, perhaps? Not wanting to think too much of it lest he stumbled down a rabbit hole that would be better left unthought of, the dobermann took up place off to the side to await the arrival of others, certain that he would not be the last one drawn to secret location.

    Angered snarl echoes out through the mansion's halls though Avilius does not flinch. No reaction is really drawn from him other than a slow blink, mild irritation aglow in merlot gaze at the unnecessarily loud retort. "Again, no need to shout. We're not on the other side of the mansion, we can hear you perfectly fine." he says, calm as ever as he fixes his eyes onto the eastern dragon. "If anything, you should be grateful that we care enough to enquire about your wellbeing after all that you have done to our home." Empty words; does he truly care about the damage caused? Perhaps not, though he believes that, as a Cartellian, it would be wrong of him to hold his tongue here.

    Momentarily, he glances over his shoulder as Anxi appeared, meeting the hybrid's eyes with a spark of irritation ignited in the pits of his stomach. Individuals like this, they should not be subjected to the horrors of the Exiles. Holistically, none of them deserved to be here, to be treated like dirt by those who were so much lower than them. Yet, he can not find it within himself to sympathise with everyone around him. Some here were fully capable of taking care of themselves and so, were more responsible for their own behaviour. Others, like this being behind him, were less able and entirely innocent so, in his eyes, if anything bad were to happen to them it would be unjust. As Avilius looked at Anxi, he felt something stir within him, something that he could pin to the feeling of watching an injured baby bird attempt to flap its wings as callous predator stalked closer and closer.

    Lips twitch slightly, daring scowl barely kissing his mouth before his attention his stolen away and neutrality smooths back out across his features. When he does look back, it seems that the dragon has finally turned his focus onto both himself and fellow mafioso though eyes of purple mixed with ire bore into him, widened slightly making fierce Exiler appear much more like a deer in the headlights than any kind of mighty authority figure. And, could he detect notes of hesitance in harsh voice too? That was... interesting. Out of it all, however, creepy certainly caught him off guard. That was a new and rather hilarious descriptor for himself, especially coming from such an individual. If Avilius was creepy then what on earth was Leviathan?

    "Difficult to leave you alone when you're in my home. And, you are certainly not easy to miss," Avilius remarked, looking draconic exiler up and down with a breathy laugh, "If you want to avoid me then try not to make it a habit of slamming into walls right outside of my door. If this keeps up, one might think you want me to bother you though I'm sure that is not the case."

    Avilius chuckles softly at Anxi's words as the larger man storms past the pair of them, shaking his head as he looked back to the vanishing mafioso. "No, it is alright. It is most certainly me who he is referring to as the creepy one here, not you," the canine reassures with a gentle smile curling at the corners of his lips, kind expression disguising delighted malice. To have such an effect on others, to generate discomfort and confusion in the minds of those so hellbent on chaos, it was entirely intoxicating. "Don't let it get to you, I'm sure that he is just unhappy that we happened to catch him in an embarrassing situation so he is taking his frustrations out on us to regain a sense of control in his own mind. Nothing personal, I'm sure," royal researcher continues, wine red gaze shifting to follow after the retreating man with brief yet certain glimmer of mirth in his eyes.

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    ooo yes that sounds good. avilius definitely isn't someone to mess with so levi's got that one right and since he is aware of the fact that levi is a bit wary of him, there's no doubt that he would exploit that to manipulate him. i'm not sure how exactly he'd fuck him over yet though but i'm sure we could figure something out!

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    Avilius had been trying to avoid any sort of interactions as of late, keeping to himself as he tottered between his safe haven of a bedroom and the gardens. Still, it was near impossible to completely skirt around the members of the group, being forced into such close proximity with people who did not seem to be particularly fond of him beginning to grate on him as, with every corner he turned, he seemed to stumble upon some kind of gathering. Unsurprisingly, he found himself in such a situation here, accidentally catching chatter which caught his attention and, curiosity which was usually reserved for killing felines, drew him through open doors.

