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    "You've met your match, I'm no beginner"


    The Wolfhound | SHIELD Agent | Tracker & Marksmanship


    "Winter is coming for us all"

    Khione stepped behind Leon again as soon as the strange man spoke up. He had powers. Khione knew he had powers. He reeked of arrogance and superiority. Of course he was the leader of HYDRA. He had the same smug expression as Nick Fury.

    "Leave us, or die," Khione replied evenly, though she made no move to conjure up a snowstorm. Not yet anyways. There were civilians around, and Khione didn't want to bring the news into this fiasco.

    Thief | Queen of the North | Ice & Snow Manipulation, Arctic Adaptability & Aura


    "Well, let me know if Real Power wants a magazine or something"

    "Why the hell would I tell you anything?" Nick Fury said, glaring at Scales and Shifter. "You're my prisoners. And as long as you are my prisoners, you don't get to ask for favours."

    Not the best way to recruit followers, but Nick had dealt with Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk. All of them had not been initially keen on working with SHIELD, even if they had once been enemies. And yet...Nick still had Captain America's number. If that didn't mean anything, then SHIELD was worthless.

    "I'd consider choosing a side," Nick added after a moment. "Because you can either work with us, or work with HYDRA, and something tells me you two aren't the villainous type."

    Director of SHIELD

    Riley King

    "Stand tall 'cause I know I'm the winner"

    "That would be awesome," Riley said, thrilled by the prospect of hearing more about Sinnoh's Legendaries. "I'll definitely hold you to that."

    Glancing down at Fiametta, Riley wondered if it was even possibly to have fun without doing something with one's Pokemon. Riley loved Contests so far, and Gym Battles didn't seem half bad. Having fun with friends, though...Riley could work with that.

    "Hey, why don't you and I travel together?" Riley said, shuffling closer to Verity and patting Fiametta on the head. "That way, we can learn about the Legendaries together, we can find something for you to do and we can have fun!"

    Riley spread his arms and grinned as though he had just made the greatest offer in the world.

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    "You've met your match, I'm no beginner"

    The sound of rattles drew Percy's attention away from the sun, and he glanced down to find a white rattlesnake near his feet. He smiled down at the cold-blooded reptile before turning his attention back to the sunrise.

    "Faeyra. I hope you weren't spying on me this whole time," Percy said with a smirk, folding his arms over his chest. "Last I checked, you were a gatherer, not a scout."

    The attention Percy got from the ladies should not come as a surprise. Percy knew he looked good. Most of his family had always said so, including his parents. He used his looks to his advantage, though amongst the Tribe, Percy reigned it in. He didn't want to hurt someone by manipulating them, especially if he wanted to be Leader one day.

    (( Wolfiee ))

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    "I'm willing to wait for it"

    Noelle looked up from her cereal bowl, almost done preparations, when Harley knocked Clover off the table. She smiled a little and moved her cereal bowl away from the commotion. She ended up near the freezer, where Kailoh was rummaging around for some bacon.

    Noelle remained silent. Kailoh had always intimidated her—so did everyone else in the Tribe for the most part, especially those who embodied larger animals. But Kailoh was an elk! Not a bear or a wolf like Noelle had first expected. An elk. Noelle wondered if he would let her perch on his antlers. Noelle had always wanted to try that in her bluejay form

    (( tigress. and everyone else in the kitchen))

    Healer's Apprentice | Bluejay


    "Those who don't jump will never fly"

    Sienna stood up and leapt off the boulder. A red fox landed on the forest floor and trotted off into the woods, following the cheetah's scent trail. They had to be a wereanimal. No cheetahs lived here, so far north.

    I wonder who they are, Sienna thought, since she had never heard of a cheetah exiled from the Tribe. Or maybe she hadn't been paying attention. She'd always been told she was bad at paying attention.

    (( KagomeMoana ))

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    "You've met your match, I'm no beginner"

    Riley shrugged as he started the car and headed back down the road towards New York. "Who knows? They're superpowered, and as I am reminded on a weekly basis, no normal human could ever compete with the superpowered individuals of our world."

