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    "You will remember me for centuries"

    Vesuvius sprang backwards, but the tips of the vines still lashed against his stomach and face. He cried out, and in a rage spat out an Ember attack. The little clouds of burning hot sparks flew towards Ilya as Vesuvius backed away to nurse his wounds.

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    "You can be king again"

    ((I'm gonna have Alexios catch his Vulpix now to spice things up a little))

    Alexios scrambled to pick up his own sticks, a meagre supply compared to Levi's. He kept his head down as they walked, Stryker ever the indifferent Pokemon keeping a careful eye out for anything which might attack them.

    A rustling in the bushes drew Stryker's attention, and he leapt off Alexios head to stand between his trainer and the bush nearby. He made a menacing noise at the back of his throat, and Alexios almost dropped his sticks.

    "What is it, Stryker?" Alexios asked softly.

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    "I will become your sword and shield"

    Eliza followed Minami with an amused smile as they entered the city. She didn't want to burst Minami's bubble and lecture her about Contest rules. Seals were indeed necessary, though a fancy outfit was not, especially at a Contest for beginners. Eliza did have an outfit, but she didn't mention it to Minami. It was going to be a surprise.

    As they walked down the busy streets of Jubilife, Eliza kept a sharp eye out for any of the goons who had attacked them on the road. She saw nothing out of the ordinary nor did she sense anything. Ares remained ever alert, always scrutinizing every person they passed.

    "Should we find a Pokemon Centre?" Eliza asked Minami. "I need to register for the Contest, and that's the place to do it."

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    Out of the Shadows: A Pokemon Journey | sign-ups OPEN |

    The children of many famous figures in the Pokemon world have started on journeys of their own, desperate to prove themselves worthy of their heritage. However, some seek to step out of the shadow of their parents, for not all of them are pleased with the legacy of their family. Trials and challenges await on the path to glory, and they will all be given the chance to prove themselves worthy of their parent's name.

    Overarching Plot: A Pokemon journey through Sinnoh, Unova or Kalos with some other sideplots

    - Team Galactic, Team Plasma or Team Flare (dependent on region of choice)

    - An International Pokemon League (requirement: 8 badges from any region)

    - Meeting/befriending/helping Legendary Pokemon or fighting them off

    - Due to heritage, being targets for kidnappers or people who want to make money off of ransoms

    - Their parents all go missing, and they have to put a hold on their dreams to go rescue them

    - Angst angst angst angst drama drama drama drama

    - All suggestions are welcome!

    STARTING POINT: Some sort of Junior League Tournament in a city which all our characters shall be participating in, and something goes terribly wrong during the tournament (i.e. attack by a Team, indirect attack like a bomb, news of kidnapped person, rampaging Pokemon). Maximum number of badges any character can have is 4 and maximum number of ribbons is 2


    - All FF rules apply

    - No godmodding or controlling other people's characters or winning every single battle or dodging every single attack, etc

    - Please be active and alert me to inactivity

    - Depending on popularity, there might be several plots or groups at the same time

    - Rules are subject to change


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    - Emma Dubois Mirror's Edge

    - Samara Moon PastelSkulls  

    - Celothian Arya KagomeMoana  

    - Sage Devereux televised.

    This means there are two Pokemon of that species and no more can be owned by a trainer


    "You will remember me for centuries"

    Lynn sat up and looked around for Vesuvius. To her amusement, she found him battling with Ilya, though Lynn knew Vesuvius wouldn't go all out. He was too soft-hearted to actually harm a friend, even though later one, when Lynn caught more Pokemon, he would have no choice.

    Vesuvius cried out as the attack landed, and he lashed out with a Scratch attack, aiming for Ilya's head.

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    "You can be king again"

    ((I have no clue where I put Stryker and I'm too lazy to check, so he's sitting on Alexios' head))

    Alexios nodded in agreement, stumbling over yet another branch and almost launching Stryker into a nearby tree. He managed to keep his face under control, but he still hated how much of a fool he was making of himself in front of Levi. He half-wanted Levi to be impressed by him, and instead Alexios was giving Levi reasons to do the exact opposite.

    "I like Sinnoh, too," Alexios babbled, trying to get a grip on himself. "I mean, I love the mythos of Sinnoh, but seeing the actual region is so different from Kalos because Kalos has all this real advanced technology but Sinnoh is more rustic so it has more of a historical feel which Kalos doesn't have and"

    Stryker smacked Alexios on the forehead, and he fell silent. "Sorry," he mumbled.

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    "They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for"

    Val narrowed his eyes. Did she really assume he had saved her because she was his only ticket to see the Fae Queen? How odd. Val had never been selfish that way, not once in his life. He helped people because it was the right thing to do. He had no ulterior motive. Was Mia always so skeptical?

    "Not scared of ghosts," Val said softly. "Not the ones in the real world. But I am scared of the ones up here." He tapped the side of his head and smiled grimly at Mia before he turned away.

    With his back to Mia, he sat down cross-legged on the floor and let his mind wander. He had expected it to jump back to the massacre like it always did, but instead it wandered to Mia...and then he blushed furiously. He pinched his thigh and let his mind focus instead on the ghosts maybe haunting the cabin just so he could distract himself from not one but two things he didn't want to think about.

