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    "I will become your sword and shield"

    Eliza shrugged and smiled. "I'll buy dinner. But you have to participate. You don't need a dress or anything but we'll have to get Capsules and Seals."

    As they walked, the faint, artificial hum of Jubilife punctured the natural sounds of the forest around them. Eliza picked up the pace, moving ahead of Minami until she reached the top of a small hill and found Jubilife City awaiting them on the other side. Eliza grinned and flung her arms open.

    "We're here!" she called over her shoulder at Minami.

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    "The shadows betray you because they serve me"

    Morgana watched the young pirate with interest as she trekked through the woods. She certainly had spirit and courage much like the witches of Morgana's coven. She wondered if this girl had any magical potential. She'd certainly make an excellent witch had she not been born a pirate.

    As Morgana tailed the girl, a plan slowly began to formulate in her mind. Calamity would want information. As much information as possible. Eavesdropping worked wonders, and so did scrying, but Morgana knew Calamity would also want to know their opinion of witches, what sort of gear they had, their temperaments. Morgana could only get that information by interacting with them.

    The plan sounded stupid, even in Morgana's head, but it might work. If she could get captured by the pirates, who would doubtfully be able to suppress her magic (not that she'd immediately let them know she was a witch), maybe she could wrestle some information out of the pirates. Especially the girl. Maybe she secretly longed for the company of another woman.

    Morgana revealed herself only once before she went back to hiding in shadows. With the girl on high alert, Morgana dropped her magic a little. She ran through the forest on silent feet due to sheer skill, though one could still see her silhouette flashing through the trees or hear her footsteps if they listened hard enough. The girl would know she was being followed, and Morgana hoped to be lead to the camp to learn more.

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    "They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for"

    Va only smiled at Mia. "Why wouldn't I help you? Your my only conversational company and...and I couldn't let you...bleed." He had almost said die but stopped himself at the last moment. He feared bringing up the traumatizing memories which stirred beneath the surface. Reliving them now would be horrible for his focus.

    When they reached the abandoned cabin, Val managed to swing himself out of the saddle and only stumbled a little when he hit the ground. His vision danced, but he oriented himself by placing a hand on his horse's side. Val blinked severaly times, grabbed his bags and stepped into the cabin.

    "Cozy," Val remarked, setting his stuff down underneath an overhang and wandering about the main room. "Sure it isn't haunted?"

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    "Il était une fois..."

    "Of course, my love," Sarah said, touching Liam's elbow as she swept past him with a bowl in hand. "I'll fix whatever you mess up. I am very good at that." She grinned cheekily at Liam and set up next to him, all her tools ready.

    Of course, Sarah was joking. Liam had certainly helped her fix the messes she had created, especially as the infamous Loup-Garou. Sarah had always found the name amusing, especially after Liam had told her she was basically a werewolf in the eyes of the world. That's what her title had meant, and Sarah had just let it stick after her reputation became more prominent.

    Sarah gathered up the ingredients she needed and set to work, now and then glancing over at Liam to ensure he didn't actually need any help.

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    "I will become your sword and shield"

    Ares sprang up into Eliza's arms, and she guided him up onto her shoulder, where he could sit and admire the view from higher up. He peered over at Minami with wide eyes, curious as to why Minami didn't believe she could participate in a Contest.

    "Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. I think you'll do great," Eliza said with a smile, then grinned and winked. "It's just for experience. Besides, Ares and Semiramis are nothing to sneeze at. There are plenty of good coordinators coming to Jubilife."

    Eliza spread her arms a little, taking a deep breath in. "I think you should give it a try. Our first contest. We can share it together."

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    "I will become your sword & shield"

    Raiden flared the wings on his back and glared at the fairies on the other side of the field. He took a single, threatening step towards them, then turned back to Arisu. The two were polar opposites in their believes and in their way of living, but Raiden admired Arisu anyways.

    "They are in the way of our goal," Raiden repeated, brandishing his broadsword in the direction of the Fairy Tail wizards and the Oracion Seis. "They must be dealt with."

    The rumbling continued, a terrible earthquake which shook Raiden to the core. He could sense their fellow Virtues out there, dealing with good and evil alike, but their links had grown fainter. Perhaps all the magical energy flying around had started to hinder their connection. Raiden scowled.

    "Let's go," Raiden said, taking a step towards the Fairy Tail wizards and getting thrown backwards as a spur of rock erupted out of the ground in front of him.

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    Riley King

    "Stand tall 'cause I know I'm the winner"

    Riley screamed when two blurry things slammed him into the water. The shock faded quickly, replaced almost immediately by a sudden chill. Riley surged his way to the surface and burst through, spluttering indignantly.

    "What in Arceus' name?" Riley shouted, paddling towards the shore. "Did you see what that was?"

    Riley pulled himself out of the water and stumbled to Verity's side, wringing water from his clothes. He glared at the sky, empty except for the Noivern. He didn't recognize the colouring of the Pokemon which had knocked him into the water. Maybe some rare flying type native to Sinnoh? Riley though it had looked a bit like a Braviary, but Braviary didn't knock people into the water.