    The thought made Riley scoff. Everyone underestimated him, especially the enhanced crowd, and Riley hated the amount of people who assumed he didn't stand a chance against people who could breathe fire or turn invisible. And yet here he was, having captured two thieves and many other superpowered individuals besides. No one could match him when it came to tracking people down, and he understood his own limits better than anyone.

    "To the northern tip of Manhattan," Riley said, checking the GPS as they left SHIELD HQ behind. "It would appear our target has an apartment there. I should be able to pick up a trail, but Parker, you could start scouting as soon as we get nearby."

    The Wolfhound | SHIELD Agent | Tracker & Marksmanship


    "Winter is coming for us all"

    ((Oh, that's all right! Let's go with the Staten Island Ferry north of Manhattan. There's a bridge not too far from it from Brooklyn. It might even be the Brooklyn Bridge if I remember correctly))

    Khione jumped a little as a stranger hugged her, but she heard Nadia' voice even under the accent. No smile crossed Khione's lips. Not a big one anyways, as she slipped the jacket off her head to get a better look at Nadia. She had certainly undergone a makeover. Khione would never do that in a million years. She loved her appearance, and she wasn't about to hide it because she stood out. Better to borrow Leon's jacket.

    "I don't have a phone," Khione said, which was true. She relied on the others to be in contact with the rest of their group. Khione's town hadn't had phones before she came to New York, and she'd never really wanted to learn how to use one either.

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    "Well, let me know if Real Power wants a magazine or something"

    "Thor. Good to see you on Earth," Nick said politely, ignoring Serinde's request. "As you can see, we've got two of the five superpowered thieves running around New York. And your brother hasn't been causing any trouble. The technology of your people has helped us greatly."

    Glancing over Thor's shoulder, Nick waved at an agent. The man rushed over, and Nick ordered him to fetch a medic for Serinde. One who was...disposable, in case Serinde decided to last out. Nick had always worried about losing talented and trusted medics, so he always sent in people he didn't like, didn't trust or didn't believe would fit in with their crowd.

    "I don't suppose you'd be interested in tracking down the last three," Nick said, turning to Thor. "Agent King, Agent Forrest and Spiderman are already on the case. They just left."

    Director of SHIELD

    I added some stuff from the game itself at the end :) but other than that, I can work with it. This will also be my form once you've had a looksie at the template.


    "I will become your sword and shield"

    Eliza shook her head and gave Minami a half-smile. "I'm fine. Weird dream, that's all I get them all the time."

    Eliza rose to her feet and stretched again. Curled up beside Eliza's bag, Ares lifted his head and blinked sleepily up at Eliza.

    "Morning, Ares," Eliza said softly.

    "Good morning," Ares replied, having easily tucked away his conversation with King behind a wall of lies.

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    "They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for"

    "That's good to hear," Val said, almost—almost—unfazed by the sudden gentleness as Mia pressed a hand to his neck.

    And then Mia moved. She shielded Val with her own body, took a damn arrow for him and stole Val's bow to put an end to their third and hopefully-final enemy. All while Val watched with his lips parted in shock as Mia reacted with reflexes faster than anyone among the royal guard.

    Val accepted his bow, keeping it strung in case of another attack and set about retrieving coins, daggers, a bronze spyglass and whatever assortment of useful knickknacks they could use on their journey. When it came to moving the bodies, Val put everything he had away, including his bow, and hurried over to Mia.

    "Wait," he said softly. "Let me get the arrow out for you."

    He didn't await an answer. Instead, he wrenched the arrow out of Mia's skin, pressed a hand to the wound and channelled his magic into her skin. He could feel muscles knitting themselves, arteries returning to their normal state. Val rendered the wound into a shallow cut before he dropped to his knees, utterly spent.

    "There," he gasped. "You—You deal with the—the bodies. I'm gonna...take a nap."

    Prince of Hearts | Archer


    "Il était une fois..."

    Sarah smiled at Liam, a rare occurrence except when she was alone with him. She tightened her grip around his arms, still staring out across the mystical city of Paris. The mist had begun to thin out, allowing the silhouette of the delicate French buildings to peek through the fog.