    "Ah, they're gorgeous." Exclamation leaves his lips as soon as he catches sight of the box, completely forgetting to announce his presence in favour of delight over the new life here. Eyes full of wonder, sparkling with untold emotions that he scarcely showed, the canine had happened to poke his head in just as Angelbeats passed one of the snakelets to host capo. "Ball pythons can in fact lay eggs without having a mate, though it is an extremely rare occurrence," Avilius remarked idly as he peered into box with something almost akin to adoration flickering faintly in merlot gaze. He's not sure whether that is actually the case here, sure that the woman's serpent had simply just happened to find a male somewhere though it's an interesting concept, something that he can not help but bring up.

    Hesitation causes him to stall as sudden thought crosses his mind, looking back to Carmenere who had been handed one of the hatchlings. "Ah, my apologies if I'm overstepping my bounds but... if you do not intend on keeping all of them then I would gladly take one of the little darlings too." Caution draws his attention onto Sir Pentious, wondering whether he will have any protests due to Avilius' past comments. Comments which he felt justified in making, mostly for calling exiler's bluff but also because he believed that he did have a point. Nobody was stopping the Exilers from truly doing whatever they wanted, not while Breakout's neck was still firmly pressed to the chopping board. Still, it was rather ironic to see Avilius now, willing to take in youth of some kind given his track record.

    Letting out a light huff, the man turned his attention back onto Angelbeats, flashing her the politest smile that he can muster as he takes a step backwards to linger closer to the doorway in case he was not wanted here.

    okay so i've been meaning to get this up for a while! avilius is pretty much open to anything at all so feel free to suggest anything.

    just as a summary of his current state :

    &&. takeover related plots

    regarding the take over event, i figured it would be useful to put down some of the things that he'd be willing to do

    - poisoning / drugging an exiler!! (note : he is a researcher with a focus on plants so it is not probable that he will fail in this)

    - pretending to befriend an exiler

    - injuring/maiming an exiler

    - beat him up! beat him up! this will be a one time thing though as it is for plot purposes to trigger his electricity elementals so y/c will get electrocuted accidentally in the process oops.

    - maybe? becoming a slave?? i don't really see him being a very fun one though because he's not exactly going to kick up much of a fuss about anything and i'd rather not have him get kicked about for the sake of it.

    Prone to aimless wandering, it was no surprise that the male had happened upon Azumi as she had been setting up the pranks for the exilers. Briefly, he had halted to observe, curious eyes studying the way that she went about creating the fires. In his own opinion, the whole thing was rather distasteful but it was not being made for him and so, he could hardly care whether it was disgusting to him or not. Not wishing to linger for too long, partially because he did not want to be caught as a witness should exiler preemptively stumble upon the scene though primarily because he was far from invested in the situation, interest lost as swiftly as it had come to him, pale dobermann had wordlessly moved on and returned to his room, not thinking much of the whole thing.

    Not thinking much until shocked exclamation coupled with a loud noise resonated through the mansion, that is. Ears twitching, Avilius heaved an irritated sigh, loathing any kind of interruption as he tore focus away from textbook at his paws to his own bedroom door. Contemplation as to whether he should go and investigate swims into his mind though he already believes that he has a good idea as to what had caused the disturbance. After thinking it over, the male heaved himself up and slipped out of the room, attention swiftly snatched by the eastern dragon, culprit of the commotion.

    "Everything alright out here?" Avilius enquires innocently with genuine hints of confusion laced in his tone, neutral expression fixed as he gazed cooly at the exiler. This one, Leviathan, had been the cause of most of the issues within the Cartel from what Avilius had seen thus far. Sympathy does not come to him in the slightest and instead he feels the urge to laugh in the fool's face again though does his best to bite back the feeling, not wanting to trigger any needless aggression towards him when he had not done anything wrong. Though, it was not like these psychos needed any sort of excuse to act out violently.