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    "You've met your match, I'm no beginner"

    Riley gave Peter a two-finger salute as he leapt out of the car, though Riley remained en route headed for the apartment. He didn't expect to find the thieves. He expected to find a taunt. They were arrogant that way.

    "Adrian," Riley said suddenly as they drove, heading towards the bay. "What exactly is the extent of your powers? I'm afraid I've never read too in-depth when it came to your file. Never had the chance."


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    "Winter is coming for us all"

    Khione glared at the leader of HYDRA, smiling coldly at him. She pictured leaving him a frozen corpse in the very alley she stood in, all his limbs snapped off and his lips blue. She would do that to him without hesitation because Khione knew that while SHIELD and HYDRA both wanted Khione and her friends for their powers, at least SHIELD had done some good for the world. If Khione had to choose a side, she would join SHIELD. Without question.

    "You are the enemy," Khione hissed. "And you will die."

    Once those words left her mouth, Khione retreated behind Leon again. A veil of cold mist had wreathed her form as the temperature around her dropped a little. Frost formed on the pavement below her feet, but it didn't lash out like it had with the other HYDRA agent. Not yet.

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    "Well, let me know if Real Power wants a magazine or something"

    Oh, this was fun. Two girls with no experience, thinking they ruled the world because one was half-lizard and one could turn into various furry creatures. Fury admired their nerve...and how easy it was to piss them off.

    "Yeah, well, HYDRA's a bunch of murderers, too, but at least SHIELD doesn't slaughter innocents and experiment on the desperate because it's fun," Nick replied evenly. "You two are young and unbearably naive. You don't understand the world. You've barely experienced it. Oh, you have your powers, but I have agents with none of that who have accomplished far more than you ever will. Do you want to mean something to this world, or do you want to keep on running from my men?"

    Nick regarded them for a moment, then said without waiting for an answer, "Think about it."

    And then he was gone, untouched by any more snide retorts they would throw his way. They couldn't faze him. All they had done was amuse him with their innocence and bravado. Oh, they could talk all they wanted about remaining neutral, but kids like them, kids with powers, they all chose a side eventually.

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    "I will become your sword and shield"

    "Lead the way," Eliza said as she gathered up her things and picked her way through the undergrowth back towards the path. Ares followed her at a jog, bounding and weaving around bushes until he reached the middle of the path. Traces of their battle still remained, but the thugs were long gone.

    "We should still be careful," Eliza remarked as they started walking towards Jubilife. "Who knows what other goons are out there?"

    "We should be worrying about the Contest, too," Ares said suddenly. "Remember, the Jubilife Contest?"

    "Oh, yeah!" Eliza exclaimed and turned to Minami. "There's a Contest in Jubiliffe in a few days! Wanna participate with me?"

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    "Il était une fois..."

    Sarah laced her fingers with Liam's and escorted him out of her garden and back down into their one-bedroom apartment with a stunning view of Paris. She headed straight for the kitchen, with its dark colour scheme and gorgeous countertops. Unlike most apartments, their's had very few windows, and those that existed were almost always covered in curtains for the sake of secrecy...and also for Liam.

    "I have all the ingredients," Sarah said as she tied her hair back in a ponytail and started searching their cupbaords for bowls. "You can start on your, ah, c'est quoi le mot...Meals? Yes, meals."

    Sarah had never quite mastered English, but she made an exception to practice it with Liam. She liked it when he threw in the occasional French word or even if they spoke French, though Sarah never enforced it. She could speak plenty French—which really wasn't much at all—when they were out in the city.

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    "They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for"

    Val heaved himself to his feet using the nearby tree, gasping for air and clutching his side. He took the water and the dried meat, but he made no move to eat it.

    "I'm fine," he spat out, though whether or not Mia was around to hear him was uncertain.

    Instead, Val followed her instructions. He clambered onto his horse, shoving the dried meat back into the saddlebags while taking great big gulps of water. He made a note to keep the extra quiver Mia had taken, since some of his arrows had ended up in the river. He even kept the one he'd extracted from Mia, which he shoved into his quiver without a second thought.

    "We should hurry!" Val called as Mia dealt with the bodies. "If that was just a scouting party, we're dead meat."

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    "I will become your sword & shield"

    ((Guess who needs to go rewatch the Oracion Seis Arc! This dragon right here!))

    Raiden staggered to one side and dropped to one knee, his Warrior Soul armour clanging noisily as he landed. He grunted, glaring daggers at the Fairy Tail wizards from underneath his helmet. They had fallen to their knees as well, taken aback by the sudden tremors running through the area.

    "They are preventing us from reaching our goal," Raiden growled, his voice thunderous under his helm. "Do not let them fool you, even for a moment. They are nothing but pests. We have better matters to deal with."

    ((IDEA! What if they're trying to get END, get caught up in Nirvana and are the only two who don't become corrupt? And then Raiden blames Fairy Tail for corrupting their friends and we have a reason for them hating Fairy Tail!))

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