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    Nova Prince

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    Ryker Lancaster

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    Amara Apantaku

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    Annalise Sylvie

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    The Evergreen Institute is the first of it's kind, some say, as a place where athletes and artists join together to pursue their hopes and dreams. Based in London, England and partnered with the University of London as well as the Olympics Committee in over 50 countries, the Evergreen Institute is a place where students who wish to hone their craft come, and they are brought up as the up-and-coming stars of the athletic and artistic worlds. Whether you're a gymnast or an actor, a make-up artist or a football player, you are welcome at the Evergreen Institute, where only the best and more talented are accepted.

    Here are a few notes regarding the Evergreen Institute:

    -- All athletes and artists are in college or university, whether the University of London or a different one, and are expected to maintain high grades

    -- Athletes in team sports practice with the sports teams around the city, or the international and Olympic-level teams for their respective country

    -- Artists, especially in the performing arts, may work with others to create duos, trios, quartets, companies and so on

    -- Transfers to the other stream are rare and require a great deal of paperwork, money and evaluations

    -- Most students are here on scholarships and regular payment, though some are on full-rides

    -- The Evergreen Institute sponsors and hosts tons of competitions, showcases, concerts and performances. All its members are expected to perform or attend. They represent their countries, and are sponsored by the Institute



    -- These rules are made to be broken

    -- Bullying and disrespecting others are not tolerated

    -- Vandalism and sabotage are not tolerated

    -- No parties within the residence

    -- Boys out of girls' rooms and vice versa

    -- No alcohol, drugs or smoking anywhere in the studio

    -- No large pets (i.e. dogs, cats)

    -- Do not steal another person's work

    -- Maintain high grades in all your classes

    -- Failure to attend more than 4 practices in a row will result in expulsion, unless otherwise excused

    -- Travelling is mandatory for competitions but can be funded by the Institute

    -- There is a three-strike policy


    -- These rules are not meant to be broken

    -- Bullying and discrimination will result in your removal from the thread, no exceptions

    -- Everyone is welcome!

    -- Nothing in the form is optional

    -- Please use realistic faceclaims

    -- Be active!

    -- Try to add diversity to the thread, not just in ethnicity, sexuality and gender, but also in choice of specialization (i.e. having a dozen people playing the piano and one trumpet player is unacceptably dull)

    -- No one-liners, and please use proper grammar when posting. This thread requires 2-3 paragraphs per post on average (I understand low muse or a lack of material to work with) or if your name is toucant your expected average is 10 paragraphs because I daaaare you

    -- You may have up to 4 characters, including coaches, but only one coach per person

    -- Coaches can have multiple specs, but sometimes they are even outshone by their students (max. 3)

    -- Members may have ONE secondary spec and MUST be in thesame stream (i.e. artists can have a sec art; this is useful for kids who might go into theatre or triathlon; DM me if you want an athlete to dabble in an art because I won't allow more than two) THIS IS OPTIONAL! AND ONE MEMBER (excluding coaches) PER PERSON MAYE HAVE A SECONDARY SPEC. They will focus on their primary spec; this is just because they are very talented and wanted the chance to practice both

    -- My word is law

    -- Cussing is permitted, but not in excess

    -- Be mindful! Trigger warnings where it is appropriate

    -- These rules are subject to change

    -- Have fun!


    Located on the outskirts of London, England.


    - Arts Facility

    - Athletics Facility

    - Main Building

    - Residence

    - Grounds

    - Aquatics facility

    - Gymnasium

    - Archery range

    - Volleydome

    - Lacrosse field

    - Gymnastics facility

    - Equestrian Course

    - Theatre

    - Dance Studio

    - Recording Studio

    - Music Room Example

    - Ceramics Studio

    - Make-Up Studio

    - Runway

    *More to be added as needed


    - University of London

    - London Stadium

    - The Globe Theatre

    - Royal Albert Hall

    *More to be added as needed


    Legend: NAME (M/F) | COUNTRY | SPEC | PLAYER


    -- Adrik Solokov (M) | Russia | piano | .smokey

    -- Appolonia Siegenthaler (F) | Switzerland | violin (costume design) | gimmieyourkidneys

    -- Aria Brooks (F) | England | make-up | Majestic

    -- Brandish Rose (F) | United States | special effects make-up (sculpting) | Sanctuaryforall1

    -- Darcy Gomez (F) | United States | dance (painting) | SUGAR.

