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    One detail for both forms: humans are only found within the sanctuaries and, on rare occasions, red zones. Your characters can't have come from Dortmund or the Chinese countryside (yeah, an alibi, but it's not one which makes sense) due to the fact that those locations have either been destroyed or abandoned.

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    Philip leaned back in his chair and laced his fingers in his lap, unable to stop the smile from spreading across his face and the hint of a blush creeping into his cheeks. He opened his mouth to thank Sammy but no sound came out. He closed it, swallowed and tried again.

    "Thank you," he said softly. "You look lovely as well."

    His face grew hotter. He cleared his throat and returned to the menu, decidedly not looking at Sammy in case he went even redder. Besides, if Sammy was smiling at him because he was blushing, Philip would probably melt into a puddle on the floor.

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    Ooh, she's pretty. I like her!


    Luther wrinkled his nose at the vomit staining the sheets of the bed and effectively ruining what could have been an excellent, blood-rich meal. He sighed and ran his tongue over his fangs. He'd go hunting, then, for some unaware human, later tonight, once he'd knocked out his guest with some sort of sleep drug, or a really heavy book.

    As the girl awakened and focused upon him, Luther bared his teeth in false imitation of a smile and closed the book in his lap. He cocked his head to one side, the movement more of a snap than anything as he regarded the girl. Such bravado, though she was probably too disoriented to put a name to the strange creature sitting in front of her. He kept on smiling even as he settled back in his chair and spoke.

    "You first," he said simply. "What's your name, little one?"

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    Have you got a faceclaim for Maura? Also, if I answered really fast, it's because I clicked the thread and now I feel obligated to answer.


    The girl stilled, and Luther sighed forcefully. He pulled his arms back and moved away from the edge of the bed back to his chair, stopping to pick his book up off the floor. Luther sat back down in his chair, folding one long leg over the other, and he flipped back to his page. He failed to notice the girl opening her eyes, though he could smell the changes in her body. Less sleepy, less pained...and less human.

    "Well finally," Luther growled to himself as he returned to the history of Rome, a well-worn book he'd read before and had adored as a young vampire, hundreds of years ago, before humanity's technological developments had taken off at an absurd rate. He preferred the old days. The castles, the candles, the graveyards. He kept far, far away from humanity, in abandoned places hidden by the forest.

    Unless some fool tried to challenge him to a duel. Many young vampires wanted to test their mettle against the Noble family. His sisters often bragged of the men and women whose throats they had torn out. Luther had more class. He decapitated his opponents, wielding a sword or a dagger or simply his bear hands, even though he did love sinking his teeth into flesh every once in a while.

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    Philip laughed, though he kept the sound low and gentle to avoid startling the people around them or drawing any attention to themselves. He ran his fingers through his hair, unable to keep the genuine smile from spreading across his face.

    "Cheese fries? You're in France!" Philip chided. "Here—" he pointed at the menu, at one of the appetizers. "Escargots, if you want something exotic. Cooked snails. Or they have truffle fries. Those are always excellent, especially if the truffle's genuine."

    As he rambled on about French cuisine, he reached unconsciously for Sammy's hand as it was extended towards him, though his heart twinged when Sammy pulled back. Probably Troy. Philip didn't dare look over; it would be too suspicious, so he contented instead to read Sammy's face. He wore a pretty good mask, but Philip could see the worry in Sam's eyes. Mentally, he was already prepared to make a break for it.

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    Luther watched the scene unfold, and his face didn't so much as twitch even as the girl writhed and screamed upon the bed. Half of him wanted to wring the blood out from the sheets and drink it, while the other regretted bringing the screaming girl back to life. Perhaps her time had come. Perhaps he was interfering where he wasn't wanted. Perhaps she should have died.

    Luther leaned back in his chair and gazed up at the roof of his little stone house hidden in the woods. An old, abandoned cottage on the edge of a massive graveyard that belonged to the Noble family, although no one had been to visit in years. It was one of their many forgotten properties, the perfect place for Luther to escape to when his family got on his nerves. He had furnished it with tapestries and curtains far too delicate and intricate for such a simple house, with bookshelves and little statues on pedestals and plush carpets Luther had skinned from beasts of all sorts.

    A book sat open in Luther's lap as he continued to watch the girl, drumming his fingers on the arms of the carved mahogany chair he sat in, the back carved into the likeness of an eagle and greatly resembling a throne, dragged from the kitchen into the spare bedroom. A small bottle made from dark glass sat at the foot of the chair, full of what one could mistake for wine. Not that Luther could be mistaken for human, with the blood-red depths in his eyes and the fangs in his mouth in place of teeth.

    As the girl kept on screaming, Luther sighed and snapped his book shut. He didn't remember the conversion process being so...loud. He tossed it onto the floor and switched from his chair to the side of the bed, where he pried the girl out of her little ball to lie straight back on the bed, pinning her arms to the ground and leaning over her hips. He braced his legs against the side of the bed and waited for the girl to calm down.

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    All right! Here's a mini form! I have no idea where or when this is happening, so if I need to tweak the history just let me know


    "Ours is the fury"

    "But not today!" Hadrian sang over his shoulder, determined to have the last word, even though most of the time, Cole would just punch him in the face, proclaim his victory and take the last word for himself. For once in his life, Hadrian wanted the last word.

    Hadrian punched a fist into the flat of his palm. "I dont' need a break. I feel fine! Now, what's a Mystery Dungeon? That doesn't sound good. It sounds...I dunno, like a weird prison or something."

    Inner Focus

    Quick Attack, Counter, Feint, Metal Claw


    "Rise up and make this city glow"

    Keldeo slashed the Energy Ball in half and brought his Sacred Sword down upon Mewtwo. He would not stand for the stubbornness of Mewtwo and Archer, and he would never stop fighting. Not until they yielded and put their wild, fanatical dreams of a nightmare world aside. Keldeo didn't care if he once fought to defend Pokemon from humanity. The Swords of Justice would stand behind him if they knew how much death Archer planned to bring.

    Nova stood back, allowing for Keldeo to make his own choices. Not a show of disobedience, but rather an unspoken promise to give him the freedom to make his own choices. To prove Pokemon and trainers trusted one another. Sure, there were bad eggs out there, but Nova had locked many up in jail herself. Archer would be no different.

    When Amber collapsed to the ground, bleeding from one eye, Nova moved like lightning. She shoved a hand into her bag and pulled out a Hyper Potion. She knelt next to Anna and handed her the potion.

    "Here," she said. "For Amber."

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    "Everybody loves a show off"

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    Ryker pouted as Kiata and her Pokemon entered the room, and the Lucario used its aura to identify who was in the room. Way to ruin the surprise. Ryker scowled and decided he'd had quite enough of giving Kiata the spotlight, so he snapped his fingers, and all at once, the lights returned, a blinding shift which had absolutely no effect on Ryker, though Tiamat did rub her eyes.

    "Greetings, peasant!" Ryker shouted, flinging his arms open. "Welcome to Mount Ember! And one of my many, many homes."

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