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    "What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger"

    "Oh, you've been!" Victarion said happily, resting his elbow on the railing and propping his chin in his hand. "Good, good. Braavos for the first time is wonderful, but you can do so much more exploring if you understand how to keep your purse on your belt and your guts in your body. The side streets can get nasty, but they sell the most amazing things." Victarion wondered how willing Alaura would be to visit the Undermarket, notorious for selling all sorts of illicit wares but also marvels of extreme value. After what Victarion had seen so far, he was pretty sure Alaura would be the one leading the way.

    "Yes, a friend," Victarion said. "My oldest friend. You'll like her."

    Though Victarion smiled, the thought of all Sandra had done for him slammed into him like a charging bull. She had saved his life, rescued him like a knight rescued a damsel in distress. Except Victarion had been the damsel, and Sandra the knight. A turning of the tables Victarion never expected to live out but was grateful for all the same. He would still be rotting in that dungeon cell, his brother's favourite punching bag, or worse, he would be dead, a corpse at the bottom of the sea.

    "Here we go!" Victarion said cheerfully as the Sea Dragon pulled up at the same dock as the Kraken's Fury. The two ships now floated side by side, and Victarion could see some of his crew waving and shouting at him from the deck. He lifted a hand in greeting, grabbed Alaura's hand and, ignoring the gasps from the Sea Dragon's crew, dragged Alaura down the gangplank as soon as it hit the docks and towards his own ship. "Come along! You'll love her!"

    Queensguard | The Golden Kraken | Tideblade


    Philip opened up the menu and scanned its contents. Many of gorgeous options, all delicacies of France, but whenever Philip's eyes flicked up to Sammy, he noticed his friend's attention was anywhere but the menu. Philip glanced over his shoulder, just once, to see Troy in the company of two other people. He narrowed his eyes and returned to the menu, hoping they hadn't been noticed.

    "Maybe this," Philip said, leaning across the table and tapping the filet mignon on Sammy's menu. "Sounds French and familiar. Looks good to me. We can share an appetizer, too."


    "Everybody loves a show off"

    ((There really is no rush. I made it before this post, so))

    Ryker stepped out into a large, empty chamber used for Pokemon battles, watching a portable screen in his hand as the trainer named Kiata and her Lucario ran towards their doom. He grinned to himself as a laugh rumbled at the back of his throat. He'd have such a fun time, wiping the floor with Kiata and leaving her to be consumed by the destruction of this base.

    "Are you ready, my dear Tiamat?" Ryker asked, softly, tucking the little device into his pocket as he spied Kiata and her partner through the open doors.

    "Wile!" Tiamat said happily, clapping her hands together and tossing her jaw behind her like one would toss its hair.

    "Then, spotlight!" Ryker said with a clap of his hands, and all the light went dark except one near the door, to follow Kiata into the black room and her end.

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    "Ours is the fury"

    Hadrian jumped to his feet, glancing back at Cole and laughing at his brother's stubby legs. "Need a hand, buddy? Or a paw?" He laughed again. "You look like a turtle." He darted away before Cole could set him on fire and trotted up next to Marianna, a cheeky grin on his face.

    "Is it just me or are these trees...bigger," Hadrian said as he examined the forest around her. "Is it because I'm shorter?"

    Inner Focus

    Quick Attack, Counter, Feint, Metal Claw


    "Rise up and make this city glow"

    Leo's horn glowed, surrounded by an aura the colour of a sunset-painted sky and slammed it into the oncoming psychic shield. He dug his hooves into the ground, teeth bared until he shattered the part aiming for him and Nova.

    "And here I am, protecting a human," Keldeo snapped back, pawing at the ground. "You don't scare me!"

    He charged across the field, horn still glowing as he lashed out at Mewtwo with Sacred Sword, eyes reflecting the colour of his sword as he moved like lightning, fuelled by his desire to protect the three trainers behind him and also his own honour.

    Sinnohan | The Celestial Queen


    Earth has been overrun, not by zombies or aliens, but by the beasts born from stories of old. Myths and legends have come to life all over the world, and they seek to claim it for their own. Humanity hardly stood a chance, when hellhounds tore through their ranks and dragons set fire to the skies. Cities all around the world fell as humanity scrambled to find a way to fight back. They managed to save a mere handful of places around the world and throw together ragtag groups of soldiers to keep them safe from the beasts who hunt them day and night. Soon, about a dozen cities remained, humanity’s last stand against the mythical creatures. Trade routes and systems, mere shadows of humanity's once-great empire, sprung up to fuel their campaign against the legends who walked the Earth.