    "A picnic sounds fantastique, ma cherie," Sarah said. "Why don't we make something together? I know how to bake eclairs."

    Ah, baking. Sarah didn't enjoy it as much as gardening, but anyone from France just had to know how to bake. Eclairs, macarons, baguettes, whatever else they could whip up; baked goods were a staple in the French died. Sarah's personal favourite had to be eclairs, but she hadn't actually revealed such a fact to Liam until, well, just now, when she said she knew how to make them.

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    "You will remember me for centuries"

    Lynn sat up at the sound of Pokemon battling, and she smiled. Vesuvius darted away from Ilya, on the verge of tears. Lynn couldn't help but roll her eyes. Despite Vesuvius' skill in battle, he still lacked courage when it came to training. He hadn't even found the strength to challenge her mother's Glaceon, who had been going rather easy on him, too.

    "Come on, Vesuvius! You gotta train, y'know!" Lynn called.

    "Chaaar!" came the wailing reply before Vesuvius wheeled around and snatched the vines out of the air in one last desperate attempt to stop them from hitting him.

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    "You can be king again"

    Alexios gave a start. "Uh, um, o—okay. Sure."

    He scrambled to his feet and followed Levi into the woods, rubbing his arms nervously at the thought of being in unknown forest with the sun about to set. Lots of things made Alexios nervous, but total darkness had most of them beat. At home, he'd always sleep with the nightlight on. At least the fire would help curb Alexios' fear.

    "S—So, Levi," Alexios began, stumbling on a root and hurrying after the other trainer. "How are you liking Sinnoh so far?"

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    "I will become your sword and shield"

    Eliza's dreams always contained one of three things: ice, fire or lightning. Last night, a mix of all three had woven its way into the ruins of N's Castle, painting a vivid picture of destruction as the massive edifice collapsed into rubble. Amongst it all stood Minami, eyes aglow with psychic power as wind howled and fires leapt from one part of the structure to another. And suddenly, Minami was the one who had destroyed N's dream.

    Eliza opened her eyes to see morning sunlight streaming through the canopy above her head. She groaned and stretched, glancing down at Minami. The other girl had awakened, and Eliza smiled. The dream had been a dream. Eliza suffered from odd ones every so often. Last night had been no different.

    "Do you feel better?" Eliza asked, wincing as she practically peeled herself off the tree trunk.

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    "You've met your match, I'm no beginner"

    ((Waiting for aliferous   SereneShadow ))

    The Wolfhound | SHIELD Agent | Tracker & Marksmanship


    "Winter is coming for us all"

    Khione accepted Leon's jacket and tossed it over her head as though she expected it to rain. Not exactly the most conspicuous disguise, though it was better than walking around looking like a snow princess. It would draw less attention. There were plenty of weirdos in New York.

    For the rest of the walk, Khione remained silent. Silent until she heard the sound of the ocean and the rumble of boat engines. She ducked into another alley off a side street, hurried down it and stopped just before the alley opened up onto the boardwalk. Instead of entering the crowd of people admiring the sea, she leaned against the wall and waited for Leon.

    "Now what? Nadia will be disguised," Khione said softly, jerking her head at the hustle and bustle

    (( Silverinu93 Is Nadia still near the port or is she at the MOMA? Cause the MOMA is heckin far from the port unless we're talking about the port of the Staten Island Ferry))

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    "Well, let me know if Real Power wants a magazine or something"

    Fury oversaw the departure of several more SHIELD patrols before wheeling around and returning to the HQ. Rather than bury himself back amongst his computer screens, waiting for good news, Fury wanted to see what his newest prisoners were capable of. Fury returned to the dungeons and stopped in front of the first cell.

    Instead of a girl sat a large boa constrictor. Fury's face remained blank despite the shock of seeing a massive snake. He strode over to the panel beside the girl's cell and wrote in for her codename Shifter. The dragon girl was Scales, according to Riley.

    "You should turn into a bunny rabbit," Fury said. "Makes your more approachable."

    Director of SHIELD