    "Nice job, Penny. I'm sure a meal like this will most certainly appease our lovely guests," he remarks, having spotted the boars as he passed the kitchen following serpentine capo's departure from the room. The scent of blood, fresh though not tagged with cartellian trademark, had caught the man's attention and he was certainly glad that it had. Avilius was no fool. He knew that the large prey had not been collected purely out of the kindness of the basilisk's heart. How amusing, the capo had more of a spine than Avilius had anticipated. Clearly, being beat into submission had not entirely snuffed his flame, good for him.

    For a moment, however, as apathetic mafioso stands awkwardly near lovebirds curled up by the fire, he wonders whether the basilisk would even want him around. Flicker of horror at Avi's exchange with boneheaded exiler had not gone unnoticed by the dobermann and he could not help but think that it may have altered the capo's perception of him. To be feared, it was a frightfully addicting drug. Something about the look in Leviathan's eyes, contorted confusion clear for all spectators to see, it outweighed any trickling guilt at the thought of his group mates disliking him. Avilius knew that he was not wicked, not really. If others were to judge him based on what he chose to show publicly while in the face of an enemy as equally cruel and callous, well... that was not his problem.

    "I doubt you will get a sliver of gratitude for your efforts though. What a shame," the canine adds, deciding against settling to close to the pair in case his presence was not welcome. Instead, he opts for hopping up onto a nearby couch, pulling a book out that he had been reading earlier to continue the novel as he waited to see how things would unfold without directly involving himself as some kind of an accomplice.

    "I'm sorry, I was not aware that I was talking to you too." Merlot eyes, half-lidded and full of frost, roll back onto the dragon who had rudely interrupted their conversation. Or, at least, his words to Penny since the basilisk seemed more than willing to go along with this act and so was hiding behind the guise of silence. It is now that the dobermann comes to a complete halt, stood besides the front door with head tilted curiously to the side as he drinks in the words spoken to him by brazen intruder. If he had believed that the Exiles were unhinged before, then this most certainly proved it.

    Eat all of your fucking children? Was this man serious? Lips begin to quiver at that, pressed into firm line to prevent any vivid display of emotion and, for just a moment, it almost seems as if pale mafioso is about to burst into tears. Then, he doubles over with laughter caught in his throat, unable to help himself as amusement bubbles over and spills out. "You're kidding, right?" the canine breathes out as he tries to compose himself, raising a paw to wipe at his eyes. "Go ahead, eat the kids if you want. I do not see why our compliance ensures their safety when you could hurt anyone here whenever you please with no immediate consequence." Response pools from his tongue as effortlessly as ever once he has straightened up to cast amusement towards unruly dragon.

    There is something akin to excitement building in his chest, the thrill of dicing with death, perhaps, that pushes him forwards. Of course, he doesn't really mean anything that he is saying, that is what he uses to reassure himself, thought that he does not want anyone here to be hurt a repeating mantra within his mind though he's not sure whether he believes himself anymore. At the end of the day, Avilius is a researcher before anything else. With a life and career that revolves around testing hypothesis and finding limits, it is no wonder that he finds himself trying his luck here too, curious to see what the results of this particular experiment may be.

    Shaking his head, the canine falls quiet once more, watching through cold yet thoughtful eyes as the draconic Exiler grabs up the Capo and demands food. 'What an uncivilised beast,' he thinks, 'too lazy to really get up off of his own ass to get his own meal.' Though, can Avilius really blame him? Sure, everything about the invasion and take over was disgustingly wrong in his eyes yet... he liked to think that he had some sort of an understanding about their behaviour. If put into Exiles' position, he could not claim with confidence that he would not also abuse his newfound authority for the sake of his own comfort. That was an unsettling train of thought though, so he swiftly derailed it in spite of the passengers that may linger in mental carriages in favour of focusing on the matter at hand.