    That was seventy-five years ago.

    Now, humanity has found itself living in a whole new reality: a post-apocalyptic world created by beasts people once adored. They survive, they endure, and they fight. An organization rose from the chaos and the pain, elite soldiers who specialized in the hunting, fighting and killing of all these mythical creatures, from goblins to dragons, spirits to trolls. They called themselves the Overlords, and they became humanity's greatest hope. With the Overlords, humanity believed it could reclaimed the Earth. They spread out across the world, saving cities from the incursion and fighting to gain more. They made sure shipments of grain and food made it to their final destinations, and that cities did not need fear daily raids on their homes. The Overlords became revered for their strategies, going above and beyond merely fighting the creatures. But something is stirring within the Overlords, a plot hidden from humanity's eyes as they wage war with the outside world. And now, there are traitors in their midst, wearing human skins and learning their plans. Should they succeed, it will mean the end of a near-hundred-year-long war...and the extinction of humanity.


    The newest batch of Overlord recruits have been taken in from all over the world to enter the final stages of their training. One particular group is sent to the Overlords HQ in Manhattan, USA, and from there make their way to the training facility: an old hotel reworked into a place for them to live with the parkades underneath transformed into training facilities. The Overlords building is down the street. Their trainers, renown Overlords in their own right, will teach them the strengths and weaknesses of each mythical creatures and continue to hone their already-exceptional combat and tracking skills. However, among them are traitors: mythical creatures under the guise of humans.

    Partway through the training, mythical creatures will attack Wellington with a vengeance. All over the world, the same thing is happening to all the different bases. The recruits must prove themselves in combat, and when the dust settles, they will find the Overlords building overlooking Times Square has be incinerated. Yet, there were no dragons seen flying overhead. Later, the recruits will realize it was an inside job, and that they are fighting a war on two fronts: with the mythical creatures attacking Manhattan and the rest of the world, and the traitors within the Overlords. Tensions will rise, no one will know who to trust, and loyalties will be tested.

    This is the Overlords' greatest test, and it's up to the newest recruits to pass it and save their world...or fail and watch humanity burn.


    With the world shot to hell, only about a dozen cities are left, though some have been destroyed and retaken several times. Sanctuaries are zones mythical creatures rarely manage to enter and are where most civilians live. Red Zones are places humans and mythical creatures are fighting over and are far more dangerous. Some civilians can live there, but for the most part they do make attempts at escaping.


    -- Manhattan, USA

    -- Singapore

    -- New Zealand (new UN HQ and international Overlords HQ)

    -- Hawaii, USA

    -- Reykjavik, Iceland

    -- Tokyo, Japan

    -- Rome, Italy

    -- Lisbon, Portugal


    -- London, England

    -- Vancouver, Canada

    -- Washington DC

    -- Los Angeles, USA

    -- Melbourne, Australia

    People move to and from these Sanctuaries, for the most part, with ships. Planes crash more than half the time due to the dragons and other airborne beasts. Cars are vulnerable unless accompanied by an escort, which is how people travel to Rome as it is not on the coast. Most resources, specifically agricultural ones, are produced in New Zealand, which remained mostly untouched by the mythical creatures until recently. Three resources in particular are incredibly important: blacksteel, which is devastatingly powerful against beings of a pure or natural disposition (i.e. unicorns, faeries), whitesteel, which is devastatingly powerful against the undead and creatures of darkness (i.e. vampires, demons) and iron, which is devastatingly powerful against all magical beings (i.e. dragons, phoenix).


    Overlords recruits start off as ordinary guards, soldiers and fighters from their respective cities. When they grab the attention of the Overlords, they are invited to Wellington to learn more about the specifics of actively tracking down and killing mythical creatures. They will leave the safety of their sanctuaries as well as act as sentinels, hunters and researchers. They search for ways to defeat the mythical creatures, develop new technologies and so on, and so forth. The Overlords have a great deal of unique ways to fight the mythical creatures. The Overlords are based in Wellington, New Zealand, though they have bases all over the world. They are run by High Command, a group of seven people, with one responsible per continent. Beneath them are various commanders who are responsible for a batch of recruits, along with various trainers to act as their advisors taken from groups who lost too many members to continue. They will remain a tight-knit squadron until 75% have died.