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    Dunno squat about My Hero Academia but I won't turn down the chance to participate in a Pokemon RP


    "I will become your sword & shield"

    Even with the world falling apart around him, Raiden still heard Arisu gasp. He cursed Fairy Tail, cursed the wizards who fought and stirred up the world. Cursed the injustice and the weakening bonds between him and the rest of the Virtues. Finally he turned and hurried to Arisu's side.

    "We will go," he said slowly. "However, this is not over yet. Fairy Tail must answer for their sins."

    He scooped Arisu into his arms and took to the air, his powerful wings sending whorls of dust dancing across the ground. He aimed for a hill overlooking the battlefield and alighted there, setting Arisu gently down on her feet and allowing his Warrior Soul to fade away, leaving the teenage boy he was behind.

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    "Il était une fois..."

    ((When you don't actually know how to make eclairs so you kinda pretend you know what you're doing and hope it works out))

    Sarah smiled at Liam. "I can't wait for that day to come."

    She went back to her cooking, bustling about the kitchen, tossing things into the bowl and whipping up a storm all around Liam. She kept one careful eye on their answering machine as she put together the first part of the eclair, in case a mission appeared out of the blue. Usually, Sarah and Liam would have to wait until nightfall to start off their mission, but they would spend their daylight hours scouting out their target and making plans. They had ample time to finish their mission, but Sarah liked getting it over with as soon as possible so she could get on with her day.

    Sarah finished the pastry part of the eclair, set it in the oven and got to work on both the filling and the chocolate part at the same time, humming nonchalantly to herself. She bumped her shoulder against Liam's as she passed him and smiled.

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    "You've met your match, I'm no beginner"

    Percival grinned at Faeyra. Her and her silent answers, somehow speaking a thousand words at once. He glanced one more time at the sunrise before he turned towards the house.

    "It's about time our benevolent leader started giving orders for the day," Percival said. "We'd best head inside and receive them, hm?"

    Without waiting for a response, Percival strode off towards the house, though he kept his pace slow. After all, if Faeyra really wanted to be in his presence, she would have the chance to easily catch up to him.


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    "I'm willing to wait for it"

    Noelle looked up from her cereal as Maeve gave the orders for the day. Gathering, huh? Noelle made a mental note to find a healer to tag along with, since technically she couldn't gather herbs without one of them. She knew some of them, but not all. Noelle still had a lot to learn.

    At the sound of Kailoh's voice, Noelle jumped and blushed furiously. "T-Thank you, Kailoh," she mumbled and retreated even further into a corner to eat the bacon and finish her cereal.

    Once Noelle had finished, she put her dishes away into the dishwasher and sidled up next to Emma. She remained silent, since Emma had just spotted Vasili and probably wanted to speak with her friend first. Noelle didn't mind. Instead, she pulled a small rubix cube out of her pocket and started to fiddle with that, glancing up from time to time to examine her surroundings.

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    "Those who don't jump will never fly"

    Sienna followed the scent trail all the way to a large cave deep within the woods. She tilted her head to one side, gazing up at the gaping cavern and wondering how she could have missed such an obvious opening. Sienna was pretty sure she'd seen all the island had to offer, but apparently this corner had eluded her.

    With a shrug of her shoulders, Sienna trotted into the cave, following the scent trail deeper into its rocky depths. Eventually, she found herself standing in a chamber filled with quartz crystals, and there at the back of the chamber lay the cheetah she had been searching for. Sienna only chose to stare at the cheetah rather than say anything, mind-blown such an exotic creature lived here, of all places, all alone.


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    "I am not throwing away my shot!"

    Sylvia skipped off the boat and onto firm land, a huge grin practically splitting her face apart. This place, this island, was the coolest place Sylvia had ever seen! A school for all sorts of people from every social standing gathered here, in one place. Sylvia hoped they could set that all aside and become friends.

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    "Fear not the darkness but welcome its embrace"

    ((Kinda just heading down the ramp, anyone can interact with her))

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    "And I'll fly to the ends of the sky"

    Logan stood at the railing of the ship, watching people disembark. He decided to stay where he was, watching people leave, because he didn't want to get caught in the throng, piss off the wrong person and start his time at this school in the most horrible fashion possible. Instead, Logan stayed aboard the ship, watching the procession of new students head down the gangplank and onto the beach, where one girl with white hair waited for all of them down below.

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    "Beware the frozen heart"

    The woods around the Cartier Manor had started to lose their emerald lustre. Browns, reds and oranges had consumed the forest, and while it had been beautiful for the first week or so, now the shades had become quite ugly. Jennifer couldn't wait for winter. It meant blues and whites and silvers. Her favourite colours.

    Jennifer ducked underneath an overhanging branch, wrapping her cloak tight around her shoulders. Her father had left on an important trip to meet with yet another noble family, leaving Jennifer at home alone with the servants. The freedom exhilarated Jennifer. She would do whatever she wanted, so long as a servant didn't snitch.

    Her newfound freedom meant Jennifer could wander into the woods for her normal walks, searching for signs of fairies and unicorns, or something along those lines. The woods had always given Jennifer the impression of being inhabited by magical creatures, and Jennifer had been intent on finding them since the moment she could venture out of the manor alone.

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