    -- Draconia Volkova (F) | Russia | violin (cello) | Wolfiee

    -- Elizaveta Petrov (F) | Russian | ballet (gymnastics) | gimmieyourkidneys

    -- Elliot Navara (M) | Brazil | fashion (photography) | toucant

    -- Ferdinand Callahan (M) | South Africa | ceramics (jewelry making) | Arthur Morgan

    -- Finly Müller (M) | Germany | theatre (make-up) | hcneybee

    -- Florian Bianchi (M) | Italy | photography (cosmetics) | Arthur Morgan

    -- Liang Wang (M) | China | ballet | Pride&Prejudice

    -- Lucas Roe (M) | England | painting/drawing | hcneybee

    -- Naomi Rose (F) | United States | musical theatre (dance) | .smokey

    -- Sage Banks (M) | New Zealand | photography (modelling) | SUGAR.


    -- Magnus Overgard (M) | make-up, fashion | .smokey

    -- Verona Lin-Meyers (F) | dance | toucant [


    Legend: NAME | COUNTRY (M/F) | SPEC | PLAYER


    -- Adeline Griffiths (F) | New Zealand | equestiran | WolfsRose18

    -- Alexander Drako (M) | Greece | lacrosse | Majestic

    -- Alonna Chateau (F) | United States | cheerleading (gymnastics) | uoyevoli..

    -- Alrigo Ricci (M) | Italy | volleyball | yio

    -- Ambrosia Lycon (F) | Ireland | kickboxing | Wolfiee

    -- Atsushi Taiga (M) | Japan | volleyball | gimmieyourkidneys

    -- Cooper Bates (M) | United States | martial arts | SUGAR.

    -- Druitt Tyler (M) | New Zealand | rugby | Sanctuaryforall1

    -- Emily Förstner (F) | Germany | volleyball | Pride&Prejudice

    -- Fortitude Jones (M) | United States | MMA (voice) | gimmieyourkidneys

    -- Greyson Fuller (M) | United States | football (baseball) | Majestic

    -- Harmony Jones (F) | United States | tennis | feelin peachy

    -- Jamie Macmillan (F) | Canada | swimming | .smokey

    -- Kendra Du Bois (F) | France | archery | Sanctuaryforall1

    -- Mauricio Chateau (M) | Italy | surfing (ceramics) | toucant

    -- Nicola Mullins (F) | France | equestrian | Majestic

    -- Noah Day (M) | United States | swimming | Pride&Prejudice

    -- Randal Alders-Luna (M) | United States | swimming | hcneybee

    -- Sienna Chateau (F) | Italy | football | SUGAR.

    -- William Knight (M) | England | soccer | WolfsRose18

    -- Wylder Bianchi (F) | Italy | archery | hcneybee

    -- Xander Hemlock (M) | England | equestrian | Wolfiee


    -- Logan Hawkins (F) | archery, football, soccer, rugby, volleyball | .smokey

    -- Shannon Virideon (F) | mma/martial arts/weightlifting/kickboxing | SUGAR.

    -- Verona Lin-Meyers (F) | gymnastics | toucant

    ((One car ride later...Right, let's just start with the beaches from D-Day. Any plotting ideas for some drama here? Or maybe just some romancey things?))

    Philip stepped out of the car, a pair of aviator sunglasses on his face as he took a deep breath of the fresh ocean air. Troy had parked them right alongside the beach, so nothing but an elevated promenade separated them from the sand. He smiled as he gazed out at the horizon. On a clear day, from the right spot in northern France, you could see all the way to England. All the way home.