    - All Overlords own a minimum of 3 weapons: one blacksteel, one whitesteel and one iron to fight all manners of creatures

    - An Overlords' armour is often made of hides from mythical creatures (i.e. dragonhide) to make for stronger armour, or they use blacksteel or iron or whitesteel

    - Overlords can also have familiars, animal companions ranging from dogs and cats (very common) to lions or bears (rare) to act as spies, scouts or fighting partners

    - Overlords have all sorts of unique gear or abilities which lets them defeat these creatures, but no one has the exact same set-up (i.e. night vision goggles, thermal goggles, learn echolocation, fire three arrows at once, holy water gun, etc)


    Below is a list of mythical creatures spotted wandering around Earth. They vary in power, ferocity and rarity. The protocol is simple: kill on sight, no exceptions. Even those who pretend to be friendly are not to be trusted as a great deal of people have fallen prey to creatures who pretended to help.


    x: common and can be harmless based on ferocity; causes major and minor injuries but rarely fatal

    xx: uncommon and are dangerous for the most part; causes major and serious injuries, which can be fatal

    xxx: rare and deadly, no exception; causes major, serious and most often fatal injuries

    -- banshee (xxx)

    -- basilisk (xxx)

    -- centaur (xx)

    -- chimera (xx)

    -- direwolf (xx)

    -- dragon; all varieties (xxx)

    -- dullahan (xxx)

    -- faerie (x)

    -- gargoyle (xx)

    -- giant (xxx)

    -- goblin (x)

    -- griffin (xx)

    -- hellhound (xxx)

    -- kitsune (xx)

    -- kraken (xxx)

    -- leviathan (xxx)

    -- manticore (xx)

    -- minotaur (xxx)

    -- satyr (xx)

    -- succubus/incubus (xx)

    -- thunderbird (xx)

    -- troll (xx)

    -- unicorn (x)

    -- vampire (xxx)

    -- wendigo (xxx)

    -- werebeast; carnivore (xxx)

    -- werebeast, herbivore (x)

    -- wraith (xxx)

    ** More to be added as your suggestions come in


    -- These rules are not meant to be broken

    -- Bullying and discrimination will result in your removal from the thread, no exceptions

    -- Nothing in the form is optional

    -- Please use realistic faceclaims

    -- No powerplaying. Please ask for permission before seriously injuring or killing someone else's character

    -- Be active! Please inform me if you're dropping the thread. There's no shame in that

    -- No one-liners, and please use proper grammar when posting. This thread requires 2-3 paragraphs per post on average (I understand low muse or a lack of material to work with)

    -- Please put your form in a spoiler!

    -- My word is law

    -- Cussing is permitted, but not in excess

    -- Be mindful! Trigger warnings where it is appropriate, please!

    -- These rules are subject to change

    -- Have fun!




    -- Rory Shaw -- M -- 19 -- Sniper -- .smokey

    -- Magnolia Dinh -- F -- 21 -- Tracking -- BOKEH.

    -- Louis Hirsch -- M -- 18 -- Knowledge -- starscream !

    -- always open!

    THE TRAINERS (3/5)

    -- Nimue Ehuang -- F -- 28 -- Strength/Guile -- starscream !

    -- reserved

    -- reserved




    -- reserved


    -- Mordecai Cleves -- M -- "27" -- Stealth/Ambush -- .smokey

    THE TRAITORS (4/5)

    -- Mordecai Cleves -- werebeast

    -- Nimue Ehuang -- siren

    -- reserved; trainer -- wendigo or kitsune

    -- reserved; recruit -- faerie

    -- reserved; recruit

    Super awesome! I'd prefer Muse A, and depending on what you and Art choose, we could pick a different setting and all that. Or you switch up the muse. Anyways, for ours, I'm thinking historical? Like WWII or something?

    Damn, art, ya beat me to it. I love the soldier x civilian idea, so unless you want two similar threads running around, then awesome. If not, I like the alien isolation as well. My preference would be BxB


    "We laugh and we cry and we break, and we make our mistakes"

    Naomi fidgeted nervously with the ends of her hair as she struggled to run a comb through it. She often preferred to keep it tousled for the sake of her usual look, but when one attended a gala in the heart of London, England, even a hair out of place was an offence. Naomi didn't want to be that person, so she wrestled with her hair nonetheless.

    The changing room was a mess of girls, all of them struggling to put on make-up and dresses. Unlike the female athletes, or so Naomi assumed, they were putting far more effort and flamboyance into their outfits. Naomi admired each and every one, unable to suppress the little smile as she spied Brandish not too far away. Maybe her sister would be willing to lend her a hand.

    Naomi rose from her chair, wearing nothing but sweatpants and a sports bra, and picked her way across the room towards Brandish. She tapped her sister on the shoulder to get her attention, a soft smile on her face as she held up her brush.

    "Can you give me a hand?" Naomi asked softly. "I can't get some of the knots out."