    "Oh well, if he wants to play pretend as your servant then I'm not going to stop him." Avilius concludes with a light click of his tongue, maliciously delighted glimmer having now faded back into ice as he fixed Leviathan with a steely glare before turning attention to Penny as the male comes back with measly rabbit. Frostiness does not waver in his expression however, there is something, some unspoken emotion lingering under the surface that suggests the opposite of his words. He does care, he's certain that he cares. I'll help you out of this predicament, Penny. Then, the canine turns to continue on his way, lips curling slightly into frown once his face is turned away from the Exiler, lingering slightly only to hear whether the man had any scathing remarks to make in the wake of his own comments.

    These Exilers were... annoying. Nuisance akin to a fly that he can not see yet it still insistently buzzes by his ear. As much as Avilius would have liked to carry on with his daily routine as if the current cockroach infestation had not taken over the mansion, it seemed that Exilers occupied every space that he wished to relax in. It was not too bad since no one had decided to pick on him yet, but it was only a matter of time. Sure, he would cause problems where he could for chaos' sake, strategically placed roadblocks in the Exiles' disorganised scheme. But, he was far from the reckless few that dared to act out and would much rather retain a sense of normality to keep his sanity in check. He would make sure that the Exiles regretted ever even contemplating their actions here, of course he would, but he would not toss his cards down for all to see so soon.

    "No need to shout, sir," he remarks, calm as ever, as he slows down but does not halt to look over at the loudmouthed dragon. There is no clear hostility in his tone. The way that he speaks, it feels more like a casual remark than anything bitter, words uttered as matter-of-factly as he can make them as the pale dobermann eyes the dragon with neutrality. Avilius has dealt with real monsters before and, from what he can see, the Exiles are far from it. Still, perhaps engaging with these creatures was not the best idea if self-preservation was his primarily goal here. Self-restraint, on the other hand, has always been difficult for him and now is no exception.

    For a moment, he considers saying that Penny would likely be staying away but, before he can say anything, the basilisk makes an appearance and Avilius feels unease rising within him. Mere thought of how the Exiler had treated the Capo draws out ire, white hot fury blazing hotter and hotter with every beat of his heart. But, royal researcher keeps his composure, lingering in placidity as he stops near the front door, wondering how acceptable it would be to just carry on out to the gardens after giving his initial input. No, even if he wanted to leave he would not dare to do it now, not while Penny was potentially in danger.

    Merlot gaze lingers on the serpent for a few moments before shifting, half-lidded, back onto dragon intruder. This individual in particular appeared to be extremely unhinged, disgustingly lustful and too eager to draw blood in the name of dominance. Avilius would rather not get on his bad side for the time being but surely deranged dragon would find an excuse to try and knock him about anyways.

    "Sir Pentious," he dares not use the man's nickname here, not wanting to give disturbed Exiler any more ammunition, "You do not need to entertain this absurdity."

    This whole affair between themselves and the Exiles was simply tiresome. Avilius had left one home in which he did not feel safe because he was being controlled by corrupt figures of apparent authority only to be tossed right into another, similar, situation. Walking on ice always had a risk to it but, Avilius had not realised just how thin said ice really was. Before he knew it, what had once seemed solid was now crackling under his paws and he was mere moments away from plunging into the freezing waters below.

    Raised voices cause his ears to twitch slightly in distaste, researcher approaching the scene and listening to the exchange with irritation aglow in his eyes but his expression otherwise neutral. Hanging back, he watched wordlessly as angry crewmates voiced their resistance to brazen intruders. Sure, he too thought that the invasion was entirely preposterous and would ultimately be a waste of time. However, with leader's head on the chopping board and fellow mafiosos under threat, Avilius would much rather keep a low profile than attract needless attention to himself. Not yet, at least.

    Priorities here lie in keeping everyone alive and safe. He's certain that loud mouthed protesters can fend for themselves, that or they were fools too blinded by rage to act appropriately and in any case he would not be offering his immediate aid to them. Instead, he focuses his attention on the more brittle bystanders, focus flickering between Penny and Lua. Slowly exhaling, the pale dobermann slunk over to position himself in front of the basilisks in case anyone decided to take advantage of the current havoc to try and mess with the capo. From what Avilius had caught glimpse of during the initial raid, the serpentine man had been put through the metaphorical wringer enough already and, in spite of Avilius' general apathy to the world and those in it, he felt it only fair to return the favour to the cartellians that had been nothing but nice to him thus far.

