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    "We'll be counting stars"

    ((I would say Team Galactic grunts recognize Oberon, and he grabs her hand and they run away from them during the middle of their battle to decide who fights Crasher Wake first))

    Oberon stood with his arms folded over his chest, leaning against the wall and occasionally glancing towards the door. He had noticed several Galatic Grunts running around Pastoria City, though Oberon couldn't say he was surprised. Lake Verity was not far from here. They were probably working to enact his father's master plan, and that meant retrieving the Being of Willpower from the lake's depths. Oberon could only hope none of them had recognized him because if they did, Cyrus would send the full-force of Team Galactic to get him back, and Oberon wasn't strong enough to take on Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. Not yet, anyways.

    With a small sigh, Oberon turned his attention to the screen. He had to get this battle over with soon. Once he left Pastoria City, he'd be able to get the hell away from this Galactic hotspot. He just needed a gym badge from Wake. Would that be too much to ask?

    Oberon glanced at the other person in the waiting room of the Gym. Would they let him go first? Even if he had technically followed them into the Gym? Oberon wondered if maybe they'd have to play a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who went first, and while Oberon considered himself lucky, he didn't think his luck would hold.

    I guess I'll wait and see, Oberon though, turning his attention back to the screen where the challenge had just lost his second Pokemon to Wake's Gyarados.

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    "You've met your match, I'm no beginner"

    "It's useful to us," Riley pointed out and smiled at Adrian. "You make a better spy than me. Everyone knows my face nowadays. I rarely go undercover anymore. But you're cover can never been blown. Definitely useful."

    Riley slowed the car to a halt near the apartment and leapt out of the car. He pulled out a handgun and hurried into the building, taking the stairs two at a time until he reached the top. He burst into an empty apartment save for a single envelope addressed to Nick Fury on the table, and he smiled.

    "Perfect," he said to himself and approached the envelope. "I can use this."

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    "Winter is coming for us all"

    "We need to rescue the others," Khione said, glaring at the HYDRA leader's departing back. "Now. SHIELD has them. They must be freed."

    Khione didn't care if Nadia and Leonidas disagreed. As soon as the time came to separate, Khione would head straight for SHIELD's base and go out in a blaze of glory. Even as a prisoner, she believed she would have a chance to speak with Fury, and that chance was all she needed. HYDRA pretended to be the good guys but they were fools to believe they could convince Khione. Not with their current reputation. No, Khione wanted to hear what HYDRA had to say.

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    Sure! Should they already have a couple badges? I was thinking my charrie might have three, Coal, Forest & Cobble. That way, they could meet in Pastoria, maybe near Lake Verity or something.

    Also, I'm working on my form. I just can't come up with a space-y enough name


    "They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for"

    ((I am getting serious Aelin Galathynius vibes from Mia. Was that where you drew your inspiration?))

    Val jumped a mile in the air and flipped over to stare at Mia, his chest heaving. His first thought had been of an ambush, but then everything had registered, and his mind had returned to normal. His body, however, took a little longer to settle back down. He swallowed hard, pushing his fantasies to the back of his mind and straightened up.

    "You're pretty sneaky," Val finally managed to choke out. "No wonder you're such a good assassin."

    Val wondered how exactly Mia had ended up being an assassin in the first place. Had she been trained as an orphan? Had she been enslaved? Had she desperately needed money? Did she enjoy killing? Val doubted the last one. So far, Mia didn't seem like a sadist. She'd actually been...surprisingly nice.

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    Here we are! Current plot: the son of Cyrus and the daughter of Lysandre have been undergoing extensive training to not only accomplish the organization's goals, but also to become its figurehead. However, they have other ideas: becoming Pokemon trainers. The lives of a criminal aren't meant for them, but being chased by grunts and

    Canon Characters We're Gonna Need to RP At Some Point

    - Cyrus

    - Lysandre

    - Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Charon

    - Aliana, Bryony, Celosia, Mable, Xerosic

    - Diantha & Cynthia (I feel like they'd be really supportive of our charries)

    - Rowan and Sycamore (also really supportive)

    Also, what region should they start off in?


    "Il était une fois..."

    ((I just made this pumpkin bread thing last night, and it took me five damn hours, but it's the most baking I've ever done so...go me!))

    Sarah left her station as soon as Liam cried out in pain to stand by his side. She didn't intervene, since both of them had high pain tolerances and knew first aid, but she still worried. Even if it didn't always show, Sarah worried about Liam constantly. They supported each other in ways no one else could. They were alone in the world, two freaks trying to make a living.

    Sighing through her nose, Sarah went back to the filling of the eclairs and glanced over at the answering machine. The light had turned on, and flashed at Sarah at a regular interval.

    "We have a mission," Sarah said, approached the machine and turned it on.

    "Loup-Garou. Nightbringer. Target: Alexandre Dubois. Occupation: Manager of the Louvre. Location: The Louvre Museum until 22h30. Pay: 6 000 euros."

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    "I will become your sword & shield"

    (9Which virtues are left? I know patience, chastity, temperance are some of them but that's all I remember))

    Raiden shook his head. "I am not injured. Tend to your own wounds. I will try to trace the links of our comrades."

    He stepped to the edge of the cliff overlooking the ancient ruins of the city and closed his eyes. His magic surged down the wavering lines connecting him to the five other Virtues out there somewhere, but no matter how much power he poured into the links, they only seemed to grow weaker. And then they just...vanished.

    Raiden opened his eyes and swore an oath. He swore all wizards who participated in the battles of today would repent for whatever foul magics they had unleashed. The other Virtues had been taken, whether by death or corruption or some horrible spell, and Raiden would avenge them.

    "We must leave this place," Raiden said. "We must plan. Our comrades have fallen. We must avenge them."

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