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    21 | Bi | United States | Musical theatre (hip hop)


    "It's just life, so keep dancing through"

    Adrik hummed some allegro or another to himself as he ran his fingers through his hair, tapping one foot in time with the imaginary tempo in his head. He glanced over his shoulder every once in a while, at the rest of the boys preening themselves for the gala. Adrik spied Ferdinand on the reflection of his mirror as he searched with his hands for the hair gel. He'd be riding with Ferdinand and Xander to the gala tonight, but he had no idea in what sort of vehicle. Xander had never elaborated.

    "Should be nice vehicle," Adrik muttered to himself, his accent making his words all the more incomprehensible. Still, there was no one around, so he went back to his humming, longing to feel a piano's keys under his fingrs instead of hair gel.

    Adrik ran his fingers through his hair, styling the curls as best he would and taking great care not to get even a speck of gel on his shirt. He hadn't even started to button it up yet, leaving his chest exposed to the air-conditioned change room. Some might consider it a bit chilly, with autumn rolling in, to be using air conditioning, but Adrik hardly noticed the difference. He never did.

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    20 | Homo | Russia | Piano


    "We'll go down in history. Remember me for centuries"

    Jamie was over the moon. A gala! She loved anything which let her make friends, and a gala was the perfect place, especially as the year began. It was her first year at the Evergreen Institute, and she hardly knew anyone at all. The gala would be the perfect place to make some friends.

    As Jamie touched up her mascara in the mirror, she glanced over her shoulder at the rest of the room. All the female athletes were gathered in one place, looking just a little odd in fancy dress instead of their sports uniforms or something more practical than high heels and long skirts. Jamie wondered what each of the girls did, and just how good they were. She half-hoped to spy the characteristically broad shoulders of a swimmer, but no one stood out.

    Jamie sighed and turned back to the mirror, admiring her reflection. She smiled, her tongue sticking out between her teeth as she admired herself. She touched one of the earrings, silver and blue to match her dress. She hadn't put it on yet, but now was most definitely the time. Jamie tucked a curl behind her ear and headed to where her dress hung off of a locker.

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    19 | Pan | Canada | Swimming

    ((I want to throw this entire trip down the drain by Philip and Sammy getting mixed up with Troy's gang-criminal friends or whatever, so I hope that's what you have planned))

    Philip smiled at Sammy's choice. Small, quiet and overlooking the sea. Philip led the way, got them a table right next to the sea, and picked a chair with his back to the door. Normally, Philip preferred to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious or famous to assault with questions, but if it was Troy who walked in, Philip wanted Sammy to be the first one to see it.

    "Right," Philip said, lacing his fingers under his chin. "Tomorrow, scouting. The main focus is the beach, and there's a museum nearby I might need to check out. You don't have to come if you don't like museums."


    "If you're a famous smuggler, you're not doing it right"

    Shira shot Victarion a suspicious glance, wondering if for a brief moment he planned to sail Alaura to the Iron Islands for ransom. Everyone knew of Lord Theon's desire to regain independence for the Iron Islands as his grandfather had wanted. And didn't he have a younger brother named Victarion? Shira clasped her hands behind her back and put on a smile despite her worries.

    "Of course, Your Grace," Shira said, never able to deny her friend anything. "I'll inform the captain, and we'll set sail for the Kraken's Fury. I'm sure we'll be able to spot it. It's an Iron Island ship after all." She smiled at Victarion, bowed to Alaura and swept off to find the captain and guide him to their ship as well as gather up Alaura's things as well as her own. She wouldn't be letting Victarion go with Alaura alone until she was absolutely certain of him.

    Captain of the White Lady | The Sweet Peat Knight | Pea Shooter


    "What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger"

    Victarion watched Shira leave, and he returned the smile half-heartedly. Despite her cheery exterior, Victarion had noticed the way she'd eyed him. She didn't trust him. Not many people did. Alarau, she hadn't questioned it, not even when he'd introduced himself. She didn't care. And that made Victarion feel so much better.

    "Now then," Victarion said, leaning over the railing and peering over the edge of the ship as they turned back towards King's Landing. "You wanted to go to Winterfell? How about a pitstop in Braavos? I heard they have excellent shellfish."

    It was true. Victarion hadn't been to Braavos in so long, and he missed the Free Cities. He didn't want to keep Alaura too far away from King's Landing...but the journey to Winterfell was long, and the Kraken's Fury would need to stock up on a lot more supplies than it currently had. The Sea Dragon flew across the waves, back towards the port where Victarion could see his own ship. A few people moved on the deck, and Victarion straightened up to wave as best he could, hoping Sanda could see him.

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