    "Lua," he called out softly, hoping to garner her attention as he watched her standing there, motionless. If she were to look at him, he'd glance over his shoulder at Penny then to the empty space at his own side. Wordless offer that she could safely take up residence with them if she did not want to leap into action with reckless abandon. Really, just tossing themselves forth to be at the mercy of these clearly deranged individuals would do nothing for them. No, the Exiles were going to take over regardless of how ferociously they attempted to fight them off now because they had the upper hand with Breakout. That did not mean that the Cartel would not do anything, of course not, but in his eyes, the most suitable course of action would be to dismantle the Exiles and their schemes from the inside out.

    There were a few points of interest which Avilius had identified thus far on Cartellian land, the most prominent being garden area in which they cultivated their plants, ranging from medical herbs to the more narcotic varieties which would go on to be sold to those who wished to buy. Profiting off of the suffering and addiction of others, remaining neutral in such affairs yet still freely supplying to those that desired it. There was something so devilish about the whole thing, something that caused Avilius be unable to decide where he personally stood on the matter. In any case, he was not against making use of the hardship of others for his own personal again so what made his selfishness any different from the activities of the Cartel?

    Upon waking that morning, the desire to investigate the gardens, snippet of eden in this otherwise bleak and desolate world, had overpowered him. So, here was pale furred canine, wandering out of the mansion to find his way round into the back. Taking the scenic route, he stops every couple of paces, stooping to inspect the grass or tilting his chin upwards as some small insect zipped past him. Eventually, however, he finds himself in snow dusted back garden and, feeling much like a child who knows that they have been locked in a sweet shop for the night, he feels giddy excitement bubble up within his chest. Not as good as the naturally exotic West Sundran Jungle but... it's enough to keep him occupied.

    Tail wagging slightly, the man crosses the open space to the flower beds, pausing briefly to admire fountain which, miraculously, still bubbled softly. Closer inspection causes him to realise what has been grown here, this particular section dedicated to the more medicinal variety of herbs. Removing his satchel, Avilius carefully removes his notebook and pokes around at some chervil as he opens his book to a fresh page. Flicking pages expose words of the past, messily jotted down words regarding bloody murder catching his eye for a moment igniting a spark of anxiety within his chest. Last killing had been one of the final straws for him and his research, if he were to be entirely truthful. He had not wanted to face the words, the facts, that connected deaths to sweet kind face of former thunderlander whom he might have dared call friend if circumstances had been different.

    Before he has the chance to really consider the weight of times past, chirp of birdsong draws his attention away from herbs and mud stained pages. As soon as any worry had started to take root within him, the feeling of unease drains and is replaced with something much softer, much tender, than what Avilius has dared to display since joining cartel group. Kind smile graces his features, seemingly uncharacteristic to the untrained eye of one who does not know him well, as he tilted his chin upwards to peer at the source of the sound. A small robin, red chest vibrant against backdrop of steel sky behind it, sat perched. Abandoning his satchel and notebook where he had set them down, the large canine slowly made his way over to where little avian had settled, cooing softly in response to initial trill causing the bird to peer down at him through curious beady eyes. "Hey there little guy," Avilius hummed gently, exhibiting a degree of compassion that he had not felt for a long time, glancing back to his satchel at the bird feed peeking out conspicuously before focusing warm gaze on the robin once more, "What're you doing out here? Are you hungry?"