    So close, yet so far...Philip sighed and planted his hands on his hips, waiting for Sammy to join him. They had been in the car almost all day, and Philip would be doing a bit of scouting tomorrow. Tonight, he wanted to explore this little town, and walk on the beach, and eat at a cafe and and and...Philip smiled. So many things to do here, but part of him wanted to dive into the sea and swim back home.


    "Ours is the fury"

    Hadrian cocked his head to one side, then lifted a paw as though he wanted to ask a question. Not that he bothered waiting for Marianna to let him speak, instead choosing to voice his primary concern anyways, now that everything had died down.

    "So we should all be weakened, is what you're saying," Hadrian said. "Does that mean we can or can't use our, um, movesets, or whatever?"

    Now that he thought about it, the thought of using moves like a Pokemon was kinda cool. Hadrian had always wanted powers of his own, and now he had them at last.

    Inner Focus

    Quick Attack, Reversal, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Focus Blast, Thunder Punch


    "Rise up and make this city glow"

    Nova raced after Kiata and chose to duck behind the wall on the other side of the doors. She peered around the corner, watching, waiting, but no reinforcements appeared. Either they had discovered a side entrance, or they had remained undetected.

    "Right, then," Nova said, stepping up to the door. "Let's get this bad boy open, shall we?"

    Nova examined the door. Steel, probably controlled from the inside. Nova stepped back and waved at Thor. If he could electrocute it, maybe jumpstart the locking mechanism.

    "Thor, use Thunder. As quietly as you can," she said. Thor growled and launched a little bolt of electricity at the doors, just enough to mess with any technology. Nothing happened.

    Nova frowned and looked back at Kiata. "Wanna try with Zeraora, or do we just break down the door?"

    Sinnohan | The Celestial Queen


    "Rise up and make this city glow"

    ((That is a fat RP post. I love it))

    Nova let out a low whistle as Zerora and Mewtwo were released onto the field. Maybe she should have used Leo, even though he, too, was a Water Type and wouldn't have made much of a difference. She folded her arms over her chest, watching the battle unfold and admitting to herself that she and Kiata would have had one hell of a battle. If only Archer hadn't come to this tournament.

    "That was intense," Nova breathed as the battle wrapped up, glancing over at Anna. "Like, really. Who can have two Legendaries? That honestly just feels like cheating."

    Nova pulled up a chair next to Anna and sat down, a little tired from all the standing she had been doing today. She gazed up at the screen where Archer was being announced the winner and smiled sadly as she thought of Kiata. They had both met their match, in the end. Maybe one day, Nova would face off against Archer again, and beat him.

    Sinnohan | The Celestial Queen


    Good to see you, too!

    Philip nodded, but he didn't have the chance to keep asking questions before Sammy returned. He didn't want his friend to feel like Philip was poking around in his private life. Philip knew how much Sammy valued that. Instead, Philip opened the car door and stepped back to let Sammy sit in the back.

    "Do you want me in the front or back here with you?" Philip asked, his voice barely above a whisper as he leaned into the car. He kept his lips near Sammy's ear, using the car door to shield his words from sight and to stop the sound from travelling far.


    "If you're a famous smuggler, you're not doing it right"

    Shira laughed, glancing back at the man with the kraken on his breastplate every now and again as the new guard stood off to the side, admiring the ship with a practiced eye. Definitely an Iron Islander, judging by the way he frowned whenever one of the newer sailors did something which wasn't quite correct. Some of them, even Shira couldn't tell—she was young and hadn't learned how to run a ship until she was fifteen. This one had probably been born on a ship.

    "Well, he looks like he's kept up with you better than the others," Shira said, patting Eddard on the head as she stepped back. Several crew members had hauled the dinghy out of the sea and were busy tying it down, while two more sailors came over to throw the tarp over it. A barebones crew. Shira sighed through her nose. An Iron Island would certainly be useful.

    "Anyways, we're all set to head on out," Shira continued, waving her hand at the ship. "To Winterfell, Your Grace?"