    /aka local researcher can befriend birds more easily than fellow cartellians

    Like most, Avilius had not exactly been expecting such a rude intrusion on his day. Reserved dobermann had been busying himself in the garden, brushing snow off of the plants and pruning any of the flora that had grown too unruly when sudden flare of blue shot up into the sky and, soon after, the sound of a struggle. Treating the affair more as a minor inconvenience than anything else, the man huffed and placed his shears aside, breaking into a light jog as he, with relative ease, pinpointed the location of the disturbance. Stench of the Exiles certainly sends frustration skittering down his spine as sparking electricity though he manages to keep himself together long enough to survey the situation.

    The more fiery of his fellow mafiosos are already on the scene, metaphorical guns blazing as they hurled themselves towards invaders with deadly intent. Avilius, on the other hand, is not as eager to toss himself into the lion's den for matters that he would not be able to put into words. Vendetta unresolved, that is what he sees here and usually, it wouldn't even bother him. However, there was something about the ire thick in the air which brought forth uncertainty within his mind. Scores which still had to be settled existed between enemies, problems that he had not even been present for boiling over in tempestuous clash which Avilius feels he has no place in.

    Then, for a moment, he can not help but entertain a ridiculous thought. What if the one who had maimed Ellijah was here? Memory of the lightningchaser during Avilius' time in his old home, stench of the Exiles mingled with the near overwhelming scent of blood and the visuals of admirable higher up, drenched in crimson, eye torn brutally from its socket. It all swims to the forefront of his mind and, for his own reasons, fury turns placid expression sour. They never found the fucker who had done it, at least not as far as Avilius knew, and although holding grudge against an entire group for the actions of a few did not settle well with him, there is something in the injustice of the matter that triggers fleeting irrationality within the canine.

    Arrows of ice whizz past him, stray projectiles whistling softly as though they had nothing better to do other than kissing his cheek with frosted blue lips. Snapping back into reality, ivory dobermann breathes a heavy sigh and moves closer to the mansion, lingering near the front steps with the intentions of possibly warding off any who dared draw near enough. There were many inside who were vulnerable, the youths of the group and Carmenere who was currently carrying children that she did not want, and he figured that it was his responsibility, to a degree, to defend them.

    "What a nuisance," royal researcher mutters under his breath, merlot gaze searching and scanning as he continued to watched those who had already jumped into the action. Before, he had not been one to initiate confrontations of any kind and that had not changed now. Sure, these beings were launching an assault on his home but, as far as Avilius was concerned, nobody here cared about him and so he did not need to put his neck on the chopping board when such a gesture would not be returned. If someone came at him, however... well then that would be a different story.

    Cold weather was nothing but troublesome to the canine, his short fur providing little to no solace from bitter winds that were so irritatingly intent on slapping him around every time he stepped outside. To be candid, he missed the jungle and the warmth that humid land provided and, more than that, he missed his research lab. Longed to see his birds again and yearned to hear the voices of his co-workers, his friends, once more. Perhaps that was why he had felt so attached to the Thunderlands, exotic avians that littered the land allowed him to feel that bit more connected to the region that he had grown up in. Out here, wandering like a lost soul on the Wild Penninsula, he felt entirely isolated and alone. Loneliness, it was truly a horrid feeling.

    Though, such a feeling of being by himself was just that. A feeling. This was something that he was reminded of every time that he stepped into the mansion and that particular day, as he made his way back into the building after taking a short stroll around the perimeter, was no exception. Noticing the group, Avilius initially contemplated just trying to slip past them, wanting nothing more than to sit in a dark room until his presence was required for something other than senseless socialising. As soon as he started to move, however, he could not help but feel as though he could not just walk past without being spotted. Considering the fact that many around here seemed to be quite boisterous and had mouths louder than necessary, he was convinced that he would be called over to join the congregation regardless of whether he wanted to or not.

    Thus, accepting his fate, Avilius decided to take the bullet himself and veered away from his intended destination, making his way over to stand rigidly beside Carmenere. Catching the tail-end of her words, confusion rippled through the dobermann as it dawned on him that perhaps his initial assumptions had been incorrect and he might have instead just walked over to something far more personal than he would have liked.

    "What's going on over here?" researcher enquires cautiously, having not heard Breakout's announcement and so not understanding that there was something more than idle chatter occurring. Attention shifts between those present before coming to settle on Godfather, inquisitive glimmer concealed within red wine eyes.

    Avilius trails over as soon as Godfather calls out, ears angled back against his skull as he took up residence towards the back of the room. Tension was near palpable in the air, melancholy so thick that it threatens to clog his lungs up and he would certainly rather be anywhere else but attending the meeting because of it. He had heard rumours of what had happened to one of the other members and, once welcoming words are out of the way, it seemed that such gossip was in fact true. Luckily, he had not been present for the discovery of the Executor's corpse, decimated at the hands of those disgusting Exiles. Other anti-groups had some kind of reason behind them and so, he had never been too judgemental lest he knew that an individual's crimes had directly impacted him. The Exiles, on the other hand, were an entirely different story. Bloodthirsty warmongers with a lust for chaos and lack of care for who they hurt. Miscreants, the lot of them.

    Through Breakout's tirade, Avilius remains rather impassive, anxiety displaced by muted irritation. Half-lidded eyes peer up at the boss as declaration of war trembles like clap of thunder through the room. Such big words, daring and thoughtless based on emotion and not logic, yet something within him can not help but disregard reason on this occasion. If they had hurt the Cartel, little as he truly cared for the group, he would hardly stand by idly if everyone else was getting involved. Avilius was by no means an anarchist, quite the opposite really, but that did not mean that he was going to roll over and play dead if those bastards did happen to do anything drastic. Self-preservation, it was a funny thing even if tried not to see any humour in the matter.

    Merlot gaze flickers towards Nurse Capo as the man makes his exit, dull curiosity flickering in his eyes for a moment. Something within Godfather's rant seemed to have struck a chord, how interesting. Avilius can hardly dwell long on the matter however, not particularly caring enough in the first place, and his attention is swiftly stolen back by mention of his own name. His own name? How bizarre. Where he had been attempting to remain as detached and inconspicuous as possible, association with the group something that he was quite reluctant to lean into, it seemed that his efforts had been in vain. Fresh blood. What an unnerving title, entirely fitting for the callous business group but something he doesn't feel comfortable having pinned to him regardless.

    In spite of how he feels, ivory dobermann bites back any apprehension to spit out, "Thank you, sir." There was no point in being rude, he supposed, getting to his paws as soon as the words have left his maw following dismissal. Letting out a soft yet thoughtful hum, his gaze swept the room once more before he made his own exit, having much to think about as well as better things to than loitering needlessly in meeting room.

    New life was not something that he was entirely opposed to though Avilius had always found that there was something oh so bittersweet about the idea of bringing innocent youths into a world that would be nothing but against them solely based on where they come from or who they are born to. Personally, he could never see himself having children with anyone, not any time soon at least. Work was far too important to the researcher and, as selfish as it may sound, he would much rather not having any distractions nor did he enjoy even entertaining the idea of having to look out for someone other than himself. Regardless of his own opinions on the matter, as soon called out announcement reaches his ears, the pale dobermann can do little to resist approaching.

    "Ah... congratulations?" Truth be told, he could not tell whether this was true cause for celebration or not. There was nothing that he could find after scouring the face of the woman that suggested great joy and cheer to him. Hence, uncertainty edges into his tone, brief glimpse of hesitance flashing across his countenance as he allowed merlot gaze to drift onto fellow mafiosos. They seemed quite exuberant about the matter, moreso than pregnant woman herself, which was even more odd to him. Perhaps her reaction was simply born from concerns over the various issues currently plaguing the Cartel however, if that were the case, then surely she would know that they as a group would offer support no matter what. That lead him to the conclusion that problem here must lie with something personal. Much more personal than what Carmenere was willing to disclose, which he could respect being a man of many secrets himself.

    Falling silent, man of few words allows his attention to flicker over to Lua at her query, nodding slightly as gesture of stiff agreement before looking back to Carmenere in anticipation of her response.