    Captain of the White Lady | The Sweet Peat Knight | Pea Shooter


    "What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger"

    Victarion stood back to let the two friends catch up, examining the ship from every angle. He had to admit, it was a nicer ship up close, but Vic didn't quite think it to be worthy of a queen. The ships of the Iron Islands were much better, even though Theon would never hand the entire Iron Fleet over to the crown. He, like their predecessors, longed for the freedom of the Iron Islands from the Targaryen-Stark control.

    When Alaura's friend spoke of Winterfell, Victarion stepped forward to have his say, knowing it might be too late if they decided to set sail right then and there. "Actually, my lady," Victarion said, his tone slow and friendly, "Her Grace will be taking the Kraken's Fury. My ship. It will half the time it would take to get to Winterfell, and any storm would prove to be nothing but a minor inconvenience. No offence to this particular vessel, but it's seen better days. One sea storm, and you might never see this ship or it's crew again."

    Truth be told, Victarion was exaggerating, but the ship was old, older than even Theon's or Yara's ship. It would last, but Victarion wanted to be on his own ship. A ship he could control, more or less, though he could probably command this barebones crew. Which led to his third point: the lack of crew. The Kraken's Fury was fully-equipped and ready to leave at a moment's notice. It would be much easier if someone fell ill...or off the boat.

    Queensguard | The Golden Kraken | Tideblade

    Philip nodded, even though he was well-aware that was a lie. "That's nice. Childhood friends, then. Sammy and I, we're still roommates. Same flat I've been living in since I left uni." He fiddled a bit with the sleeve of his shirt and did his best to smile, even though a large part of him wanted to punch Troy in the face. "He's never mentioned you before. I don't think you left on good terms. Am I right?"

    A dangerous path to tread, but Philip wanted to know if Troy intended to hurt Sammy. Philip would not let that happen. He couldn't let that happen.


    "Hello, sweetie"

    ((Awwww, and Sofia has to die...))

    Kendra did not bother to grace Amelia with a response as she follow her rival into the helicopter. She had been right on time, unlike the try-hard in front of her. She settled down as far from Amelia as she could, and she spent the entire helicopter ride chatting up the biologist from Scotland who's name was Philip. He had been quite friendly, and they had kept up a conversation throughout the entire flight.

    Upon their arrival at the camp, Kendra trotted out of the helicopter with Philip in hot pursuit. The camp was plain compared to some of the places Kendra had stayed, but she loved it. Quite a few scurried around, not all of them expedition members, but all of them there to help out with the expedition.

    "Hello!" Kendra said cheerfully, skipping up beside Amelia. "Nice to meet you. I've heard so much about your work, Mr. Callaghan. It's an honour."

    Kendra had indeed heard quite a bit about the Australian archaeologist. She had followed his work, and that of many others, when pursuing her archaeology degree. She had only decided to dabble in it because all those History channel documentaries she had watched while at the Olympics.

    When Kendra had finished, Philip shook Robert's hand and hurried off to help the crew of the helicopter transport his gear to the camp. She waved him a quick goodbye, and he saluted her with two fingers, though his eyes darted nervously between Amelia and Kendra.



    "Rise up and make this city glow"

    ((Are we doing a timeskip?))

    Nova fired a pair of finger guns at Kiata. "I'll hold you to that, and good luck, K. You've got this." She could just as easily as Anna what she had learned from Rakshaw, although she doubted the Sylveon was capable of telepathy.

    Sinnohan | The Celestial Queen


    "Ours is the fury"

    Hadrian dropped down onto the ground and found sitting to be incredibly awkward his backwards knees and a tail. He ended up sitting on it and yelped, jumping back into the air and flicking it upwards. He glared at it and sat back down, careful as he could be.

    "Where's Mistyglow Island? What's Mistyglow Island? And how do you speak English? You're a Pokemon," Hadrian snapped, his short temper getting the better of him as he glared at Marianna. He didn't mean to be rude—though he wasn't known for his kindness or patience—he just found becoming a Riolu in the middle of nowhere a bit too much to handle.

    Inner Focus

    Quick Attack, Reversal, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Focus Blast, Thunder Punch